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222 December 2nd, 2014

A.N.I.MOVE by tsukikomi
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

updated for 3.5 GIMME THE BEAT AND I'LL MAKE IT ROAR SO LETS GET MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a tile edit now this stage includes an rush mixtape called "B.R.S.T.MOVE" and comes with an songlist (note if an song seem too loud well PERFECT cause eurobeats is supposed to be bumped).

Its a pm stage so download the mod before making false reports okay?

All I did was help warioware express its anime side.

Also including fitting songs listed

1. Move Around The World - m.o.v.e

2. Love Shower - m.o.v.e feat. 田村ゆかり

3. burning up for you - Sara

4. Raise Up - m.o.v.e

5. Space Boy - Dave Rodgers

6. Drivin THrough The Night - m.o.v.e

7. Running In The 90's - Max Coveri

[bonus] Tachibana Hibiki (Gekisou Gungnir) - Aoi Yuki

And don't forget to defrag the sd before installing the songs and change the song list which I posted an how too here http://pastebin.com/AQ8rQs7a.

31 August 31st, 2019

AshleyWare Zone by DemKnux with credit to LTE Team and former PMDT.
[Stage - Texture, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

Get your game on in this 1:1 alt of Green Hill. This is intended as an alt for Wario Land but is should work on any stage. It features UI and a WarioWare alt. Have Fun!

50 January 29th, 2016

Awasome Zone Ver. 1 by SuperSmashClub016
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

Incluided: SSS icons And 2 .Pac Version Of the Stages (Normal And Omega) Versions And BRSTM songs


WarioWare, Inc. - Troll Song
WarioWare, Inc. Medley - (Optional)
Ashley's Song - Niyan Cat Song
Ashley's Song (JP) - (Optional)
Mike's Song - (Optional)
Mike's Song (JP) - (Optional)
Mona Pizza's Song - (Optional)
Mona Pizza's Song (JP) - Marionation Gear


315 May 7th, 2013

Awesome Rainbow Ware by AxcelTheBrawler
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

Non transforming AND comes with 1 song. FEEL THE RAINBOW. Got stage from PM demo 2.1 I just retextured it.

1666 May 30th, 2010

AWESOME WarioWare by devin11333
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

This Stage is all about AWESOME Faces! I hope you enjoy this hack!

66 January 5th, 2017

BC LAND by Midnight_B1u3
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

From the New Official BC Project M build. Comes with a name, icon, and SSP.

39 June 2nd, 2019

Birthday Gamer (4 Randomized Layouts!!) by MarioDox with credit to CaliburZx, PyotrLuzhin
[Stage - Vertex, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

Gaming is now a disorder huh?

But we don't care, let's play on this stage that has 4 randomized layouts, only in 1 pac file!
The stage is the simple table from the Trophy Gallery with the presents, though put behind for better gameplay. No hazard here, the stage has 3 simple platforms that change everytime you load the stage.

Use the module included in the pack to make it work (there's arleady one over expansion stages, final destination and warioware)


83 November 10th, 2016

brawl minus warioware with ashley by ran _
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

brawl minus stage with Ashley from project m 3.6 beta warioware

88 December 12th, 2016

Christmas Wario Land by TACJ with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

I made a pretty cool recolor of Wario Land to celebrate the Christmas. Credit to the PMDT for the original Wario Land. Thanks guys! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the stage

57 February 23rd, 2017

David V. Kimball Land by someguy267 with credit to PhantomSans and David V. Kimball
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

David V. Kimball Land is a 1-for-1 reskin of Wario Land for Project M 3.6. The collision data and camera are identical.
The download contains the stage, portraits and music suggested by THE David V. Kimball!

PhantomSans: For the base stage
David V. Kimball: For the music, avatar and inspiration.
Smash Bros. Legacy: For teaching me how to wavedash and L-cancel (the easy way).

I am not part of the Legacy team, this was done as a joke.

Check them out at http://smashbroslegacy.com

Dabbing version coming soon?

821 July 5th, 2011

DoomWare Inc. by cmart with credit to LenSho
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

aka Grimdarkware.
Credit to LenSho for the fire effect. Goes over Warioware with an included .rel, New Pork with another .rel, or Final Destination.

Simple Doom2 themed static WarioWare texture - because no one mods this stage

I may make a version with minigames in the future

140 March 31st, 2015

DootdootWare (PM 3.5) by NFreak with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

I'm so sorry

15 January 18th, 2017

DribbleWare by WarioMasterDK with credit to the PMDT for the AshleyWare stage
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

AshleyWare from the earlier PM builds, but with our favourite taxi-driver dog, Dribble added in! Dribble himself is a static image, while the rest of the stage is animated. (I tried animating him, but I suck at animating so he looked distracting in action) and the stage is static, so it should have the same collisions as Wario Land, making it a tourney legal 1-for-1 reskin! (correct me on that if AshleyWare and Wario Land have different collisions). AshleyWare itself is unchanged aside from the addition of Dribble.

why Dribble? because Ashley is overrated.

I might do more *Character*Ware reskins in future.

166 July 9th, 2013

Everybody Edits by Cola1
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

Everybody Edits, an online multiplayer platformer sandbox game full of noobs smileys and level-destroyers.

Now with 100% more noob level names and grammar.
I thought it would be cool to make the 'actions' levels in the lobby.

3rd image is outdated, the pipes are actual EE pipes.

751 September 21st, 2013

FalconWare v2 by Hozu with credit to Wander
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

This is a small edit to the original FalconWare texture made by Wander (I found it waaay down in [url="http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=7449039&postcount=96"]this post[/url] at Smashboards). I made some edits to the face that shows upon winning/losing a minigame since it was left unedited originally. This is for players that don't freeze WarioWare with codes.

445 June 13th, 2012

FalconWare [P:M] by iLink, TheDevicer with credit to rihuganon\Hozu\DJ
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

Used rihuganon and Hozu's "Made in Falcon" texture for WarioWare Inc. to work in Project M demo 2.1

3163 April 18th, 2010

Feel Good at Night by FairKnight with credit to BeyondYou
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

Credits to BeyondYou ^^

1646 April 18th, 2010

Feel Good Inc. [FairKnight ver.] by FairKnight with credit to BeyondYou
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

Based off of this pic

http://www.vblurpage.com/images/gorillaz_feel_7vinyl_cover_big.jpg has every other file the same as BeyondYou

315 February 11th, 2012

FrostWare by ShinigamiTony
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

A WarioWare texture hack based on Jack Frost, mascot of Atlus, known for his appearances in the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona games.
This is my very first texture hack, so it has a few screw-ups.
The biggest one would be large grey outlines around imported images/images being cut off (a screenshot of this is included in the download).
If anybody knows how to fix this, send me a message please, for some help with that would be greatly appreciated.

123 February 11th, 2019

Gamer Upgrades + Omega + Balanced by MarioDox with credit to CaliburZx
[Stage - Vertex, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

EDIT: Fixed Mom being extremely bright.
A better gamer!

It comes with 3 variations, a PM FD Sized Omega and a balanced alt that is good for some competitive play (not 1:1)!

It has the old vertex colors enabled, a better lightning, pm stamina fixes, as well with good shadows and better camera and stage boundaries.

They all go over FD.


19 May 21st, 2020

Gloam Land [P+ 2.11] by Electropolitan with credit to CutterKirby64, Panzerhandschuh, P+ Team, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - WarioWare, Inc.]

Comes with 2 versions, one with aesthetic water, one without. I think it looks way better with water, it even includes a little cheep cheep! The water goes below the default camera location. Comes with 1 song, FD base.

1311 April 30th, 2010

Kingdom Hearts [Title Cover] by FairKnight with credit to BeyondYou
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - WarioWare, Inc.]

This was an old stage I made right around the time I made my first stage hack (Icey Haven) I recently reworked it by putting the textures and Models over BeyondYou's Feel Good Inc. and this is the result. It is good to play on, pretty cool, however I do admit... the textures ARE bad, but I will revamp this

37 April 22nd, 2015

LanaWare by DangerInTheHood with credit to Setzeri (For making the comics in which the picture of Lana is from)
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

This is the NON-TRANSFORMING version that is used in Project M.

Simple texture edit where all I did was change the color of everything to light blue and white and put Lana's face all over it, because Smash Bros. needs more kawaii!! :3

(Sorry for potato quality images, only way to get pictures of it was via my phone)

432 January 20th, 2015

Macintosh Plus Ware by bizzozeron with credit to PMBR for no-transform Warioware
[Stage - Vertex - WarioWare, Inc.]

\"It's your move~ I've made up my mind... Time is running out!\"
Inspired by Vektroid's Macintosh Plus album (link at the bottom). Includes the famous Helios bust as well as a few other references.
Goes over Project M's Wario Ware. Not sure if it works over regular Brawl, I think it should? Nothing was changed about the stage composition, merely visuals were altered.
Comes with stage select icons and labels, image, etc.
Vektroids MAC+ Album:

1634 March 5th, 2011

Made in Falcon by rihuganon, Hozu with credit to DJネズミ
[Stage - Texture - WarioWare, Inc.]

Doesn't work in PAL,and I don't know how to work it compatible

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