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Title: Project New Legend (Recruiting PSA Editors)
Post by: New Legend on September 08, 2014, 07:55:03 PM
I have three small projects in the work.
-Felicia (the catwoman from Darkstalkers, or you probably know her from MvC)
-Red (the Pokemon Trainer from Brawl)
-My own character (the Ike in my signature)
While I can edit the Final Smashes, effects, animations and SFX, I can't edit the PSA (for reasons I won't go into).
Now these PSAs should be very simple in comparison to other PSAs, since they do not require any new* moves, all moves already belong to an existing character.

Let me split these up into groups; small and large.

Red: This is the only PSA that requires a semi-new move. It's only one move, that's it.

Large in comparison, I should say.
Felicia/New Legend: I'll pair these two together 'cause it's essentially the same job. Most of their movesets need to be edited, along with other attributes.

I'd like to get these three projects out there as soon as possible, so if you're interested feel free to PM me or reply down below!