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Title: Trying to Put the 3DS-or-Switch Animations into BrawlBox or BrawlCrate
Post by: DeriLoko2 on July 26, 2021, 08:45:38 PM
Here is what I did recently.

Using the Unity Project, I highlighted the model, and I clicked GameObject -> Export to FBX.


I used these settings, and I clicked Export.


I first exported the ASCII FBX format, and when I imported the ASCII FBX format in Blender, it did not work.

Using Export to FBX, I exported the Binary FBX format.


I had to import the Binary FBX format in Blender.


After I did that, it came out like this.


FBX animation file in Blender.

Archive File Size: 968,596 Bytes
Password: 3#thQ\bWSkq;cz]x

I want to view the Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) 3DS-or-Switch animations in BrawlBox or BrawlCrate. Also, I got some information from soopercool101 from GitHub, and that user stated that I need to convert the .anim Unity file to the .anim Blender-or-Maya file with either Blender or Maya.

Now, I use Blender (v2.91) and Windows 10 (64-bit) (v10.0.19041.1052).