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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Super Smash Bros: Kh@0$ on: December 08, 2015, 01:22:23 AM

Whats up fellow smashers.

~X~ Here with an upcoming Brawl Mod, Super Smash Bros. Khaos.

This Project aims to:
-Fuse many aspects of Smash Bros. across the board (mods included) while maintaining the competitive aspect of melee and sm4sh alike.
-Unite Smash Players of ALL kinds with the common ground and 'easy-to-play, yet-challenging-to-master' approach taken in this mod.
-Have Updates based on, heavily influenced, and possibly even updated directly from, the smash/smash-modding community themselves (ourselves :p)
-Open Eyes and Turn Heads at Tournaments
-Make Your D Bigger and Vajayjays Wetter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Show the big kids at Ninty yet another way smash bros development could go in terms of playstyle AND STILL BE successful! #HOMEBREW BOYZ!!!!

So, in a way this project could be looked at, technically, like a spiritual successor to melee that doesn't ditch many of the new additions from Daddy Sakurai himself, in the 'you suck at development' approach from the project m team (not saying i dont love P:M cause i do!!.. 1v1 money-match now!! if you actually thought that). But rather i fuse and incorporate BOTH if not ALL smash revisions to SOME degree. Even adding in content/easter eggs for those of us thats been around since them ]EE[ Syntax Error and brawl+ days Wink. All of these incorporated all at once!, (hence the name Kh@0$) and judging by the positive feedback I've been getting since I've been working on this project, i have no doubt you will like it too! Its one of the listed project aims for a reason! Smiley

Where is the project at now? (In terms of development)
Well you can download the first official public beta here: ( http://ssbkhaos.tumblr.com/download ) and see for yourself.
There are 2 Versions currently, one of which is Riivolution based (public version 0.9 as of now) (code named SSB:Khaos Alpha Version).
As well as an expansion pack in the works, (gecko based) (closed beta testing version) (soon to be code named SSB:Khaos Omega Version) with all them sexy; extra expansion stages, clone engine characters, and (hopefully) cbliss textures support. (Have any skill and passion in any of those just listed? Want to help out on any of this? Be sure to Private Message me. Any assistance is welcome <3)
I also will be updating the public version to version 1.0 asap. After that, i will compile a change log of all the changes made, and a Readme.txt of all the brawlvault credits i can find, with links to their respective brawlvaults... but ill try not to get too ahead of myself..

Just download, play with some friends, play with CPUs, play with yourself, use lotion or Vaseline if needed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), do what you gotta do! Got Wifi? Connect that Bxtch!! [Wii/Wiiu] and play with ME! As well as other members of TeamKamiSquad [TKS] ON STREAM! 1V1!!!! (and 2v2s too)
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/kamisquad_x
HitBox: http://www.hitbox.tv/KamiSquadX

Development Positions:
As I've said earlier, this project is made to cater TO and made BY, The Smash Community Itself! We're ALL essentially the beta testers, stage modders, animators, etc. We can vote, and voice our opinions on which characters should be in the game etc. by popular demand and make it so...

So Yeah, you can submit any new or existing work you've done, to possibly get it featured in Khaos with credit to you and who ever else necessary, send to; The ssbkhaos.tumblr.com page, my live stream at twitch.tv/kamisquad_x and hitbox.tv/KamiSquadX, also on the dedicated twitter and facebook pages (coming soon?), private message me here. as well as hopefully a dedicated forum post for submissions and ideas in the future, or you can upload to brawlvault with a "#KhaosSubmission" in the title or something and tag me in collab. section ( brawlvault user name: KamiSquad_X)

Note: Just cause you can work independently doesn't mean you have to! <3. If you want to be heavily involved with the project helping out with what ever you can do. Be sure to like, follow, subscribe, and leave comments, on any or all of those listed above. Even DONATE to the livestreams if you could. Every little bit of support of any kind will help GREATLY!

That being said, lets move on to...
Future Goals/Wish List:

- Melee Airdodge No Longer Puts You Into Special-Fall (Thanks to a former PMDT member for helping me to do this one, much love! <3)
-Fully Functional WIFI Match Making for both wiimfi custom servers (for wii and wii u) and for Dolphin (for pc) (wifi matches post-RIP_nintendo_wifi_servers, are currently tested and working! 1v1 anyone?)

To Do:
-Melee airdodge only once per air (similar to an air jump)
-"-ism"s similar to how you can choose your buffer in brawl+ (also in khaos) you will have the option to ALSO CHOOSE you 'Smash-ism'. Similar to SNK vs Capcom, players will have to option to choose which playstyle, (in this case, your airdodging) or "ism", they prefer to play with. Either 'Brawl-ism' for brawl/sm4sh style airdodging or 'melee-ism' for the obvious, melee airdodging and wavedashing.
-Sm4sh C-Stick Smash Attack Charging
-Sm4sh Ledge Trumping AND Melee Edgehogging Hybrid
-Sm4sh Team Colors? represented as an color aura rather than a costume.
-Ice Climber Wobbling?
-Revamp all Transforming characters with a new transformation system.
-Rip and Add sm4sh wiiu characters to khaos brawl?
-Port Khaos over to Sm4sh for 3DS AND WiiU!!! (3ds version of Khaos seems to be coming out first it looks like! Wink )

Again. Anyone with any knowledge or know-how to go about ANYTHING at all, or maybe your just straight up passionate for smash bros in general and want to playtest. Hit Me Up! Lets Get Some work done! Lets get some Friendlies going. And when shxt gets serious lets throw some money on the table! >:]

I look forward to meeting you all soon.
Cheers to 20XX!
And Cheers to the Smash Modding Community!!

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2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Any good debuggers out there? Need some assistance! on: August 02, 2015, 01:41:48 PM
First off, what's up smash community!  Grin

Ive been brawl hacking since early Syntax Error/Brawl+ days, yet I can't for the life of me get a good debugging session going. Maybe there's a program I'm missing that makes debugging oh so much easier.

(although I did use riivolution's riifs stream template to stream my brawl hax from my pc to my wii via internet which may help since I can see a realtime log on my pc of every file loaded up in brawl in order. As well as the dolphin emulator which does a similar job with its log as well. But both these methods are inconvenient because:
1. I may not have internet all the time to stream via riivo
And 2. My laptop is really old and cant run dolphin smoothly.)

So if anyone knows anything to help me debug or anyone willing to help debug for me ill give you my brawl pac and we could collab. As a bonus if you have any knowledge on wiimfii (the custom online server) we could play test/play competitively for fun.  Wink

That's about it. My brawl pac is mostly completed btw so also expect a public release in the near future (hopefully we recieve more assistance to help speed up said process. But its definitely on its way as it is)

So that's about it.

Thanks bros. Smash community ftw! <3

 (EDIT: I found an option in gecko os that says debugger mode or something but enabling does nothing to my knowledge, or is it only to be used with usb gecko or something like that? Idk.. Any info on the subject is much apprrciated.)
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