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Title: Super Smash Bros Frenzy (Idea)
Post by: smashyfan on January 04, 2015, 02:02:15 PM
All 35 characters, all 5 returning Melee characters, all 3DS and WiiU Newcomers and newly listed characters:
Isaac, Ray, Shantae, Gunvolt, Zizou,  Bomberman, Lilina, Tails, Copen, Rusty, Krystal, Nitros, Zoroark, Sveta, Lyn, Lest, Daisy,  Impa, Volga,  and Alm!

54 Stage Ideas:
Battlefield, Final Destination, Bob Omb Battlefront, Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii), Bowser's Castle, Luigi's Engine Room, DK Isle, Gangplank Galleon, Kokiri Forest, Ganon's Tower, Hyrule Courtyard, Clock Town, Chozo Ruins, Page One, Whispey Woods, Secret Sea, Corneria City, Sauria, Indigo League Stadium, Meadow Zone, Sootopolis City, PokeStar Studios, Fire Field, Saturn Valley, Glacier Peak, Dragon Temple, Altea, Strange Lands, Grima, Game and Watch 3D,, Angel Land, Greenhorn Ruins, Rassvet, Planet Pikmin, Subspace, Wave Ocean, Chemical Plant Zone, Main Street, Central Highway, WiiFit Olympics, Street Ring, Namco Museum, Colony 9, Duck Hunt Deluxe, Mt. Aleph, Apollo Sanctum, Ho(, Scuttle Town, 1st Sumeragi, Forest of Dreams, Bomber Base, Adok, Rusty's Field, and Selphia! Phew!