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12406 April 28th, 2017

Naruto Over G&W by CaliKingz01, mnsg, LavaLatte [.Fade], ᆘ유 | 유유, ds22, KTH, Maxi, SmashClash, SSJCerious, Rikiki with credit to KTH, mnsg, .Fade, OizenX, ds22, BeyondYou, 2DaMax92, SmashClash, LinkstheName!, rikiki
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Mr. Game and Watch]

1 problem someone had. if you do diagonal movements it freezes. message me if it does freeze when u do this....................

ATTENTION: Don't report mods if they weren't MEANT FOR PROJECT M!

I take No Credit

Just thought Naruto would be a good port over G&W since so many people don't like the character any ways. lol

enjoy tho. =)

10044 September 23rd, 2016

Naruto Over G&W Better Model + New Texture + New & Css Stuff (PSA) by Zarks, mnsg, Mewtwo2000, ᆘ유 | 유유, ds22, KTH, Maxi, SmashClash, SSJCerious, Rikiki, Iwvi, Justin712, Legend of Jesse with credit to Beyond, BlackJax96
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Mr. Game and Watch]

*Not Working for Project M :(

*Reupload :) Sorry for the Late 9/01/16
Also i will update all mi css soon! to better ones soon!

*Works perfectly but check the requirements below

Report: (apparently this hack doesn't work for Pal Dolphin) *probably because Pal anything isn't compatible with .rel's and with Project M 3.02 too! :(*

New Css stuff by Me!!

Has another better texture thanks to Legend of Jesse!

Re-edit* Remember to put the .rel file on the module folder ;), orderwise it will frezze!

!! Thanks to mnsg, Fade, OizenX, ds22, KTH, BeyondYou, 2DaMax92, SmashClash, LinkstheName!, rikiki, Justin712, Iwvi, Mewtwo2000
BlackJax96, Beyond, Legend of Jesse For Model, PSA,

!!Report Any Error¡¡ ;D

4241 October 12th, 2012

Cosmic Mario by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Mario]

3266 October 12th, 2012

NSMB Styled Mushroomy Kingdom by mnsg
[Stage - Texture - Mushroomy Kingdom]

Mushroomy Kingdom gets modified. Sprites and tiles from NSMB and NSMB Wii are used at various spots.

1978 December 12th, 2013

Shadow the Hedgehog (Brawl Model) V2 by Kamina, mnsg with credit to BigSharkZ, SegaFan1998
[Character - Import - Sonic]

UPDATE: Download is broken again, if someone still has this could they please send me the files?

Version two of my Brawl Shadow. Now he has rigged fingers, and I fixed all the issues I found in version 1. I used brawl Silver's hands, so the fingers aren't perfect due to having few vertices, and also the thumbs slightly clip through Shadow's rings. I would have used brawl Sonic's hands but they were two separate polygons (Each hand was two polygons, one for the top of the hands, and one for the bottom) and were very finicky.

Super form as FS eyes.

May eventually update this again.

mnsg made the Mephiles texture included, and BigSharkZ made the super form texture.

Feel free to make recolors, just add me as a collaborator.

1953 October 12th, 2012

Flying Mario by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Mario]

1838 October 12th, 2012

Mega Mushroom by mnsg
[Item - Texture - Super Mushroom]

1526 October 12th, 2012

Twilight Bowser by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Bowser]

1439 October 12th, 2012

Galaxy Road by mnsg
[Stage - Texture - Mario Circuit]

A space-themed race track. Features various artworks from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Watch out for the galaxy Shy Guys racing around though.

1381 October 12th, 2012

Cosmic DK by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Donkey Kong]

1352 October 12th, 2012

Enhanced Breasts Rosalina (KAZECoyote version) by mnsg with credit to KAZECoyote, Lensho, JuLz, & Jack H.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

Enhanced Breasts version of KAZECoyote's Rosalina texture.

Uses a combination of KAZECoyote's model edits and Jack H.'s model edits.

For more details, go to the link below.


1279 October 12th, 2012

Twilight Giga Bowser by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Giga Bowser]

1241 October 12th, 2012

Cosmic Luigi by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Luigi]

1231 October 12th, 2012

Luigi as Mario by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Luigi]

1162 October 12th, 2012

Mario as Luigi by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Mario]

1138 October 12th, 2012

Yoshi's Color Plaza by mnsg
[Stage - Texture - Delfino Plaza]

Yoshi gives Delfino Plaza a huge color makeover. It's a colorful plaza here.

1084 March 23rd, 2013

Bob-omb Buddy by mnsg
[Item - Texture - Bob-omb]

These pink allies to Mario have entered the fray.

983 October 12th, 2012

Toad Popo & Toadette Nana by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Ice Climbers]

My best efforts with making Popo and Nana wear clothing similar to what Toad and Toadette wear. Not perfect, but that's to be expected. Mushrooms are placed onto the mallets as well.

By default, this texture uses the blue team slot, but it could also be used for the red team by naming the PCS file, FitPopo01.pcs.

950 August 30th, 2014

Brawl Roy Pack (PSA Safe) by Kaye Cruiser, mnsg, Pik, renkaken, TehSqueeMistro, Oshtoby with credit to KTH, Beyond
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Marth]

With the new Roy PSA now out, I found that the only properly Brawl Styled Roy recolors done were the ones for the Ike port by TehSqueeMistro and KTH. However, some bones were renamed or something and when used with the new moveset, it was wonky, but the recolors as they were hadn't been released elsewhere, so I fixed the model, edited the main and black outfit a little, then put it all together to be used with the new PSA. Works like a charm. :3

Enjoy~ =D

945 October 12th, 2012

Mario's Ocean Ship by mnsg
[Stage - Texture - Pirate Ship]

Mario decided to travel around the ocean in his newly built ship. However, during his trip, he got caught in a cyclone, and ended up in a different world. Stuck in the Great Sea, Mario has to find a way back to his own world.

Ride on Mario's ship, which is colored to match his clothing color scheme. The flag features his signature "M", and portions of the ship do display character sprites. Look hard to find them all. The King of Red Lions had his sail adjusted too; the sail now has an image of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario on it.

Other edits include the watch towers and the bombs.

917 October 12th, 2012

Cosmic Bowser by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Bowser]

835 October 12th, 2012

Star Man Wario-Man by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Wario Man]

804 October 12th, 2012

Flying Luigi by mnsg
[Character - Texture - Luigi]

795 January 19th, 2017

Smash 3C Well-Endowed Princess Peach by E-scope12, mnsg, BlackJax96 with credit to BlackJax96, ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, mnsg, Smash 3 Team, Smash 3C Team, PMDT, ProjectXBros
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Peach]

This is the Smash 3C Version of BlackJax96's Well-Endowed Peach so he is collaborated since it uses a mod imported by him. Credit goes to PMDT and Smash 3 Team and Smash 3C Team for the Project M Alts and BlackJax96 for the Well-Endowed Peach and mnsg for the Fake and Dark versions.

Update 1/18/2017: Added Larger Sizes and Smaller Sizes and New CSP's and BP's.
Update 1/11/2017: Reduced the filesize to make it compatible with Project M.

771 October 12th, 2012

Rosalina Pack by mnsg with credit to KAZECoyote & LenSho
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Kirby Hat, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Peach]

I have done some Rosalina packs in the past, but this one adds an extra twist into the mix. Along with the texture edits, I've even altered Peach's attributes so that she's taller; this is basically my very first modifications to a character moveset file.

You see, based on the Mario Kart Wii models, the position of the amulet on Peach's chest aligns with Rosalina's belly. Because of this, I wanted to make Peach taller, just to go with all the Rosalina-related hacks that exist. Besides, I've always found it to be quite unusual for any Rosalina-related hack to be rather short; the image on the far right depicts the size changes on Peach, comparing her height to King Dedede, before, and after the size mod is implemented. Basically, she's now a bit taller than Samus, while still being shorter than Ganondorf.

The pack contains two different size mods; the one inside the "Standard" folder only alters Peach's size; the one inside the "Extra Moveset Mod" folder adds some additional improvements. For a full list of attribute changes, head to the following post link...


In terms of the extra changes that are implemented onto the moveset file inside the "Extra Moveset Mod" folder...

1: Faster walking speed; now tied with Lucario
2: Faster running speed; now tied with Lucario and Falco
3: Jumps higher; now tied with Lucario
4: Improved mid-air jump; now tied with Wario
5: Air mobility increase; now tied with Wario
6: Major air speed increase; now tied with Wario and Wolf
7: Weight increase; now tied with Lucario

Now, do be advised that because I've modified Peach's attributes, the size mods are bound to desync Wi-Fi, especially since the size increase does make Peach a bigger target; if you don't use the size mods, however, the recolor pack should be Wi-Fi safe. Additionally, the size mods affect ALL the color slots.

With the size mods out of the way, like with my other packs, I've done a set of Rosalina recolors, which does include the fake and dark versions; the recolors are on the simple side though. I even added the Cosmic Spirit, which replaces the blue color slot; the Cosmic Spirit contents are inside the "Cosmic Spirit" folder. Toad has been altered so that his mushroom cap has Grand Star symbols placed on it; I somewhat dubbed him as a Galaxy Toad, seeing as Cosmic Toads were a beta element for Super Mario Galaxy. This edit is also applied onto Kirby's Rosalina cap. The Final Smash also gets a makeover, with the Star Bits replacing the flowers.

As usual, the main menu, group mode, solo mode, and character roll call files have been modified to replace almost every one of Peach's icons and portraits, and there are TEX0 and PLT0 files as well, for manual texture replacing.

Vertex edits were done by KAZECoyote and LenSho, so credits to them.

In terms of the files that you'll find in the downloads...


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