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Title: BrawlBox Wineskin port made by me
Post by: Manic the hedgehog on February 24, 2013, 06:19:22 AM
I worked hard making this work on Wineskin and made it perfect by just using .net 2.0 since there's still bugs on Engine WS91.5.23 .net 3.0 or 3.5 doesn't install so it didn't work at all but Brawl Box fired up nicely you can see results not a single thing is bugged or missing

Even the Menus show on mine!

I don't know but I tested some characters and I don't seem if it's a problem or not I'm not seeing any models that was being used on 0.63b wineskin port of mine I've added in DirectX 9 and thinking adding in something else to make it work.

If you find any problems within' 0.63b version let me know and I'll try porting the lastest version using my same tricks and tweaks to make it working fully.

Also this is to replace the one from Smashboards which all links are dead so I uploaded my port over to my Mediafire so it's easier  to download when you need this.

Version 1.0 ( - First Release
Version 1.1 ( - Second Improved Release

in Version 1.1 I've added in more Brawl Extensions like Chr0, plt0 and others expect for the Raw Files not sure if it should be included.

Here's my Release notes for this Port of mine

Brawl Box Version History
.msbin - MSBin Message List
.chr0 - Character Animation
.mdl0 - Model
.brres - BRResource Pack
brsar - Sound Archive
.plt0 - Palette
.tex0 - Texture

.brstm - Sound Stream
.pac - Archive Pack
.pcs - Compress Archive

No known problems when I tested this.