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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Polygons and irises. on: February 10, 2018, 03:03:45 PM
What meshes are irises assigned to? I'm looking through two eyes in Blender and they don't have the iris texture assigned to them:
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / BRSTM files don't play in Dolphin on: November 05, 2017, 10:46:15 AM
No idea why this is happening, but I have two BRSTM files with loops assigned that I've made myself with BrawlBox v0.71.

Neither of them play when added to my virtual SD card (with the correct names, yes). I have no idea if it's because the files are too loud or large.

Here are the BRSTM files I've made:
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Texture has black dots. on: July 06, 2017, 11:16:10 AM
I have no idea why this is happening. For some reason, Wolf's textures have these black lines even though I exported the original face and fur textures from FitWolf00 without editing them at all.
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Super Smash Bros. Canon on: January 29, 2016, 03:17:07 AM


Project Canon is aimed at taking existing characters' models, textures and movesets and edit them to provide them with more proper canonical representations while maintaining a sense of balanced gameplay.


Throughout the course of the Mother series, neither Ness nor Lucas ever learned PK Fire, Thunder, Freeze or PSI Magnet, with the only PSI attack in Smash Bros that Ness ever learned being PK Flash. http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_PSI_abilities_in_EarthBound
Neither Ike nor the Ragnell possesses any kind of magic.

As someone who lacks knowledge in terms of moveset and model modifications, I turn to those interested!

Currently recruiting:

Play Testers.
Model Editors.
Texture Editors.
Moveset Editors

Current changes:

Run Initial Velocity: 2,08 > 2

Run Initial Velocity: 1,432 > 2,4

Run Initial Velocity: 1,4 > 2,8

Animation fixes! Wolf's right shoulder-pad no longer flips upside down during his forward-air landing, Dash turn, Up Smash, and his left arm no longer detaches during his tumbling animation Awesome Face

Why change the running speeds? In Star Fox Assault, Falco and Wolf run faster than Fox, with Wolf being the fastest of the three.

Eruption's flame effect has been removed both while charging and unleashing the attack. OBS: Unleashing a fully charged Eruption freezes the game.

Run Initial Velocity: 1,371>2,2

Why make him so fast? In Path of Radiance, one of Ike's best stats is his speed.

Why remove the flames? Ike only wields any kind of power while aided by the goddess Yune during the Final Boss in Radiant Dawn; a power that manifests as blue flames. Other than that, he has no access to any kind of fire or magic.

Current members:

windhunter7 - Model and Texture Editor

omegafalcon - PSA Coding

Current Plans:

Costume changes:

        Red - Magic Armor(Twilight Princess; No Helmet)
        Blue - Zora Armor(Twilight Princess; No Helmet)
        Pink - Zelda(Ocarina of Time)
        Green - Hero's Clothes(Twilight Princess; No Hat)
        Black - Dark Link(Twilight Princess; Colors Only)
        Red - Goron Armor(Ocarina of Time; No Hat)
        Blue - Zora Armor(Ocarina of Time; No Hat)
        Pink - Zelda(Ocarina of Time; Colors Only)
        Green - Hero's Clothes(Ocarina of Time; No Hat)
        Black - Dark Link(Ocarina of Time; Colors Only)
Toon Link:
        Red/Blue/Purple - Link(Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures)
        Green & Brown - Link(The Legend of Zelda)
        Black - Dark Link(Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures)
        Black - Dark Link(Twilight Princess; Colors Only)
        Blue - Zora Armor(Twilight Princess; No Helmet; Add Iron Boots)
        Green - Hero's Clothes(Twilight Princess; No Helmet; Add Iron Boots)
        Red - Magic Armor(Twilight Princess; No Helmet; Add Iron Boots)
        Brown - Ganondorf(Ocarina of Time)
Diddy Kong:
        Pink - Dixie Kong(Donky Kong Country 2)
Zero Suit Samus:
       Model/Texture Changes - Modify textures to reflect game appearance
Alternate Costume - this, over the red/pink costume - http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/metroid/images/0/01/Metroidzero06.png/revision/latest?cb=20091018032553
Luigi: Change colors to like in Mario Party 4, but make him always nervous, like in Luigi's Mansion; also, have him always holding his Game Boy Horror, although it won't serve any purpose.
Green & White - Fire Luigi
Purple - Waluigi
Blue - Ice Luigi

Ice Climbers: In the game Ice Climber, player 1 plays as Popo, and player 2 plays as Nana, and never do you play as both, so we currently plan on changing the 6 costumes to Popo, with 2 alternate costumes, and Nana, with 2 alternate costumes.
We also plan on havingthe colors(especially the default palette swaps) be more saturated, like in the sprites: http://i49.servimg.com/u/f49/12/19/16/85/ice_cl10.gif

Have this be his default costume: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/nintendo/images/1/1f/Famicom_Robot.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100807180100&path-prefix=en
Have this be his while alternate palette swap: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/nintendo/images/7/78/R.O.B._Model.png/revision/latest?cb=20121208035434&path-prefix=en

Replace his 2 short-swords with a Mallet, to be incorporated into the moveset
Slightly modify the model and recolor it to properly reference the game
Import a custom-model of Silver Armor onto him(See Moveset changes for more info on this)

Moveset changes

Final Smash - Luigi sucks up the character in front of him, then shoots the character out of the vacuum at high speed.
Up-B - Luigi sucks in reverse, which blows him away from the ground.
Side-B - Use Selected Elemental Medal(See Down-B)
Down-B - Swap between Fire Elemental Medal, Ice Elemental Medal, and Water Elemental Medal. The fire one will do high damage, but have no power; the ice one will do medium damage and no power, but have a chance of freezing the opponent; and, the water one will do minimal damage, but have really high power.
B - Use Flashlight. If it successfully hits an opponent correctly, then the opponent is briefly stunned.
Side-Smash - Start to suck an enemy. If the enemy is moving, you must match the movements on the joystick, just like Luigi's Mansion when sucking up a common ghost; the difference being, while you're attached, you'll just deal damage, and never be able to use this to fire someone off the stage or kill them automatically; only deal damage. Occasionally, hearts may drop in the middle of using this move, and any character can pick them up.
Various A Attacks - Swing with the poltergust(Not suck with it, but swing it like it's a sword, almost)
Grab - Suck an opponent to grab them, then shoot them from the Poltergust
Side-Taunt - Call out for Mario

Model/Texture Edits - Change textures and slightly change the model to reflect Super Mario Sunshine appearance, and also have F.L.U.D.D. on him at all times by changing the visibility bone on it; also modify F.L.U.D.D.'s textures to more reflect Super Mario Sunshine

New Final Smash: Pulls out a Starman, and becomes temporarily immune to damage and can hurt enemies by just touching them. (Similar to Super Sonic, but no flying.

Moveset Edits:
Up-B - Use Rocket Nozzle to blast upwards, damaging other characters with the jet stream
Side B - Spinning Spray Jump(i.e. He does a Spin Jump and sprays with F.L.U.D.D. while
      he's spinning)
Down-B - Use Turbo Nozzle
Neutral B - Spray F.L.U.D.D.(i.e. Use Squirt Nozzle)
In-Between Second Jump and Up-B - Use Hover Nozzle; functions similarly to Peach's
      float move
Aerial Down-A - Ground Pound
Down Taunt - http://www.mariowiki.com/images/9/9a/TrappedMario.PNG

Replace the Toad Neutral B to the Psych Bomb

Animations to make him move and stand upright.

Prevent Fire Breath from running out. Canonically, he never runs out of fire.

Down-B - Summon Koopa Troopa(Mario Party 4 model), which acts a little like Ice Climbers' Nana, only dies a lot quicker.

Second Jab is changed to the Koopa Klaw attack from Super Mario: RPG.

Model/Texture Edits - In Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4, his designs are practically identical, so he should be textured to mimic his Mario Party 4 appearance.

Model/Texture Edit - Zelda appears in Twilight Princess almost all the time in a robe in the same .pac/.pcs as the regular ones(i.e. Both models, but separate visibility bones), and then for any of her moves(e.g. Her Final Smash) that involve appearances in the game where she doesn't wear the robe, animate her removing her hood for those moves. Also modify the textures to have that Brawl-like higher brightness effect.

Note: If there's something put like "Down-Smash" or "Final Smash" or anything, without a ':' or description after it, then it means no change to Brawl's moves, but just set the move to being visible for that Zelda model.

Zelda - Part A(Robe-Related Moves):
Up-B: Make it similar to Fox's/Falco's Up-B, but make it look similar to a green comet with wind and leaves surrounding it(AKA Farore's Special Move)
Side-B: Samus-Style charge up ranged attack that, upon release, will do NO damage, but have much more power than Samus's(AKA Nayru's Special Move)
Down-B: Start creating a shield that slowly makes its way around Zelda, and then, after it's finished forming, will explode in a similar fashion to Din's Fire in Ocarina of Time, and it will have a very slow charge-up time, but have high power(AKA Din's Special Move)(Note, though, that hitting her before the shield is fully up will break the shield, and she'll have to start over; also, attacks can go through the shield)
B: A counter that functions as Peach's, only has an electric counter instead of a punch-like effect
Aerial Up-A: Change to lightning effect
Aerial Side-A(Forward)
Aerial Side-A(Backward)
Aerial Down-A: Change to be more like Ganondorf's Aerial Down-A in Brawl in effects and power
Aerial A

More Ideas for Zelda - Part B(Robe-Not-Being-Worn-Related Moves):

Note: For any times that the words "Zelda's Sword" is used, it means her sword that she wields in the cinematic clip where she surrenders to Zant.

Final Smash
Up-Smash: Move Zelda's Sword above her head, in a quick side-to-side motion, similar to her Brawl's Up-Smash, but having the blade have water on it, instead of electricity, that will function the same(AKA Nayru Attack)
Side-Smash: Swing Zelda's Sword in front of her in an arc, from her head to her feet; it has an exploding fire effect upon impact(Similar to hitting a character with Mario's Side-Smash)(AKA Din Attack)
Down-Smash: Sweep Zelda's Sword around beneath her, just like Shulk's Down-Smash in Sm4sh, and apply a forest-like visual effect, that will function like her electric attacks(AKA Farore Attack)
Up-Tilt-A: Arc Zelda's Sword above her head in a side-to-side motion, with Nayru's Attack visual effect
Side-Tilt-A: Poke Zelda's Sword in front of her in a jabbing motion, with Din's Attack visual effect(It would be similar to Marth's B in animation, but toned down on the force of the attack)
Down-Tilt-A: Poke Zelda's Sword in front of her on the ground, with a Farore's Attack visual effect(It would be similar to Marth's Down-Tilt-A)
RunForward-Then-A: She uses Zelda's Sword, lunging forward, with a white effect(Combining all 3 visual effects)(It would be similar in animaiton to the final strike of Link's Final Smash)
A: Attack with Zelda's Sword, with a white effect(Combining all 3 visual effects)(It would be similar in animation to Marth's regular A)

Remove Dimensional Cape's warping effect. It's safe to assume he technically wouldn't teleport since he's all about honorable combat.

Reduce size to the same as Kirby.

Final Smash: Mach Tornado will be moved from his neutral B, and will have Meta Knight fly to whicheved direction the attack is aimed, and launch a gigantic tornado towards the other side of the screen by charging and then stabbing his sword to the ground, like it's canonical counterpart.

New Neutral B: Unleashes a flurry of attacks. Can be held down to have him continue attacking for a short period of time. Can move while attacking.

Allow Charged Shot to be charged in the air.

Make Morph Bombs stay in the air if activated as such.

New Side Smash: Flamethrower: Burns enemies in front of her.

Samus can now cling onto walls as a refference to the Power Grip ability from Metroid: Zero Mission.

Final Smash: Plasma Beam/Wave Beam hybrid
Side-B: Change model to look like Missile in-game; do the same with the Super Missile
Down-B: Change model to reflect game
Neutral B: Change color to reflect in-game appearance; also change default damage(If not charged at all) to 1
Aerial-A: Screw Attack(Function like Sonic's Aerial-A, but have Brawl's Up-B animation; also have it change colors)
Misc.: Make Samus more of a heavy character, like Ganondorf, since she's wearing the Varia suit, which makes her less susceptible to damage(Precisely 20 in Zero Mission), but have her still be "lightweight" in-air due to her jetpack-thing

Side B: Beast Ganon rush attack (Similar to Ike's Quick Draw, has a longer cooldown but more powerful.)

Neutral B: OoT Orb (Longer casting, stronger version of Charged Shot. Has sparkles similar to that of the possessed Zelda fight)

Up B: Rushes across the screen in a flash like how he killed one of the Sages. Functions like Wolf's Up B, and can be angled as such. Tilting the joystick left or right causes Ganondorf to do the Flame Choke.

Down B: Swap between a close-combat Bulbin, a Bublib Archer or his horse to fight alongside him. Have Ganondorf be able to mount his horse and have him run over enemies with charge-forward. Ganondorf can be knocked over the horse if hit.

If Ganondorf uses his Down B in the air, he slams down like in OoT.

Horse dash attack: Ganondorf swings his sword in a U shape, which reaches both behind him and in front of him (to provide a nice hitbox)

Horse Up B: Ganondorf raises his sword and creates the ghost riders from the horse boss fight in TP, who rush both straight forward and behind Ganondorf.

Note: Ganondorf and his allies share the same HP.

Rest of his moveset: Using only the Warlock Blade, though most attacks will have added darkness and lightning effects. Have him have a block similar to Link's, where he must stand still and then it will animate the same as Marth's/Ike's counter moves.

Ganondorf's Warlock Blade moveset has the same damage as his regular Brawl moveset, though hitbox changes will be needed.

Final Smash: Turns the stage into a ghost-town replica from TP. Anyone who touches the ground will be turned into ghosts, which Ganondorf stunlocks. (Similar to Peach's FS, but with no peaches Tongue)

Air dodge: Ganondorf wraps himself in a cacoon of dark energy. Moving the analogue stick left or right causes Ganondorf to warp in that direction.

Holding down the up-taunt causes Ganondorf to emit a Triforce energy field seen during the possessed Zelda fight.

Holding the jump button allows Ganondorf to float. Tauting recharges Ganondorf's flight.

Side-Smash: Starts off with his elbow smash, followed by his sword forward smash if the A button is clicked again. If you hit the A button again, Ganondorf does his Neutral B attack from Project Ganondorf.

Note: Ganondorf's elbow strike now involves Ganondorf doing a quick hop forward.

Down Smash: Spins around twice like he does in TP.

Dash attack: Runs forward with his sword held in both hands close to his right shoulder. Clicking A causes Ganondorf to stop running and swing his sword down.

Holding the jump button allows Ganondorf to float for 3 seconds.

Down air - Launches down with his sword similar to the Possessed Zelda bossfight.

Forward tilt - Same as vBrawl, but he doesn't retract his leg prior to kicking.

Ganondorf GFX List:

F-Smash - Dark(All 3 Strikes) & Lightning(Third Strike Only)
D-Smash - Only Lightning
Up-B - Dark Only
Side-B - No Effect
Down-B - Dark Only
Neutral B - Extremely Minor Lightning Effect
Neutral A - No Effect
D-Tilt - No Effect
Summoned Creatures:
      Ganondorf's Horse - Dark Only(And Only for certain moves; some
            will have "No Effect")
      Darknut(Armored) - Electric Only(For Certain Attacks)
      Darknut(Armorless) - Dark Only(For Certain Attacks)

Change textures to reflect Super Mario Sunshine appearance

Alternate Costume Ideas:
Yellow Palette Swap - Replace with Orange Yoshi
Pink Palette Swap - Replace with Pink Yoshi
Dark Blue Palette Swap - Replace with Purple Yoshi

Moveset Edits:
Down-B - Keep Ground Pound, but, if applicable, edit the animation to more mimic Super
      Mario Sunshine
Neutral B - Spit Yoshi Juice
Double-Jump - Keep Brawl's Flutter Jump
Down-Taunt - Animate Yoshi eating a piece of fruit, and he will change his color; if he eats
      a papaya or a pineapple, he'll become orange, if he eats bananas or a coconut, he'll
      become pink, and if he eats a durian or a pepper, he'll become purple; and it'll
      actually be in that order that he can do it; for example, if you pick his default green
      palette before the match, and then use the taunt for the first time, he'll eat either a
      papaya or a pineapple(It's random which one), and become orange

New animations where Yoshi stands upright.

Spinning Kong is to be removed and replaced with two barrels that function like rockets: Functions like Fire Fox/Bird, but comes out instantly like Wolf's Up-B.

Dash attack is to be changed to his rolling attack from DK:CR

New Side B: He slams down at the ground and a cannon comes down, which he jumps into and launches out of.

Forward Smash: Boomerang Banana. Tosses a large banana straight forward. Functions like his current Forward Smash, but has slightly more range.

Final Smash: Strong Kong (DK64) DK becomes covered in flashing lights, and becomes immune to damage for a short period of time.

Jab: Cocconut Shooter (DK64). Pulls out his Coconut Shooter, and fires twice. (Same damage as his regular jab)

Down Smash: Bongo Blast (DK64). DK pulls out his bongos and slams on them twice. Functions the same as his regular down smash.

Down Air: Simian Slam (DK64). Similar to Mario's ground pound.

Dash attack is to be replaced with the Head Splitter

Replace His Up-B(Have it be an extra-powered version, extra-AOE version of his Brawl Up-B, but have it go only to the sides, instead)

Jump Strike - Replace His Side-B(Have the range be the same as in TP.)

Back Slice - Replace his regular B(Link must be within about 3 sword-lengths or so from the other character, and then everything will be automated, where Link will roll around the character even if he or she is moving, BUT, he will have press B again at an exact moment in time, or else will miss and be vulnerable to attack)

Ending Blow - Replace His Down-Smash(It would be really powerful, but the enemy would have to have fallen down, which means that you have to use your other Smash attacks to attempt that, first, and those Smash attacks have an increased chance of knocking the character down)

Shield Attack/Helm Splitter - Replace His Side-Smash(i.e. It will be a 2-Attack Side-Smash, like Brawl's; first Shield Attack, then a timer or else you can't use Helm Splitter, then Helm Splitter).

Up-Smash: Spin Attack

Up-Tilt-A: The same as Toon Link's Up-Smash in Brawl

Side-Tilt-A: Regular Attack(i.e. In TP, when you're pressing forward on the joystick and then press B)

Quick Attack is to be changed to its canonical counterpart, which involves charging in the direction you tilt the joystick.

Thunder will strike down in front of Pikachu.

Thunder Jolt is to be replaced with Thunder Shock.

Rest will heal Jigglypuff by 3-5 percent rather than be an attack.


Eruption will no longer freeze if unleashed fully charged.

Aether will have a second backflip attack after the initial spin, followed by a slitit heal.

Great Aerther's flames will be removed.

New Side B: PSI Rockin'. Ness unleashes a horizontal wave of energy that can hit multiple opponents.

New Down B: Hypnosis. Funcions like Jigglypuff's Sing.

New Up B: Paralisys. Functions like Fire Fox/Bird, and puts one enemy it hits in a stunned position for 2 seconds.

Up Smash - PK Flash
Similar to his original Up Smash, but only hits above him instead of having hitboxes surrounding him

Neutral Special - PK Love
Extends his arms and legs outward while floating then slowly curls into a ball, then quickly extends his arms and legs again generating an explosion(similar to his Up Smash but with the GFX surrounding him)

Side Special - PSI Shield/PKI Counter
Points forward generating a shield, when the shield is hit by a melee attack it pulses and stuns the opponent then moves forward dealing half the dmg and kb that would have been taken(Lucas also receives half the dmg but not the kb)

Down Special - Defense Up
Similar to OffenseUp but instead decreases base dmg and kb taken while also increasing the dmg and kb output of PSI Shield/PSI Counter

Up Special - Offense Up
Increases the attack powers of his next attack(charge similar to PM version). When used in the air Lucas will propel himself upward, similar to the second part of PK Thunder, but only does dmg on startup.


Model/Texture edit to reflect OoT.
Up B: Animation is to be changed to her teleportation in OoT.
Side B: Her needles are to be moved to her Side B.
Down B: Transforming into Shiek is removed, and replaced with a spin kick.
B: Dodge Counter: Similar to Lucario's counter.
Final Smash: Shiek's Harp from OoT. Play's Zelda's Lullaby on the harp, causing enemies to fall asleep like Peach's Final Smash.

Is planned to have a variety of PSA's. Note: Toon Link will have a Magic Meter visible for ALL his movesets, including that Magic Jars will occasionally appear on the stage, though semi-rare.

Potion Moveset
Up-B: Drink Potion A
Side-B: Drink Potion B
Down-B: Drink Potion C
Note: Chus will randomly spawn on the stage, and they won't do anything but sit there; they can be attacked by anyone, and after they die, they'll leave behind chu jelly that will disappear after a bit. Fairies will also periodically appear, but they will disappear after a certain amount of time, as well. However, if Toon Link scoops one of these up, it will stay in his bottle and not disappear until he drinks it.
Another Note: The various Chu types have certain percentages of appearing; i.e. rare ones won't appear as commonly as common ones.
B: Scoop up Chu Jelly/Fairy/Show Icons
Another Note: There are 4 types of potions that Toon Link can make when scooping up the jelly/fairies - Red Potion, which heals him 100%(Like a Heart Container in Brawl), Green Potion, which will restore all of his magic meter(I'll get to how that will be used later), Blue Potion, which does both, and Fairy, which will heal him 100%(Like a Heart Container in Brawl), or, if he hits 100%, it will automatically be used to heal him the same 100%.
Another Note: Pressing B if you're NOT scooping up anything will just show the icons of what potion is which direction(Kind of like a pie chart layout); empty bottles will display an icon of an empty bottle, instead of not be there
Another Note: Because the Potion Moveset gives him free healing and stuff, he doesn't need his extra third jump, or else he might get overpowered.

Boomerang Moveset
Up-B: Throw Boomerang Upwards and Jump High Upwards
Side-B: Throw Boomerang to the Side
Down-B: Throw Boomerang Downwards, in a Volley-shaped sweep from left to right
B: Keep Boomerang hovering there before it comes back(e.g. If he throws it to the side, he can just hold B down, and it will stay in place where the maximum distance it's thrown is, and then return to him[No matter where he is] after he releases B)
Note: His regular two jumps will be extra high, since his B moves would be weaker than all the other PSAs.

Bomb Moveset
Up-B: Throw a Bomb downward, thrusting yourself upwards without giving yourself damage, but it can damage anyone who stands there(Similar in animation to Megaman in Sm4sh, if you jump once and use his aerial Down-A)
Side-B: Throw a Bomb to the side
Down-B: Place a Bomb on the ground
Note: There will be bomb flowers on the map somewhere(Using Pokemon Trainer's location data, but drastically changing the translation of the model so that it's actually in play), where Toon Link can pick bombs from; there's a cooldown, though, before he can pick bombs from them again. You'll start the game, though, with 30.(Basic Bomb Bag)
B: Pick Bomb from Bomb Flower

Bow Moveset
Up-B: Shoot Bow Upwards and Jump Upwards
Side-B: Shoot Bow to the Side
Down-B: Shoot Bow in a Volley Downwards(This ONLY works with arrows that you have at least 5 of, as it removes that many all at once; e.g. If you have your arrow type set to Light Arrows, and you have 3 of them, but you have 15 regular Arrows, it will auto-switch the arrow type to regular, but ONLY for that move; it will then switch back to what you were using; note that this means that if you have less than 5 of ANY type[Even if, combined, you have more than 5], that means that this move will shoot nothing at all)
Note: Arrows will randomly spawn on the map, and you will find either regular Arrows(Most Common), Fire or Ice Arrows(Tied for Rare), or Light Arrows(Extremely Rare). Toon Link starts each battle with 30 regular Arrows.(Basic Quiver)
B: (If Applicable)Swap Arrow Types, between the 4 types - Regular, then Fire, then Ice(Same as Fire, only instead of extra power, they'll stun the enemy for a short amount of time), then Light.
Note: Firing any arrows other than the regular ones uses up Toon Link's Magic Meter. If Toon Link is short magic to fire these, any time that Toon Link fires arrows of that type, it will auto-switch to regular arrows when he shoots the arrow(s), then back to whatever type you were using.

Power Bracelets/Magic Armor Moveset
Up-B: Slower, Far-More-Powerful Version of his Up-Smash
Side-B: Slower, Far-More-Powerful Version of his Side-Smash
Down-B: Slower, Far-More-Powerful Version of his Down-Smash
B: Use Magic Armor(Holding B continually uses it, draining magic while you do that)
Note: Because this moveset gives him very powerful attacks, he doesn't need his extra third jump, or else he might get overpowered.

Hookshot Moveset
Up-B: Shoots the Hookshot Upwards; if it hits an enemy, you'll be pulled to the enemy's location, and, like a grapple(Like Captain Falcon's/Ganondorf's Up+B's in Brawl), toss them to the side; if it collides with terrain of ANY sort(Even platforms), it will pull you to that location, and you can use the control stick to pull the chain on it up or down, and A to unlatch the Hookshot from the terrain; if it doesn't hit anything, then the move won't do anything at all.
Side-B: Shoots the Hookshot to the Side; something similar(A side-to-side version) to the above statement happens with this move.
Down-B: Shoots the Hookshot Downwards; something similar(A downward version) to the above statement happens with this move, with the exception that, if an enemy is it, instead of being pulled to the enemy, the enemy is instead pulled to you.
B: If attached to terrain with the Hookshot, pressing B will start to swing you in whichever direction you are currently facing, then pressing it again will have you swing the other way, etc. etc.

Skull Hammer Moveset
Up-B: Swing the hammer in an arc around your head
Side-B: Swing it in front of you, similar to Kirby's Side-B when he's on the ground
Down-B: Squash something in front of you with it(e.g. An arc from your head to the ground in front of you)
B: Swing it around you, like Toon Link's Up-B in Brawl
Note: These all function the same as Smash Attacks

And now, the final paragraph describing what's consistent across all of these Toon Link PSAs
Up-Smash: Brawl's Up-B; If he has enough in his Magic Meter, a FULL charge-up will use Hurricane Spin instead of the regular spin.
Down-Smash: Throws a pig to the side
Final Smash: Toon Link uses the Wind Waker - The way that he uses it is similar to Jigglypuff's FS in Brawl, only instead of puffing up Toon Link(Though I admit that would be funny to look at), it would create a torrent of wind that would surround that whole area, and have the same effect as Jigglypuff's FS.
Miscellaneous - Deku Leaf: If Toon Link stands still, a gust of air will randomly be created, but only for visual effect to stay canon; it won't actually do anything to other characters. Also, when Link "falls", he falls slowly, and he takes out the Deku Leaf in order to glide in that slow motion.
Miscellaneous - Wall Crawl: Somehow incorporate this into his moveset, maybe as change of movement if he comes in contact with any walls
Model/Texture Edit: Although he's supposed to represent his Wind Waker appearance, he looks almost nothing like it, so his textures need to be edited to look like he does in Wind Waker, while still having that Brawl-style brightened effect.

Height is to be changed to 6'2" (1.88 SM)

Height is to be changed to 5'8" (1.73 SM)

Fox will jump as high as Falco.

Height is to be changed to 6 feet 2 inches.

Wolf will be able to jump slightly higher than Falco and Fox.

New Final Smash: Same as before, but Falcon jumps out and Falcon Punches the enemies caught.

Down taunt will allow Captain Falcon to pull out his gun, and use it as follows:

Side B: Fires a charged shot forward (Similar to Snake's sleep dart in PM, but deals damage instead of causing enemies to fall asleep.

Down B. Falcon crouches and shoots at the opponents leg. Deals 10 percent damage and causes the enemy he hits to trip.

Up B: If Falcon is on the ground, he shoots diagonally upwards at a 35° angle. Deals 10% damage. If in the air, he uses his regular Falcon Dive.

, and

Side Taunt activates a weapon-based moveset inspired by Star Fox: Assault.

Side B: Pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots forward (Again similar to Snake's Side B in PM, but deals damage.)

Down B: Places a mine similar to Snake's Down Smash, but cannot be charged.

Neutral B: Throws a grenade. Functions like Snake's grenades.

Side Smash: Pulls out a H Launcher and shoots straight forward. Has the same speed as Fox Illusion/Falco Phantasm, but has a cooldown.

Down Smash activates a barrier, blocking projectiles, but has a cooldown.

Up Smash: Fires several rounds from a machine gun.

Part A(Animal Friends):

Use Side-B to summon an animal friend(It will be random, with the more powerful ones being rarer), then use whatever they would've had the ability to do in the game.(For example, Rambi, the rarest to summon, would use his Supercharge, charging forward quickly, ramming stuff, but with a wait before he charges forward)

References: Diddy Kong's Quest: Animal Friends

Part B(Items):

Final Smash: Guitar Gazump(Functions similarly to Donkey Kong's Final Smash)
B: Slight Change(Peanut Popgun) - Holding B for a full charge-up will use Homing Ammo, acting like Sonic's B, homing in on the nearest target
Up-B: No Change(Rocketbarrel Boost)
Down-B: Put a Kannonball in a Kannon and blast yourself from the Kannon at an angle of about 45 degrees. This move does damage enemies, since it's literally shooting a Kannon.
Down-Tilt-A: Pull out an orange, then use a directional+A to throw it(Similar to Link's Down-B)

Part C(Misc.):

Side-Smash: Chimpy Charge
Charge-Forward+A: Slight Change(Cartwheel) - He'll knock away characters as he rolls.

Aerial Forward-A: Tail attack(Equivalent to in DK64, if you jump and press B)

General: Much weaker power, but much higher speed than Donkey Kong

Aerial Down-A: Simian Slam
New Taunt: Brings out his speakers and his sunglasses, and does a little headbop.

Force Palm now paralyzes the caught enemy caught, rather than knocking them away.

Double Team no longer deals damage.

New Final Smash: Lucario transforms into Mega Lucario. Increases damage and grants him super armor through the duration.

Neutral B: It automatically will charge if not fired, and ONLY fully charged will stun; otherwise, it will only cause a brief stun
Entry: Have her enter by crashing this spaceship: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/metroid/images/a/a1/ZMshipangle.png/revision/latest?cb=20110918201231

Jab and forward tilt is to be changed to punches.

Model/Texture Edits - Change both his textures and his bike's textures to more match those in the game

Alternate Costume Changes - Base the regular Alt. costume on his Classic Wario appearance in-game, and then the other Classic Warios off of that basic costume

Final Smash - Either replace with Wario's Laptop(i.e. Putting the other characters into his microgames on the laptop) or with Wario's Bomb(i.e. a ticking bomb that will explode the screen), though I'm not sure which would be a better idea

Down Throw: Flips the enemy upside-down, and jumps up into the air and slams them down.

Dash attack: Wario dashes at the target with his arms stretched out, striking them with his chest.

Jab: Punches with his right fist, then his left, and delivers a down-angled punch with his right fist.

Down Air: Ground Pound, as seen in Wario World.

New grab animation: Holds the enemy high above his head. Hitting the A Button causes Wario to punch his grabbed opponent while still holding onto them with his left hand.

Back Throw: Turns around and tosses the enemy in that direction (Similar to DK's forward throw)

Wario's bike is replaced with his car.

Razor Leaf now sends multiple leaves rather than a single one.

Side B - Sonic Wind

Raises his right hand before sending out a blue wind current.

Up B - Performs a Tornado move, damaging everyone caught inside.

Dash attack - Windmill

Utilizes break dance moves to execute a Spin Kick to strike opponents by sticking out one leg and spinning 360 degrees around himself horizontally.

Forward air - Sonic Eagle.

Performs a powerful overhead axe kick from a frontward somersault, knocking opponents to the ground.

Up Smash - Top Kick.

Sits down in a kneeling position, with one hand on the ground while grinding his other fist. The user then jumps up slightly from his kneeling position, raising his arms, and delivers a quick High Kick to the opponent.

Forward Smash - Sonic Storm.

Curls up into a ball and rotates quickly, releasing a shock wave fired downwards diagonally while flying a very small distance back from the recoil.

Up tilt - Sonic Kick.

Spreads his arms out and hits the opponent with a swift, upward kick

Down Smash - Sonic Flare.

Falls straight down and carries his entire body on one hand. Using break dance moves, Sonic then does a sweeping kick across the opponent in a circular motion, before shifting over to his other hand and lifting his legs up on one hand (and then hopping back into neutral stance).

Final Smash - Use his Harp, in the following way: http://www.kidicaruswiki.org/Harp
Up-B - Angel's Feather
Side-B - Put a Fire Arrow on the next Neutral-B( http://www.kidicaruswiki.org/Fire_Arrow )
Down-B - Use Protective Crystal( http://www.kidicaruswiki.org/Protective_Crystal )
Neutral-B - Keep the Same
Up-Smash/Side-Smash/Down-Smash - Swing a Mallet; it will break after swinging it, but only in animation, as it's common-enough in Of Myths and Monsters that he'd have another one; it will be really slow but deal high damage
Side-Taunt - Pit uses his Torch, Pencil, and Check Sheet, sketching a map
Misc - He has Silver Armor equipped, which will have him take only 50% damage constantly; however, to maintain balance in-game, he should fly twice as far
Misc - He has constant slowfall, because in Of Myths and Monsters, his wings would have the ability to slow his decent

Side B - Smooth Moves Gun.

R.O.B pulls out a red Ray Gun to unleash a somewhat strong blast.


Consists of moves based off of the "True Ike" PSA.

Neutral B: Sends a projectile of electricity forward.

Down B: Counter is removed, replaced with Charm, reducing knockback and increasing speed by %10.

Side B is now more similar to his regular attack in Shadow Dragon. He first stabs the target with the Falchion in his left hand, and then slashes the opponents chest with the Falchion in his right hand.

Dash attack now comes out quicker, similarly to his attack in in Awakening.

Forward tilt: A quick hop followed by a quick slash to the right.

and Nana Tongue

Walking animation is to be more rapid.

Jab has been slightly changed. Popo and Nana now raise their mallets above their heads before striking down. Second jab is still the same.

Forward smash now sends DDD slightly above the ground (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImpK67vbNVs 0:42)

Run animation: Replaced with Ganondorf's running animation

Jab: DDD now smashes his hammer at the ground four times.

Glide: DDD now has a glide instead of multiple jumps.

Ideas are appreciated as well as feedback on listed plans.

Let's make this happen!
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Brawlex: Unable to find and load several characters in all the Config files on: November 29, 2014, 01:26:13 PM
When I open up the PF folder in BraxlEX Clone Tool, several characters do not show up in the program (such as Sonic) despite having everything in the BrawlEX folder on my SD Card; CSSSlot Configs, Cosmetic Configs, Fighter Configs and Slot Configs. This makes me, well, unable to clone Sonic.

Another thing I'd like to add is when I click on the icon of Donkey Kong, the BrawlEX Clone Tool proceeds to tell me that it's unable to access the Donkey.dat file because its being used in another software. However, that's not the case: I'm not using anything except the BrawlEX Clone Tool.

I remember that BrawlBox needed an upgraded Microsoft Framenetwork. I assume I'd need to ugrade mine? I'm using B.EX CT v0.75 for Windows XP, which I've heard is supposed to work for Windows 8.

6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Where can I get the Strap Menu for PAL? on: October 18, 2012, 01:48:01 AM
Hi. I've read that the Strap Menu for NTSC is called StrapEn, so I was wondering what it's called for PAL and where I can get it (I couldn't find it in Data Partition on Mediafire). Thanks
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