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Title: Starting Character Roster changes?
Post by: SonicWolf on August 04, 2014, 10:51:34 PM
I'm sure this goes here or in the menu section but considering coding may be involved I thought here would be best.

I wanna change what characters are available on the starting roster (like Wolf instead of say Olimar). Basically a CSS edit. Or so I thought. I tried changing Olimar to Wolf (example btw as Olimar isn't the most useful characters in my opinion) using the CSS Organizer but it reverts back to Olimar. I'm sure I'd have to fix the Challenger Approaching Screens too but that's cool as I'd be doing so anyway. Any ideas on how to do this? Or any codes I need? Do I gotta reprogram that section of the game with a Hex tool? Quite desperate atm for this.