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133 April 27th, 2014

PBG:PeanutButterGamer Vr.0.1 by Aeroblast43o9 with credit to KTH,LJSTAR, Kyouma and Bluebreon
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

PBG has finnaly joined the brawl! (Surprised nobodys done this yet.)
Please keep in mind this is VERY early. Everything on the head (Except the mouth.) looks great
Big credit to KTH,LJSTAR, Kyouma and Bluebreon for the Miyamoto model. Only the textures were made by me.


138 April 26th, 2014

MetaKnight the Sketch (SketchKnight.) by Aeroblast43o9
[Character - Texture - Meta Knight]

Just something i wipped up in less then 10 minutes.
Its just posed to be Meta kinght as a well...
Ink sketch to be more exact. Its nothing big. Just have fun with it
"Come back when you start becoming a Paper drawing..."

810 September 27th, 2014

Sonic 1: Labyrinth Zone HD by Aeroblast43o9, Mewtwo2000 with credit to Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Green Hill Zone]

Please note that this stage can be played on ether Green Hill or Yoshis Island. Just thought I throw that out there.
The stages idea, model and textures was made by me Aeroblast43o9 and the rest of the stuff such as animations and getting it into the game was done by Mewtwo2000. Give him a sub (Not a sandwich a subscription!)hes like the best stage maker around!
Thanks again for the help Mewtwo!

56 February 9th, 2014

Wear and Tear Sheik by Aeroblast43o9
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Sheik]

So one day Zelda forgot her strategy guide and got lost in the lost woods.(Hence the name right?)
So she had to endure a whole week in there. Then she remembered that she was part magic.
So she just teleported out of there before she became a beautiful women Stalfos.......eww..
This is what she looked like as Sheik
(I guess you can also call this battle damaged Sheik.)

204 May 9th, 2014

URA ZELDA: "Young" Hero of Light. The boy that would never be... by Aeroblast43o9 with credit to Everyone who worked on the PS:Young Link PSA, Zethn64 and the Ura Zelda Restoration Team.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Toon Link]

This is "Tetchily" my first Vertex hack. What do I mean by tetchily?This is just a taste of something "Bigger",im working on.
It dosent matter what Motion or Fit pack you have
over toon Link as long as you got the model.
But I highly recommend the Project Sacred: Young Link PSA for these vertex's. It feels awsome!

This is my tribute to Zeth and the whole URA Zelda restoration project. The Young Hero of Light will live on.
Everyone who worked on the PS:Young Link PSA(Theirs a lot of you
and Zeth64 and the Zelda restoration Team.
*Normal tunic with 2 alternates.
*You have a choice between 2 shields
Or just throw them all together there's enough slots.
*Original CSS and CSP screens.
*Ingame shots.

361 December 22nd, 2013

The Turbo Beast Pack Preview[Project M Exclusive] by Aeroblast43o9 with credit to mg145 and BMPR
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Sonic]

So i sat down and played the hell out of the new project M update. I fell in love with the Turbo mode option.
There is one thing though. I thought it was kinda boring to have just purple fire around my character. So I thought to my self.
What if the characters had Alternate costumes for Turbo mode. Hell, they can play regularly with these costumes too!
So I give you the preview of the "Beast Pack".
I will have 2 separate packs
"The Beast pack." and "The Human pack"
Anything non-Human is considered a beast and...Well the human part is pretty self explanatory.
*Comes with 3 different "Turbo"costumes.
*Original and custom CSS Icons.
*In Game Shots.
*A sweet custom Wallpaper of Mewtwo.
I will come out with another preview another day but after that it will be the final pack.

1091 April 28th, 2013

Young Link : Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D Texture's Vr. 1.0 by Aeroblast43o9 with credit to Pix
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Link]

Hello Everybody this Aeroblast43o9 here! With another Texture hack!
This time The Young link Model and Texture's made by Pik have been 3Diefied...Is that even a word?
Oh what ever..
Any hoo This texture hack give's Young Link his texture's from Ocarina of Time 3D and what he might look like if Nintendo make's a Majora's Mask 3D!

Some Texture's are still incomplete and are still in the process of devolpment like it say's vr.1.0!(like the Ocarina of Time Kokiri Sield is a big problem right now)
Orginal Young Link Model and Texture's made by: Pik!
New 3D's texture's and screenshot's made and tooken by: Aeroblast43o9(me)

172 December 13th, 2013

Hidden Palace Vr.0.1 (Removed Sonic 2 leval) by Aeroblast43o9
[Stage - Texture - Custom Set 2: Desert]

After Playing the Beta a couple time's on TV My Brain started talking to me and said-
Hey Aeroblast!Try turning This level into a level in Brawl!
Well here You go Brain..and other people I hope your happy
Make sure to follow the rule's on the read me!!
Also Give me A sub!...Not the Sandwitch a subscription..on Youtube!!

Want a Spoiler to my next Project Keep scrolin Down
,Your on FIRE!!!.
Wood Zone(Over Custom 0 Forest)

460 February 10th, 2013

Skull Kid True Recolor's and Reposted(With in game screenshot's) by Aeroblast43o9 with credit to DivineOverlord and Beyond
[Character - Texture - Toon Link]

This is a Re-Upload at my Skull Kid Texture's that I uploaded a while back ago..
What's so diffrent..?

1;I upgraded the texture's and switch one around
2:New download link
3:And my favorite...In game screenshot's!!!!!

Hack include's
Skull Kid's new texture's
Extra Skull Kid slot's
Hack it's self
Charcter select stuff(You gotta put them in your self it's just the selctscreen icon)
and my favorite.....

The idea was based off Skull kid's(That's his username XD) Dream to have Skull Kid in SSBB he made His own texture's...well his textures are comeing to live!!
Link to my insperation
Though only two of those art's is what i made I also wanted to do something orginal....

Skull Kid PSA made by DivineOverlord

Recolors:Made by me..Aeroblast43o9
Pizza kid Idea:(Belive it or not I used the Dadongo's Cavern lava texture frpm Ocarina of Time)My Cousin Heath thought of the idea..and it's A prty awsome 1 two...

Follow me on Youtube if ya want!and maybe give me a Sub......Not a sandwich a Subscription....


Cousin's YouTube page!


um....,.people are saying im not giveing credit to someone......?Ive said Starwaffle, Skull Kid and Divine Overworld...IDK who Beyond is but I gotta give credit....there guy's XD


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