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280 July 26th, 2018

Tower Of Heaven (2.3) by Nezha the Scout, UmbraVivens, Ryztiq, soopercool101, Cahalan, Psycho Hedgie, saguinee, Yohan1044 with credit to yuuyu_ssry, Rivals of Aether's Team, Askiisoft's Tower of Heaven, Discord Channels: Legacy TE, Brawl Vault, Custom Brawl Modding, Modding Workshop and Nezha's Cafe
[Stage - Import - Skyworld]

----UPDATED 7/25/2018---- Added Normal Lights Alt

Stage works over FD without the .rel, since its using FD as Base.

Preview: https://youtu.be/bXyPTVzLHdE

-For Palutena's stage you can import it right away if you are using PM, if not you need to convert a fd rel to function in Palutena.

My Discord "Nezha's Cafe": https://discord.gg/Y6jfSEw


Psycho Hedgie: HD resources, previews and feedback

ishmael205: Sweet Kanji for the stage franchise menu assets

Yohan1044:Gameplay footage for WoA's Version of Tower of Heaven

Theytah: Optimizations and preparations for the hazards

soopercool101: Bug Fixes and Concepts

Cahalan: BRSTM Conversion and looping of yuuyu_ssry's "Tower of Heaven -Full moon Revenge-" track

ObskoreStreams: Wii Versions of the icons and their bases


yuuyu_ssry's "Tower of Heaven -Full moon Revenge-" track: https://soundcloud.com/yuuyu_ssry/tower-of-heaven-fmr

Rivals of Aether's Team: http://www.rivalsofaether.com/

Askiisoft's Tower of Heaven (you can play it here!): http://askiisoft.com/games/tower-of-heaven/

Discord Channels: Legacy TE, Brawl Vault, Custom Brawl Modding, Modding Workshop and Nezha's Cafe for feedback.

716 April 18th, 2020

Builder Mario (for Project M) by Puzzled, AlGeorgeRomo, Yohan1044 with credit to Kuro
[Character - Texture, Import, Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Mario]

Intended for PMEX packs that have Dr. Mario as a seperate character, this version has all the assets needed to replace the Dr. Mario alt costume in vPM. Additionally, high poly assets are included for build makers that want their renders to be consistent with other Mario costumes.

In case someone wants the inspiration for the recolors, here they are:
Yellow - Default
Red - Mario palette from Super Mario Bros.
Green - Mario recolor from Brawl
Blue - Underground palette from Super Mario Bros.
Pink - Pink recolor by Kuro
Teal - Dr. Mario recolor from Smash 4

Screenshot Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/8ymSV
Render Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/ascfK
Old Download: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=212971

175 April 19th, 2017

Peach's Retro Castle by Vinci2000, PETERTHEAWESOME99, Dranakar, Yohan1044 with credit to Mewtwo2000, LlamaJuice, ROYPLAYER and PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Rainbow Cruise]

Peach's Retro Castle is a reskin for Peach's Castle 64 HD that is a remix of Peach's Castle 64 HD and Peach's Castle Melee. Has Collisions, Spawn Points, Camera and Blast Zones from PM 3.6. Textures are styled like Peach's Castle Melee, background is animated.

Comes with portraits for PM 3.6 SSS and Smash 3/3C SSS.

UPDATE: Changed floor texture, texture issues should be fixed on Wii. Thanks ROYPLAYER for finding the issue, then fixed. Added a SM64 Colors version too!

-Vinci2000: Redid tower on the platform, added objects on the platform, texture work
-Dranakar: Did the first work on Peach's Retro Castle
-Yohan1044: Helping me with animations
-PETERTHEAWESOME99 For the SM64 Styled colors textures
-Mewtwo2000: Original Peach's Castle 64 stage and Peach's Castle Melee
-LlamaJuice: Peach's Castle 64 HD stage and sign from Metal Cavern HD

5858 March 14th, 2020

Legacy TE: X [Unofficial Legacy TE + PMEX Build] by ALM5252, Denz, Moblin, Nezha the Scout, soopercool101, PyotrLuzhin, ZaTaisho, Dranakar, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), Ca$ino Wolf, Yohan1044, chasemcdizzle, Drazerg with credit to the former PMDT and everyone else mentioned in the credits.txt. A huge thank you to the Legacy Discord community for helping the TE Dev Team test stages they've released. Credit to Yami and Psycho for many of the HD textures.
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]

Staff Edit: Credit removal upon request.

Edit: reuploaded due to rule breaking deletion

TE: X is a PM+BEX Version of Legacy TE. It has the LXP Characters included. This is not a Tourney Legal Build, but it is still aimed at the Tournament Experience. Get to learn the new LXP characters in Tourney Legal Stages! Also, since this is running off of PM+BEX 0.51, you can add more characters should you choose to!

Let the Legacy continue!

Any future updates I do will be exclusive to my Discord Server! Join here!

Original Description:
Legacy TE is a tournament-optimized version of Project M 3.6. Rather than replacing vanilla Project M content, it preserves its tournament-friendly assets and extends the experience just a bit further. This is modpack is based on PM 3.6, and not intended to continue Project M's development.


Video for TOs:

- Exclusive tourney features
- 100+ new stages
- 100+ new costumes
- 50+ new songs
- Netplay version with Dolphin HD pack
- Resources folder for customization

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Please read on SmashBoards: http://www.smashbros.co/post

Download link broken? PM me for a mirror download.

If you use any of this build for your own build to publish, we ask that out of respect for the contributors, you review the credits.txt in the download and properly attribute whomever we include in the credits for what it is you wanted to import for your own build.


Link for Legacy 1.3: http://smashbros.co/oldbuild

Link for Project M EX: ALM5252's Custom Build

574 March 10th, 2017

Ho-Oh Stadium by Yohan1044 with credit to Nezha, Soopercool101, LazyRed, Lensho, and Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Texture - Pokemon Stadium 2]

I've always wanted to do this...

Combining the best assets from three previous Bell Tower stages along side dozens of additional tweaks, this beautiful 1-for-1 remake of vPM3.6's Pokemon Stadium 2 comes to life. Featuring the dimensional logo, a patched tower, revamped textures, customized shadows, reduced filesize, and more.

Since release in Legacy TE, the sun no longer briefly blips out 57-seconds into a match.

Additional Credits:
Nezha for making the custom HeartGold logo
Ca$inoWolf for playtesting draw priorities for wii consoles
Soopercool for fixing a glitch with the skybox animations
DavidvKimball for helping fix tower seems and making the marketing materials
Lensho/Mewtwo2000 for the initial versions of Bell Tower and animated Ho-Oh
LazyRed for the golden stadium textures

Uses the Final Destination module

440 October 1st, 2016

[PM 3.6] Underworld by Yohan1044 with credit to WorseDoughnut and the PMDT for the stage upon which its based.
[Stage - Texture - Skyworld]

Skyworld was a little washed out up in the heavens, but it's colors really shine now that it's lost some elevation. Equiped with a new background, modified lighting, custom textures, and a mix of effects from Skywold and Castle Seige... I hope you enjoy this darker take on Kid Icarus's mostly forgotten stage.

Base Stage: Skyworld (vPM3.6)
Background model: Castle Seige (vBrawl)

Camera, collisions, and blastZones have been preserved.

Thanks to Scout for pointing me in the right direction with stage materials and shaders.
Thanks to WorseDoughnut for making me go bold with (and providing me with) the deeper cloud colors.
Thanks to David V. Kimball for the Marketing materials and branding.

360 April 5th, 2020

Cookie Country of Dreams by Layell, Ryztiq, Dranakar, Yohan1044 with credit to Angelglory, Scout, Codex-9, Arko Games, Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Import - Mario Bros.]

Now updated to version 3 as premiered in Legacy TE 2.1

Kirby once had a dream he was playing in a competitive stage version of Cookie Country, and now that dream is a reality! Goes over Fountain of Dreams/Mario Bros.

Original Stage and latest model and texture edits by Layell
Lighting modification by Ryztiq/Theytah
Stage edits by Yohan1044 and Draknar

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