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66 March 27th, 2013

8-Bit Mario by Mari0Maker
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

The item hack replaces the SSBB symbol inside the Smash Ball with an 8-Bit Mario!

The image was taken in the Advanced Model Editor (AME).

Enjoy! :D

140 May 15th, 2016

a rare smash ball by tissuebox
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

a rare pepe for your smashing experience. there is no aura, only memes. replace your smash ball with this file, or just edit yours with the texture if you don't trust me.

279 May 31st, 2010

Akuma/Gouki symbol smashball by DaviTheCo
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

I did this in 10 min it's nothing special just made it out of love for Akuma/Gouki. This is my first upload just made an account.

164 May 16th, 2012

Alien Smash ball by Meta Jirachi
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

alien picture used by alienware

182 June 1st, 2012

alien smash ball by xenosasuke with credit to xenosasuke
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

play game
have fun

122 February 11th, 2011

Angry Sun by Will210 with credit to Friedslick6
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

This was requested by Friedslick6.

Hope you like it.

This was the Angry Sun from the game Mario Kart Wii's "Desert Hills DS" track.

1075 May 9th, 2010

Awesome Ball by Lord Prosper
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]


I'm really surprised no one else has made this, to be quite honest.

1664 July 21st, 2012

Awesome Ball 2 by Hamzr Bruh with credit to LordProsper for texture
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Really I thought the rainbow was too much for the Awesome ball so I thought I should put a yellow aura instead! And this is what came out

90 September 12th, 2010

Bang Shishigami Ball v2.1 by Toki Hakurei
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]


1014 August 20th, 2010

Biohazard by Akiro
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

This was something I quickly put together. It looks pretty nice in-game. Goes into common3.pac


281 October 18th, 2012

blackstar dragonball by Resistance
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

from dbgt cool hack for smash ball

130 September 10th, 2011

Blazing Disco Ball by ItachiFan99 with credit to thestupidmetroid For Ingame Images & Volya For the Disco Ball.
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

This is my first item hack. ENJOY!!!!!
I just put Volya's disco ball texture over 1 part of the smash ball texture.
PM me if any problems.
Directions below!!!
Just put in common3.pac then put in system folder.

76 April 19th, 2019

Boku No Pico Ball by Champion of Evil with credit to Calikingz01 for the goku meter GFX
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]

Whoever made that show should..... whatever.... I'm disgusted of what creators of bonku no pico had boiled up to the world... I made this because 1% of me just wants me dead. Eck!!! SICKENING!!!

54 August 5th, 2013

Botched Jesus Painting ecce homo restoration smash ball by bufobrawl
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Just thought it would be funny to have the botched Jesus in the smash ball. Just go into your common3.pac and right click ItmSmashBallBrres and hit replace and replace it with this one.

280 August 30th, 2014

Burning Smash by ZG
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

A red smash ball burning with energy!

222 October 20th, 2014

Calumon over Smash Ball by Mattimation
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]


Didn't think you'd see this now did ya?

This is a hack I did in like a half hour and I'm quite proud of the result.

Ever played Digimon Battle Spirit and thought \"Man... I wish Calumon would help me win in Brawl too!\"?

Or maybe you just really hate Calumon- EITHER WAY! This Hack is just for you!

The Smash Ball gets completely replaced by Calumon! With custom animation and a dumb smile added in as a bonus.


2807 October 31st, 2011

Chaos Emerald by Mansta8 with credit to PAVGN
[Item - Import - Smash Ball]

I just ported PAVGNs Chaos Emerald to the smashball.

43 December 26th, 2012

Christmas Smash Ball by Vahkiti
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

My apologies for not uploading to Mediafire. For whatever reason, it refuses to accept the file. Likewise with Imgur and the screenshots.

Just a random edit I made for a Christmas tournament. Enjoy guys! :)

823 October 16th, 2012

Custom Item Pack by RAWRzilla
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Smash Ball = Awesome Ball

Lip's Stick = Erika's Stick (Pokemon)

Proximity Bomb = Exclamation Sensor Bomb (MGS)

Banana = Expired Banana

Franklin Badge = Target

Cracker Launcher = Green Cracker Launcher

Capsule = Hoi Poi Capsule (Dragonball)

Custom Item Boxes

CD = Jap Brawl Disk

Super Mushroom = Mega Mushroom (NSMB)

Poison Mushroom = Mini Mushroom (NSMB)

Blast Box = Nitro Crate (Crash Bandicoot

Sticky Bomb = Plasma Grenade (Halo)

Bunny Ears = Playboy Bunny Ears

Pokeball = Premier Ball

Green Shell = Red Shell

Metal Box = Rugged Metal Box

Unira = Sandslash (Pokemon)

Screw Attack = Black Screw Attack

Clock = SlowClock (lulz)

Pitfall = Trap Card (Yu Gi Oh!)

28 September 27th, 2013

Demon Hunter Skull Smash Ball by Will210
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

My first texture hack, based off of a picture given out on Facebook. If you like it look into the group. ;)

Currently out of order, will be fixed ASAP. May take a little while to reupload...

102 March 31st, 2010

Dr. Hax Smash Brawl by zeno503
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

Dr. Hax has implemented himself into Brawl so now when you break the smashball of hax, a percentage of his power shall be bestowed upon you allowing you to release your inner strength!

1798 July 3rd, 2010

Dragon Smash Ball - Ryanshinchu by hiro
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

198 June 6th, 2011

Electric Blue Smash Ball by tinou007
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

247 July 14th, 2010

Elite Ball by shadowsquid86
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

The logo of elitesmashhackers.wordpress.com on a Smash Ball. I am aware this has already been done, but this is more faithful to the actual logo.

51 December 8th, 2011

ELO Smash Ball by Cableguy707
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

This is a smash ball with the classic ELO logo to it. Fans, enjoy :)) (first time working with textures, and to my suprise it worked:))

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