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376 April 13th, 2019

Blood Falcon PSA by RedipsTheCooler, Jocky, Gamma Ridley with credit to foxmcnowi for the captain falcon pmex module
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Captain Falcon]

After a long absence, I have finally returned with a new hack! Blood Falcon is a clone of Captain Falcon who plays as a hybrid of his SSB4, Brawl, and SSB4 incarnations, and his speed is in between Ganondorf and Captain Falcon.

I have only tested this PSA in Project M, so I can't guarantee VBrawl functionality.

Also contains an exmodule and config templates for PMEX!

100 February 11th, 2017

Sacred Hero of Twilight (Sm4sh) by FGUG2021, Jocky, Mewtwo2000, Kagemaru, OmegaS3, Royal_Blade, CaliburTek with credit to Kienamaru and Kitsu
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Link]

As stated this will be the last time I'll get to edit something I'm hoping to experiment on and try to mod this moveset. This is a small edit to the most recent:

Sacred Hero of Twilight (PM): http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213915

This makes it so some of the animations have sm4sh style to them, for example: the dash attack will match Sm4sh's. For more info on most of the changes occurring in this mod check out

CaliburTek's Sm4sh Project M Link PSA:

92 February 11th, 2017

Sacred Hero of Twilight (PM) by FGUG2021, Jocky, Mewtwo2000, Kagemaru, OmegaS3, Royal_Blade with credit to Kienamaru, and Kitsu
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Link]

Hey Guys, sorry it's been a long time...unfortunately this will be the last time i make a moveset before i get a new place, new computer, and new equipment for streaming, gaming, school, and other stuff. But for now I have something I would like to show as it's still in beta right. This is a modded version of Kienamaru's Sacred Hero of Twilight moveset for brawl minus that's partially ready for Project M.


Neutral air is Helm Spliter
Down Special is bombs (still got some bugs that are needed to be ironed out)
Side Special is planned to be the Sword Beam attack (custom animation hopefully or FDL)
Up Special is Sm4sh but will function like Toon Link (meaning that it will move depending on how much is charged)
Shield Bash is now part of the jabs. It was originally intended to be a jab into Neutral Air combo but I might get rid of it)
Side Tilt is OOT Magic Link's
Final Smash is Colored Blue
Back Air is the same as forward air (purely due to the fact that instead of kicking i wanted him to slash towards his back
Jabs have two mechanics: Rapid Jabs/4 Hits (this is due to the fact that I wanted him to have the 4 Hit combo as well as the Melee Rapid Jabs)
Down Air has a spike (I will down grade this so it doesn't spike in the future IF i get the chance)
Up Special also resembles Sm4sh
Dash Attack is Sm4sh
Wait2, Run, and TurnRun animations match CaliburTek's Sm4sh Project M Link. As mentioned this moveset is in it's beta as i want this to be different from the Base movement to match Link's ultimate potential as Twilight Princess takes certain mechanics from Ocarina of Time 64 Prerelease. So if anyone wants to mod the moveset to make it better or change it all together than feel free. Happy 2017


I fixed the glitches with the model just i was able to finally test this on a friends wii a couple days ago. I can only this small edit as it takes a small amount of time and my family isn't monitoring my room at all today. This means I can release the Sacred Hero of Twilight (PM) in a moments notice, and will release a Sacred Hero of Twilight (Sm4sh) shortly afterwards.


reuploaded the moveset to show off the new changes

1647 January 4th, 2019

Smash 3C Twilight Princess Zora Link by Aghanim, Jocky, Mewtwo2000 with credit to Smash3 Team, Layell for the pics
[Character - Texture, Import - Link]

Link with his Zora tunic From Twilight Princess is back with a new Smash3 Styled Look!. Be carefull, even if he has a Zora tunic he will still drown in water if he stays there too long! ;)
It comes with Rimlighting, Smash3 styled CSP/BP and with stocks.


603 January 15th, 2014

Masters of Medicine by Jocky, Pik, dingo, Eternal Blue, DoctorFlux(Mariodk) with credit to AdfroMan and KTH
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mario]

Back in December of 2011 Pik released a version of Doctor Mario that I was unfamiliar with. I took a liking to it and thought that it could use some model parts, and so here we are.

The hack was simple enough to remake that I gave Luigi the same treatment.

Clinical Assassin Mario meets his match, meet the new guy in the world of medical murder.

Comes with the usual
-Whatever the Brawl Models had.

1154 June 21st, 2013

Ordon Farmer Link by Jocky, Iwvi
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Link]

-UPDATE 6/21/13-
-Redone shaders-

-Old Download- http://www.mediafire.com/download/ytqxb3wes89qazx/Final_Ordon_Farmer.rar

-UPDATE 6/18/13-
Birthmark is now included on the left hand.
Triforce polygon now set to FSmash eye bone.
One file.

-Old Download- http://www.mediafire.com/download/cnz6lg09p48r9rj/Ordon_Farmer_Link_2ndRev.rar

A rancher from the village of Ordon, and a boy bearing a Triforce shaped birthmark on his left hand. It is strongly implied that he currently possesses the Triforce of Courage, though it is possible that it is merely the mark of a Chosen Hero.

-Comes in two flavors, TPrincess_Brunette, and Brawl_Blond (Look in the texture data and rename accordingly)
-Has Facial Expressions
-Forgot that birthmark tidbit above until it was too late, so the Triforce is a separate polygon.

Thank you Iwvi for helping me out with the neck normals.

1117 July 26th, 2013

Blood Falcon by Jocky, Gamma Ridley
[Character - Vertex, Import - Captain Falcon]

(Tested myself, all files work as they should, any error is on part of the user)

Created from the stolen DNA of Captain Falcon, Blood Falcon aims to become the one true Falcon, by defeating and killing his heroic counterpart.

- Working DrawXLU (Visor Eyes).
- Shoulder Pad Spikes (Ripped off of Lucario).
- Normal/Vertex/UV Edits wherever needed.
- Metal Textures.
- Four different versions.
---> With Gun Holster
---> Without Gun Holster
---> Blood Belt with Gun Holster
---> Blood Belt without Gun Holster

And special thanks to Gamma, who helped me narrow down the problem with the DrawXLU.

Video by marioking64DS below. ===

341 July 27th, 2013

Build-a-Better-Brawlhog by Jocky, ChaotixNinjax, Mastaklo with credit to KTH and whoever the parts and pieces may have come from.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Sonic]

Warning: Brawlbox 0.68 borks Scourge for odd reasons, maybe Shadow as well, also incompatible with other Sonic ports. If you want to edit a file use 0.67B or prior. Not Project M friendly, or anything else most likely.

Build-a-Better-Brawlhog, what more should I say.

Shadow and Scourge the Hedgehogs with...

-Fixed Normals: Head/Quills, Top/Bottom Half of hands, etc.
-Working FSmash eyes.
-Working Metal Textures.
-fixed other things that irked me

I included two different versions of Shadow, for those of you who want to opt-out
of the purple highlighting(the days where all Sonic edits were purple and stuff).

I think I have a little bit of everything from Shadow's everywhere, even Marvin.
But mostly, I'm pretty sure the list is as follows...

-and Nanobuds

Scourge, I mostly pieced together from KTH's and ChaotixNinjax's (I think Kyotita as well), vertexing whatever I felt necessary.

Everything else was either edited by myself or came from Sonic's(and Mario for the buttons) files.

-Permission already asked, if anyone's wondering.-

3186 September 9th, 2016

Zora Armor Link + Magic Armor Corrections by Jocky, Mewtwo2000 with credit to Anyone else I can't remember
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Link]

Error on Part of User, These files work just fine for me, I use them and nothing happens

-UPDATE 6/21/13-
-Fixed Shader/Material issues, now retains original lighting-

-Old Download 2- http://www.mediafire.com/download/klk9l2i2m468dyj/ZoraMagiLinkFinal.rar

-UPDATE 6/16/13-
-Both Zora and Magic outfits now have expressions
-Both have a Triforce rigged to the left hand (FSmash)
-Like the Black Knight update everything has been consolidated into one .pcs file respectively. Some polygons, materials, and what not are culled, renamed, and otherwise don't show up in the game without editing them in, such as...
-Optional Iron Boots(Zora+Magic, material/polygon)
-Hair Styles(Magic Only [Brawl/Akari_Un], material/polygon]
-Visible Ears(Zora Only, material/polygon/vertices)

-Old Download- http://www.mediafire.com/?wgrpn7wihqqemef

Zora Armor Link folks, with a fixed up Magic Armor Link (Edited Hat Polygon + Texture and Rig fixes) to boot

Probably not perfect but hey, Enjoy

Fixed Metal Textures courtesy of Mewtwo2000.

P.S. Anyone know if a good SHP0 tutorial exists?

1223 June 21st, 2013

Black Knight (PoR & RD) by Jocky with credit to ramonM64, Nanobuds, Aafyre, HAGURE, and Eldiran
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Ganondorf]

-UPDATE 6/21/13-
-Fixed Lighting issues, original lighting-

-Old Download- http://www.mediafire.com/download/4pkgzzx9s9h3nz7/Fire_Emblem_Black_Knight_Final_%28Path_of_Radiance_%26_Radiant_Dawn_with_Alondite_Motion_PAC%29.rar

-UPDATE 6/16/2013-
-Slightly altered Cape rigging
-New Head Polygon
-Everything has been consolidated into one .pcs file (Character-wise).
-I mean that I have some textures and materials named differently or culled completely, so if you want to switch between PoR and RD Black Knight, go into the materials and polygons make the changes.

-Old Download- http://www.mediafire.com/?ywr43tq9s54d80r

If you've already downloaded before 3:00 PM 2/18/2012 re-download for a quick graphical fix (I put two of the scratches onto the proper waist plate, the bottom left as seen from front).

I swear, the collaboration feature must not like me.

After much tears and self-nagging, the Black Knight of the continent of Tellius is ready for Brawl.

No bones were renamed or edited in the making of this so it -shouldn't- desync.

The import straight from the games didn't fit, so I had to stretch and move around some vertices to make it fit (like the Arms). I even added Mask textures to work just like Ganon's.

Comes in two Flavors, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. There may be a few graphical goofs around, like the upper legs towards the waist during some animations, but nothing that should catch the eye during game-play.

Thanks to ramonM64 and Nanobuds for pointing me in the right direction about the Cull Modes.

The models have F Smash Eyes, which I borrowed from Aafyre's vertex (texture too, actually, I got the idea to rig the tunic much like his vertex, you can probably see the semblance), metal textures (it doesn't look like that in the preview for the RD model scratches but it's there), and shaders straight from Ganon. The Radiant Dawn model obviously has the scratches to the Armor as well as the proper black cape with red underside.

This also comes with a motion .pac with changes only to Ganon's sword, Ike's Ragnell recolored to look like Alondite, courtesy of HAGURE and Eldiran texture wise. I manually resized the sword via vertex before importing it.

I know I'm being long-winded right around now but I have to mention the following.

Oddly enough, the Black Knight trophy from brawl seems to have a better -Head- polygon than the one I used from PoR. If somebody wants to address that then feel free to use this BK to make a better one, just mention everyone I did in the credits.

Recolors, I don't think you can really effectively recolor "The Black Knight", it just seems odd. But if you do, like I said, just credit the right people.

The last issue, I'm a bit unsatisfied with the Ragnell recolor, and there doesn't seem to be good custom Alondite models/textures floating around, if somebody's feeling up to it, please do make it!

Now that I'm finished, Enjoy Folks~

3054 February 16th, 2014

Check the info box, you can't possibly miss it after reading this by Jocky with credit to ramonM64, Mewtwo2000, Akari_Un
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Link]

Formerly known as Magic Armor Link V0.1

Did you not see this below?

Refer to "Zora Armor Link + Magic Armor Corrections" if you want the latest Magic Armor Link update.

Ported straight from Twilight Princess is the incredibly expensive Magic Armor!
Unfortunately for the Hero of Hyrule it does nothing to stop his enemies from bombarding him with bombs, arrows, lasers, grenades, and so much more.
Well, at least he won't have to come back a little richer hm?
The collaboration feature is being finicky so I'll say it here, ramonM64 helped me out a lot with the transparency on the head, chest, and belt pieces. Thanks to Mewtwo2000 for pointing out what we were all doing wrong with metal textures. And the honorable mention goes out to Akari_Un, who made the best vertex of the same so long ago.

1. I plan to update this in the future when the SHP0 format gets figured out and added to Brawlbox. Because Link doesn't have any other face polygons.
2. The hat texture needs work, I mean it's... passable but not up to quality standards. Any volunteers? Feel free to PM me.
3. Not really an issue just a statement, I imported it over Link's default bones, no renaming, so this should work on Wi-fi, it does for me. http://www.mediafire.com/?qq47lota75dgm9j


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