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Title: Brawl File Copy v1.2
Post by: Kabutomaru on October 18, 2013, 04:06:56 PM
Download (

Hey guys, It's been a while before I've made a new tool. So here you go.

The Brawl File Copy (BFC)!

This is a batch file. You place the files in the correct folders and run the batch file. After starting the batch file, press "a" and it will copy the files you have placed in the folders.

The default drive/SD is F:. To change it, open it up in a text editor and replace F with your drive letter.

Example: F: -> G:

I made this tool to copy files quickly, when you where backing up your files on the SD Card and needed to recopy quickly.


Oh yeah, here's the batch file's src if you're too lazy to open it up in a text editor.

@echo off
xcopy *.* F: /e /r /w

Have a nice day and if you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, post here!

Happy Brawl Hacking!