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Title: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: Ricky (Br3) ♥ on May 07, 2020, 02:15:53 AM

It's been a little over ten years since Brawl was released. It's also been little over ten years since it started to be modded. And even after all this time and all the mods, some people just don't want it to be like Melee 2.0. Or like anything else really. They just want it to have the game fit to what they like.

When you boot vBrawl on your Wii/Dolphin, the default game seems to be very lacking in content and features when you consider all that can be made avaliable through mods. When you factor mods in, a lot can be possible, as long as you know what you're doing.

But what if you don't?

In this spirit, this project has been started. I present to you Brawl Decade (formerly Project Freezeproof).

Brawl Decade is a community-focused mod meant to be the definitive vBrawl experience.
This mod has three main purposes, all of which can be summarized in four letter words.

The # 1 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Brawl Decade has everything vBrawl had, with more.

- More characters.
- More costumes.
- More stages.
- More music.
- More customization.
- More possibilities.

These shall be achieved through features like:
- BrawlEX Characters
- 50CP
- Secret Costumes
- Tag-specific costumes
- JOJI's Stage Expansion System
- New Tracklist System
- Individual Pokémon and Sheik/ZSS on the CSS
- Unlimited control settings
- Debug mode
And many more!

The # 2 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Some people enjoy playing Brawl and like how it feels to play. Decade doesn't intend to turn it into any other game. It's straight up Brawl.

All gameplay mechanics from Brawl will be kept, and it will aim to play 1:1 as if you were playing legit, vanilla Brawl, except with tons and tons of more content. Even stuff that other modpacks tend to remove will be kept, so long as the game still feels the same to play.

Started with Ivysaur and it was knocked out? The next Pokémon will follow. The opponent decided to run towards you to punish a wrong move? Watch him trip away like it's 2008. If it's Brawl you love, it's Brawl you'll get.

The # 3 purpose of Brawl Decade is:

Brawl Decade should be the easiest to mod. You know, maybe you don't like the costumes that much. Maybe you're just not that into tripping. Maybe you just want Goku or Sans to be in there as well.

Brawl Decade will aim to have custom paths and custom file naming to allow the game to be the easiest version of Brawl to mod.

An example of what is intended for v 1.0:

Imagine you want to give Squirtle a costume to replace its first recolor. You can go to:
SD:\Brawl\Fighter\Squirtle and add your Squirtle01.pac there.

Custom paths and custom file naming will allow even new users to mod their games with ease, making it so more and more people can enjoy the world of Brawl Hacking.

If you're interested in asking any questions, voice your opinions, leave suggestions or just want to discuss the mod concept and hopefully help, feel free to join! We have a Discord group ( and this thread will stay open for anyone interested in discussing the project!


Current Build state: v0.48 (first closed beta is out).
First public release planned: February 2021

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Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: FancyThevBrawlGamer on May 08, 2020, 01:32:12 PM
Even if I want, this'll probably get no attention BECAUSE its vBrawl in gameplay.

Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: Ricky (Br3) ♥ on May 08, 2020, 01:52:18 PM
If you want it, then it shouldn't matter about the attention. Even if only a few people want this, it will still be done for those.

Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: windhunter7 on May 09, 2020, 11:37:53 PM
Hmm, interesting; if I ever get around to playing instead of modding, I might try it out

Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: Sirkura on May 25, 2020, 08:37:04 PM
You know, i'm actually excited for this. It seems that the community has been on a PM craze since its inception. One of the main reasons I adapted PW's clone engine to PM, was to hopefully promote creative freedom and open the mod up. However it's still not an easy mod to work with. I mean, if we have the power to make this game literally anything we would want, why settle on a clone of an existing game? I'm always excited when I see something a bit different different. Or in this case back to the roots.

Things like this were the main reason I got into brawl modding in general, it's essentially mugen in 3d, I rarely ever got bored playing it back in the day, because stages could always be changed, characters could be added, music could be customized. I kinda got bored with the mod packs like B- or PM. Not that they were bad mods, I just always felt like the customization I enjoyed was pulled away.

Happy Modding!~

Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: Ricky (Br3) ♥ on March 23, 2021, 03:21:08 PM
Thank you, that means a lot!

EDIT: A huge update! The majority of planned features for the first release are ready. The first closed beta is going to be released this week for bugtesting. At first, only the people who are already beta testers will receive it. This closed beta is very different in content from the final public release, so there won't be a lot to show to the public just yet. This release is focused on features instead.

On another note, COVID-19 on top of personal life issues have held the project back, as can be clearly seen from the planned release date. However, a public release of December is very, very likely. Please stay tuned!

EDIT2: Working on this a lot lately, despite some issues. The codeset is pretty much finished, but the content itself is going to need some more polishing. I've also made the Decade icon also be an invite to the Discord group so more people can join. The updates are pretty often there.

Title: Re: SSBB Decade (previously Project Freezeproof)
Post by: YoshiSquad on March 27, 2021, 06:42:26 PM
Now this is something I gotta see. Very cool!