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Title: A brsar that's incompatible with BrawlBox
Post by: SuperrSonic on May 26, 2015, 12:58:30 AM
I know the BRSAR stuff is pretty complicated but I feel I should mention it anyway. And though mostly not related to Brawl, the sounds could be easily accessible for Brawl mods.

The Xenoblade Chronicles brsar (snd.pkb) has around 900 rwav sounds, however they don't play in BB. They're standard rwav files, my guess is that there are many(48) rsar files appended to it. Separating them manually does work but the audio still doesn't play, they are read as rseq, perhaps another potential reason is that there is no rwsd to store the sounds and maybe BB is counting on that to work correctly?

Here's a link to the file: (

I understand if this is off-topic but BB is the most advanced brsar tool around, then again it no longer works with my PC, either way doing things with a hex editor has proven to be quite effective and flawless.