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Title: an easy way to make sfx
Post by: xenosasuke on July 02, 2012, 08:15:06 AM
Hi world xenosasuke here
in this tutorial I will tell you how to make sfx
things needed

1.SAWNDZ 0.12 (

2. smashbros_sound file ( rar file opener

4.and smash box v0.57 (for only 32 bit computers)(if you are a 64 bit computer go to the end of the tutorial and I will tell you what to do) (

5.and Riivolution (if you use gecko os go at the end of the Tutorial and I will give you the code for it) (

now lets get started but be for we do you will need to put the smashbros_sound in the same place that SAWNDZ 0.12 is
and you will need the rar file opener to Extract the sound file


open smashbox

and go to groups and click on the +

and you will see a lot of files

I am doing a sfx for sasuke form naruto

so I will go to snd_group_chara_Marth (do not click the +)(click on the words)

and look on your right and you will see info and just below it will say ID,wright down ID on a some paper and in the same row you will see 0x*** (for marth its 0x1A) wright that down too

now we can click on the +
and you will see two files that start with 0x***(marth is 0x2C9 and 0x219)(wright that down too)

then click the + and you will see sounds and waves we only want waves so click on waves
and you will see wave0 - what ever number it gos to (marth has 37)

now click on wave0 and hit the || button on your right and it will play a sound on your computer
(wright down the name of the wave**s that you want to replace)

now open SAWNDZ 0.12
and you will see
Group ID
Collection ID
Wave ID

and the stuff that you I told you to wright down
gos in there (do not put 0x in there)

for group ID put in the *** what ever chara you are replacing (I am doing marth so I will put 1A)
for collection ID remember this

 now we can click on the +
 and you will see two files that start with 0x***(marth is 0x2C9 and 0x219)(wright that down too)

put *** in there remember to leave out the 0x

for Wave ID put in the wave** that you are replacing

now click insert and open the sound that you are replacing the old one with
(am replacing his taunts to say "give up yet")


now we are all most done

now put your smashbros_sound file in the sound file in your sd card
and on the wii and go to Riivolution
and hit start wait for it to load and hit play and there you go
you can now play ssbb with your sounds

now for gecko os users
here is the code for it
File Patch Code v4.0 Beta: [Phantom Wings]
E0000000 80008000
225664EC 00000000
0401BFE0 4858BE20
065A7E00 00000070
38A00067 38810020
3CE0805A 60E37C18
4BE52531 38A0007F
3883FFE8 38610020
4BE52521 38A00068
60E47C18 38610020
9421FF80 BC410008
38610088 4BA74DB9
7C7C1B78 2C030000
4082000C 38210080
4800001C B8410008
38210080 4BE524E5
38610008 4BA742E1
7C7C1B78 4BA741E8
040223E0 48585BC0
065A7FA0 00000028
80010044 3C608001
6063581C 7C001800
4082000C 7FDDC850
3BDEFFE0 93DB0008
4BA7A424 00000000
0401CD0C 4858B1F4
065A7F00 00000038
2C030000 4182000C
4BA7DD51 4BA74E04
80780008 2C030000
41820014 8118000C
7C634214 7C7B1850
48000008 8078000C
4BA74DE0 00000000
043EE9D8 48000014
043EEBD4 48000014
043D8B9C 48000018
043E9B4C 38600000
043E9D38 38600000
043D8C80 60000000
80000000 80406920
80000001 805A7C00
8A001001 00000000
045A7C10 2F525342
045A7C14 452F7066
80000001 805A7B00
8A001001 00000000
065A7B10 0000000F
2F525342 452F7066
2F736F75 6E642F00
041C6CE0 483E0D20
041C6CE0 483E0DA0
065A7A80 00000028
9421FF80 BC410008
3C60805A 60637B1F
4BE528B1 B8410008
38210080 4BE52915
4BC1F244 00000000
065A7900 00000148
7C401378 3C40805D
60420000 9022FF80
3822FF80 7C020378
7C0802A6 9001000C
BC810010 9421FF00
3FA0804C 63BDFA00
3F40804C 635AFC00
54B2BA7E 5647482E
7FE72850 7FDF1850
7E66FA14 7E679B78
3A7301FF 5673002C
7F879850 7F7E3A14
7C872378 387DFFFC
48000010 84040004
94030004 38A5FFFC
2C050000 4181FFF0
7F85E378 48000010
84040004 94030004
38A5FFFC 2C050000
4181FFF0 38000000
9001000C 90010010
93C10014 90010018
3800FFFF 9001001C
38610020 90610008
7CE43B78 38A00080
4BE52969 38610008
4BA75215 389DFFFC
48000010 84040004
94050004 38C6FFFC
2C060000 4181FFF0
7F86E378 48000010
84040004 94050004
38C6FFFC 2C060000
4181FFF0 80210000
B8810010 8001000C
7C0803A6 80210000
4E800020 00000000
043E399C 481C3F04
065A78A0 00000010
80BC0020 7CA59214
3A400000 4BE3C0F4
065A78D0 00000018
800302A4 2C130000
41820008 7E609B78
3A600000 4BE3420C
041CDF7C 483D9884
065A7800 00000090
818C0014 9421FF80
BC410008 3D009034
61089D94 7C034000
4082003C 7C882378
3C60804D 60630000
3C80805A 60847B00
7CC53378 38C04000
80E40080 2C070000
40820014 60000000
480000B9 2C030000
41820010 B8410008
80210000 4BC26724
3868FFFF 3C80804C
6084FFFF 38A04001
38A5FFFF 8C040001
9C030001 2C050000
4082FFF0 B8410008
80210000 4BC26714
141CCF90 483DA770
065A7700 00000048
9421FF80 BC410008
7FE3FB78 3C80805A
60847B00 38A00000
38C04000 480001E5
90640080 807F0008
907A0014 907A005C
907A0074 B8410008
80210000 807F0000
4BC25854 00000000
E0000000 80008000
041BEF80 483E8700
065A7680 00000040
9421FF80 BC810010
7C671B78 7CA62B78
80A30120 7C832378
3C80805A 60847D00
48000261 2C030000
3867014C B8810010
80210000 41820008
4BC178CC 4BC178DC
041C8360 483DF2A0
065A7600 00000040
7FC5F378 9421FF80
BC810010 7CA62B78
80A30018 7C832378
3C80805A 60847D00
480002E1 2C030000
7FA3EB78 B8810010
80210000 41820008
4BC20D2C 4BC20D74
041C862C 483DEF54
065A7580 00000040
7C791B78 9421FF80
BC810010 7C661B78
80BC0018 7FC3F378
3C80805A 60847D00
48000361 2C030000
7F83E378 B8810010
80210000 41820008
4BC21098 4BC210F8
065A7D00 00000038
2F707269 76617465
2F776969 2F617070
2F525342 452F7066
2F736F75 6E642F73
6D617368 62726F73
5F736F75 6E642E62
72736172 00000000

note its a beta
and and you can not play as


Samus/Zero Suit Samus



if you are a 64 bit computer you will need windows XP mode (