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8 August 23rd, 2018

Bob the Tomato by WoopDooCreations
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Maxim Tomato]

This is my first ever Brawl texture hack, replacing the Maxim tomato with the host from VeggieTales, Bob the Tomato! It's not all that great, but I hope you enjoy it! (ItmMaximTomatoBrres.pac goes in common3 under ItmCommonBrres)

19 September 17th, 2018

Smash 2C Blast Box by Cotton Candy 2C with credit to AGFanProduction, who's Melee's Box (Power Box) mod inspired this one, and AlGeorgeRomo, for the Melee Remastered crate texture (This was made far before Smash 2 v1.8)
[Item - Texture - Blast Box]

Why wasn't this already made?

Don't forget to join the Discord server:

3 June 23rd, 2018

LSD Shroom by Awesometeen9560000 with credit to Hilmy091
[Item - Texture - Poison Mushroom]

EDIT:IF the image doesnt show up, just use this link https://imgur.com/a/SdUpJ1a

Quite litterally see the effects of eating a lsd shroom before your very eyes. Just a retexture of a poison mushroom. Thanks to Hilmy091 for the SSB4 smash ball textures, for a more flashy effect than what the original smash ball textures offered.

9 April 12th, 2018

"Oliver" colored Latias and Latios by TheSpongeThatMods with credit to Oliver As Latias for the color scheme and The 14th Doctor for the idea
[Item - Texture - Poke Ball]

People may find this a little edgy, but this is my friend Oliver's color scheme given to Latias and Latios. Mostly based on the version on Wii U for only Latias by 14th Doctor.

I know this isn't when Brawl modding was first introduced, but there's gotta be a version for Brawl you know.

5 April 2nd, 2018

Fancy Ball by AudryckBVMods
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

A quick mod I decided to make.

16 April 2nd, 2018

Smash 3C Big Fake by MaybeGreg with credit to Daz Originals and 3D Universe for EmotiGuy
[Item - Texture - Sticker]

:bigfake: finally comes to Super Smash Bros 3 Complete for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U and Dolphin! Our second most requested character behind Spangbub!

Check out the Smash 420C Project for more!

Check out my mixtape for more!

Check out this net for more!

14 May 19th, 2018

Angry and Sad Sandbag by The OP kitten
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Red: A reckless angry sandbag that so desperately wants to get revenge on the smash crew for killing his father in Home Run Contest, but can't because he has no limbs.
Blue: Unlike his brother, he is a very calm sandbag that just accepts that he gets beat up all the time. He has been going through depression ever since his dad died in Home Run Contest.

42 March 10th, 2018

Nathaniel "Smash Ball" Bandy by e x p a n s i o n p a k with credit to Hilmy091, The Spriters Resource
[Item - Texture, Import - Smash Ball]

every fucking time

6 November 16th, 2017

ball fantome (Luigi's mansion) by xGKRS
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Pitfall]

it's the fake ball in luigi's mansion to make you believe
to luigi that he found a boo

19 November 14th, 2017

golden bowser statue from mario party 64 by xGKRS
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mr. Saturn]

golden bowser statue from mario party 64

the moment when bowser gives you her and that costs you 20 piece
only the old ones will recognize

if you find bug send me pls

xanthoulisryan@gmail.com : xGKRS

13 November 16th, 2017

Update; bowser cake from mario party bonus bumper by xGKRS
[Item - Texture - Maxim Tomato]

Update: the textures have been resolved (finally)

if you find bug send me pls

xanthoulisryan@gmail.com: xGKRS

bonus the mario party bowser buoy 64

16 October 25th, 2017

No more sandbag by shyguybuddy11 with credit to Heavy King Chuckles for the in game pictures, Jack H. for the idea, and PMDT for the Sandbag used as a base
[Item - Vertex - Sandbag]

With Jack H. using Brawl's Sandbag, it annoyed me that the camera would still try to lock on to Sandbag. So i made my own version using Project M's Sandbag as it's base, so now the camera will not try to find Sandbag, letting you battle with no camera being so far out when you battle. the biggest difference from Jack H.'s version and mine is instead of him being 1000m high he's 100000m, so good luck finding him (kudos to you if you can find him), only real big thing, is at the start of a match there'll be a puff of smoke from him \"landing\" but it effects nothing. also comes with the wait animation for if you want to include it on your own sandbag. takes him out of all training room stages and home run contest.

49 September 28th, 2017

Master Sword by Pure Hatred Alley
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Beam Sword]

I still don't know how to model import... I just took this sword from link's model and placed in the beam sword. The only glitch is just the beam sword trail doesn't look right, but other than that, it works.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8uAw0Xy8AA&lc=z23ydzp4wn3yfxbl2acdp431rgod5dler2nbtynfnl1w03c010c

41 September 9th, 2017

Lugia (SmashU) by E-scope12
[Item - Import - Poke Ball]

I imported Lugia into Brawl from Smash Wii U.

108 September 3rd, 2017

Smash 3C Lakitu and Spinies by MaybeGreg, mnsg, Aghanim
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Yeah, it's like there's more to Smash 3C than just playable fighte-- Oh, shoot, I'm sorry. Lakitu and Spinies make their way to Smash 3C, with their classic Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. available!

Check out the Smash 3C Project here!

176 August 30th, 2017

Smash 3C Homerun Bat by CraptainFalcon, Aghanim, tryptech, MaybeGreg, Xenthos with credit to Program
[Item - Texture, Import - Home Run Bat]

A new item joins the Smash 3C pantheon like a bat out of hell! Knock it out of the park with the Smash 3C Home-Run Bat, fellas! Step up to the plate!


149 August 30th, 2017

Smash 3C Sandbag by Greyson, Aghanim, tryptech with credit to MaybeGreg
[Item - Texture - Sandbag]

Smash 3C's own Sandbag has arrived! Perfect for CD factories and sticker farming (people still do that, right?) Fair warning: it disagrees with current rimlighting techniques, so no new shaders or materials have been implemented. Let's party!


25 January 31st, 2017

Leafeon by E-scope12 with credit to RAWRzilla
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Poke Ball]

Leafeon imported over Gardevoir's model. Includes fixed Pokepark shading, expressions and shiny alternate textures!

33 December 29th, 2016

Primal Groudon by gerpity11
[Item - Texture - Poke Ball]

I had been searching for a hack of Primal Groudon, but since i saw none, i tried doing one myself. if you want you can download, if not why are you reading this?

49 December 26th, 2016

KITTY by Ebola16
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

Here's a kitty from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
It replaces the Nintendog.
Instructions and kitty sounds are included.

20 November 12th, 2016

Time Bomb (Kingdom hearts 2) by Naciti
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Sandbag]

Time Bomb Nobody, Kingdom Hearts 2 import.

51 October 8th, 2016

Pacman ghosts over excite bikers by Neon Green
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Hey everyone, first item texture by me :)
Its the pacman ghosts! (over the excite bikers)
The only glitch I guess is the fact that the ghosts clip through each other
Enjoy :)

25 September 9th, 2016

The KimBall by malistaticy with credit to my dawg davidvkimball for his meme face :^), the rest of the LXP devs and community
[Item - Texture - Smash Ball]

David kimball needed a way to contain His Godhood, so he transferred his essence to the smash ball. Now you, too, can wield His power and strike fury upon those who oppose you.
However, his lifeless husk remained when he transferred so his drained body is just sitting in my basement, someone please pick him up or something i cant go down there now

Shoutouts to simpleflips

136 September 10th, 2016

Shiny Poké Ball Pokémon by DekZek, Huarbolo with credit to All the broken single shiny hacks on the Vault for the idea
[Item - Texture - Poke Ball]

We've shined them Pokéballs! Now only shiny Pokémon come out! All thirty (31?) Poké Ball Pokémon have had their textures edited to become their shiny variants. Feel free to use all of the shinies, or pick and choose which ones will stand out more than 1/8192 of the time. The edited textures are included in the images folder, for maximum polish.

My Thread:

46 August 23rd, 2016

Overpowered Smart Bomb by Danster with credit to Danster
[Item - Texture, Import - Smart Bomb]

Click the picture for the video preview!

Overpowered Smart Bomb. Yup. That's literally it. I changed the size though!

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