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Title: Simple BrawlEx Tutorial!
Post by: windhunter7 on February 17, 2018, 05:31:53 PM
Hey, everyone! I learned this information from two people: PrettyFlacko928 and also ALM5252, so a huge thanks to them! :D

But anyways, I originally consolidated the info from both of these people's tutorials into one simple text tutorial for my own uses for my project, Project Recolor, but I figured you guys might find this info useful, since everyone seems to have trouble with BrawlEx. So, without further ado, here's the simplest tutorial ever about how to use BrawlEx!



IMPORTANT NOTE: As Far As I Know, ONLY the Following Characters Can Be Cloned:
Mario, Peach, Link, Ganondorf, Lucario, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucas, Marth, Ike, Metaknight, Wolf, Snake, Sonic, and Pit

Also, if you release a BrawlEx pack on BrawlVault, remind downloaders to use AxNextFrame Hook Type when loading through Gecko OS, or else it likely will not work properly!

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If you find that any of these don't work, please post here, or if you know how to get other characters working, please post here! I need your guys' help with this!!!

You can also help by providing general knowledge, such as how to .rel port characters to other characters for the regular fighters, because a lot of BrawlEx pack-makers might want to do this! I know I do!  :happy:

* = Do ONLY ONCE(If Doing All Character Adding Simultaneously)

In this example, I am naming the cloned character "Goku".

1) BrawlEx Clone Tool

   A) *Open BrawlEx Clone Tool*
   B) *Select the pf Folder*
   C) Add a Clone
   D) Write Down Clone ID(e.g. 3F)
    E) Change Clone Name to Desired Name(e.g. "Goku")

2) .rel Files

   A) *Open "_Rel Files"*
   B) Copy the .rel of the Character You're Copying into the Module Folder in pf
   C) Open the .rel in BrawlBox 0.71
   D) Open Section[8] in Memory Viewer
   E) Change the number that's immediately after the 3 '00's to the correct Clone ID(e.g. 3F)
   F) Rename .rel to "ft_charactername.rel"(e.g. "ft_goku.rel")

3) In the fighter folder, add a folder(e.g. "goku") for the fighter, and then add the necessary
   (Renamed) files in said folder(e.g. "FitGoku.pac", "FitGoku00.pac", "FitGoku00.pcs",
   "FitGokuSpy00.pac", "FitGokuSpy00.pcs", "FitGokuMotionEtc.pac", etc.)

4) Brawl Config Utility Tool

   A) *Open Brawl Config Utility Tool*
   B) *Open "CSSRoster.dat"*
   C) *Up the number 1 per character added*
   D) Scroll down to the bottom, click on the 00 Next to "Mario" and change it to the
      Clone ID(e.g. 3F)
   E) ***OPTIONAL: Drag and Drop Characters to Re-Order Them on the CSS***
   F) ***OPTIONAL: Use the Above ^ Method to Delete (Unused) Characters from the CSS***

5) Add CSPs and RSPs

   A) *Open the Sc_Selcharacter.pac*
   B) Export the CSP BRRES of the character being copied
   C) Import the BRRES, and change the ID to 110 + X, where X = the Clone Number
      (First One Starting at 0)
      (Example: 110 for the first clone, 111 for the second clone, etc.)
      ***(For simplicity, I'll call this [110 + X] the "Clone Number")***
   D) Expand the BRRES, and change the numbers in the names to (Clone Number)Y,
      where Y is the index(Starting at 1)
      (Example: For Clone Number(Character) 110, change MenSelchrFaceB.161(Marth Clone)
      to 1101, the next one to 1102, etc.)
   E) Replace the CSPs(As CMPR), and Change the Compression of the BRRES to ExtendedLZ77
   F) Export the BRRES, Open it in BrawlBox, and Change the Compression to None
   G) Place the Exported BRRES in "menu"->"common"->"char_bust_tex"
   H) Rename the Exported BRRES to "MenSelchrFaceB(Clone Number)0.brres"

6) Add New Portrait and Name Textures to MiscData[70] and MiscData[30]

   A) For MiscData[70], the Texture for the CSS Icon(CMPR) should be
      "MenSelchrChrFace.(Clone Number + 1)"
   B) For MiscData[70], the Texture for the CSS Name(I4) should be
      "MenSelchrChrNmS.(Clone Number + 1)"
   C) For MiscData[30], the Texture for the CSP Name(I4) should be
      "MenSelchrChrNm.(Clone Number)1"

7) Final Part with the Sc_Selcharacter.pac: Editing the pat0

   A) For MenSelchrCname4_TopN__0
      I) Card010
         a) Name = MenSelchrChrNm.(Clone Number)1
         b) FrameIndex = (Clone Number)1
      II) Card011
         a) Name = MenSelchrChrNm.(Clone Number)1
         b) FrameIndex = (Clone Number)1
   B) For MenSelchrFaceA_TopN__0
      I) Face02
         a) Name = MenSelchrChrFace.(Clone Number + 1)
         b) FrameIndex = (Clone Number)1
      II) Face06
         a) Name = MenSelchrChrNmS.(Clone Number + 1)
         b) FrameIndex = (Clone Number)1
   C) *Export MenSelchrFaceA_TopN__0 and Replace all of the "Face" pat0's below it
      (e.g. MenSelchrFaceB_TopN__0, MenSelchrFaceC_TopN__0, etc.)*

8) Replace the BPs in the folder for BPs

9) BrawlEx Cosmetic .dat Files

   A) *Open Hex Editor*
   B) Row 00000010, Column 00
   C) Change this number to a Hexadecimal conversion of the (Decimal) Clone Number

10) You're Done! :)

If anyone has any questions, comments, or is confused by my wording of something, please don't hesitate to comment below!  ;D

Title: Re: Simple BrawlEx Tutorial!
Post by: AudryckBVMods on May 16, 2018, 12:17:17 PM
Was this for BeX CE 2.0? Since, Clone Tool doesn't work for 2.0

Title: Re: Simple BrawlEx Tutorial!
Post by: windhunter7 on May 16, 2018, 12:29:59 PM
I don't believe so; to my knowledge, this was used with 0.75; tbh, I don't know which version I was given