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1  Super Smash Bros. 4 Hacking / Requests / Mii Fighters Model Edit: Smaller Heads on: April 05, 2017, 07:36:44 PM
Hey, I haven't really gotten into sm4sh modding so I have no idea how to achieve this, so here I am. If anyone could either teach me how to (what I'd assume is a easiest solution despite not being wifi safe) bone edit the mii fighters in order to reduce their head size to something less... bulbous or just edit their head size for me I'd really appreciate it! I always liked the mii fighters despite how weak they are in their 1-1-1-1 set.

Thank you for reading! Smiley
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Project Concept: Super Smash Brothers: Aliquam on: June 14, 2014, 03:45:52 PM

Aliquam is google translate's latin translation of customization hence the rainbow for a lot of options. This project's goal is to have an item system integrated to all battles, the idea is to have it overwrite Brawl's original sticker system for this but it'll need heavy coding.
SSB WiiU/3DS has a feature like this: http://www.smashbros.com/us/howto/entry2.html

My idea is a little different however: Instead of the item system I suggest something similar to EVs in Pokemon, the default however would be a balance 100 throughout Attack Damage, Attack Knockback, Jump Height, Weight, Resistance, Speed and Control. How this would work is the 100 stands for the % of the original value the characters have in their moveset so if I took out 25% of a characters DMG and put into their KB they would deal 25% less damage but would launch enemies 25% further! A limit would of course have to be set to both how low and how high they can go which would probably be 50%-200%.
How these would be saved would be how controls are saved, player names; choose your name and edit your stats for a character and have it saved in the game's data! (Probably over SSE's memory)

Possibly certain characters have an unbalanced default depending on their costume so for example Captain Falcon would fight normally but Blood Falcon costumes would be coded slower but stronger, actually this part I'm not sure if it's be better to include as part of the editing menu showing the max of a stat being lower than the regular 100% or if it'd just be better to make it in PSA/Animations but whatever is better better be better.

Now the harder and maybe not even possible part would be the alternate special moves being selected in a menu instead of in battle by setting certain bits or loading different pacs for different settings.

What this project really needs is great coders to allocate everything over something like SSE, the games in the vault, stickers etc. Any help, idea or suggestion is appreciated and I really hope this will one day be an actual project happening instead of just a concept!

Thank you for reading!
3  Help & Tutorials / Help / Dolphin Emulator missing final SFX on: June 14, 2014, 12:13:45 PM
So I have a full, unscrubbed Brawl ISO and I'm using it with dolphin and it all works fine until I use it with gecko; for some weird reason whenever I load Brawl with Gecko on Dolphin the sound effects of final smashes don't load so for example Peach's final smash is silent, so is DK's and so is Dedede's? I'm using Brawlex without configs for any characters other than Mario to have extra slots for Dr. Mario. Is it just a bug that will stay unless I make a custom ISO?
4  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / More exciting Eyes (with Gimp) on: June 09, 2014, 05:00:19 PM
So first things first: a lot of the eyes in Brawl are extremely boring and simple but if you want to spice up the coloring for your hacks then read on.
This tutorial will use vBrawl Zelda's Eye as a base.

Step 1 - *Optional* - Contrast:

Open your eye texture in gimp and use the brightness/contrast tool in the colors tab to make the variation between dark and light bigger therefore more dramatic and appealing. I used 30 on both.

Step 2 - Color:

Choose between the Hue-Saturation and colorize tools in the colors tab to change the color of the eye to whatever color you want it to be. I used the Hue-Saturation tool and adjusted the hue to 180 to make it brown. Feel free to reuse step 1 and 2 throughout the rest for all of the layers you'll add!

Step 3 - Lower Aurora effect

Decide on a color you want to highlight the underside of the pupil, I've chosen teal although a color closer to the original could be better such as orange in this case, then create a new layer, set your brush size to something small, in my case I'm using 3, then use the pixel brush with the airbrush tool, I'm using the airbrush with it's default start-up settings, and brush up the area around the pupil that is being affected by light. Once you've colored that area with the airbrush select the smudge tool, change your brush to one of Gimp's default brushes called Bristle 02 or any brush that is light random noise and start smudging the color of the new layer until the change between the main color and the new color isn't so extreme; a tip is to smudge from the center of the pupil outward and if needed change the layer's opacity to something below 100, I've set mine to 96.

Step 4 - U Aurora effect

Extremely similar to step 3 except choose a different color, I've chosen yellow, and make the higlights closer and all around the pupil and smuding the darker areas more than the lighter ones. I suggest you don't merge down the layers until the end.

Step 5 - Sun Aurora effect

Like step 3 and four choose a color, I've chosen lime green, and this time your highlights will go from the pupil all the way to the edge of the cornea but as rays instead, which is why it's dubbed the sun effect. For this one use a more solid brush like one of the hardness ones to smudge the darker areas while still using the same as the previous steps for the lighter areas. After you've smudged it a bit lower the opacity of the layer to whatever you think looks best then you can clean up the layers if needed and merge them down!

This process can have great results although the one created for this tutorial isn't really that good. Either way here's the finished PNG for the example:

Edit!: Can't believe I just remembered, if you want the eye to truly be higher quality you can modify that when importing the image with brawlbox! Use CI8 with the highest quality possible! It'll take some extra data but its still an option! xD
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Looking for codes (Stop sticker spawn and better grab) on: June 05, 2014, 07:51:51 AM
Does anyone have a code that stops the sticker item from spawning in battle? And a different code to make the grab button (in my case Z) not work as a shield? I'm tired of all the distracting papers and annoying function that makes the character shield instead of grab when I've clearly pressed the grab button.  Im srs here
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Alloys, Giga Bowser and Wario Man on: August 18, 2012, 08:21:24 PM
Hey everyone, I was curious if it'd be possible to have all of these guys in one slot and switchable by team textures on the CSS; OR (what would be better) make the game load team textures for them so then they don't have just the Zako****00.pcs/pcs and load the 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.
Thanks in advance!
7  Help & Tutorials / Vertex Tutorials / Vertice in the hex world: locations on: June 23, 2012, 07:05:17 PM
So I'm the kind of guy that uses hex to mix vertex hacks and such.. I've recently lost a LOT of my hex data  Im srs here
Thus the idea for this thread was born! What is this thread you ask? Its where offsets for vertice points are kept (safely) in hex (I use HxD) and what part of the polygon they belong to! This means you can mix polygon parts of different vertex hacks.
The way its gonna work is this:
1-We never consider the first line of an exported vertex file so we delete that before getting our data.

2-First we name what part of the polygon this area(s) is (if its something that's split between left/right like Zelda's head then add to the name what side it is like: Zelda head right or Zelda head left)

3- The way that is clearest to use this is by showing the length, the begin offset and the end offset in the VERTEX file, never the .mdl0. (If you don't know what I mean by vertex file: the vertex.ddf except this time we don't add the .ddf and don't have to give it any other name than the original)

Anyway.. Here's a bit of data from something I just worked on:

Character: Link
Name: Hair (updated)
Vertex: FitLink00_BeltM__FitLink00_FitLink_BodyB (Original Length - first line = 3B50)
Begin Offset: 14AA
End Offset: 1D43
Length: 89A

So yeah.. If anyone wants to help fill this data in to make it easier to find vertices feel free to post. I hope this thread is actually useful to someone other than me >.<

Post Merge: June 23, 2012, 07:11:05 PM

Thread is a WIP, second post will show how to use this stuff and such.. My internet is extremely slow atm so please be patient.
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / New problem ._____. on: April 24, 2012, 01:46:04 PM
So the code manager program for some reason went completely retarded   I've been unable to save codes txt and GCTs without them getting corrupted now. Anyone know a better program or a different way to create GCT with codes from text documents?

I also tried redownloading but that just made it be unable to export more than 256 lines of code even though brawl can take more  Im srs here

Edit: if it helps here is a corrupt .txt of my codes


Okay, so using two different versions of code manager (newer one for txt modifying and older for gct exporting) I was able to get stuff to work except now the game soft freezes after leaving the result screen.. BTW this glitchyness all started after removing project M so I'm thinking of re-re-inserting my hacks back to see if it fixes any glitches...
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Haven't been able to find: on: September 24, 2011, 12:20:37 PM
Is there a code somewhere that allows characters to be 3D on Flat Zone 2? I replaced it with a Jungle japes based stage and I kinda hate seeing 2D characters fighting on a 3D Stage... I searched but didn't find anything... Usually stuff gets pretty buried around here .__.
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / Where is it in hex? on: February 14, 2011, 05:14:52 PM
Okay.. so I'm hexing my FitLink.pac and I'm able to find everything I need except for the gale boomerangs pull... I don't mean the boomerang's collision, I mean its pull collision... I can't find it >.<; I'm not experienced in hex so I'm being blunt here, Which line is that pull collision at so then I can erase it!?

Please and Thank you ;P
11  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Alses' Moveset edits and others thread on: February 06, 2011, 08:06:11 PM
Oh Hey everybody, this is my new moveset thread (reusing Fixed Link's thread derp) So I'm gonna put info of my hacks here from now on Cheesy *sigh* Still having problems with brawlbox though, gonna try the newest release... Leave suggestions, feedback, or anything for any of my hacks in the vault even the not PSA ones if you wish Wink

OP is under construction, I hope to make it less ugly later on... Hopefully before SSB4 lol

Fixed Link V3.1
Uploaded V3.1.. Wanted to only get it out there once it was possible to make new sword glows but oh well Tongue Once Eternal Yoshi finds a way to make it work I'll make an updated one.. (if you wanna know why I want different sword glow colors its because I want new arrow traces XD)

V3.0 is out but I didn't get bomb arrows working :c So instead he's got different kinds of arrows Cheesy Also his boomerang is a multihit projectile now with horrible graphics with which I have no idea what is better to put in Im srs here The download went over V2.9 which I lost the files of due to Megaupload going down.


Ohai everyone, I restarted my fixed Link from V1 since I didn't really like how V2 came out  not impressed
So anyway I made V2.9 with changes that I liked and restored stuff I didn't really care about such as the new B-throw and the fire arrows... Anyway its not V3 Because I wanted to know what YOU want in Link to "fix" him! You should try out the V2.9 and say what needs to be changed in your opinion Cheesy
The biggest change in V2.9 was the boomerang, it slows down before returning to Link if its reflected, it doesn't go back if it hits enemies (it goes right through them :O!) and it no longer has the tornado and its pull... The rest of the PSA is just recycled and tweaked stuff from V1 and V2...

V2 Post
Hello all who are interested in this!
If you liked Fixed Link V1 that's in my brawlvault because Link's moves didn't change then... Well you might not be 100% happy with V2... (Which is why I'll also release 1.5)
It changes some moves completely instead of just how they work  Awesome Face

What changed? Here's a list of which moves changed completely:

Wait... only 4? Lol yeah... But other things were changed as well:
Boomerang stuns on primary flight and pulls a bit more in return.
Arrows are fire arrows now
Spin attack works better than V1
Link is faster, lighter, more flexible and less resistant. (When I release it and you try it then you'll understand what I mean by flexible)

Version 1.5 is in the description of V1 (You need the motionpac from V1)

Also thanks to Sumire Omelette because without him I wouldn't had been able to hex stuff right! Although at first glance I had no idea what he sent me, the second time helped a lot Cheesy

Up-B on the ground





Project M-Lucas-Like Ness
Made a new version with some moves from Project M's Lucas.. U-tilt and D-Air are the only ones I can remember though lol

Credit to kirbys246's Avatar Ness since I used and slightly modified the coding from the N-B and D-Air
Lucas-like Ness

I use Brawl+ Btw

No this will NOT be a complete clone of Lucas, I'm just giving Ness the things that made Lucas awesome and keeping most of his originality. (Such as the Yo-yo down smash :3 )
Please no saying: Just play Lucas or They're the same I don't even know what you changed, that can get irritating ._.

What do you think? do the graphics need touch-ups? will this fill your Lucas playstyle needs?

<o< >o>

Move changes as requested!
I used the Brawl+ Ness as a base so he had a lot of power to him before and now he doesn't, that is the main change.
Air Attacks
Damage % in EVERY move was reduced except on his already weak moves
He was made a LOT faster than normal Ness
He is now a tiny bit more floaty
AAA- Its just the same except strings together with more ease but hey, who uses this anyway?
Side tilts are all Lucas' with some modification (EX: Graphics and knockback)
Up tilt is Ness' with % modifications
Down Tilt is Ness' "same as above"
Dash Attack is now a bit more useful knockback-wise
Side Smash is Buffed and is his strongest and most useful smash (his kill-joy move)
Up Smash is PK Flash, it uses Lucas' up smash animation but it doesn't kill as much and is a bit bigger
Down Smash is the same as Brawl+ Ness' which is a more epic version of it =P
Neutral Air is Lucas' with new graphics and modified hitboxes
Foward Air is Ness' with % changes
Up Air is Ness' with % changes
Down Air is Avatar Ness' with changed graphics and effects (Spike)
Back Air is Lucas' with modified graphics and effects (weaker but funner to use spike)
Neutral Special is now PK (Something) since Idk what to call it
Its just basically the same as Avatar Ness' except new timing, graphics, hitboxes and I forget what else.
Side Special is still PK Fire (The same)
I always liked Ness' PK Fire more so I didn't change it
Up Special is PK thunder (More useful)
It now is a multi hit that can go through foes and the PKT2 is like Lucas'
Down Special is PSI Magnet (The same)
I always abused of Lucas' ability to use his PSI magnet as a weapon so I decided not to do that to Ness
Final Smash (PK Starstorm)
I didn't even look at the final smash. PK starstorm! What else could you want?

This moveset wasn't made to make a clone of Lucas. It was made for Lucas users to have more ease using Ness whilst having Scott Pilgrim over their favored Earthbound/Mother character =P

Future Thoughts:

Sword wielding Zelda!
Already have a sword, giving it to Zelda is done, animations and moveset making has not begun due to other things to do.

Brawl+ Restart from scratch Rosalina!? Something On Peach
This is after sword Zelda in my priority list, thus the LAST thing on there.

Secret projects
Its a secret why would I tell you?  not impressed
12  Help & Tutorials / Help / Eye movement? on: January 15, 2011, 07:21:20 PM
Giving mew animations to characters can be fun... But I hate having the character's eyes looking to the wrong place... Especially Marth since in his normal wait animation he looks to the side and if you give him a new wait animation that makes him face forward his eyes look to the side... I wanna know how to control the eye movement to change where they look... And also where is the place where this kind of thing is set: o.o; PSA? Texture animations? I have no idea .___.'
13  Help & Tutorials / Help / Programmers PLEASE! on: November 02, 2010, 07:52:47 AM
This is about animation swaps and deformities... So everyone knows that to fix a deformity you need to go in brawlbox and copy the traslations from the T-stance and place it in the first frame of the animation that was ported and you gotta do it to every bone... So to skip the annoying constant copy and pasting is there any programmer that can PLEASE make a program that automatically does this copy and pasting? Every time I port animations I wonder WHY ISN'T THERE A PROGRAM TO DO THIS YET?  Im srs here

I suck at explaining what I want but I think the idea got through... right?

Please and thanks BTW

14  Help & Tutorials / Help / First stage hack help! on: July 06, 2010, 05:33:33 AM
Okay I have absolutely NO experience at stage hacking and this is my first one... I finished the stage but when I select the stage it freezes and not the quiet kind of freeze... Could someone find the problem and fix it because I have absolutely NO idea on how to fix stages... Oh and stage credit goes to Sanitys Theif for the tree and bom rain and credit to fairking for his grassland canyon stage that I used for the base...

The name of the stage is Bom Canyon... And here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?imozmmyczod

Obviously goes over battlefield without any .rel files..
15  Help & Tutorials / Help / Stupid hacks aren't working >:O on: June 04, 2010, 10:06:26 PM
I recently got a new SD card and I put in all of my hacks from my old one... But for some stupid reason the codes are working but ONLY the codes so nothing changes besides the CSS and the SSS  not impressed
I checked SO many times to see if everything was in the right place and still NOTHING! I placed it like this:
SD card root>Private>Wii>App>RSBE>Pf>then my hacks... which is how I always did it But for some reason it isn't working anymore... Not sure if it helps but I also started using Neogamma... Someone please tell me how to get the dam hacks to work again!
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