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Title: Problem with transparent textures on my stage
Post by: Pegasus on June 27, 2016, 05:23:48 PM
Hi guys. I'm working on a stage which is going to have some fire shimmering in front of it in certain areas. But I am having great difficulty making the fire texture behave how I want it to. It is showing up in front of things it shouldn't, and behind things it shouldn't. Look at these pictures:


you can see that the fire is showing up in front of the rings each flame is supposed to be inside.


...and yet, bewilderingly, it shows up behind characters.

Here are what my material settings look like in brawlbox:


I have tried messing with the depth settings under Z mode, but to no avail. Setting "EnableDepthUpdate" to true makes the flames display with proper depth, but makes them lose their transparency (characters and special effects like fire cannot be seen behind them).