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Title: [New Homebrew Development] "NHAIE"
Post by: teh-myuutsu on September 17, 2017, 09:27:48 PM
New Homebrew Alteration allowing for Improved Exploitation

What is NHAIE? NHAIE (pronounced Nigh-E, after Mewtwo's Confusion) is a special Homebrew-Computer Hybrid Application that targets and exploits the Wii's Channel Loading Functionality to perpetually "patch" Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Computer version is used to edit/expand upon the iso, which in turn gets sent onto an SD Card, and, once loaded by NHAIE (Homebrew Version) gets written into the Console's Memory, in which afterwards, the aforementioned exploit takes place.

The benefit to this is that an SD Card (and Homebrew Channel) are only required for one time, in which afterwards, the game will automatically "patch" Brawl. This, combined with it's other benefits, allows for not only an easier, but superior Smashing experience.
Current Unique Capabilities
 * Smash Hacking no longer has to be ran through Gecko or the Homebrew Channel after using NHAIE.
 * The second half of Brawl's Disc (SSE) can be replaced with another mod, allowing for two mods on one non-homebrew'/smashstacked disc (this is currently activated by holding R before loading the game).
 * Allows for integrated Wiimmfi, providing the feeling of a more authentic Smash Bros.
 * Has an optional "reboot" feature that will revert your files to Vanilla Brawl by holding L before loading the game.
 * Currently supports adding new characters without the Clone Engine, as well as unique unlock requirements, GFXs, SFXs, and more.
 * Allows creation of Custom Actions and SubActions (CASA) along with special triggers for them (e.g. Mario presses A+B to shoot a Mix Flower Fireball). This is also compatible with Boss Characters.
 * Allows for advanced attribute editing (e.g. Gliding, Crawling, Attack100, Kirby Hats, etc.)
 * Can increase the filesize limit for multiple characters (PokeZenigame, PokeLizardon, and PokeFushigisou are currently incompatible).
 * Can create extra data "pockets" in characters (allowing for article creation, new Smash Taunts, etc)
 * (Optional) provides deactivated Smashstack files that are activated by holding Z/ZL when selecting Stage Builder, allowing for a third modded Smash Bros. game
 * (Compliments aforementioned attribute) all non-overwritten files get restored to their unhacked states when using the new Smashstack, preventing data from one mod from overlapping with another
 * Allows for advanced menu editing, providing possibilities for things like changing Basic Brawl rules and more.
 * (Optional) Provides option to enable the Home Button during WiFi, allowing for instant desynchronization
 * Allows for custom Item creation. NHAIE automatically adds a code that sets their specific frequency to 0 when online.
 * Allows for Custom Object creation, providing a means of adding collectibles to the game.
 * Allows for Custom Mode creation (e.g. Vault -> Trophy Shop) and supports custom functions for them (e.g. pay X amount of Y to get Z)
 * Allows for Equipment Creation (doesn't work like Smash 4), allowing for certain effects to occur during battle (e.g. lollipop equipment heals holder

Work In Progress (W.I.P.)
 * Allow access to a Custom Server that enables special privileges beyond what Wiimmfi offers.
 * Provide a Custom Internal ID-creation Protocol (CIIDP) and Custom Internal ID Registration Service (CIIDRS) (e.g. Mod creator sets their Custom Internal ID to a 12-digit code (3A8901FF8ECD) and can upload it to a specialized server)
 * Provide a Custom Key_Ver Creation Protocol and Custom Key_Ver-Registration service allowing for custom key-vers(ions) for With Anyone (e.g. "Smash Hack" could create and register "SbxDefA9B2 _O") and allow for alternate, specified key_vers(ions) to be sent when holding R while selecting Basic Brawl or Team Battle.
 * Provide a means of binding and registering the Custom ID and Custom Key_Ver for maximum variance and security (e.g. "Smash Hack" creates a Custom Internal ID "3A8901FF8ECD", and a Custom Key_Ver "SbxDefA9B2 _O", and binds them, so whenever a user with the ID "3A8901FF8ECD" holds R on Basic Brawl or Team Battle, the Key_Ver "SbxDefA9B2 _O" gets sent, allowing for specialized, authentic, and anonymous global play, preventing clashes with Brawl's WiFi/Key_Vers and allowing for a fuller and richer gameplay experience).
 * Provide an Online Messaging system, allowing for the distribution of messages in both With Anyone and With Friends, whilst preventing these messages from showing up in unmodded Brawls.
 * Provide a Win-Log/Points system for use with "Leaderboards" that is connected to Wins/Performance (e.g. winning a 3 Stock Battle 3-0 may provide 750 points, while winning 3-2 may only provide 250 points) 
 * Provide a Leaderboards system to show current rankings.
 * Provide a Smasher Ranking system for use with "Player Rankings" and custom rules for it (No Ranking is allowed; If you choose to rank, the winner(s) can rank their ally(s)/opponent(s) +1-+5, however, the loser can only rank their ally(s)/opponent(s) +2-+5, with +1 being unavailable).
 * Provide an option to disable all of the aforementioned ranking systems.
 * Provide an (optional) means of binding Leaderboards/Player Rankings to custom mods, so as to ensure accurate and relevant rankings
 * Provide a means to create a Brawler ID that is bound to NHAIE and applicable to Smash, so as to ensure the maintenance of all online stats even in case of save deletion.
 * Provide a means to edit and delete Brawler IDs if one feels the need.
 * Provide a means of hiding all Brawler IDs and names (including your own), to allow for an anonymous experience.
 * Provide a means of being able to play Custom Stages Online in a similar manner to Smash 4.

 * Make the Computer interface easier and more comprehensive for beginners.
 * Create a mechanic that warns the user of any unstable/corrupted files at startup, and offer a means of overwriting them with the originals.
 * Release Preview (Video or Image).
 * Convince people to reinvest in Brawl (particularly the Smash 4 audience).

Release Date
TBA (Hopefully soon)

Once the bugs are fixed and the additional features are added, it should be suitable for release. This has the potential to completely change Brawl Hacking and bring Brawl as a game back into relevance. This should serve as a reminder that the Brawl Hacking community is not dead, and that this game still has much value.

When this gets released, I'm sure it'll be worth it, in the meantime, keep on Brawling!

Title: Re: [New Homebrew Development] "NHAIE"
Post by: Super Devon on September 23, 2017, 10:00:34 AM

are you working on a team? If so, you should really list it on the main post.
also why didn't you post any images/videos in the first place? I don't believe for a second that this is legit