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214 June 21st, 2019

Melee Mute City by Mewtwo2000, DSX8, DukeItOut, Alonzo
[Stage - Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

Mute City in Brawl. DSX8 started this stage a few years ago, and he asked me for some help with collisions. After fixing them, I wanted to do more to the stage... So I ported it to Port Town in order to take advantage of some of its features, and... well, it took so long, I know.

The stage is not perfect, it's not the final version, either... But it's already good enough for my personal taste, so I'm finally releasing it.

A module (rel) is included with the stage, so the stage stops in all the spots and plays more like the original one. Without it, it will just go by some of them as shown in earlier videos. Props to DukeItOut for this awesome gift.

Not really much more to say, just test it, play it, use it in your custom builds if you want... In the past, I said I was going to make some alternate versions, like one with ledges, one with the Port Town ships, or even one without ships at all. Well, PM me if you want any of them to be included in the download folder, for the moment there's just the 'standard' one.

My apologizes to those who have been waiting for so long for a release. Have fun!

93 May 5th, 2019

Iron Tail Pikachu Update by KingJigglypuff, DukeItOut with credit to Choice Scarf
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Pikachu]

For those who downloaded the Iron Tail Pikachu update before May 4th, 2019, please re-download, as I fixed a crashing issue with the Pikachu Libre alt (09 for LXP and AltZ for LTE).

Now that P+'s beta is out in the wild, I've decided to release the Iron Tail update I teased a few months back.

This mod is an update to my mod of the same name back in 2016 (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=212553).

It includes the following:
-Updated model and material references for lower file size.
-Updated the moveset file to utilize JOJI's Hitbox SFX Change system, which is complemented with custom-made metallic hit SFX made by DukeItOut.
-Versions for vBrawl, Project M v3.6, Legacy TE v2.11, and Legacy XP.

312 February 24th, 2019

PM Sonic Crash Reduction Pack (Featuring Per-Costume Effects!) by DukeItOut with credit to PMDT, Legacy TE, theBlueWind, Layell, Yohan1044, J0JI, MetalLegacy, sub, ishmael205, Mach 7, AlGeorgeRomo, Insidious~NX~, davidvkimball, Moe, Xenthos
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Sonic]

NOTE: Please redownload the codes and your version of choice if downloaded before Feb. 24, 2019! Stability improvements and a fix to a victory pose bug were implemented.

Memory adjustment for PM Sonic that drastically lowers crash rates while also providing him easy-to-customize per-costume run trails and attack trails without needing to PSA edit! Includes the necessary effects for all Sonic skins present in Legacy TE 2.11.

Two types are provided. Please check the readme for installation and the differences between the two versions!

79 August 27th, 2018

Hazardless Frigate Orpheon by DukeItOut, soopercool101 with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Frigate Orpheon]

A version of Frigate Orpheon that does not flip, similar to when Frigate Orpheon is played in Ultimate when hazards are off.

Includes both Brawl and PM versions of the base stage and the second platform arrangement when normally upside-down, as well as a necessary, modified module that must be used with the stage to prevent problems that the normal Frigate Orpheon module will cause for this setup! Despite not flipping, warning lights, power outages and Parasite Queen movement still occur, keeping the stages aesthetically varied over the span of a match.

72 May 19th, 2018

Skyfield [3.6] by MarioDox, DukeItOut, Yohan1044 with credit to ImNotJavin and ClipArtPanda for the recolor, PMDT.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Skyworld]

Skyland is a Battlefield 1:1 reskin on the world of clouds, Skyworld. It has all the tourney legal stuff: same collisions, camera, spawn points, and so on.

Main stage model and platforms vertexed by MarioDox.
Better platforms by Yohan1044.
Lights and fog adjustments by DukeItOut.
Credit to ImNotJavin and ClipArtPanda for the Evening Skyworld reskin.
Credit to PMDT for the Battlefield stage in PM 3.6.

Part of Legacy TE.

176 May 16th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Death Race Stadium by davidvkimball, DukeItOut, mawwwk
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

Death Race Stadium is a 1:1 reskin of Pokemon Stadium 2 with a race to the death in the background. The F-Zero series could really use some more cool stages, so I put some time into making this one.

Davidvkimball modified the base stage, animated the background, animated the racers, and the racetrack. DukeItOut upgraded the lighting. Mawwwk created the F-Zero logo emblem on the stage.

Part of Legacy TE.


127 May 16th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Castlefield by davidvkimball, DukeItOut, Layell, Dranakar
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Castle Siege]

Castlefield is a 1:1 reskin of Battlefield with a Fire Emblem theme! Depending on which slot you replace, you'll see fireballs in the background.

Stage design + misc edits by davidvkimball, custom base stage model by Dranakar, fire effects and vPM alt loading tech by DukeItOut.

The included stage .pac and .rel files work over the base slot, or most any slot. The loading method is a little unconventional. So if you want a more \"traditional\" alt stage for Castle Siege, you can pick the \"low quality\" version in the alt folder. If you want the same high quality version but over a different slot, you can use the \"high quality\" version. It goes over Battlefield by default. High quality version will crash if used as a Castle Siege alt becaeuse of the strict file size limit when used conventionally. Both \"alt\" versions do not have fire background effects.

Part of Legacy TE.


604 December 3rd, 2019

[PM 3.6] Clock Town (1:1 + Night + SFF2 Version) by davidvkimball, Nezha the Scout, DukeItOut, Layell, Dranakar, mawwwk with credit to KTH for the Clock Town import, Lunoz for the Skull Kid model import, and the PMDT for the Mewtwo animations used for Skull Kid.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Pirate Ship]

Clock town is a 1:1 reskin of Smashville with a little "terrible fate" mixed in. Complete with a full 3 day/night cycle, rain on the second day, lit torches, skull kid, and moon that crushes Clock Town, you're counting down the minutes before Termina's impending doom. Also comes with a SSF2-inspired version that is not tourney legal.

Includes a night-only version with slowed down time! Since there's no day-night cycle, Skull Kid does not appear on this version, and other lighting edits have been made.

Importing for Brawl by Dranakar, custom base stage model by Dranakar.

Model optimizations, shadows, clock animations, Skull Kid animations, Moon animations, moon fire animation, and base stage modifications by davidvkimball.

Day/night cycle lights, torches, rain by Scout.

Texture fixes and working SFX for Smashville 1:1 (Legacy TE only) by DukeItOut.

Flag textures, further stage model and lighting adjustments, and night-only variant by mawwwk.

Balloon sprite by Layell.

Credit to KTH for the Clock Town import, Lunoz for the Skull Kid model import, and the PMDT for the Mewtwo animations used for Skull Kid.

Part of Legacy TE.


132 November 24th, 2017

Delfino's Secret Plaza by SOJ, DukeItOut with credit to E-scope12, KrustyKong
[Stage - Texture, Import - Delfino Plaza]

A mod based off E-scope12's Stationary Delfino's Plaza. Edited to fit Project M 3.6 Delfino's Secret 1:1.

E-scope12's mod: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=214265

526 May 16th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Marble Hill Zone by davidvkimball, DukeItOut, Layell, TheGag96, WorseDoughnut, Yohan1044 with credit to Szasz, Katakiri, and the PMDT.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Green Hill Zone]

5/15/18: Updated with a new background and misc fixes.

Marble Hill Zone is a 1-for-1 reskin of Green Hill Zone from PM 3.6. It has pillars instead of flowers, and lava instead of water! Nice little reskin with more OG Sonic references crammed in.


- Szasz for the PM 3.02 version of this stage, upon which this stage is based
- codes (TheGag96) for adding some of the PM 3.6 stage elements, including the stage indents
- Yohan1044 for improving the lava and background trees
- Katakiri for the original balanced GHZ
- the PMDT for the original PM 3.6 stage (Magus, SOJ, Mewtwo2000)

If you want to make this stage an L alt for Green Hill Zone, just rename STGGREENHILL.pac to STGGREENHILL_Z.pac, and rename st_greenhill.rel to st_greenhill_Z.rel.

Part of Legacy TE.


85224 August 27th, 2019

Legacy TE 2.5: PM 3.6 Tournament Build by davidvkimball, Denz, Moblin, Nezha the Scout, soopercool101, MetalLegacy, DukeItOut, Layell, PyotrLuzhin, ZaTaisho, Kirbeast, Dranakar, MarioDox, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), WorseDoughnut, Ca$ino Wolf, Yohan1044, chasemcdizzle, mawwwk with credit to the former PMDT and everyone else mentioned in the credits.txt. A huge thank you to the Legacy Discord community for helping us test stages we've released. Credit to Yami and the Cosmetic Standardization Project Backroom for many of the HD textures.
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Misc, Portrait]

Legacy TE is a tournament-optimized version of Project M 3.6. Rather than replacing vanilla Project M content, it preserves its tournament-friendly assets and extends the experience just a bit further. This is modpack is based on PM 3.6, and not intended to continue Project M's development.

Discord & SUPPORT: http://discord.gg/legacy

2.5 Trailer:

2.0 Trailer:

Video for TOs:

- Exclusive tourney and QoL features
- 100+ new stages
- 100+ new costumes
- 50+ new songs
- Netplay version with Dolphin HD pack
- Easily customizable

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Please read on SmashBoards:

Download link broken? Try this download mirror:

If you use any of this build for your own build to publish, we ask that out of respect for the contributors, you review the credits.txt in the download and properly attribute whomever we include in the credits for what it is you wanted to import for your own build.


Link for Legacy 1.3: http://smashbros.co/oldbuild


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