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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / How to upload to Brawlvault on: June 12, 2012, 01:42:34 PM
How does one upload a hack to the vault? Dumb question maybe but I've never done so and would like to upload a project of mine.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / Mark Gatha as Ike. Nuff said. on: May 27, 2012, 02:44:54 PM
Hey fellas! My very first Brawl hack here. This is a little project I've been cooking up in my head for quite a while now. I've been a fan of Mark Gatha since the Mobile Fighter G Gundam days and the idea of having his voice talent in Brawl has always sounded like it would be a blast! So now with the awesomeness of Brawl hacking and I finally decided to take action and make it myself.

Now a little bit of info on the hack itself. I focused on creating the overall feel of the hack to make it as if Gatha is voicing Ike, so unfortunately for all the G Gundam and Mega Man X fans, you won't be hearing Ike shout "SHINING FINGER!!" or have him say "I'm X! I'm a maverick hunter!" even though all the voice files are from Mega Man X games. In addition, lulz, I don't think that there is any footage out there of Gatha saying "I fight for my friends." or "You'll get no sympathy from me!" so those had to go. Sorry about that Ike fans. Also not all files were replaced. There was a file or two there that didn't particularly stand out as Jason Adkins rather than Gatha so I left them in for now. I'm thinking about making this Version 1 and maybe updating it in the near future. I'm not 100% on it yet though.

Now here is the file. Use Sawnz to insert.

All voice files for ripped straight from Mega Man X8, Mega Man X Command Mission, and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Thanks to all the dedicated Brawl hackers out there who made creating projects like this possible, the CAPCOM of old (before they went ape***t and decided to throw Mega Man in the gutter and leave him for dead) and of course thanks to Mark Gatha for providing such awesome voice work and making Mega Man X and Domon sound so badass.

Let's hope someone makes a Domon Kasshu vertex for Ike huh?

EDIT: Here's some videos giving an example of what Gatha sounds like to those that don't know.
Megaman X Shining Finger!

Megaman Maverick Hunter X -PSP- [Flame Mammoth] 100%

3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Riivolution Freezing. Please Help. on: February 04, 2011, 05:42:13 PM
I'm playing Brawl+ v7.....something or other (the "Gold" one). Most features work fine except for Port town (Freezes instantly) and Castle Siege, which freezes every now and then. I don't really know what the issue is and if anyone who has encountered and solved it can help, then it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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