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Title: [M,PSA,S] AG's Smash 4 Suitcase
Post by: Angelglory on October 03, 2016, 02:41:08 PM
I'll tidy this up later, just want to get this thread up before I forget again.


Rhythm Heaven [Character]
This will be awhile since it's going to be using material animations... Info in spoilers below
I've had this idea of a Rhythm Heaven for awhile but it wasn't until recently that a concept came to mind that my meager skills could finish in the foreseeable future.
'Rhythm Heaven'

Rhythm Heaven as a series represented in Smash Bros. by a 2D amalgamation character that encompasses themes of the games, keeping the rhythm and timing your buttons.

Essentially 'Rhythm Heaven' will be a character that changes to move, perform attacks, specials, etc. In addition, some timed button presses will be incorporated into some attacks where hitting the rhythm will benefit the player.

So how will Rhythm Heaven work? Simple! With each attack, RH will change briefly to perform it before returning to neutral. The Chorus Kids serve as the ones doing the basic movements, but then suddenly...
Karate Man appears to unleash a perfectly timed Neutral A combo!

That's essentially how RH attacks, changing 'character' to 'character'. But don't forget your rhythm! If you don't time your buttons well enough...
The Neutral A combo won't do as much damage or knockback. Visual cues on the character will let you know when you've flubbed it up.

More details to be filled out soon!

Size: Varied
Weight/Gravity: ?
Jumps: 2
Walking Speed: ?
Running Speed: ?
Air Mobility: ?
Falling Speed: ?

Neutral B: Glee Club

Side B: Night Walk
-Activation: Character rolls forward along the ground.
-Timed Press: Character bounces up into the air, the leap leaves a hitbox at point of jump and a weak hitbox on the character.
-Mistimed/No Press: Character stumbles along the ground, weak hitbox (tripping hitbox?)

Up B: See-Saw
See-Saw character lands on see-saw to catapult Chorus Kids upwards. Leads to helpless state.
-Timed Press: Extra height gained.
-Mistimed/No Press: Less height gained.

Down B: Together Now

Final Smash: Beat the Beat

Neutral Combo: Karate Man
Dash Attack: Charging Chicken
Forward Tilt: Clappy Trio
Up Tilt: Fruit Basket
Down Tilt: Fork Lifter

Forward Smash: Samurai Slice
Up Smash: (Karate Man or Clap Trap?)
Down Smash: Blue Birds

Neutral Aerial: ?
Forward Aerial: Air Rally
-Timed Press: Good damage and knockback, sweetspot at racket tip for meteor smash.
-Mistimed/No Press: Weak hit, no meteor smash (good for combos?)

Back Aerial: Shoot'em-up
Up Aerial: Working Dough
Down Aerial: Bunny Hop

Forward Throw: Packing Pests
Back Throw: Coin Toss
Up Throw:
Down Throw: Hole-in-one

Mach Rider [Character/Import]
Basically two versions being worked on. One will be a simple import over Falcon, while the second version will come later once moveset modding becomes easier.
Since I suck at modeling, I'm using my old tactic of frankenstein'ing the model together from other pieces. Still a WIP, but the basic body's pretty much settled.