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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / I'm-a Tired! on: April 23, 2010, 11:26:45 PM
well, maybe. prolly the only way would be to somehow make kirby always load a character hat, without the ability, so that you could just replace the hat model with a fire kirby trophy with all polygons deleted except the hat.

Okay, my problem is making a Model hack of Fire Kirby, including a PSA.  I tried replacing Kirby with the Fire Kirby Trophy, and only JUST learn that bone adder doesn't actually give you animate-able bones.  So, I wanna know:  How do I replace the Fire Kirby (hat) with a pre-existing Copy Ability (say, oh, Fox.)?


Replace a Kirby hat model with the Fire Kirby Hat.
Make a PSA that always loads the hat WITHOUT the ability.
Profit. Awesome Face
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / How to make/replace bones? on: April 13, 2010, 09:24:58 PM
Hello, I'm trying to replace the Kirby model with his Fiery counterpart (fire kirby).  However, there is a lack of Bones.  With these bones NOT there, he's just in his trophy pose and can only move around (still in the pose).

So my question is:  Can I make more bones?  Preferably with 3DS Max?
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Shadow Mario's Paint Brush on: April 11, 2010, 12:16:06 AM
Ohai, everyone.  I want to make a model hack of the Beam Sword, by replacing its model with Shadow Mario's paintbrush from Super Mario Sunshine.  One problem though.  How do I extract the model from a GC ROM?  Or even edit one?  (Please don't post if you can't help me)  FOR EXAMPLE.... "I'm sorry I don't know how to do that?"  How does that help me?  Seriously?
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Team Auditions on: April 04, 2010, 01:48:47 PM
The Current members are:  xSpartanLazerx, PlasmaKirby, MaxThunder, NerdwithanAfro, BlondeTeamSpirit, Haxor, CR4CK3RW0LF, PinutK, Lockstin, DMN666, and Yoshi6852!  NO MORE MEMBERS ARE TO BE RECRUITED FOR A WHILE!.
Hello, all.  I am xSpartanLazerx (or SSBBMAN, or Xen).  I am the former leader of Galaxia Darkness, my our texture hacking site.  Inactivity has claimed our site like Phoenix Wright to his OBJECTION!  We need texture hackers that can be devoted to our team and have time to kill, along with some skill (some, not none) in texture hacking/Music Hacking/Vertex Hacking/PSA'ing (any one or more).  Show us your moves texture(s), and we will decide whether or not you're team material.

Also, some rules:

1.  No profuse swearing
3. Respect yourself and others, we don't need another *******.
4. You DO NOT have to be a Kirby fan to join.
5. Must have a basic understanding of Internet Memes Awesome Face

You can show your moves works by either submitting a picture and description in this topic, OR tell us the name of your texture in Brawlvault.

 Kirby Dance EDIT:  Having a Video Capture card at your disposal would also be great! Kirby Dance
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Yellow Shell on: April 03, 2010, 05:03:39 PM
Yeah, I turned this in 3 times, and it's still not showing up in Brawlvault.  There aren't any other Shell textures there, so it's definitely not hiding there like my Midnight Togepi did. Awesome Face

Is there a bug?
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Vertex Hacking on: April 03, 2010, 04:55:52 PM
How do I vertex hack.  I have 3DS Max 9 on my computer.  I know that the vertices are supposed to be changed...but HOW? Im srs here
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Testing on: March 30, 2010, 03:08:32 PM

Hi guys!

Well, I don't have a wii anymore, but I'm still making textures.
I need someone who is willing to test my textures as I make them.  I'll post download links to them as soon as they're done.  I might make videos with Brawlbox, too.

Red Beam Sword


Midnight Togepi

Brawlbox doesn't display Togepi's face correctly.  See if he is supposed to look like he is in the video below.

PWN Dragoon Sight

Humorous.  And easy to make, kind like the OSHI- Dragoon Sight.

LCD Kirbot

An old Robot Kirby!  MADE IN CHINA.
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Information on: March 27, 2010, 12:44:28 PM
Hello, everyone.  I've been gone for about a year from the Brawl Texture Hacking Community.


I want to know what I've missed (besides everything Oh shi~ )

1.  WAT is a Vertex Hack?
2.  WAT are stage imports (Coconut Mall)?
3.  WAT happened while I was gone?

Imma scared.
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / CLR0 Question on: August 13, 2009, 06:49:39 PM
Okay, I have a hex editor, and I opened a CLR0 file (sonic's blue blur).  Now, all I need to know is what type of code the colors are in (RGB-something).  And, how to find it once inside. Here's a pic:

I just want to know how to IDENTIFY the color and how to edit it to yellow.

Btw:  Carolyn is my Mom's name Awesome Face
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / SSBBMAN's Attack HAX [IcyChu] on: August 10, 2009, 05:59:09 PM
Hey guys, SSBBMAN here, I just finished IcyChu (ORIGINAL), which is a texture and a moveset.

IcyChu (Texture)
IcyChu (Moveset)

?!  An icy...FART?!

IcyChu Changelog:

Icy dust and ice breaking graphics replace almost every other graphic
all moves are ice-based,  except for DownB and UpB
No SFX replaced
No changes regarding hitboxes
No changes regarding jumps/attacks/animations
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Need Clean FitPikachu00.pac file on: August 07, 2009, 03:05:58 PM
Hey guys, I need a clean file for  .  I'm gonna make a texture AND a moveset to go with him.

I also need help with the character's name.


Coldchu (kidding) Mario Facepalm
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / NOT A HELP TOPIC [Here's a thought] on: August 05, 2009, 08:25:41 PM
You all know how we can texture hack effects, right?  Does this also apply to the P SA-modified .pacs as well (I don't plan to make any, I'm just bringing up an idea! >=U)?

 Im srs here
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / Help with Yoshi's Egg Texture on: June 29, 2009, 08:47:56 PM
I made this picture for an egg on a texture I'm making for Yoshi.  I indexed it with 2 colors only for complete simplicity.  Pink and White.  Every time I remake the texture, the egg either still has green spots, or becomes green with dark green spots Shocked!  HELP MEH!
14  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / SSBBMAN's Textures! *NEW: DINNER Blaster 2000!!!* on: June 24, 2009, 01:53:47 AM
Newest Texture:  DINNER Blaster 2000I'm back in Business!!!

My name is xSpartanLazerx now.
Facts you should know about me:
Lives in Potato-Country (Idaho)
Fanboi of Emerald Textures
Loves Chuck Norris Jokes
Likes Pokemon, Mario, basic Nintendo stuff.
Owns a Wii ONLY (Can't afford anything else)


04/01/10:  Unlocked topic and released DINNER BLASTER
07/24/09: LOCKED TOPIC
06/27/09: Posted Three SMS Yoshi's with downloads.

Future Projects/To do List:

none planned


Electric Blue Falcon!


Final Smash!



Wait for it...


My Comments:
I made Electric Blue Falcon out of the literal "Electric Blue" pattern, which was pre-prepared on GIMP.  I really LOVE how he came out!

Plastic Meta Knight


Soaring in Space...


WATCH OUT!...for his AA battery-powered jabber...thing....huh.

Usually if you're this close you'd be dead...or melted, if you're made out of plastic...

Price:  $19.99

My Comments:
Plastic Meta Knight used to be called "Plastic Soldier Meta Knight" and was part of an epic failure of a texture package called "Plastic Soldiers".  I only made Plastic Kirby and Plastic Meta Knight, but I need to get someone (with Photoshop) to fix Meta Knight's eyes.  What I can do is fix Kirby's (Thanks Picano! Smiley)

Checkered Kirby

T-that's not new at all!

...oh, I knew that.

Pweh!  Stars taste NAAASTY!


Awesomeness comes in an even smaller size!


My Comments:
This texture was actually meant to be made after DO NOT CROSS Kirby.  With this texture, I used a black and yellow pre-made pattern in GIMP, and reversed the picture to make it checkered.  I decided to fix DO NOT CROSS Kirby as well.

Red Cubes Fox

YESSS!  Pitfall Successfully used!

The Blaster's still Green...sigh...



BEER BEER! (the sounds of a gun firing, or someone's HEHURHUH beverage)

My Comments:
Red Cubes Fox was made after yet another pre-made pattern, obviously called "Red Cubes".  He didn't come out the way I thought he would:  He came out BETTER.  Blaster seems to be green by default, just like Meta Knight's cape (in certain animations).

Hippie Knight

Meta Knight:  I hate this armor 0.0

Support Peace!  (or Meta Knight will get you)

Shiny!  ...and Hippies wield SWORDS?!

STOP!  It's Hamma Time!  Dow now now now, now now!

PEACE!  ...is made when you BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF EVERY FRIGGIN' ENEMY OUT THERE, err, I mean, Peace, man, uh.

Magic Cape

Help, Man.

My Comments:
By far my favorite custom texture!  I used a pre-made pattern called "Pastel Stuff", but heck, I'M not going to name him "Pastel Stuff Knight".  Instead, after about two minutes of brawling, I realized, he looks like there are psychedelic patterns on him, hence the name "Hippie Knight".

Black Mage Kirby

Epic Kick.

Black Mage...with a not so black mage Link Cap.

The @.@ are fixed! Smiley

"The Sword is a Lie"

My Comments:
One of my first ever Kirby Textures.  I made it for a former friend.  I fixed his eyes, so he could be presentable for Kitty Corp.  He also needs a "Black Mage Cap" to finish him off, which is, the next texture.

Black Mage Cap

Epic Pose!  Comes with the Cap.

Teleportation Magicks!  Comes with the cap!

A wooden Rod and Fira!  Comes with the friggin' cap!

My Comments:
My first Kirby Hat texture, albeit crappy and detail-less, this was ALSO one of my first-ever textures.  Meh, it just goes with him.


Final Smash Eyes Fixed! 8-)



My Comments:
My First-ever try at texture hacking.  He came out as this, but his eyes were all crappy for FS.  I fixed the eyes so I could show him here.  He used to have stripes on his feet and hands, but I changed them to two solid colors (for balance).  You would have to be a complete idiot to not get why I called it "DO NOT CROSS".

Royal Kirby

Fixed 0.0!

Royal Cooking!

Royal Split!

Royal Sword!

Not-so Royal Hat (Black Mage Cap)

My Comments:
My second or third texture hack.  He's royal Kirby because he's royal colors.  His eyes were ALSO crappy, but I fixed them thanks to Picano.  His FS eyes and his regular eyes are the same, but they look brighter.

Galaxia Darkness Meta Knight

*Dramatic cape rustling in the wind*


Thinking about what to have for lunch...

Is he recruiting a follower???

Short answer:  NO

BOW, MORTAL (or I'll KEEL you)

Megaman-style Teleport!

My Comments:
My second-favorite custom texture hack.  I made him from taking an in-game snapshot of the purple sparkles that come from his Final Smash (Galaxia Darkness).  I then scrunched up the image to 128X128, copied and pasted it onto his tga, and loaded him in my brawl.  Lo and behold, the awesome texture above was born.

Shiny Blue Kirby (v1.0)

Shiny Blue...space...object?


Dinnah is Served!

S B Kirby thinks ahead!  He brought headgear that blends in with Purple Plants!

I'll fix those.

My Comments:
My first ever emerald texture.  He sucks so bad, I need to make a completely new one, complete with non-glitchy eyes.

Lightning Pit

*cling*  Who's this?

Chuck Norris Approves?!  of who?!

*slashing sound*  ...Oh.

Holy Glow *angel choir*

The ever-so-present Emerald object is here!

3p1c Z|_4zh p0z3.  (Epic Slash Pose)

*pang*  Samus got too close....

My Comments:
A very easy hack that was created from using the "Lightning" pattern from GIMP.  The lightning suits him, since he's in the clouds.

Plastic Kirby



Fixed da eyes!


Dinner's served!

My Comments:
Again, one of my first Kirbies, back in the day when I didn't know how to fix flat-eyed characters.  I never released him because I thought he sucked way too much with the sucky FS eyes.

Painter Kirby


Blue Paint!!!


My Comments:
I was thinking about a suggestion Plasmakirby made to me.  I already know that two people have done Wheel Kirby...  I thought "Well, what other Copy ability uses a cap....?"  Then I remembered:  Painter Kirby!  I made him very quickly.  This is v1.0.  V2.0 will have a more realistic cap.

Super Mario Sunshine (SMS) Mario

MWAHAHAHAHAHA (LOL, Smashtasm Reference)

Let's-a Go!  HYAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Getting more water to get mah @$$ out of jail.



I know how to use this thing.  And I have a huge friggin' game to PROVE it!

My Comments:
I actually have time to do this?  Wow.  Well, after playing some SMS (Super Mario Sunshine)  I decided to actually make him!  Does anyone know where Mario's sleeve is?  Because I need to shorten it to finish him, otherwise, he's done!

Cyclops Kirby



My Comments:
The idea came to me very quickly.  ...I don't even WATCH X-Men! Cool  One of my super-secret textures.

Meta Amethyst



Fight Me!

Blending in!

My Comments:
Meta Amethyst is a knight of a set that I will devise myself, like per se, Ruby Knight?  One of my super-secret textures.

Suplex Kirby

This is how Kirby wins strength competitions!

You pissed him off o.0

My Comments:
I was suggested by Plasmakirby to make fighter Kirby.  But I already knew two people already did this, so now I made Suplex Kirby instead!  One of my super-secret textures.

SMS (Super Mario Sunshine) Purple Yoshi

Super Yoshi Bros.!

All three have a FAIL egg... :'(

"Yoshi!"  (HELP!)

"Yoshi!" (you piss me off SO MUCH)

Attempting entry of Warp Pipe

Just had too much *coughbeercough* fruit...

My Comments:
I made this Yoshi after making the pink Yoshi.  As the name implies, he is from Super Mario Sunshine.  He is a basic recolor of the pink one, but is basically accurate to his Gamecube form.

SMS (Super Mario Sunshine) Pink Yoshi


Yoshi!  Use Egg bomb...wait...WHERE did I get THAT from?!





My Comments:  THE texture that I took a whole day on!  I re-edited him three times (Nostril issues and trying to fix the egg).  I'm proud to say that this Yoshi came from Super Mario Sunshine!

SMS (Super Mario Sunshine) Orange Yoshi

...Who's that?

...It's Orange Yoshi from Super Mario Sunshine!!!


Successful teleportation!

Mah tail iz shinie!


My Comments:
Another recolor of Pink Yoshi, who is basically Cel-shaded as well as his GC form.  Yoshi's FTW!


Target Smash Levels 1-5 (can't take pictures in 2-5)
NOTE:  These textures work and all have their TARGETS replaced with Poke Balls, not Premier balls, Master balls, or LOLFACES, or Awesomefaces, or Prinny'sENDNOTE

Sorry for small pics, just click on them for bigger size =)

Full View.


What're you do-*ping*


No D-

-on't, DARN!

You can't inhale them.

What's that, offscreen?

*ping*  No, really, WHAT WAS THAT???

One for Boshi!

We're done!  Where's the "GAME!"?  WTFHAX!

My Comments:
THE simplest stages you'll ever see.  Obviously, they are Target Smash Stages.  They all have just their TARGETS replaced with Poke Balls.  I know they're cheap, but I think I'll work on them in the future.  So for now, the first Target Smash stages are released for the first time (Lamp:  Yippee!).


DINNER Blaster 2000
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