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16  Help & Tutorials / Help / 3ds max crashing on: November 01, 2011, 10:02:45 PM
i normally use 3ds max9 for all my vertex  hacking, etc. but was told to use 2010 for model rigging with the new brawlbox. the problem is i can't import a dae without the program crashing and closing. any idea why it does this? does it need to have the collada plug in installed? (tho i saw it already came with collada max intact) any help would be appreciated :3
17  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Kura's PSAs vX_Seeker moveset in the works_Xv on: October 25, 2011, 06:05:45 AM
I'm still fairly new to psa hacking so this project will probably only be simple moveset swaps for now. hopefully later i can get better and add the extra stances via taunt.

seeker skills

heres a quick summery of how each skill works in game (minus the stat debuffs and a few other skills)
*attacks in order of the video*

single opponent attacks
staggering strike  0:00-0:05 this is probably my most used skill. its fast has decent range and stuns with the "northern sky walts" stance

rock splitting cleave 0:05-08 this ones actually fairly useless in game tho its quick but low damage

battousai 0:08-0:11 another well used move. its flashy and ranged does metal (electric) damage

heart seeker 0:11-0:13 a fairly strong attack stuns the opponent. has a chance to stun the oponant for a few seconds

AOEs (area of effect)
ion spike 0:14-0:21 good ranged move for hitting  multiple targets

stalagstrike 0:21-0:28 (glitched the first attack in the vid no graphics showed >.>) quick attack for hitting multiple targets. also stuns with the stance, "partched blade dance"

dark cloud bolt 0:28-0:36 another quick AOE with decent range

gemini slash 0:36-0:42 very slow start up time but powerful. stuns with the stance, "soulserver minuet"

edged blur 0:42-0:59 this one i use less tbh tho its flashy. it attacks several times over a period of time

yataghan vortex 1:00-1:08 probably the most powerful skill a seeker has think of taking a strawberry to a blender >.> thats vortex pretty much

void step 1:09-1:13 teleports to an enemy and stuns them

stances 1-13-end of vid (these pretty much look the same with different effects down the blade shown in order)
northern sky waltz stuns with staggering strike

parched blade dance stuns with stalagstrike

soulserver minuet stuns with gemini slash

some ideas for use in brawl

machanics: should be a farly heavy character thats maybe a little under the average speed (think ike maybe?) will need to switch between stances for various stuns that work best for the given situation. this move set should be focusing on it's stuns and wide range attacks.

moves thought of so far vortex i think i'll take from link it's kinda easy and make it up B.
side b i'll have as voidstep (thinking of fox's side B) taunts i'll have to switch stances. ion spike i think would make a good arial down B attack, stalagstrike as ground down B. dark cloud  bolt as down A.

i need input on what moves to make on what attacks? also thoughts and ideas? keep in mind i'm still pretty new to this so don't expect too much yet Tongue

now for the left out moves, battousai, heart seeker, gemini slash, edged blur. i'm not sure what attack would suit them best? kinda stumped on edged blur that ones a little awkward... >.>
18  Help & Tutorials / Help / stage expansion help on: September 25, 2011, 03:27:21 AM
hi just started to use  the clasic expansion pac 4.0. while there is no freezing and al the files load, its not reading the extra stage portrates (all hanenbow etc.) also i want to be able to se this with the dark blue CSS/SSS what would i need to change to use it with the new codes?

also using gecko os
19  Help & Tutorials / Help / brawl model port (1 slot) on: September 18, 2011, 06:17:08 PM
i want to port a model of another brawl character to another character but make it one slot. how do i go about doing this?
20  Help & Tutorials / Help / Missing Files for the NTSC-U partiton on: September 18, 2011, 06:11:00 PM
hi i noticed that some users were complaining about missing or bad files on the data partitions. i'm making this thread to hopefully help users find any files there missing. and srry i only have the NTSC-U version for pal you will need to ask around.

Partition Resource:

THP Back Up:
-Removed Dead Link-

anyway if you come across a missing or bad file in the partition downloads, post its name here and I'll upload it when i can for you. hopefully this can be stickied Tongue
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