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21939 December 15th, 2013

Goku moveset V1.5(over pit) by DoctorFlux(Mariodk), Beyond, SiLeNtDo0m, DivineOverlord, Jaklub, BigBadBooya, Dot with credit to KTH, Diedhammer98,2DaMax92 and the Beta testers
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Pit]

edit: reuploaded but you have to read 6x Readmes to Download Goku over pit so read them or you dont deserve Goku over pit its a lession for you to read ReadMes on hacks cuz its really annoying someone ask for something already said in a ReadMe

here is what you needing to update if you already got v1: SFX pack,moveset files, Fitpit02.pac/pcs, Fitpit05.pac/pcs , CSP and BPs

20748 April 12th, 2017

KH2/FF7/DIS Sephiroth V 5.20 (Balanced and OP) by DivineOverlord, Tasty Pumpkin Clock, _Data_Drain_, Albafika, Aafyre, Hollow, Hackingstar, BigBadBooya, Tormod
[Character - Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

NEW on this update: Octaslash now takes 3 seconds to charge and has a higher knockback (This only applies to "Heaven's Light Only" normal version).

Data: Also, there's some files, and instructions to replace Yoshi in this pack... Although I've heard some people have issues with this, like freezing, it does not freeze for me. But who knows... Also, this won't work for the PAL version, as the codes are for the US Brawl.


This could be the final version.
This Sephiroth PSA is basically the integral of the Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy 7, and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Basic information:
+Choose which version you want: Left handed or Right handed.
+All hair animations fixed
+Balanced version = Limited Sephiroth
+OverPowered Version = Unleashed Sephiroth
+Up taunt = use to activate OctoSlash.
+Side Taunt = puts away Sephiroth's wings
+Down Taunt = unleash Sephiroth's wings

:PSA creators:
DivineOverlord, Hollow, BigBadBooya, and Tormod

-More info:

14881 December 21st, 2013

Skull Kid DO style Version 1.5 by DivineOverlord, -BigSharkZ- with credit to diedhammer98 for the extra fairy model and -BigSharkZ- for the moon model :D
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - Toon Link]

Doesn't go into helpless state after using Up-B (FYI)

I designed this PSA to be used only for Skull Kid textures.

UPDATE 7-1-11 - Added a version where the moon explodes in his final smash.
Changes since the preceding version of 1.0
here is a video of his updated final smash
Version 1.5
+New B special - Skull Kid takes out his Duke pipe and shoots deku nuts at you.
+New Side B Special - Skull Kid Lets Majora take over to unlease his wrath
+New Up B special - Tael and Tatl Levetation
+New Diagonal Side A - Tael and Tatle Dash - Skull kid sends his faries for a sneak attack
+New Diagonal UP A - Diagonal Deku Shot
+Fixed Final Smash
+Fixed Smash side A glitch
+Fixed Down Air glitch
+Fixed more XD

more info:

14234 December 21st, 2013

Goddess Zelda V.7.0 by DivineOverlord
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Zelda]

Download link has been restored. 12/21/13
guaranteed to works for gecko users! (might work for riivolution too)

Goddess Zelda Version 7.0 -For Zelda Fans-

!!Notice: To everyone who downloaded Goddess Zelda Version 7.0 Before 7-24-2010, Please Re-download it because I fixed a couple of errors that was in it!!!

-For a shorter attack range Version please visit my post.
~URL is at the bottom of this message lol
-New Moves
-New Dark Mode=You've pissed her the F**K OFF!
-New Holy Mode= A playful Goddess :)
-Dark mode=Punishment time BWAHAHAHA

-For more information please visit my Attack Hack Post at url:

13489 December 7th, 2013

Goku moveset V1.5 by DoctorFlux(Mariodk), DivineOverlord, Jaklub, SmashClash, BigBadBooya, Tormod with credit to KTH,beyond, Ike Lawliet,Anivernage,SmashClash for the vertexs, Dot for recolours+CSP/BPs, Sdo0m
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Moveset (PSA) - Captain Falcon]

our loved saiyan join Brawl for real now
look in Video for moveset list
also please read the ReadMe
Kirby hat PSA will be made later
inc. Goku SFX pack (V2)
Goku Over pit(with SSj mode and up to date version): http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24304

11780 July 4th, 2011

Dark Emperor Ganondorf Version 4.0 by DivineOverlord with credit to PrideToBeMe and Eldiran
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Ganondorf]

Read this!!!: my photobucket Bandwidth renews 7-5-2011

Here are the changes
-Down Taunt=Sword Mode----Improved!—New B special
-Up Taunt=Power Mode-----Improved with new moves
-Side Taunt or Down Taunt=Sealed Mode-----Improved!

- for a video, please visit my post: url is located below.

-Sword Mode
-Power Mode
-Sealed Mode
I have requested and received approval from Eldiran to use his sword PSA and integrate it with my PSA. I have enhanced V.3.0 sword play without editing his FitMotion pac file.

For more information and upcoming updates regarding this hack please visit my post via url

10159 March 21st, 2019

Hero of Time Link v.1.3 by DivineOverlord, BlueBrain with credit to credit to SiLeNtDo0m for elemental arrows
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Link]

Read this!!!: My Photobucket Bandwidth renews 7-5-2011

Will Be updated SOOON!

Updated 4.3.11
Fixed his arrows, now they show elemental graphics XD
took out the darkness attack from AAA combo.

Update: 3.28.11
- Link will now put away his sword and shield when he takes out his gigaton Hammer. Looks so cool! :D

-Fixed final smash

* Re-Updated @ 4:44PM 3-27-11
- Fix all Hammer hit Boxes
-Changed his up A Hammer Mode

*Updated at 6:00am 3-27-2011
New Modes
-If your damage is equal to 0 you'll be in fierce diety mode
-Use Up taunt to put away the gigaton hammer
-Use Down taunt to take out the gigaton Hammer

More info go here:

-Note: some moves won't work right with textures that had their bone tree remodeled.

10120 December 21st, 2013

Spider-Man V1 PSA - MvC Style by SiLeNtDo0m, DivineOverlord with credit to SmashClash, StarWaffle(model), haloedhero and Helter Skelter
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Sheik]

Works for me - DO 12/21/13


P.S. The .rar says Beta 3. That's because I had originally named this release Beta3, but it's level of completion is close to a V1. Therefore, I changed the name. Stupid report is stupid anyway.

Old Beta1 Moveset Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CYvxxU65v4

17th July 2011. Update for Beta 3! Now includes first Final Smash (Crawler Assault), Side B in the air can now be aimed down and Down B is now a proper counter with a revamped animation. Also includes "Do Your Job" taunt as well as "Does What a Spider Can".

common.pac - http://www.mediafire.com/?l8ue6d3cjkds9tk
Modified version of Beyond's Riivo Launcher that works with this PSA: http://www.mediafire.com/?ed1es81c3x9s4g0

It is here! The beta for my Spider-Man PSA. With a load of moves based off of MvC, as well as some of his classic techniques you will finally be able to truly play as the webslinger in Brawl. The person who made the model for me didn't want credit, so I won't put him there, but thanks to all that helped me and will help me in the future with this project.

Things that will be included in the next release:
- New Final Smashes! Crawler Assualt (on the ground) and Maximum Spider (in the air)
- New grab and throws
- New victory animations
- Balance refinement and a couple of attack revisions
- Recolours
- Interface hacks
- Sound pack

You can also download his victory theme by Helter Skelter here, however it replaces the victory themes of ALL Legend of Zelda characters: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=19778
Enjoy ;)

9947 April 10th, 2012

Master Mewtwo V.2.0 by DivineOverlord
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Lucario]


Will Mewtwo regain his title as the strongest Pokemon on Brawl? Try it out to find out! XD



Side Note: Due to bone irregularities I have provided two PSA Pac Files. One is for Mewtwo textures and the other is for Non-Mewtwo textures. ENJOY!

For more info visit the main post:

7051 April 23rd, 2015

Smash Attack 2.70 and 1.90 (updated from beta) by DivineOverlord, Eldiran, SiLeNtDo0m with credit to PHANTOMWINGS, Dantarion
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

[Staff=Scout] Link has been restored, thanks to fellow KC-MM users that had a copy.

-Updated again at @11:00PM 8-5-2011 by DO
+More events
+99% of all PSA event coding is listed.

-Updated again at @11:00PM 3-19-2011.
----fixed minor issues. Sorry I should have caught that earlier and added more parameters.





-The current parties updating this:
-SDo0m InCaRnAti0n

****Use Smash Attack 2.4 for all PSA hacking because it's 100% glitch and bug free.*****


-I have updated the events and parameters with as much knowledge that is known.

----You may PM me if you don't understand how some of the events work.

-If you discover a parameter function. PM me please, and I will update it and give you credit : )

-Expect more updates as more events and parameters are found.







For Inquiries, you can post here:

6731 January 30th, 2014

Kurosaki Ichigo Version 1.1 by DivineOverlord, Ike_Lawliet, KingJigglypuff, BlueBrain with credit to SqLeon, KJ for ideas and Jokekid for the mask model
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

12-27-11@8:25pm reuploaded to fix side B and made the slowww attacks faster

Here is a psa I have been working on for the last three days. New animations and specials. The only thing I kept from KJ ichigo PSA is the final smash hollow mask. However, for some odd reason the masks stays on after the final smash ends. The mask will stay on until he is killed lol. The final smash allows him to tap into his Hollow powers and he is able to use Dark Getsuga tensho 5 times.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ThVffOEI90

More info:

6674 June 23rd, 2010

Demonic Bowser V.2.0 by DivineOverlord with credit to Chaosinvoker for requesting this PSA and giving me ideas lol
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Bowser]

Demonic Bowser Version 1.0 Features:

- A simple Hack Made to Handle Goddess Zelda Version 5.0
-For Stronger Version please visit my post XD
- Most attacks have increased range [size 10-15]
- He Starts off in thunder Bowser mode with moves similar to Giga Bowser.

- At 130% of Damages he will go in to DEMONIC Bowser mode
-He is engulfed in flames
-Touching him will burn you (1% damage per hit)
-All attacks are flame attacks
-Most attacks do more damage

- Added elemental effects to attacks.
- I edited sound effects.
- Increased visuals.
- Added visuals.
- Added fire effects when evading in air and on ground.
- I edited his Attributes.
-I think I made him weight 250.
- He has Explosive Power.

Credit to Chaosinvoker for requesting this and for his ideas lol

oh yeah and credit to the person who made this texture since I used this texture for pics

Demonic Bowser V.1.0 Download


Version 2.0 is in Progress

-New Moves finished
-Currently thinking of other edits XD

MORE INFO URL: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=9946.0____

6277 December 21st, 2013

Dragon GOD Charizard V.2.0 [FINAL VERSION] by DivineOverlord with credit to ChaosInvoker for Requesting this.
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Charizard]

Works only when you have each pokemon of the pokemon trainer as separate selectable characters. ALSO one PSA at a time for pokemon trainer's pokemon. - DO 12/21/13


Updated as of 9-29-10
It works better when you have each pokemon as a separtate selectable character!!
For More Information Regarding This PSA Please Visit My Post:
NOTICE! My PSA works perfectly well now, I fixed the error in the code work. ENJOY!!!!


6218 February 19th, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth V.1.3 (Balanced and Overpowered Version now included) by DivineOverlord, BigBadBooya with credit to BigBadBooya for the final smash and Aafyre for a detailed moveset post, _Data_Drain_ and Apprentice Of Death for ideas and feedback
[Character - Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

Learn to read, DO NOT PM ME IF YOUR A NOOB
-PSA and Animations - DivineOverlord
-Final Smash and wings - BigBadBooya
-Another update: Side B no longer is spamable lol.
1-28-11@7:14PM: Main file has been replaced. I have applied _Data_Drain_ suggestions and fixed many glitches, including his side B and Down B specials (DivineOverlord)

I finished what BigBadBooya started in his PSA that only contained a final smash and wings.

All I can say is that I tried my best with the PSA and Animations, considering I also had my classes to work on. XD

More Info go here:

5844 July 4th, 2011

DivineOverlord Marth V.1 (Personal PSA) by DivineOverlord with credit to Fliptocat and Cocopuff for sword throw motion
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

Read this: my photobucket Bandwidth renews 7-5-2011

After 4 months, I have finally decided to release my personal PSA. There are five movesets in my personal PSA and each mode has their own fighting style of elemental usage. Since Marth is my favorite character, I had to put this moveset on him!!!! XD.. Now, here is a straight forward list of changes. (Textures are not included, find them in the vault).

o Moveset o
1st Mode: Hydro Plasma Mode---UP Taunt
2nd Mode: Flaming Meteor Mode----Right Taunt
3rd Mode: Divine Light Mode----Left Taunt
4th Mode: Dark Lust Mode----Down Taunt
5th Mode: Elemental God Mode--- Activated upon 100% of damages

More info :

5266 August 30th, 2015

Smash Attacks V2.36(Minor bug fixes) by ShadowMarth, Eldiran, SiLeNtDo0m, DivineOverlord, BlackJax96 with credit to PHANTOMWINGS and Datarion
[Misc - Other (stuff we forgot)]

(Fixed a few issues with the code displaying incorrectly in conjunction with edits.)
Now more user friendly!


-More Events Added
-some events are now easier to read
-More descriptions
-Over All more Convenient
-Some Parameter descriptions have been simplified

5199 August 3rd, 2011

DMC Dante v.1.32 Beta (Balanced and OP versions included) by DivineOverlord, SiLeNtDo0m with credit to SiLeNtDo0m and Wolfric for ideas and feedback
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - Ike]


Version 1.32 - New Team DO and SDOOM
+ Applied some updates
+ New AAA attack
+New Up Throw
+More - Final Moveset is still Pending upcoming versions are soon to be released.

Version 1.0 video by Gamma Ridley
This Devil May Cry Dante PSA is something I made in 4 days. I hope you guys like it as much as I do XD...I will work on him more next weekend. For the second mode, instead of giving him a Ifrit Gautlet mode, It will be easier for me to give him a guitar mode where he attacks with his guitar


There are three versions this time in terms of pure power.

-Balanced version = Limited Dante
-Strong Version = Unleashed Dante
-Very Strong Version = Devil Must Die Dante

More Info:

4988 September 26th, 2011

Dark Emperor Ganondorf Version 4.0 (Balanced and Overpowered Version) by Anivernage, DivineOverlord with credit to PrideToBeMe and Eldiran
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Ganondorf]

my photobucket Bandwidth renews every month on the 5th lol

The Balanced Version of this great psa

Comes with Overpowered(Fitganon.pac) and Balanced(Fitganonweak.pac)

Here are the changes
-Down Taunt=Sword Mode----Improved!—New B special
-Up Taunt=Power Mode-----Improved with new moves
-Side Taunt or Down Taunt=Sealed Mode-----Improved!

- for a video, please visit my post: url is located below.

-Sword Mode
-Power Mode
-Sealed Mode
I have requested and received approval from Eldiran to use his sword PSA and integrate it with my PSA. I have enhanced V.3.0 sword play without editing his FitMotion pac file.

For more information and upcoming updates regarding this hack please visit my post via url

4484 August 31st, 2013

Sephiroth FIXED gfx glitch with clones by gurdoman, Tasty Pumpkin Clock, _Data_Drain_, Albafika, Aafyre, Hollow, DivineOverlord, DevMasters, Hackingstar, BigBadBooya with credit to Tormod
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Diddy Kong]

As any port you need codes for it to work, like no crawl and stuff, please people read more.

The next time I get a report for the barrel I will make a "stupid people list" and name them
NO ENTRY NO ENTRY NO ENTRY do I have to put it in other language for you to read that you NEED no entry codes?

Stupid report is stupid: Learn something people, if a character is ported from another it's 99% sure it has to use no entry code ¬¬

This is over Diddy BUT CAN GO OVER ANY CHAR WITH A MARTH'S REL and obviously can go over Marth. For best results use THE MODELS INCLUDED, recolors includes made by me.

Have you ever wanted to use sephiroth with other marth's clones but when you do, the clone glitches and shows a lot of wings when he hits?, or maybe sephiroth doesn't do meteor because you can't see squat?
Well fear no more, this sephiroth only uses common gfx so he doesn't glitch, and all his models have been changed to marth's original ones.

It's not as glamorous, granted, but it still works and you should use this ONLY if you use other Marth's clones, this way no gfx glitches for you!!!

This version has fly and heavens light but it's not OP, if you want other versions of it, sorry, I'm only doing this one.

Credit OF COURSE goes to DivineOverlord, Apprentice Of Death, _Data_Drain_, Wolfric, Aafyre, Hollow, hackingstar, BigBadBooya, Tormod for the PSA and DevMasters for the model with the wing attached (THANK YOU SO MUCH).

Anyway, enjoy.

3971 December 21st, 2013

Divine Chaos Super Sonic Version 1.0 by DivineOverlord with credit to ChaosInvoker and Waveshocker Sigma for ideas XD
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Sonic]

It works. Verified on 12/21/13 - DO


For More information regarding my PSA please visit my post: [Weaker version is there]
Also, try using this PSA with WaveShocker Sigma's hyper sonic's fit motion.pac. XD

3933 August 4th, 2011

FF8: Diablos V1 Beta by DivineOverlord, Aafyre
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Ganondorf]


Here is FF8: Diablos!!! I worked on this for about 3 days before releasing it and I literally ran out of ideas since in all the final fantasy games I've seen/played, he doesn't have that many moves. Consequently, I had to create new moves for him. Anyways, I'll get started with the moveset I have created. I need Ideas for his other moves that are unchanged.

More info:

3833 October 25th, 2011

The Best Plumber In The World V2 by Anivernage, vontower, TheShyGuy, KingJigglypuff, DivineOverlord with credit to hammerbros98 for fix yoshi issues trought hex and SDoOm BuShIn with mario fixes
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - Mario]

This psa is a combination of smbz, 25th anniversary of mario bros., and yoshi modes.
With this psa you will bring back your childhood
finally after 7 months is released
The Best Plumber In The World V2!!!
the retro mario and goku-ish psa!!

The psa comes with:
fitmario.pac (psa file)
fitmariomotionetc.pac (animation files)
fitmariofinal.pac (final smash articles)
readme with instructions to add yoshi in each of your textures...
fitmarioXX.pac (texture)
this psa has a few issues that will be fixed in version 3 so dont report


3615 July 9th, 2016

HD cBliss Brawl Goku by MrUnusual, Maxi, SiLeNtDo0m, DivineOverlord, Jaklub, DoctorFlux(Mariodk), BigBadBooya, diedhammer98, Dot with credit to MarioDK, Beyond, SiLeNtDo0m, divineoverlord, Jaklub, BigBadBooya, ads15, KTH, Diedhammer98, 2DaMax92
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Pit]

Been awhile since I've uploaded, I'm a busy man these days but I had some time over the weekend to do a cBliss Goku so I hope you guys enjoy and appreciate the effort and time I put into these textures, and I am not sure if these works with PM so please don't report... If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I won't bite and I usually respond in a timely manner.

3284 July 4th, 2011

Shadow Samus V0.3 Beta by DivineOverlord
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Samus]

Read this: my photobucket Bandwidth renews 7-5-2011

This is NOT "Dark Samus" Instead its "Shadow Samus" A moveset I made up.

video of her final smash

-This PSA is about 50% done. I made the following changes
+Changed all her aura and fire graphics to shadow Fire
+New AAA: Dark Blast
+New Down Smash A:
+New Final Smash: Summon
----Does not turn into zerosuit samus



3197 November 17th, 2016

Terra Branford v6 (Via Zelda) by Keromonkey, DivineOverlord with credit to Dhragen, TempestTime,
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Zelda]

This is the link to the Terra board: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=25362.0
-feel free to leave comments, ideas, opinions (so long as they are respectful, please and thankyou ^_^).
-also TokoyamitheDark was kind enough to provide us with a 2nd Sheik/Esper texture, the link is here for those interested (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php#ByUserID=13082&Moderated=All_

9/25: Updated to v6, can transform Zelda > Sheik > Zelda without T-pose (but some skins will cause the game to freeze during this transformation, at the moment the Terra/Esper Terra skins both do this)

Note 8/3: HAS final smash beta (no freezes should be experienced), but the final smash doesn't have an additional file, its part of the main pac, just use her final smash on ground and then see if it works in the air

Note 7/16: more changes have been made, Side B chaining now works again & has been updated, and new attack dash move has been added

NOte: if Terra froze on multiplayer for you all, then I believe I have fixed that.

Edit3: I think I may have fixed alot of the freezes but I need someone else to test this in a player v player match and let me know if its any better, I've Updated Side Up & Side Down Smash, Up A tilt, neutral A spawns a beam saber (unless you use my common3.pac file, then it spawns a poorly colored sword that vaguely resembles her rapier lmao), some chains have been changed, more moves are now absorbable/deflectable (watch out for ness/lucas users, and if you find someone has a franklin badge, switch to sword use & tornado/gravity, etc magics, which can't be reflected).

Preamble: This PSA is due to the combined efforts of myself (psa), Dhragen (skin), & DivineOverlord (I used his Freya PSA as a base to make this one), and without Senior Kittens this PSA would not be possible. I also wish to credit & thank Eternal Yoshi =), and TempestTime who may assist with future animations.

1 2 3


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