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Title: Project Concept: Super Smash Brothers: Aliquam
Post by: Allbait on June 14, 2014, 03:45:52 PM

Aliquam is google translate's latin translation of customization hence the rainbow for a lot of options. This project's goal is to have an item system integrated to all battles, the idea is to have it overwrite Brawl's original sticker system for this but it'll need heavy coding.
SSB WiiU/3DS has a feature like this: (

My idea is a little different however: Instead of the item system I suggest something similar to EVs in Pokemon, the default however would be a balance 100 throughout Attack Damage, Attack Knockback, Jump Height, Weight, Resistance, Speed and Control. How this would work is the 100 stands for the % of the original value the characters have in their moveset so if I took out 25% of a characters DMG and put into their KB they would deal 25% less damage but would launch enemies 25% further! A limit would of course have to be set to both how low and how high they can go which would probably be 50%-200%.
How these would be saved would be how controls are saved, player names; choose your name and edit your stats for a character and have it saved in the game's data! (Probably over SSE's memory)

Possibly certain characters have an unbalanced default depending on their costume so for example Captain Falcon would fight normally but Blood Falcon costumes would be coded slower but stronger, actually this part I'm not sure if it's be better to include as part of the editing menu showing the max of a stat being lower than the regular 100% or if it'd just be better to make it in PSA/Animations but whatever is better better be better.

Now the harder and maybe not even possible part would be the alternate special moves being selected in a menu instead of in battle by setting certain bits or loading different pacs for different settings.

What this project really needs is great coders to allocate everything over something like SSE, the games in the vault, stickers etc. Any help, idea or suggestion is appreciated and I really hope this will one day be an actual project happening instead of just a concept!

Thank you for reading!

Title: Re: Project Concept: Super Smash Brothers: Aliquam
Post by: Mr.Misfortune on June 14, 2014, 07:25:49 PM
Sounds pretty hip. I hope it goes somewhere.

Title: Re: Project Concept: Super Smash Brothers: Aliquam
Post by: pikazz on June 16, 2014, 04:50:38 AM
an intresting consept, but will take hard work and hardcore coding to do!

but the basic is there, the sticker system and SSE Engine! all that need to be done is to make that useable in brawl versus! but thats much more easier to say than to do