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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Portraits, Menus, (etc...) / Area91 Brawl Grafficks on: July 11, 2013, 03:24:37 PM
So, after quite some time working on purely MUGEN and RPG Maker VX Ace stuff on my Area91 site, I've decided to also do Brawl modding / hacking. However, since I'm fairly lazy, and so far only had made one thing (a stage based on the SMB3 castles), I've decided to just start with CSPs. So, here are my graphical stuff for SSBB.

I do have to say, out of all the sites, mine must probably the worst looking. I think.

(By the way, I've only listed CSPs here, but in the future it might change a bit.)


How It Was Made
If you're wondering what the data means for the poses, they basically are a way to find out how I made these images. Basically I picked a stage that was mostly neutral (no spikes in black or white) and a pose (from which I would take one frame and replace the idle animations with). Then I put the models over the character I wanted to make CSPs of. Next, I go through each model mostly twice, unless I already have a silhouette of it. Basically I apply a code that would make the character completely black, later white, then make a screenshot of it using an extrenal application (to avoid any artifacts, since both Brawl and Dolphin add some form of artifacts). Next, I'll take regular screenshots of the models. After I'm done, I go through a image editing software (I use GimpShop since I'm broke), and apply the silhouette as a mask onto the character. That's a short version of this.

I've modified the online training stage so that all elements are invisible, which gives me a black background without actually a floor. I'm not sure using the result screen would render a black floor, possibly cutting off part of the character models clipping with the floor, so I didn't want to take that risk. Not that it would matter, mind you, I never moved the camera making the screenshots.

Anyway, all of my earliest CSPs (the ones made as of writing this) were done with the regular online training room, so that I had to use some color corrections on the mask silhouette. This does have some problems.

If anybody wants the code to use:

06288F3E 00000006
RRGGBBAA 01010000

Or, when using Cheat Engine, just search for the string RSBE01, look for the one that updates frequently, and set the address at +1288F3E (or 19435326 bytes from that position) to always write an array of six bytes with the values RRGGBBAA0101.

RR is red, GG is green, BB is blue, AA is alpha (the visibility of the color).


While I do accept requests to be posted, don't expect me to do them immediately, as I have a lot of things to do.

Also, if you have a specific pose you want, I'm not good at replicating poses, so if you have an actual pose, post the CHR0 file, preferably with just one frame to make it very easy for me. Also post if you are fine with me hosting it on my site (with credits of course). Also, if you have custom lighting settings you want these poses to have, please post them here as well. I always use the online training stage, as it's a fairly neutral stage with no lighting changes during the course of the game.
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