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Title: Cannibalize ZS Samus to provide more space for Samus's.Pac?
Post by: Keromonkey on July 29, 2014, 11:06:37 PM
As the title suggests, I'm wondering if its possible to cannibalize ZS Samus so regular Samus has more space to work with?

I want to use regular Samus for my Phoenix PSA due to her homing articles and lingering bomb traps. But regular samus has only 7 kb between her starting size and her maximum size. I'm hoping that there's a code out there (or that someone can write a code) that will cannibalize ZS and add her space to Samus so that I can have a larger PSA for Samus. (I wanted Phoenix to have Dark Phoenix mode, homing orbs, and glyph traps).  

Edit: It turns out there is a code to do that.
No Second Character Samus/Zss [ASF1nk]

Samus Note: Increases memory available for movesets over Samus or Zss.
Stops the game from loading either ZSS or Samus as second characters when

selecting the other.For obvious reasons no transforming Final Smash
(from (