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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Mario and Luigi PSA (Over Ice Climbers) A attacks done, file size might not hold on: May 09, 2012, 08:31:50 PM
Okay so after completing the A attacks, which was on sunday, I noticed that I have about 50kb before the game will crash. I know this because I have a copy from the Mario and Luigi over Ice Climbers hack whici is named FitPopoMotionEtc - Safe file size, I shouldn't have to explain why I named it that. *chuckles a little bit*
Ironically I have the Specials and Final Smash left, the most important parts of the hack too. One upside is that I'm not editing every bone in practically every frame for the animations, so after making my custom ones, they should take up that much space, now PSAing will be a challenge, because I and practiacally no one else knows how to PSA Nana, she uses a few of her own animations, but I want to know how the game knows when to use those to see if I can use that for these Specials and FS. Plus for some reason when Mario does the Ground Pound (AttackAirLw), Luigi won't fall that fast, and he goes to the LandingAirLw animations, while Mario changes to the Action 83, which is him getting up from slipping, just like how Cape Mario and SMBZ Mario do.
In case you guys were wondering I got the AttackS4S to work, the TransN moves the horizontal, but the YRotN does the vertical, and spinning. Wink
Plus another thing is how does the game know when Nana is dead or is not with Popo, and can we edit this?
If any of you can research this or know anything about editing Nana, besides editing her textures and model, please tell me. I would prefer if there is an alternative to hexing if you do find a way, but if hexing something is the only way, I'll take a whack at it. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi will be availabe for this, I can't promiss that they'll get their one-slot size because that includes adding a new bone animation to every animation, which can add quite a bit of data. Trust me I know from experience with the previous version. If only the Tristripper would work on any file, I don't know if it will be acording to sources, it does something with a model to reduce the model to a thrid of its file size, motion files don't seem to be included. Tongue
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / StupidMarioFan1's Stupendous Imports: Not as Active as I Used to Be on: April 08, 2012, 08:34:47 PM
StupidMarioFan1's Stupendous Imports
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / StupidMarioFan1's PSA and Movesets (So the decriptions wouldn't be so long) on: March 31, 2012, 05:24:19 PM
As the Subject says, these are just my Movesets, PSAs, and really any hacks that have really long descriptions so for those who want to read it all can come here and read, and those who just want the basic info can just read the hack's description.

SM64 Moveset v1.0, v2.0, v3.0, v4.0

Mario and Luigi over Ice Climbers Pack (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24717&Moderated=All)
EDIT2*March 31st*Redownloading this would be recommended, I fixed a few things, updated a few animations, got more "recolors", and a more varity of models for this pack.
EDIT*Janurary 28th*: I fixed the throwing crash, so now the only crashes you should ever get from this, is using the specials to quickly after each other, but that doesn't ever happen that often. But try not to repeatly use the neutral special (hitting iceburgs with hammer) more then three times imedaitely after the other when the iceburgs don't disappear quickly. Like on a huge stage, or after the camera zooms out for some reason, like FS and person flying away.
I saw how Jack H. made the Mario Bros over the Ice Climbers with his A Pair of Plumbers [Mario & Luigi]v1.0 hack, but their eyes freaked out a bunch of people. The animations didn't even match up with most of the attacks, he said it was a very early beta, but he said that in the middle of last year, and I hadn't seen any updates for it. So I decided to make my own version. I've started this habbit of fixing other people's hacks, and this was one of them, but I later just started from scratch to get the attacks to match up. I edited Jack H. Mario and Luigi model to get rid of the damage eyes, since I couldn't get it to work perfectly, both of Luigi's faces was always showing, and Mario's normal face would never disappear when the hurt face was showing. This has working hair, yellow eyes, hammer from SMBZ Mario moveset, and eye movement. All of the normal attacks (not counting the attacks from slipping ledge grabbing, ect.) and speail attacks are the Ice Climbers', just sized for Mario, except some of the specials due to there not being enough data in the FitPopoMotionEct.pac. All three Win animations are the ones from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and the finals have been changed with two of Mario taunts from the SMBZ Mario PSA. This has all texture slots replaced, with CSPs and Battle Portraits. I've had freezing from the CSPs, but I really hope that its just from using an emulator, or something like that, and its not just the CSPs themselves.
Okay and now the glitches and crashes DX.
When Mario (or Luigi) grabs someone, the person is inside Mario, and when thrown, the guy is a bit higher than the should, and is thrown aquardly. The bros hold items inside their face (THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN), and for the sake of better animations I'm keeping it like that. The Superscope, Ray Gun, and any type of gun uses the ItemShoot and ItemShootAir animations, Cracker Launcher still uses its animations, though it still uses the ItemLegsWait animation (Not the right animation for the Launcher). None of the other items have problems, besides being in the Mario Bros's faces Tongue. Again for better other animations, I got rid of the SquatWaitItem, and WaitItem animations. When sheilding prepare to see Mario and Luigi's hair without the cap freaking 5 times bigger than normal, and will shrink slowly. In other words, their second hair model grows and shrinks with the sheild. All sounds have been replaced with Mario's so you will need to use the Popo has Mario's sound bank code included in the zip file. This was slightly based on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and by slightly, I mean they have no entry data, and that the CSPs and In-Game portraits are Mario and Luigi on the game cover. No kirby because when I replaced the Ice Climber suit with Mario's cap, it uses the wrong texture in-game, and when I replace both the suit with Mario's cap and the hammer with Mario's hammer, the hammer uses Mario's cap texture, cap is fine, but after doing the Special in mid-air the game crashed. So if you can make a kirby hat working for this, then please upload it.
Here's the New thread for the second update for the Bros: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=44392.0

SM64 Mario 64 Import with Blinking Eyes, Yellow Eyes, and Damage Eyes (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24962&Moderated=All)
EDIT*Feburary 3rd*: I got the blinking Yellow eyes to work.
As the title says, this is Camonsters's SM64 Mario Import but I gave him Yellow Eyes, Damage Eyes and blinking eyes. You'll have to use the motion file to get the blinking eyes, but you'll always have the yellow eyes and damage eyes weither or not you use the motion included in the zip file. I have figured out the secrets of multiple face switching and eye movement in brawl, but you'll have to read this topic: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=41342.msg834094#msg834094.
Anyways I used that knowlege to give a normal FitMarioMotionEct.pac, and mariodk's SMBZ FitMarioMotionEct.pac files the data to change between Mario64's three eyes, and three Yellow eyes. But really the only time he blinks is twice in Wait2, closes his eyes when sleeping, and has them partly open after getting dizzy from braking his shield, and when on the ground on his back and stomach. There is a chance that I'll update this with better arm animations, but it depends on if it'll be too much data, because Mario's arms a noticable distance underneith the bones, it causes huge arm glitches in animations. And simply moving the ShoulderN bones up the right distance won't fix it, I pretty much have to edit every frame with different rotations and translations than the frame before it. So there is a chance that I won't b e able to make the arms better. I will be updating my SM64 Mario Import Texture Pack with the new model, and it'll include an extra copy of all the textures for the SMBZ cape. I don't really care that much if you credit me, it'll be nice, but if you use this edit of the import, you still need to credit Camonsters, since he made the one to begin with. Now admit it, you wanted someone to do this so Mario wasn't just staring out into space forever. Wink Now if you want this over another motion hack, then export the texture patterns from the AnmTexPat(NW4R) folder in the AnimationData[0] in the FitMarioMotion in ".pat0" formats. Then open the motion hack you want in Brawlbox v0.65b (I don't know if you can import these files with any version older than v0.65b beta), right click lon the AnimationData[0].brres, goto "Import", and click on texture pattern. The just import all of the .pat0 files, and you'll get SM64 Mario blinking in the hack.
Also sorry if Mario64's metal textures are messed up, that is IF you get jacked up results when he gets a metal box. When I use these 64 imports, I don't get very good results on metal textures, then again I never saw what the metal textures are supposed to look like on Mario, but I hope its not the result I get when using Dolphin.

True Luigi over Mario port (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=25303&Moderated=All)
EDIT: Since I renamed HatN to Hat, you'll have to redo any animation that moves Mario's hat, and is noticible, like the taunt shown in picture 1. What I mean by redo, just export the HatN data inside the animation file, and add a new bone, rename that to Hat, and import the data file, and just mess a little with it to make it look better. If you don't, Luigi's Cap won't move. If you just re-rename Hat to HatN and mess with that data, you'll mess with Mario's Cap too. Doing this makes it so both Mario and Luigi's cap will move when he takes it off.
I know that LC ReSuRrEcTeD made a good port of Luigi over Mario, making so his face ISN'T jacked up, but I made it even better by making it almost flawless. LC ReSuRrEcTeD fixed Luigi's face by RENAMING bones, so thats what I did. You might be wondering whats different besides the texture, well this port has working hair! Luigi has a LHaveN and a RHaveN, since he doesn't use the left one, I renamed it to HairM and moved that before the HairMb and Re-renamed LC ReSuRrEcTeD's Luigi model's XRotN and TransN so they're flipped. Nintendo had made the polygon so if Luigi would've taken off his cap he wouldn't be missing half his head, but its never used in the final original game. Some of you might be wondering what led me to making this, and other probably don't give a [censored] about why I made it, if you one of those people then skip the next two sentences. I'm making a set of hacks that are related to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and I thought about using that Luigi over Mario port so they both have the hammer off of mariodk's SMBZ Mario moveset. But I decided to finout why Luigi's hat wouldn't move, and how he made his face look normal. And so the birth to this awesome port. Credit to ThatEarthboundguy for the texture that I used, it doesn't matter what textures, so use you're own if you want just give credit to me!! The pac and psc files have mariodk's cape animation, texture and model data, so if you just want the luigi model export the model data and put that in the FitMarioXX file you want and make sure you use Luigi's texture data, remember this is a Luigi model so he doesn't use Mario's textures. This port works excent with any Mario psa like SMBZ mario and maybe my own SM64 Moveset...It's called True Luigi over Mario port not because of the texture, which isn't the True Luigi texture, I named that because an almost flawless port of Luigi on Mario.

Mafia Mario Pack (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24020&Moderated=All)
Ya, I started on this one two or three weeks ago, so it is a little bit late. I tried to make this as identical as I could to the Mafia Luigi Pack, but with Mario and his attacks. Anyway I used cx_asuka's Mario Mafio texture and edited it so now the Mafia Mario is now in Normal, Recolored, Mr. M, Stupid Mario, StMB Wario, Fake and Dark forms. The Recolored is just the Normal, but I changed the saturation to 100%, though it might look someone else's texture, its not. KTH's Mr. M is the Mafia Mr. M. MrPBJ's Stupid Mario is the Mafia StMB Mario, just with mustache so he can still have the vertexed hat. My StMB Wario with the mustache. 8o8 Dark's SSE Shadow Bug Mario BETA is the Mafia Fake Mario, and the Mafia Dark Mairo is just the Fake but colorised blue, still has yellow eyes. Special B spawns Snakes's grenade, still no explosion. Special B Air spawns Super Scope. Special Side-B spawns sticky bomb. Special Down-B spawns Smart Bomb. Special Down-B Air spawns motion bomb, when I added the command to generate an item on the Up-B, Mario wouldn't move upward when he used the Up-B in mid-air, don't know why. Mafia Mario has a little bit less of a temper, he flips you off in two of his Taunts, while Mafia Luigi only flips you off in one, and his middle finger lasts only for a second or two. Mafia Mario's finger lasts a hell of a lot longer.

SM64 Mario Import Texture Hacks (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=23886&Moderated=All)
EDIT*Feburary 11th*: This includes all of the textures with my edited version of the import, both with the cape and with fludd. The LM64 textures have been redone, so the face, logo and button textures are four times the original size, making them HD. This time I included the FitMario.pac file for both Fludd and SMBZ Cape, in the one-slot hack, it only had the motion files, not the FitMario.pac files, sorta so you would still have to download mariodk's SMBZ Mario v2.2, but I changed my mind. You might get better quality, or atleast better lighting when you use these, I really hope its just dolphin messing with the quality of the import. Sorry if you happen to get a jacked up metal texture, but I really really really hope that's just dolphin's fault for giving messed up metal textures when using the import.
This includes my LM64 texture hacks that are for the Super Mario 64 rom, the same textures but in the original SM64 style, compare picture 1 to picture 2 to understand what I mean (might have to enlarge the pictures), and it includes MY recolors. I don't really like the recolors already on here, the CSPs need some work, and a few other things, plus all of my textures are in better quality. The original import's textures were in the CMPR format, my textures are in the RGBA8 format. The only difference between the LM64 and SM64 are the eyes, sideburns, overall buttons and mustache. CSPs and In-game pictures included, unlike my other hacks, the CSPs are in the same position with color and texture differences, while in my other hacks each CSP has the character in a different position.

Doopliss Mario over Luigi (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24180&Moderated=All)
Remember my Doopliss Mario over Yellow Alloy, well I made it for Luigi, which is a lot better. First off Mario and Luigi are very similar so not too many things had to be fixed, mainly animation glitches, and a few other things. The specials are still the same, Mario's fireball throwing animations is used, but the other specails are just edited bone animations. Doopliss is a character off of Paper Mario: The Tousand-Year Door, who had the ability to copy anyone's body, and moves. Yes its called Doopliss Mario over Luigi, but the are two slots that are Luigi, which are renamed bones so his face isn't jaked up. He has Mario's dash attack and recovery jump from SMBZ Mario moveset, credit to mariodk for that. CSPs and Battle Portraits included, including "Doopliss" to replace the "Luigi" textures for most menus and battles. Includes selection picture for picking him. There isn't really that much left to this, but the are extras for this hack, which are other Mario, and Luigi hacks for this, like Ryu, StMB The Darkness (Season 4), LM64 Mario, SM64 Mario import, Paper Luigi which is my own hack that should be uploaded either today or tomorrow.

Mafia Luigi Pack (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=23246&Moderated=All)
EDIT*December 2nd*: I made a few edits, now the Recolored Mafia Luigi is completely recolored, I had noticed that his fingers were normal colored, I alos made a CSP for the Dark Mafia Luigi, and I made it so he'll generate the super scope after doing a fireball in mid-air (has to be in mid-air during the ENTIRE animation for it to work, so double jump first). Make sure to use both the pac and pcs files for this hack.
I used cx_asuka's Luigi Mafio model and texture to make a pack that has recolors of other hacks. This pack includes the textures from the original, ThatEarthboundguy's Recolored Luigi, KTH's Mister L (Super Paper Mario), 8o8 Dark's SSE Shadow Bug Luigi BETA and my StMB Luigi and StMB Waluigi hacks, while still having the Luigi Mafio model. This pack includes a motion.pac and PSA, the psa makes luigi spawn items on his specials. B spawns Snake's grenade, Down-B spawns Smart Bomb, Side-B spawns sticky bomb, and Up-B spawns motion bomb. All but the Up-B has to be on-ground. Dash attack spawns ray gun. Luigi can only hold one item at a time so get rid of current item to spawn another. Snake's Grenade doesn't have an explosion, probably due to Luigi spawning it and not Snake. Includes CSP and Icon.

Bowser over Giga Bowser (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=24582&Moderated=All)
Why the hell there are only disturbing textures of Giga Bowser, I'll never know, but this is the second model hack of Giga Bowser on the vault, Nanobuds's Caterpie was the first, and only other one. This is a simple yet cool hack. I took Bowser's model, and put him on Giga Bowser, then just swap each animation, scale it currectly, and make a few bone edits, so he doesn't run in place and those glitches. Unfotently, I couldn't get rid of Bowser's Yellow eyes, so you'll see two floating eyes when he is in his shell, and the yellow eys, which I just made it the same texture as the normal eye is (Still a different eye texture though Grin). Another glitch is when you grab someone, and throw them. The character will grow to Bowser's scale during the throwing animation. This also happens with Bowser's side special. It is funny to watch Bowser grab someone in Training mode, that has 999%, and do the down thow (rape), and the character will just explode on the side of the screen, that is if you're close to the edge of the stage. The character has so much damage, that they'll fly fast, and Bowser being so huge, and deals so much damage, you rarely get to see the character actually fly out of bounds. Since there is only one Giga Bowser slot, all of your Bowser texture/model hacks will change into the original Brawl Bowser (Giga Bowser).

For some of these, the new descriptions barely say anything. Tongue I only did this because some people asked me to shorten some of my descriptions, so this is what I've done.
4  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / Eye Movement and multiple face textures editing. v0.66b edits more things on: February 10, 2012, 05:21:44 PM
Hi there, after making the Mario Bros over Ice Climbers hack, I had figured out what controls eye movement, and what swaps between face textures, like Kirby's face, and Bowser's eye lids. This info is really useful for hacks, now I haven't gotten into it that much to know what are the limitations or how to actually controll how far the eye moves and stuff like that. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who has made a custom animation, and then tried it in game and noticed that the character blinks or looks in the wrong direction and time. First of all, all of this is in the Fit_Motion.pac and Fit_MotionEct.pac files. And the info will have different colors, for the important and useful info. Red=Main Stuff. Green=Info.
Now not every character has the data for eye movement, or vice versa, have the data for textur patterns (multiple faces). First the eye movement, this is for characters that have EyeIris textures, like Mario, Peach, Bowser, and King Dedede.
Now I'll be using my SM64 Moveset v5.0, which is still in the making, motion file for srt0 pictures, and a Bowser motion file, both with the new v0.66
The data is in the AnmTexSrt(NW4R) folder in the AnimationData[0].brres, as shown in this picture:
When you open it, you'll see a bunch of .srt0 files. When you open one of those, you'll see four raw data files with pluses, like here:
They should be named EyeL, EyeR, EyeYellowL, and EyeYellowR, each one will have the textures it moves, with Mario these three:
Now with v0.66, we can edit these,they all say TextureX, if you want to know which one they are, just open the character up in BrawlBox, and they will be in the order, like this:
Now if you click on one, you see some info on the left:
The top info has the basic stuff, weither or not the file is "dirty" (edited), and what TextureID it is. The middle-ish info just shows the Keyframes and the translations, rotations, scales, and what frames are edited, just like with the animation files in Brawlbox. The bottom data is the most important, this is what you edit. You pretty much edit it like you would a chr0 file, where the yellow fills are the keyframes, and that stuff. Now you can add New Entries, for more textures to move:
This also works with the pat0 files, so you can have more blinking textures for an animation. CheesyNow the names of the .srt0 files are very important, they determine what animation the eye movement will play in, so you can change the Wait2 in Mario's to Wait1 to see Mario's eyes blink and move in his usual wait instead of when he messes with his cap.
You can get more animations to have eye movement by right clicking on the AnimationData[0], and clinking on New: Texture Animation,
Then you add the new entries, and get the right names, or you can simply replace the file with another srt0 file, and edit from there.
And now onto multiple face textures and eye lids.
First of these are in the AnmTexPat(NW4R) folder in the AnimationData[0].brres, here's a picture for you:
Now you'll see a bunch of .pat0 files, just like the srt0 ones, the names of the pat0 are the same as the needed animations' names. There'll be four top raw datas, each with what ever TextureX are used, and those will each have the texture names for what it'll change into, for example the different EyeLid names, as shown:
Now editing these didn't change in v0.66, but thing I forgot to speciafy is that the texture names have to match up with the ones in the FitCharacter0X.pac (.pcs), or else they won't change in-game, skip any of the texture names it doesn't find. In BrawlBox v0.66, the data was renamed, so now you edit the "Key", "Texture", and "Palette", basically I guess its so you don't have to right-click, select "Rename" over and over, you can just edit the name in the "Texture" box, which is spares time actually. Smiley
Anyway normally the first one is at frame 0, I don't know what happens if it's not at Frame 0, but there's no point in it not being, and then you have the next texture at frame (Insert Number Here).
Now I've noticed that atleast with the texture patterns, when making new ones, when you save it, exit out and re-open, and look at the new pattern again. Most of the time the texture names are in the wrong place, but they still have the right frame number and stuff, just the wrong name, in which case you just click on the right name in the drop-down windom on the left. Now sometimes the textures will say "null" this is where you'll have to redo that section again, because if you rename it, or click on another name, it won't change. What you do is go back to the top where the material name is (ex: EyeL, EyeR, EyeYellowL, ect), delete that, make a new entry for the pattern, and then redo the frames and stuff, and then save it again. I always have an extra copy and then just ave between the two incase I mess it up, re-open that one. If it still says null, then delete that pattern, save it, re-open and make the new pattern again, if it still keeps saying null, try making another one, and if that doesn't say null, dlete the one with the null, and rename the one that works, and do the right frame count and stuff.
So this helps custom animations, because sometims you make a custom one, but the yes move at the completely time, or in the wrong direction.
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Super Mario 64 Moveset Hack: Back in the Works, got SM64 Mario & Luigi working!! on: November 03, 2011, 06:58:49 PM
I started this hack quite a few months befure getting my acount here, so I did not make this quickly. I noticed that the only SM64 hacks that are for Mario are textures, so I wanted to make a PSA/moveset hack to go with my SM64 and LM64 textures. You don't need the textures, it just fits better with some sort of SM64 texture. This will have multiple versions, due to me giving it multiple updates. Most animations are the original Brawl animations, either remade to make it sortof fit with the custom ones or with just little changes, like the hands. Here are the different versions and there changes from the original game and previous versions. Now that the SM64 Model has been imported, there will be a seperate version of this hack made just for that model. So you won't get the best results with this hack if you use it with the SM64 Mario Model.

SM64 Moveset v1.0
Pictures are the old. Youtube videos are the new. I'm now going to do videos and keep a few pictures, if its things that are kind of hard to see in the videos.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxFr1Fed9oo" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxFr1Fed9oo</a>

Wow just because the url has the word F. A. G. in it, doesn't mean the forum has to censored it!!! So you'll have to click on the suggestion in this video, my god I don't know why the forum let my have the video before April Fools, when it turned everything kittyfied, but now it won't let me have the video. D:<

This is the first Super Mario 64 motion and PSA hack, a combination of diffurent animation hacks, vontower's Cape Mario v2, and my own PSA hack. The people who made some of the animations that were slightly edited in this hack are credited, I just don't remember who they are, but you are all credited. And now about the hack, I used brawlbox v64 to make Mario's hands into fists for every animation extremely quickly, then edited the ones that have his hands open, bones at 0 rotation on the X, Y, and Z axis. I made the Wait, Win, WinWait, and Entry animations all by myself (Didn't edit someone else's). Since this is based off of vontower's Cape Mario PSA, you'll find all of the cape animations in the motion.pac file, and the game'll freeze when you use Mario's final smash. I based this off his Cape Mario originally for the dash and down-b attacks and to have the correct sound and visual effects. The Wait animations are the ones from SM64, Wait2 is when Mario doesn't move his head for a few seconds, all animations are kinda fast, not intentional, but in brawl everyone's animations were fast to begin with, so it kinda fits. Win1 is Mario after getting a star and takes his cap off and scratches his head. Win2 is Mario after getting a star without his hat. Win3 is Mario after beating Bowser 1 and 2 and throws the key up into the air. I will upload another version after finding the key model from adventure mode (Which there aren't any hacks of that or the trophy stand item), for now it is a banana, just an item that uses the RHave bone and will be thrown into the air. The swim animations, for now, are the same with open hands. I made the Dash and Run animations by taking vontower's Run2 and edited that. I find the animations a little funny in-game, but that might just be me, tried to make it similar to SM64's Mario run animation. I switched the AttackHi animations with vontower's AttackHiCape animations, since I didn't like the head butt. I edited vontower's AppealSLeft and Right animations by making the hands fists untill the frames that they'll be in the peace sign, in other words, Mario hands are in fists, and goes into the peace sign in one frame, and goes back into fists in one frame (Not the same frame). Entry is Mario jumping out of the pipe in the opening sequence of SM64, I made the pipe go back, so it floats in mid-air in some stages, depending on where Mario starts off in the battle. It also has the original Super Mario 64 pipe textures. You can use this hack with any texture/model hacks, but it fits if you use some sort of SM64 Mario texture, or I think it fits better with one, you can use any of my LM64 hacks, but it doesn't really matter. None of the Special attacks, besides the Down-B of course, were edited, so it's still the Realistic-looking Fireball, Cape and Super Jump Punch.
There are problems with this hack, and it is far from being finished, one know problem that does mess with game play is the FS. It freezes after Mario uses it, this was made literally ontop of vontower's Cape Mario v2, so a few problems that that hack had, this hack has to, unless I messed with the Action/SubAction or whatever it was. The motion.pac has abunch of animations from the Cape Mario v2, that I didn't deleted seeing as the was no point since I just deleted the comand to spawn the cape, no use deleting everything else.

SM64 Moveset v2.0
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxFr1Fed9oo" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxFr1Fed9oo</a>

This is v2.0 of my SM64 hack, I've edited all of the swim animations, and have made other changes, there will be a v3.0 and maybe more. it all involves when I get the files for the key item from adventure mode and use it for the Win3 animation, and I'll probably make other changes when I kinda feel like it, just not now. One thing that I know for a fact is, I'm not doing a sfx hack fur this. When I use wiiscrubber and insert an edited smashbros_sound.brsar it will say that there is not enough memory the next time I try to insert ANY hack, but I could go and insert a bunch of hacks, and go make the size bigger and still able to insert more if I don't mess with the smashbros_sound.brsar file. I don't care if you make a sound hack to match with this, just let me know if you're making one. It still freezes after using Mario's final smash, due to vontower's Cape Mario v2 also having the same problem. So make sure to turn off the Smash Ball if you're fighting against Mario. I've also changed the down special animations and other stuff in the FitMario.pac. Mario only has one wait animation, two appeal animations (Left and Right). The first picture is showing the Down-B. The Second picture is about the new Swim animation. The third picture is my SM64 Mario using the Mario Tornado against my LM64 murrio ( Neither of the two texture/model hacks are included). FitMarioEntry.pac is included so you don't have to download v1.0 just to get the file. The Appeals have all been changed to AppealLeft and AppealRight, all are just version1.0's AppealHi.The Down-B is now MarioDK's SMBZ Down-B, instead of vontower's Cape Mario v2's Down-B. The Direction that Mario turns in the DownAir was reversed to make it a bit similar to SM64's ground pound. Final Smash was not edited, so it still freezes.

SM64 Moveset v3.0
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK8FkO9EdiE" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK8FkO9EdiE</a>

v3.0 of my wonderful Super Mario 64 Moveset, got more changes this time, more edited animations and a few extra things. A handful of animations have been edited to go back to SM64 Mario's Wait animation instead of Brawl Mario's Wait1 animation. Edited crouching animations that look like Mario from SM64. New B Special!!! Since all Mario does in Super Mario 64 is jump, kick and throw, the B special is just him punching but with a little murre damage than his A attack. Originally the commands were going to have 30 damage, but it just gave so much damage, that it would eventually turn into a noob attack, since it would so easy KO enemies. So that at 15, which does a noticable amount of damage, without it making it too easy to win.
A new jump has been added. Instead of the Cape jumps and animations, Triple Jump animation!!! Got three jumps instead of two, but to see the Triple Jump, hold the Jump Button (X or Y). I couldn't get it to have a seperate fall if you use the Triple Jump, but hopefully I can get that in v4.0, so more to come. So for now, the Triple Jump goes back to the Double Jump fall animation. This is a very long animation, you'll have to jump twice, use the triple jump on the third jump, and fall in the air to see the whole thing. Do this on Final Destination, and you'll be able to get back up with the Up-B Special.

SM64 Moveset v4.0
SM64 Moveset v4.0 Preview [Brawl Hack]

v4.0 if finally done and up for download, here's the changes: All specials are custom, only three are custom made by me, a few updated animations, more animations lead back to the correct custom animation, and a mini-mode. Neutral B on the ground is just a punch but is gives more damage than the normal A attack, in mid-air its a kick that gives more damage than the AAA attack and doesn't give really any knockback to avoid kicking opponants off the stage. Side B is the diving attack, which also gives more damage than the AttackDash and still can do the recovery jump. In mid-air, its the same except that you can do the recovery jump, and its kinda a good way to get back to the stage, if you're high enough that is. Up B is the Triple Jump, the three jumping ability is gone because it was my attempt at having Mario do the Triple Jump. I wanted it to have it's own fall and landing aniamtion, but when I was thinking about what Specials I could do, I remember the Up B had its own fall and landing, so I made it the Triple Jump. Down B is still the mix between vontower's Cape Mario v2 Mario Tornado and Mariodk's SMBZ v2.2 Mario Tornado, its a mix because it the Cape Mario commands with SMBZ Mario animations, edited of course. The animations for picking up heavy objects are based off of Mario's animations for picking up the Big Bom-omb and Chuckyas. A little animations glitch when throwing someone backwards, the person is pretty much going through Mario's body, but its because of where the ThrowN bone is, but its hard and time consuming trying to get the bone in the right position in BrawlBox, but it doesn't effect gameplay it justs looks weird. I gave up on trying to give Mario the WaitDamage, so that animation is gone and so are the commands to change the animations, so you don't get that weird glitch when you respawn. Cheesy And now the mini-mode: Wing Cap and Metal Cap!!!!! The up taunt is Mario's animation when picking up the cap, the first time he generates the Wings (Article 2, so you'll have to either use the FitMario0X.pacs and .pcss, or replace the Fludd/Cape data's in another Mario hack), which changes one thing: The Up B is now Mario flying, but that's the only thing that changed, just like in SM64. The second time removes the wings and generates and consumes the Metal Box, making Mario metal, doing the taunt again spawns the Wings making him Metal/Wing Cap Mario, not with the beta Metal Wing textures from SM64 Sad, to get rid of the Metal Cap, you have to wait for the effects to wear off. I would've made the Vanish Cap, but Brawl doesn't have the Cloaking Device item from Melee, so I couldn't do that. DX In v2.0 I said I wouldn't do a sfx replcement, which I was correct, but I found out that SSB and SSBM, Mario has SM64 Mario's voice and sfx, so I used the SSBM Mario sound effect pack, which is in the download both one already inserted into the .brres, and just the .sawnd for any sfx hacks you already have. Using the sfx hack is not needed, but recommended since I changed the sfx commands to be the right ones when using the sfx hack, which you get slightly different results without, sound effects-wise. The key model is over the original cape(Side B), and is used in the Win3, but it's kinda rushed so it could be better. Tongue Final Smash is still not edited so it'll crash.

SM64 Moveset v5.0 (Work In Progress)
(video will be added once Youtube finally uploads it. Tongue)
So I finally got the WaitDamage from v3.0 to work without crashing or anything. Happy Face It's the new Hidden Triple Jump that's giving me problems. Mario Facepalm
So how the WaitDamage works is that Mario will have his standard Wait animation like always, but once he has a total of 150% damage or higher, he get's pretty tired. The Hidden Triple Jump is activated at 120% to represent how you need 120 Power Stars to get it in SM64. (Thanks to KnightMario for the idea a while back) Just like in SM64, the Wing Cap Up B doesn't change no matter what. What is giving me problems now is using the right commands to make the normal Up B stay the same as it should, and having teh new Hidden Triple Jump be a sort of copy of the commands. The sorta of SMBZ Mario v2.2 Mario Tornado has been changed! *crowd chears for no reason* Im srs here It is now the Spin Attack from SM64....if you haven't used any cheat codes for SM64, then you might be more fimilar as the Spin Jump from jumping on a Fly Guy. If you want to know the name of teh cheat code it's called Press A, B, & Z to do a Spin Attack....or something like that.

So I had some ideas of Mario's different jumps being some of the A attacks, for example the Side Flip Jump for the AttackS4 aniamtions, and the Lw and Hi can be different height and lengths of the jump, (ex: Hi will be a long Side Flip, S will be an Side Flip, and Lw will be a short Side Flip.) I got an idea of the Long Jump being the AttackDash, which is kinda stealing TheShyGuys's idea for his Galaxy PSA, but since he's done with hacking brawl, I don't think it matters much, especally since Mario already does the Dive Attack for his Side B. The Back Flip was going to be the AttackHi4 moves. I knew that Mario's little break-dance move or what ever its called would be the AttackLw4 attacks. I had an idea of the Spin Attack not only being the Down B, but also one of the Aerial attacks as well, since the move actually happens after jumping on a Fly Guy or that weird Flower enemy in the Snow levels. I'm thinking about Mario's Grabbing Bowser's Tail animations be the grabbing ones, since I already did the Picking up Big Bomb-omb for the Heavy Animations. Please let me know if you guys think that these are some good ideas, I think so since I've hacked SM64 longer than SSBB, although I'm probably better at Brawl hacking since it's easier. Laugh I plan on redoing a bunch of the animations in this version, the walking, running, sheilding, and throwing at the least, and then have more animations lead back to the Wait like before. A good reason for redoing tha animations is because it'll save on file size (hopefully) and plus they aren't supposed to be that detailed, so expect animations where most of the bones don't even move. Wink
Notice that these gifs are to show the basic animation, not to be a detailed preview of thembelow:

I also have some more remade aniamtions like the Ground Pound and when he gets up from after hitting the ground, which I'll have to make the Slip aniamtions be similar to that, and the new SpecialLw. I'm not sure why I never thought about ripping the Bowser Key model earlier, but hey it makes this version even better. Cheesy A lot of these new animations will look a little bit weird with the normal Mario model, or really any model that isn't my SM64 Mario. Of course the animations aren't perfect, but I'm doing my best based of my doing the moves in the Project64 emulator, and recording them so I can play them back.
I'll try to fix the FS in v5.0, so then all I'll have to worry about later is just perfecting the animations. You must check the Smash Ball off if fighting any Mario CPUs, since the CPUs are not updated with the custom PSA, they still think that they are playing with the original PSA so they'll use the smash ball if they get it, so if you forget to turn it off, make sure to get it first, do whatever you can to knock it out of the CPU. If you have, don't use the neutral B for the rest of the match and getting it back if knocked out, or commiting suicide. Every once and a while the game doesn't freeze, but it rarely happens. Shocked
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