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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Haru Akenaga Character Mod Pack (Brawl Version) on: February 06, 2017, 08:06:17 PM
Hello, I have decided to finally develop a serious character mod for smash.
This thread is about the development and future release of Haru Akenaga. Haru Akenaga is a character that will be released for both Brawl, and Wii U.

As for the Brawl version...
The concept of the character is that you 'level up' as you play by satisfying certain conditions.
Leveling up will get you new moves, and allow you to access level-draining finishers.
The character will have a tap, and a hold version for each move, sort of like Ryu in Smash 4. However, you must be level 4 or higher to use the powerful variation of these moves. Reaching level 10 will allow you to reach a stronger mode, but dying will reset your levels back to 0.

Here is a character sheet for the character concept. It was used to make the 3D model.
This is Haru Akenaga, a man who defeated his own shadow and created his own ninjutsu. Pictured alongside him is his future blade, the Empath Blade. It is an weapon from unknown origin, designed to be a switchblade beam-katana. It goes from being an beam katana to a beam rifle which utilize the trigger. With his unique abilities, Haru Akenaga is able to travel back in time to save his own life and change the past. He fights the future and relies on his angel's powers to protect him when all else fails.

Here is the 3D model's current head. It took a very long time to get just right.
It's still getting updated and receiving its texture soon.

The unique thing about Haru is that you start off as a younger Haru, and must level up to level 4 to become your older shinobi self. This is based off of the canon (of Haru's origin), where Haru can travel backwards in time (with a special ability) to when he was a child, and change into his adult body with all of his skills from the future. Once Haru has his adult body, he will have access to the 'hold' version of aerials and special attacks (press and hold the attack command for aerials and specials), and he gains a sword. Haru can now use smash attacks past level 4, and has other enhanced moves, such as 5 new aerials. Haru's future sword, 'Empath Blade' allows him to throw a blade which floats in place temporarily. Enemies can be tossed into this blade for damaging combos. While the blade is positioned away from Haru, attacks involving the sword (The smashes, Hold-Forward Air, Hold-Up Air, and Jab 3 Hold) are unusable and give inputs for their non-hold form, and tilts for the smashes. This is reminiscent of 'The First Samurai' for NES.

Haru's concept is to perform a majority of strings and combos, and cancel them into moves that allow you to level up. Haru uses a tap-or-hold system for most of his moves. Tapping the button will do one move, and holding it will perform another move (as long as Haru is in his adult form, which means level 4 and up).

Haru has several moves to deal with shield since he has a few moves that bounce off of opponents and their shields. Haru finishes opponents with moves that drain his level. If his level is too low, he loses a majority of his special powers and reverts to his younger body. Leveling up to 4 again will allow you to use all abilities. All of Haru's abilities are meant to feel unique, and cool.

Haru Akenaga is a work in progress, and subject to change. Haru will have unique special attacks which will have enough knock-back to kill at high percents, unlike most of his other moves. They will drain his level if he isn't K.O'd before he levels up high.
Haru's specials currently include:

- A projectile (still deciding, currently a knife)
- A thrown sword, which floats before coming back
- A lightning strike, which strikes at a delay
- A beam rifle, usable only if the weapon is not thrown.
- A shadow-dash move, which functions as Haru's run, and cancels into...
- A kick move, which has a combo version, and heavy hitting version.
- A skyward blade strike with a large range.

Haru will have - 8 different recolors
A unique voice
A Unique weapon model
A unique stage track
Almost all unique animations and coding
A unique model
A Smash Wii U release

Full Move-set Below

Copied and pasted directly:

Haru Akenaga: Brawl Version

Haru Akenaga starts off in 'Past Mode' in his young character model. When you complete certain actions, he levels up. At level 4, he switches to his future self, obtaining new moves and weapons. Using level-draining special moves, Haru can use strikes which are capable of defeating opponents at high percentages, unlike most of his other moves.

Down B (Ground): Haru holds his hands up as if he is praying, and closes his eyes. A few seconds later, a lightning bolt will come down. If you press it again, a lightning bolt which meteors enemies will come down instantly.
Down B (aerial):
Hover - Initiate a float which will soon cast lightning. Stops your momentum, and a 6% lightning bolt will come down in front of you in about half a second.
Hover Cancel -If you dodge out before casting, it'll cancel the float and Haru will begin falling.
Snipe: If you tap B while floating, Haru will pull out the Empath Blade, and  shoot it in its rifle form, diagonally down. The shot stops opponents in their place and launches them slightly down. You can meteor anything that hits the base of the gun as it's shooting. Not usable if the Empath Blade is already floating away from Haru.

B:  Knife throw. Does 4%. Has low endlag.
Hold B: Hold B to throw your blade. It'll return if it hits something, but if it doesn't, it will spin in place after a set distance, and then come back to you after a set time, making it useful for combos. It doesn't hit enemies on the way back. While the sword is out, you can't use any moves that require it. The initial throw is supposed to be quite powerful alone, while the spinning blade is mostly useful for combos.

Up B: Launches upwards in an arcing pattern and slices. Frame 6 move.
Level 5: The attack becomes a multihit with larger range
Level 10: Lightning strikes right before you up B, setting a hitbox that drags them to your sword (lightning strikes vertically right above Haru).
Side B: Haru begins to dash very low at high speeds with his shadow and phantasms. If he is past level 4, he will dash with a blade out. Haru can hit B to perform a flying kick (animated similar to Richter Belmont) which will allow him to either combo or deal a devastating blow if tapped or held.
Side B (aerial): Phases and glides through the air a short distance. If you hit B you'll launch into a short flying drop kick (animated similar to Richter Belmont). Falls as you move if you do it in the air, allowing it to move with gravity to hit opponents.

Tap Nair: A crouching strike with the leg or knee.
Hold Nair: Quickly extends leg, and kicks outward. Kicks diagonally. The hitbox lasts a while, with a low angle on the initial kick at the food, and a forward-hitting hitbox on the sourspot of the extended foot.

Tap Fair: A straight knuckle move that hits forward but doesn't do a ton of damage.
Hold Fair: Swings the empath blade strongly in a wide arc, and then blasts lightning. This is one of Haru's only killing blows outside of super moves.

Tap Uair: Summersault kick
Hold Uair: Blade and backflip kick 2 hit combo

Tap Dair: Stamps down with one lag. The move accelerates download slightly. Sweetspot bounces Haru up and pushes the opponent down a little. Sourspot pushes opponent down very little and pushes Haru up very little, stopping his downaward momentum. Makes this move a good fastfall move, since the sourspot has a lingering hitbox. This move should be easy to land, but shouldn't send the opponent too low.
Hold Dair: Swipes the sword down and holds it out, making it a long lingering hitbox. Haru's second swipe will last a quick second, but he thrusts down and spikes any opponent beneath the blade. This move lasts a long time, and is only safe to shield while the hitbox is lingering.

Tap Bair: A lingering short range back kick. Haru kicks his leg out and leaves it there for a second. Good for walling enemies out, but it has short range and a small hitbox.
Hold Bair: A swinging backwards kick with a long range but long endlag and bad landing lag.

Holding up-taunt: Heal - Allows Haru to gain a constant heal as he's doing this. Starts with him doing a ninja sign, but if you hold it, he will begin to focus and heal. It'll do a percentage a second at first, but at level 5 and 10 the speed will quicken.

Passive: Ninjutsu - After specific throws, specials, and tilts, Haru can stop inputting to level up after a successful hit.

Level-Up Jutsu Animations change with each level he has.
Each level has its own animation.

Moves that Level Haru up after he hits with them and then stands still:
Jab 2
Side B strike weak version
Taunting for extended period of time and holding the pose

End Spoiler

This has been in development for quite some time.
Please respond in this thread to let me know if you can help out with anything. CSPs, stock icons, aren't made yet, and if you can help out, let me know. Also, somebody who can make GFX.

Haru Akenaga - Creative Director
3D Models made by Gamidame_K (on this forum and on facebook).
Edward D. Al - 2D artist for character sheet and weapons
Coding - Kienamaru (Brawl and Wii U version), Vishera (Wii U version)
Animation: Kagemaru

Everything is subject to change. Some people may join and leave, and more content is being made each day. I update the facebook page for the character under Akenaga X and will update  this thread as well.
2  Super Smash Bros. 4 Hacking / Smash 4 (Wii U) Hacking / Hiring Texture Artist and Hiring Modeler! on: November 17, 2016, 05:24:10 PM
Hi there! I am hiring someone to create a mod for Wii U. It'll go on Shulk, vertexing him if possible rather than replacing the character altogether. I want to create a Wi-Fi safe character based off of artwork. I'm willing to pay, so name your price!

You can PM me here and we can talk, or respond to the thread.
Thanks a bunch for helping me complete my project!
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Ice Angel Adara (OC) on: December 28, 2014, 09:12:57 PM
Ice Angel Adara
Here's one of my original characters that I'm going to have made. She's an angel with the gift of ice powers. She only has one wing and it's small anyway so she can't use it, because she left her real wings in heaven.

Character Overview
Adara fights by using her halo, ice powers and a sword that was given to her by her other counterpart.

The halo is a makeshift weapon for quick strikes.
The ice abilities range from arrows, wrist blades and more. They all have a tipper effect similar to Marth's Falchion.
Adara's sword is made for defending, as it freezes foes on contact and reflects projectiles, but she does not use it to just strike foes outright.

What makes Adara unique
Adara's fighting style involves altering her moves with an ' ice charge' that increases their capabilities for a few hits.

All of her smash attacks come out before the charge is activated. That way, the secondary attack can come out as a charged attack. They work similar to Ness' yo-yo attacks.

Many of Adara's attacks also have a 'tipper' effect similar to Marth's strikes from his Falchion.
If you've played Smash 4, some of her smash attacks come out as two strikes in the same motion rather than one hit.

Adara is somewhat faster than Link, as heavy as Pit and moves through the air like Luigi.
She jumps as high as Zelda. She has a mix of fast and slow attacks to find.

A: Adara swings her halo in front of her (she makes motions, but she is not holding the halo physically) in an arc forward and reels it in.
AA: Adara flings the halo back out in a different arc and then reels it in.
AAA: Adara thrusts the halo forward forcefully straight in no type of arc.

Holding A instead of hitting A: After the third halo strike, Adara lets loose a blizzard from behind herself that constantly blows forward and does damage as it pushes foes away.

Side Tilt: Adara brings down her arm in a chop motion (which does not connect with the enemy) and leaves behind a trail of ice particles. Ice crashes in front of her and lingers for a second. It's a slow move but has good damage and is safe since ice particles will hit someone who rushes past the initial blow.

Down Tilt: An altered form of Zelda's dtilt.

Up Tilt: Adara waves her halo above her head back and forth quickly. It does more damage at a certain point in its swing.
Side Smash: Sort of like force palm but the palm is the first strike and the second strike is when the blade in her wrist comes out. It's an ice blade. It has tipper effect. The palm comes out before the smash attack has been charged. The blade is the real smash attack.

Down Smash: Adara tosses her halo and charges it up with ice. She then carelessly tosses it back and forth telekinetically from left to right before it returns to her head. The charged halo sits behind her, causing damage on its own, and when the smash attack is released, the edge of the halo does more damage than the center.

Up Smash: Adara raises her fist and charges it with ice energy. Raising her fist (as a punch) deals very little damage but acts as the first strike. Releasing the smash attack creates an ice spike that blasts upwards  out of her first and has a tipper effect.

Neutral Aerial: Adara rotates and creates a sharp ice blade behind each of her arms. These blades damage the most at the tips. This move is slow, rather than a quick rotation, but comes out quickly and covers a wide range.

Back Aerial: A small cone of ice is sprayed backwards at a slightly diagonal angle. Similar to the Ice Climbers' down B move but it has very little end lag or landing lag. It covers a decent distance away from Adara's hand but is not a ranged attack by any means. Also comparable to Charizard's forward aerial attack.

Forward Aerial: Adara raises her arm horizontally and an ice shard extends out from her sleeve. The initial swing does low damage useful for chasing, but the shard itself extends with a tipper effect. It's possible to achieve both hits during this attack.

Down Aerial: Adara sinks slightly while stomping on a foe's head with one foot. Adara lifts off when connecting with a foe and can do this weak move quickly in succession if the player is skilled.

Up Aerial: Adara bends backwards and creates an ice blade in her wrist. The first hit will do minimal damage but the blades extend further with a tipper effect. She then continues bending backwards into a backflip and returns to her normal aerial animation.

Special Moves
Neutral Special: Adara draws the blade behind her hips and raises it above her head. When the blade has drawn enough power, Adara's attacks are altered. When the charging is canceled or complete, Adara puts the sword back in the sheathe.

Down Special: Adara turns around and half-draws her sword. It's capable of reflecting projectiles that touch the sword as long as the button is held. Making contact with the blade itself when the move is activated will deal damage to and freeze the opponent, in an effect similar to Jigglypuff's 'rest' move. Double tapping the down special command will cancel the defensive technique and become an offensive sword swipe that has a high chance of freezing foes, but Adara takes a long time to put her sword back after the strike. The sword can still reflect projectiles when struck by the sword, but the strike isn't very powerful and Adara takes longer to put it back in the sheathe.

Dash Special: Adara slides across the ground, kicking foes who were in front of her. Tapping B again launches Adara into the air while still slide-kicking. The kick lasts quite a while in the air before Adara can stop sliding and activate another move.

Side Special: Ice flies in from behind Adara's head and fires in front of her, into the ground, similar to Ivysaur's bullet seed. Letting go of the special button makes the ice finish firing and move forward before stopping altogether.

Up Special: Adara vanishes and reappears underneath her halo in the desired location. The halo can only travel so far but can be controlled. Upon arrival, Adara reappears and the halo spins back around and onto her head. It can lightly damage foes but only moves around for a second.

Thanks for viewing. I'll update this with how Adara's model will look when I am finished writing a description. If you're able to offer help with anything then that would really be appreciated!
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / I can make videos for you! on: December 28, 2014, 01:45:55 PM
Maybe we can help each other out. I have a game capture device for the Wii and a screen capture device for Dolphin. If you want me to make a video and edit the video of your hack then let me know. Maybe you can help me in a way, as well!

I'm great at video editing and following directions (half-truth) so just give me the following instructions..

1) What to do
2) How to use the character
3) What you want shown

and I can handle it.

I need someone to model, texture, animate, PSA or whatever so if you can offer me something then don't hesitate.
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Might someone 'pay' or make a donation for a hack request? on: December 22, 2014, 11:33:15 AM
Hey. People like money. People don't always do things for free. Cool, cool. Alright. So. Say I want a model and someone who can make the model wants money. Is it allowed to pay for these things? Do I have to do it privately? I don't have the skills to model an entire character by myself. That's all. So is it wrong to donate to someone who makes a hack for you? Or nah.
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Send me a complete brawl hacks pack, please? on: August 20, 2014, 09:04:31 PM
Hello, this may sound noobish and lazy but I really need some help. I hacked my wii over 4 years ago and had all these nice hacks and such for smash bros. Fast forward til now and I don't have that wii anymore. I just hacked my roomate's wii and the old method for getting brawl hacks through the homebrew browser no longer works. I just want a pack that can be sent to me where I can put the characters in and send it to my roomate.

My roommate doesn't know all of this hack stuff so he just wants to put the stuff in his SD and go. I don't have an SD port for my computer so all I can do is send him the files. I don't care if it's GeckoOS or Riivolution or whatever. I just want those files and I want to have brawl hacks working on my wii. I looked at tutorials and such but they seem too complicated for what my roommate will allow. Like I said, he just wants it to be simple. Could someone help me out with...even something like the current brawl files on their SD card (even if it's filled with hacks that seemingly nobody will like? I will change them as needed).

Thanks in advance! It's been real hard for me.
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