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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Thanyou's texture thread 5/11/10 ~ Updated with Repiä on: May 10, 2010, 03:28:14 PM
I finally got around to making my thread Cheesy


Ms. P - 5/10/10
Repiä - 5/11/10

I'll start with one of my oldest hacks; Ms. P. This is extremely old, made back in the days before ASH, where you had to hex everything. I ended up not being able to test this until a moment ago because I didn't have the iso att and I forgot about it until just now.

This next one is another old texture I made when I was bored one day, I also wrote a really crappy story: (http://electroniccore.wordpress.com/2009/05/29/oc’s-approaching-double-update/) about the 2 characters I made, the first is Repiä the king of some land (Its been a while since I wrote this XD) and Rela?ii the general of Repiä's army.

I'll update periodically with my other textures that I've neglected to post.  

2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / The A.C.S. Tales of Project on: November 13, 2009, 02:50:48 PM
So this is my first real project, since the Independent Pokemon project thread died of unknown causes..... Stupid server change, deleted my thread DX

Alright, time for some BG info; A.C.S. is an indie sprite fighter where you get to play as your favorite "Tales of" characters, including a few that you probably hadn't seen before =D

This all started because a while back I saw AngleGlory make a texture of Leon from the Tales of Destiny series, and it made me think of A.C.S. and how awesome it'd be if he was in that game, so I figured I'd  create him and perhaps a few other characters, assuming there's a fitting base character to work off of. And I may enlist the help of a couple of other skilled PSA'ers, it depends on how popular this project gets and if there're other characters beside Lion that'd work in Brawl.

==The Characters So Far==
• Lion
......B Moves
............GNB ~ Demon Fang - The Tales of Series trademark move, why would I leave this out?
............AUB ~ Zan Fang twin (Direct Translation) - He slashes the enemy twice and then flies into the air (Nair to D. Slash)
............GUB ~ Zan Fang twin [Grounded] - 1st 2 attacks are different, but still ends with D. Slash
............A/G DB ~ Probably gonna be the same unless someone has a better idea
............SB ~ Majin dark (Direct translation) - He charges for a split second and then stabs forward with a flurry of dark slashes following
............Fair ~ Crescent Slash -  He slashes the air upwards, can be chained twice.
............Bair ~ I've got lots of Ideas, but I'll put the best of each: Funny ~ Pow Pow Hammer - Spawns a Pow Pow Hammer in his hand and smacks the foe behind him with it, and if you press the A button a little while after the initial hit he throws his hammer at the enemy and it disappears a moment later. Srs ~ Quickie - Quickly slices his sword backwards knocking the enemy back using the weight of the blade.
............Dair ~ *Will be filled in later because its huge and I've got to go soon*
............Uair ~ No ideas, Might keep it the same because its already a fitting attack
............Nair ~ I was gonna steal Zero's Nair because its a fitting attack, but that's evil and I want to make something a little more original, any ideas?

Oh and for those of you who haven't even heard of A.C.S. or any of the other Tales of fan games, here's a video showing a lot of Lion's moves

And this is a guide for those who don't have A.C.S. and want it:
1st: Go here; and then click on "Game" at the top (You may need to translate the page if japanese isn't your strong suit) http://be4you.jp/acs/
2nd: From there go to where it says: ?A.C.S.??? (download)
3rd: Proceed to download all the files that are shown below version 4.500 INCLUDING THE PATCH!!!!
4th: After downloading the files (Which may take a LONG time) place the .exe file named acs.exe in a folder on your computer and execute it.
5th: After the extracter's finished extracting the folder ACS, open it and dump the other files (.exe's) into it.
6th: Go through each one and run them as you did with the acs.exe
7th: You'll see a bunch of folders now, Open them all and copy-paste the contents to the main acs folder
8th: RUN THE PATCH Just make sure you've extracted all the original files from the folders
9th: Get Applocale, (Google and install it) it forces your computer to run in a certain mode, which is neccesary considering this is a japanese game and you're probably not running that mode.
10th: After installing Applocale, double click it and follow the instructions it gives you until you reach a point where it asks for the .exe file. Open up the main ACS folder and select the file ACS.exe
11th: Play and have fun =D
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / I've always thought Toon Link was a clone, so.... *9.22.09 EDIT* on: September 10, 2009, 06:16:33 PM
I'm fixing him  Grin

So now he's not a time paradox, he's now the same link just from a different dimension/world/universe/artstyle  Awesome Face

Basically, I'm just making Toon Link as he should've been; Wind Waker Link

Here's what I'm changin'

- New tilt moves
- New smashes
- New B moves
Here's what I've got in mind, but I want you're guys' opinions before I make a final decision.
  • Bd: Skull Hammer - Wind Waker Link takes out his hammer and holds it high above his head for a few moments and then crashes it back to the ground, creating a small shockwave on the ground around him. It can kill opponents at high damage %'s and if an enemy is hanging on a ledge when the player does this, the hanging foe will plummet to the ground as if hit by a meteor smash.
- Different damage levels
- A new Final Smash (Only if I can understand it DX)
- Physics will not be changed as they're already perfect

9/22/09 edit:

Here's the current set I'm planning on doing;

Bu: Deku Leaf (I still have no idea how I'm gonna do this, but its still a good idea)
Bs: Boomerang ~ Not gonna change this because its already different and unique in comp. to Regular Link's Boomerang
Bn: Fire/Ice/Light Arrows ~ 50% Normal 25% Fire, 20% Ice, and 5%. Regular arrows will be regular arrows, Fire will have low growth but high base knockback, deals 3% more damage than regular arrows and has fire flags (Duh), it'll launch you at a 40 degree angle. Same with Ice arrows, but they'll launch you at a 300 degree angle and deal 5% percent more damage than regular arrows and have Ice flags. Light has slightly more growth than normal arrows and has a lot more base knockback, deals 42% damage and stuns the opponent for a short time. i also need some help deciding what GFX I'll use for the tip of the arrow
Bd: WWL's specialty bombs ~ The same Bombs, but with a twist, they now have more knockback and deal 7% damage. There's also now a 10% chance that you'll pull an even special-er bomb, AKA: Nuke. Its the same special bomb, but with a larger GFX and hitbox (About the size of half of Final Destination) that deals 25% damage and has low knockback but extremly high growth, so 0% characters won't die by it. It looks exactly the same as a normal bomb, so you'll never know if you pulled the big one Wink

Up Smash: Hurricane Tornado ~ Same setup as the old Bu, but now, if charged up all the way, he can not only move around as he spins, but it deals more damage and all hitboxes have knockback now, not just the last attack. The fully charged Spin also has a special GFX and he makes a different noise (I hope I can get something)
Side Smash: Jumping Strike ~ Wind Waker Link charges himself for a moment, and then jumps in the air towards the enemy with a deadly slash that deals 20% damage when fully charged

New attack: Roll attack

During a roll you can press the main attack button near the end of the animation to execute the roll attack! What he does is he jumps in the air and slashes both sides of him immediately after rolling in any direction.

Discuss the new changes
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Dk's back, now with 100% more ICE on: September 08, 2009, 10:13:11 PM
And before I start, let it be known that I know that Untouch made one too, but he started and finished his by the time I was halfway done with mine. I'm still gonna release mine jsut to show that I can (Sorta) do something with this program.

All that was changed was the B moves, because DK's moves are already awesome.

Color Key:
Green - 100% Completed
Blue - A released move in the most recent beta, and as such, I'd like feedback on it
Red - No work has been done on this move yet, but there is an idea for it

Bn: Ice Breath
DK breaths icy wind that freezes the opponent

  • Hits 4 times, each hit deals 2% damage and the last hit freezes and also deals 4% damage.
  • Has set knockback with little growth, can only kill at EXTREMELY high percentages, and even then, it'd probably be because it was executed while the person was over a cliff, so the ice trapped them and kept them from escaping as they fell to their eventual doom.

Bu: Icy Tornado

Dk Spins and creates a giant Icy Tornado

  • Is the normal Bu, but with Ice flags added to hitboxes
**This move is in the beta stage, despite being not entirely finished because I've been having trouble adding a GFX and some hitboxes =p**

Bs: Icy PAUNCH!!!
Dk throws his whole body weight into one PAUNCH

  • Same setup as the Bu
  • Additionaly, if you hit it at just the right spot in the air, the opponent gets frozen and goes flying at a 300 degree angle, ensuring a KO

Bd: Icy Storm

Dk creates a localized Snowstorm that freezes opponents at high damage levels

^GFX Immediately after pressing Bd, the orange part is where the hitbox is SUPPOSED to be

^1 second after pressing Bd (He doesn't turn around, its just 2 different pics)

  • Deals 6% of damage and freezes enemy if at high enough percents
  • Has very little knockback

I'm having some serious trouble with this move, this attack does this weird glitch where sometimes he'll do the GFX and sometimes he'll do the Hitbox, and sometimes he'll do both, sometimes the frames speed up alot and he ends up doing the animation w/out the SFX either =p, could someone help me out please?


==TO DO==
  • Get EVERYTHING for the Bd working glitch-free
  • Change the Bs to something a little more creative
  • Have a beta version of Bn
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