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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Another N00B - what a joke! on: April 17, 2012, 01:18:56 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm here to ask you all to help a complete N00B out - me.
I'm probably going to have a lot of problems trying to get this to work on my wii again, especially if there are any dead links.

Ok, so I did find the N00B's complete guide (26 grueling pages which I hope to not have to read and comprehend.)
I also read the readme to the guide (which seems might help me download the stuff correctly in the future)
The readmeclaims the (a ) noobguide is old.
Someone did help me awhile back, but he has since been distant. So, I would like to start by mentioning I do have Hombrew (which has NeoGamma, Riivolution, cIOSX rev21 Installer) and that I also have a shortcut to Riivolution on the Wii's homepage.

I also have 2 SD cards - a 1 gb and 8 gb.

Inside the SD cards are a lot of files...which have become unorganized because of noobish tinkering, sadly.
What happened was when I was 'confident' in swaping music themes I downloaded(yes..) I moved on to stages, And I swapped some with weird names(I got confused with the femblem and yoshiisland stages)
and SOMEHOW all of the data didn't read or play on the wii. So, I tried adding the originals back as well as deleting the entire package and replacing it with a backup. I even tried the original links the guy gave me (deleted) and so NOTHING worked.

Alright, So I'm not sure if I should delete everything and start fresh, or tell everyone the contents of the folder and work from there.

One thing I do know, is that my system is 4.3u and that the link for bootmii in the guide for noobs has been deleted or isn't working. Its one of the first few steps. Maybe I already have it (it seems familiar)

Did anyone want me to post the files of my SD card? Should I skip any steps / pages?

Maybe I should google bootmii and work from there (though I'm not sure if its the same.

I'm using mediafire (it claims the trials over, but I can still download characters, etc)
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