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1  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / How to Nullify an Action Override or Exit and Save for Later Use (Brawlbox) on: December 08, 2018, 03:47:57 PM
Hello! To figure this out, I had to use this tutorial as a reference:

Only use this tutorial if you're editing your file with Brawlbox. PSA offers many features, one of which makes this process much more simple.

An action override is rather self-explanatory. It overrides the normal execution of code with its own to achieve special effects. Simply removing the code in an action override won't remove it, it will cause the character to freeze in place when that action is reached.

There's a tutorial for creating an action override for a character that doesn't have one, and there's a tutorial for creating action overrides for a character that already has one, but what if you needed to remove an action override?

This became a concern for me while I was working on a PSA over Ness. I found that after importing my new model that I could no longer charge my up and down smash attacks. I deduced that since Ness has unique smash attacks, that action overrides were most likely causing the problem (beside bone references), and since I don't plan to use the yo-yo, I tried this out. I think this can work with other characters that experience similar problems.

This tutorial will show how to nullify interfering action overrides until you need them for something else, if ever. If you end up using all of them, you should still be able to use the other tutorials on how to add more. Nullifying them is much easier!

What you need:
- Tabuu Alpha 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iymz8d0ja9bie4i/Tabuu%20Alpha%203.zip?dl=0
- Hex Editor: https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/
- FitCharacter.pac
- No Brawlbox or PSA!

Open up your FitCharacter.pac with Tabuu. I will be using FitNess.pac. Then open MiscData[0] --> sections and click statusAnimCmdDisguiseList for action override or statusAnimCmdExitDisguiseList for action exit. I will be choosing action overrides. If you don't see one or either of these folders then your character doesn't have them, and this tutorial isn't for you. I opened up the folder for Ness' action overrides and found a bunch of them. Clicking one will reveal the ActionID it overrides. The last action override should be empty because it actually marks the end of the list of action overrides.

You can use this link to find what number correlates to each action:

I actually don't need to keep any of these but the last two (excluding the end of list "override"), but I showed the first one that relates to the problem I was having.

Right click  statusAnimCmdDisguiseList and click open hex view (content). Once you're inside, notice that each override is 8 bytes long and they're color coded. The first 4 represent the action ID and the last 4 represent the location of the code it reads. I recommend copying all these values to notepad because we will be reorganizing them in the hex editor. You can also keep a copy of your FitCharacter.pac file to have Tabuu open while you make edits to the other in the hex editor.

Now open the file in your hex editor (you should close Tabuu if you didn't copy your file). At the top click Search ---> Find. Change the Datatype to hex values. Then type the data for the first action override. In this case, mine is 00000029 00018538, but all I need to type is 00018538 and search. You should see the same code as in Tabuu.

Now we have to reorganize the action overrides. In notepad, make a list of action overrides you want to keep and one for overrides you want to omit. However, you have to make sure that they are organized in chronological order in regards to the command location offset.

In my example, the two overrides I want to keep happen to be right next to each other already, so there are no overrides in between them I want to omit. If that's not the case for you, place the ones you want to keep in chronological order like normal, but if you want to reuse one of the unused overrides later, make sure you still place it in chronological order and not at the end of the list. This way if you happen to use all the overrides, it should end up in the original order.

After you have your overrides organized, copy all the overrides you want to keep. Click on the very first override offset, and right click, and choose paste WRITE. Do NOT choose paste insert, this will improperly increase the file size and corrupt the file. Remember the "override" in Tabuu that actually ends the list? It looks like FFFFFFFF 00000000. Type that line immediately after the list of overrides to keep. Now you want to copy all the values for the overrides you're not keeping, and place it immediately after those bytes. Make sure you do not replace the 00000000.

What you have just done is tell the file to stop reading the overrides that you placed after FFFFFFFF 00000000, and the offsets after it aren't read unless you put them before that line. I think technically the omitted overrides don't have to be in order, but its more clean to keep them that way in case you need any of them again.

After you're done, save and open it back up with Tabuu!! (HxD will automatically create a backup for you)
And WAH LAAA!! Those extra action overrides won't hinder you again! To re-purpose an action override or exit just place it accordingly before the FFFFFFFF 00000000 bytes and change the action ID to the one you need, and then recode the commands in brawlbox or psa!

Thanks for listening to my tutorial! If this was helpful, or you found issues, or if it's irrelevant because people barely mod the game anymore, please give feedback!
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Project Porky Minch PSA WIP!! on: September 30, 2018, 08:36:13 PM
Welcome to the PORKY MINCH PSA thread!!!
Original project started by PigMaskColonel, his thread can be found here:
Render by Ninten DS

This PSA aims to create Porky Minch as seen in Mother 3 as a playable character in SSBB! Using his boss 3D model as a base, we're reworking his model by scaling him down, changing its geometry, creating new textures, and modifying his skeleton to better mimic his appearance in Mother 3 and the fan game Super Smash Bros. Crusade. His move set will be a 3D incarnation of his Crusade play style, and in end will be a legitimate character that everyone can enjoy playing as and against. This mod is not aimed to play as an OP boss version of Porky. If this PSA becomes that successful, we could even make a Project M compatible version.

Here is the current progress where everything in "green" is currently finished, "yellow" is in progress, "orange" is not started and "       " is anything we haven't thought up of yet:
Obtained 3D model of Porky boss.
Created .sawnd pack that uses voice acting from Crusade.
Unbinded the skeleton and mesh and scaled down for reworking.
Removed geometry that doesn't exist in Mother 3
Remade the rear of Porky's pants
Replaced his upper torso with Lucas and modified it.
Recreated the UVs for Porky's pants
Combined Porky's UVs and Lucas' UVs into two maps (one for clothes, one for skin)

Retextured the new maps for Porky.
Recreate Porky's skeleton
Remove unnecessary bones from the skeleton.
Rigged the new skeleton to the new mesh.
Decided which character Porky will be ported over.
Created or found pre-existing graphic effects for Porky to use.
Created basic movement animations (duck, stand, walk, run, block, jump, roll).

Created complex movement animations (intro, ledge grab, wake up calls, thrown, etc.).
Created animations for better compatibility (snake special grabs, hammer, ladder climb, etc.).
Created normal attack animations.
Created special attack animations.
Program stats, hurtboxes, and normal attacks.

Program special attacks and some normal attacks.

You can view pictures the process of how I reworked Porky's model here:
Once the model is completed, PigMaskColonel will be helping develop the animations!

Also check out these recolors , renders, and screenshots made by Ninten DS!


The first "build" is actually available. This is the first version that didn't freeze the game and features crude animations made by me, and isn't exactly playable. However it proves that Porky is currently "working" in game. The project is no longer being built off of this version, which will hopefully fix a lot of the issues with this build and make the process as clean as possible.
Some of the thing's you'll find in this version:
- Doesn't freeze the game!
- Works over Lucas.
- Bones were added to avoid the game freezing.
- Hopefully will use Porky's move set from Smash Bros. Crusade!
- Hurt box was adjusted and picks small items up with the mech's arm.
- Currently uses the boss's animations as a base, so some animations (not attacks) aren't the same as SSBC.
- Requires every animation in FitMotion.pac to be remade due to his mech.
- Animations that haven't been remade will cause Porky to revert to his original size.
- I have made a sawnd pack over the boss Porky once this is finished, and...
- I plan to create extra model datas in FitPorky.pac so his graphics won't collide with Lucas in BrawlEx. This can be
   done with hex editing.
- Porky can be grabbed, and thrown, but won't take damage from grab attacks as far as I've seen. This might be
  because of his hurtbox.
- Likewise, he can grab and throw others but deals no damage when using a grab attack. His hit boxes will need
- Certain universal graphic effects (such as the ones that appear after landing or running) appear in the wrong
  location. They might be attached to one of the bones I added. If not, I don't know why that's happening yet.
- If Porky turns around and faces left, the backside of the mech will be shown, unlike the boss battle and in SSBC.
- The animations I've made could be smoother, and I need to find out his actual frame data before animating his

Please come check out our Discord for more frequent updates and talk if you're interested!

3  Help & Tutorials / Music/SFX Tutorials / BrawlEx Custom Victory Themes REPLACING .brstms on: June 28, 2015, 04:28:28 PM
One moment I was about to post a topic in the "help" section on how to do this, the next moment I'm making a tutorial, mostly because I can't find any really good tutorial yet. I sincerely hope this isn't one of those things everybody knows but me... but let's get into it! I'll be using Brawlbox v0.71.

I'm going to be showing you how to create custom victory themes for your BrawlEx character without modifying other characters' themes or using codes. However, you will need to replace a .brstm file.

What you'll need:

Please note that you don't actually have to modify smashbros_sound.brsar, we just need it to find some information you'll need.

Preparing BRSTM (If you already have one then you can skip this):
First, have a wav or mp3 file of the victory theme you want to add. Also, you should know of a song you want to replace. Open up BCSM, and choose "Add". Locate your song and MAKE SURE that loop is not checked, unless you're doing it on purpose. Then create your brstm!
After it finishes, exit the box and select "SD/folder" and choose the root of your SD card. Select your song and click "To SD". Now find the song you want to replace and KEEP TRACK of the ID of the original song. The ID of the song I'm changing is U08. Now we can move on!

Finding Info Index of the song:
Open up smashbros_sound.brsar with BrawlBox. expand "snd" NOT "SND", then "bgm". You should see all the values for brstm files (except Wolf). Find the ID of the song you replaced. Next, expand that folder and click the node whose name resembles the original name of the song. On the right side of Brawlbox, scroll all the way down until you reach the file index under Misc. Write that number down somewhere or type it into notepad.

Exit Brawlbox, and now open the hex editor. Find the SlotConfig of the character you want to modify. In 0x22 and 0x23 should be the ID of the victory theme the character uses. You can use this list to make sure you're looking at the right values:
283D: {Mario victory music (Mario version)}
283E: {Donkey Kong victory music (Donkey Kong version)}
283F: {Zelda victory music (Link version)}
2840: {Metroid victory music (Samus version)}
2841: {Yoshi victory music}
2842: {Kirby victory music (Kirby version)}
2843: {Star Fox victory music (Fox/Wolf version)}
2844: {Pokemon victory music (Pikachu version)}
2845: {Mario victory music (Luigi version)}
2846: {F-Zero victory music}
2847: {EarthBound victory music (Ness version)}
2848: {Mario victory music (Bowser version)}
2849: {Mario victory music (Peach version)}
284A: {Zelda victory music (Zelda version)}
284B: {Zelda victory music (Sheik version)}
284C: {Ice Climber victory music}
284D: {Fire Emblem victory music (Marth version)}
284E: {Game & Watch victory music}
284F: {Star Fox victory music (Falco version)}
2850: {Zelda victory music (Ganondorf version)}
2851: {Wario victory music}
2852: {Meta Knight victory music}
2853: {Kid Icarus victory music}
2854: {Metroid victory music (Zero Suit Samus version)}
2855: {Pikmin victory music}
2856: {EarthBound victory music (Lucas version)}
2857: {Donkey Kong victory music (Diddy Kong version)}
2858: {Pokemon victory music (Pokemon Trainer version)}
2859: {Kirby victory music (King Dedede version)}
285A: {Pokemon victory music (Lucario version)}
285B: {Fire Emblem victory music (Ike version)}
285C: {R.O.B. victory music}
285D: {Pokemon victory music (Jigglypuff version)}
285E: {Pokemon victory music (Mewtwo version?)}
285F: {Fire Emblem victory music (Roy version?)}
2860: {Zelda victory music (Toon Link version)}
2861: {Metal Gear victory music}
2862: {Sonic victory music

Now use the calculator on your computer or the website I provided and convert the ID of the song you found from decimal to hexadecimal. Finally, take that number and replace the original value for the victory theme.

Save it, and you're done! You can also use this method to change the victory theme of preexisting characters! I hope this tutorial helped someone(s) and thanks for using my tutorial!
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / How did people import models? on: June 18, 2013, 11:39:35 PM
How did people import models into SSBB before Brawl Box v0.67b came out, if that's the only one that will import or export a model file other than .mdl0?
5  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / Semipsycho's Guide To Retexturing Mr. Game & Watch on: April 26, 2013, 11:07:04 PM
This is a guide on how to retexture Mr. Game & Watch. Unlike the other characters, he does not have any image files containing his textures, and only has one FitGamewatch00.pac file because all of his different colors are inside of it. This is why if you got a model import over Mr. Game & Watch, each color is the same. Okay, let's get started.

***Here's a picture on Google that has each Mr. Game & Watch in order. It might come in handy later.

Step 1: Download FitGamewatch00.pac here:

Step 2: Open FitGamewatch00.pac with Brawl Box (v0.67b preffered).

Step 3: You will see a bunch of different data folders, choose the first one that says "AnimationData[0]".

Step 4: Open "AnmClr[NW4R]", and there will be 5 different folders. The first one, "AGameWatch", contains the inner colors for Mr. Game & Watch. The others are for the outer brim colors for MGW. You will need to change them each to the same colors.

Step 5: First let's change MGW's inner colors. Open "AGameWatch", and click on "TevColorReg0", and you will see different colors like this:

Step 6: This is where the picture I gave you comes in handy. The colors here correspond to the colors in the picture. Do not edit the Mask color or the one at the very bottom, it isn't used. Change each color to what you desire, but do not choose a number for "A".

*** I suggest you keep a Notepad open to record your RGB settings of your choice, like this:
Outer Colors:
Black: RGB: 0
Orange: R: 232 G: 132 B: 0
Aquish: R: 13 G: 155 B: 122
White: RGB: 255
Lime: R: 163 G: 198 B: 9
Pink: R: 255 G: 0 B: 117

Inner Colors:
White: RGB: 255
Red: R: 224
Green: R: 90 G: 188 B: 22
Light Blue: R: 147 G: 255 B: 249
Yellow: R: 229 G: 255
Purple: R: 74 B: 191

These are my colors:
I basically made all the original colors more vivid, and replaced the blue one with the light blue one, and edited the original light blue one to be purple.

Step 7: Now we want to edit the outer colors. There are multiple folders that contain the same palette. You need to change each individually. Unfortunately you can't export the "TevColorReg0" and replace the ones with the same colors, or you'll get a result that looks like this:

***Remember, this is where recording the RGB settings will help because you can just insert the same numbers for each corresponding color.

This is what all of my outer colors look like:

Step 8: Now that you've finished copying all of those, there's one more that you need to do. Fortunately, this one doesn't have as many to copy. Scrolling a little bit down there is another AnimationData[0], open it, and you will see more of the same thing. Just change it to what you did with the other one, and then you're almost done!

Step 9: Save the FitGamewatch00.PAC to a destination folder of your choice, and then save another one into the same place but name it FitGamewatch00.PCS.

Step 10: Place into SD: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/fighter/gamewatch. Play in-game and enjoy!

If anybody wants me to make portraits for their retextured Mr. Game & Watch, then ask me, and I will try to find some time to make some for you. Have fun retexturing, and I hope this tutorial helped anybody!
(I tried my best to make it exactly 10 steps).
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Weird BrawlBox v0.67b Error on: April 15, 2013, 11:17:14 PM
Earlier today I was using BrawlBox v0.67b perfectly fine then now for some reason this message pops up:

Does anybody know what this means? I tried downloading a new mscorlib.dll but it had no effect so I just replaced the new one with my old one. After that, I tried to download a new copy of BrawlBox v0.67b, and when I went to the download from Brawl Vault I was greeted with this message:

Does anybody have a solution to this? I am using Google Chrome and I tested this with BrawlBox v0.67d, and it works still.
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Stages / Stage IDs on: March 27, 2013, 08:36:25 PM
Is anybody else having a hard time finding which stage they want to open in Brawl Box to modify? Here's a list of all the IDs for the stages:

Yoshi's Island              STGCRAYON.PAC
Delfino Plaza              STGDOLPIC.PAC
75m                         STGDONKEY.PAC
Big Blue                           STGDXBIGBLUE.PAC
Corneria                           STGDXCORNERIA.PAC
Jungle Japes                   STGDXGARDEN.PAC
Green Greens               STGDXGREENS.PAC
Onett                       STGDXONETT.PAC
Temple                      STGDXSHRINE.PAC
Yoshi's Island                    STGDXYORSTER.PAC
Brinstar                            STGDXZEBES.PAC
Distant Planet              STGEARTH.PAC
Mario Bros.              STGFAMICOM.PAC
Final Destination           STGFINAL.PAC
Port Town Aero Dive   STGFZERO.PAC
Green Hill                      STGGREENHILL.PAC
Flat Zone 2              STGGW.PAC
Battle Field              STGBATTLEFIELD.PAC
Halberd                 STGHALBERD.PAC
Summit                 STGICE.PAC
Rumble Falls              STGJUNGLE.PAC
Mario Circuit              STGKART.PAC
Warioware, Inc.      STGMADEIN.PAC
Rainbow Cruise            STGDXRCRUISE.PAC
Luigi's Mansion              STGMANSION.PAC
Mushroomy Kingdom 1   STGMARIOPAST_00.PAC
Mushroomy Kingdom 2   STGMARIOPAST_01.PAC
Shadow Moses Isle (Rex)   STGMETALGEAR_00.PAC
Shadow Moses Isle (Ray)   STGMETALGEAR_01.PAC
Shadow Moses (Gecko)   STGMETALGEAR_02.PAC
New Pork City              STGNEWPORK.PAC
Norfair                 STGNORFAIR.PAC
Bridge of Eldin              STGOLDIN.PAC
Frigate Orpheon      STGORPHEON.PAC
Skyworld                      STGPALUTENA.PAC
Pictochat                      STGPICTCHAT_en.PAC
Pirate Ship              STGPIRATES.PAC
Hanenbow              STGPLANKTON.PAC
Pokemon Stadium            STGDXPSTADIUM.PAC
Pokemon Stadium 2           STGSTADIUM.PAC
Spear Pillar (Dialga)           STGTENGAN_1.PAC
Spear Pillar (Palkia)           STGTENGAN_2.PAC
Spear Pillar (Cresselia)    STGTENGAN_3.PAC
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Mario Freezing Without Hacks on: March 22, 2013, 07:23:59 PM
Every time a match is loaded (this includes Classic mode) with Mario in it, the game freezes although I don't have any hacks for Mario on my SD card.

I think my problem is that recently I put a Metal Mario Hack over Mario, and I removed the SD card from my computer before it finished copying by accident. Today when I looked in my SD card, there was no Mario folder in the fighter folder. Either Mario's folder didn't show up because of the data that occurred when I took out the SD card too early, or I simply deleted it because I didn't want the hack or I thought that it wouldn't work (I tried using this hack in the past, but instead of Metal Mario it was just normal Mario). I can't remember which one happened.

Also, I'm not sure if this has any relevance, but I modified all of Donkey Kong's files besides Wiimote and Announcer sounds to Wreck-It Ralph. I modified his FitDonkey##.pac files, and all of his portraits that you can see including the names. I just thought that this might be relevant because Donkey Kong is the character right after Mario.

I haven't tried starting any matches that had a costume other than Mario's original costume. Perhaps something went wrong because I tried to make Metal Mario over his original costume before I pulled the SD card too early.

I tried creating a folder in fighter called mario, and inserted nothing in it, but my game still froze. My game freezes right when the match starts, but I have one second to move before the game freezes.

If anyone has another idea why Mario freezes the game without any hacks for him I'd appreciate it if you would tell me. Thanks in advance.

*** 100th post! n.n!
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / How to open ".glob" files on: March 16, 2013, 06:09:02 PM
.glob is the type of file used for Wreck - It Ralph Wii. I want to see if I can extract models from that rather than using an emulator and a model ripper. Is there a program that can open and modify .glob files?
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / MenSelchrFace + InfFace Locations on: March 07, 2013, 06:02:27 PM
Where is the MenSelchrFace portraits and the InfFace portraits located besides in menu and info because I'm using Riivolution.

Thanks in advance!
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Full CSS Code(s)? on: February 23, 2013, 01:59:54 PM
Does anybody know which codes are used to extend the character selection screen so you can choose sheik, zelda, zero suit samus, and the individual pokemon by themselves as individual characters? If you give me the codes, I would greatly appreciate it.

***Thanks in advance.
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Character Expansion on: February 01, 2013, 08:33:15 PM
I understand that the stage expansion pack requires custom stages to be disabled, but like the stage expansion pack for Mario Kart Wii, is it possible to create a character expansion for Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I know that this will require all the .pac and .pcs files inside the SD card destination for the character, and I would have to edit the character sound package somehow to add archives and such into it for my new characters, or steal some sounds from other characters, and might have to add things in common3.pac for someone such as Link. Does anybody think this is physically possible? Is it already possible?
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