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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / A updated shadows tutorial for custom stages (I solved it myself like a badass) on: January 01, 2015, 05:40:33 PM
Is anyone here willing to share their knowledge on how to make shadows in custom stages? I been reading the tutorials found here but its too hard to understand or is too sumarized. A knowledge like this could be extremely helpfull for stagers. If I learn it I could keep updating it myself later...

Edit: I learned how to do it myself. Yay!
2  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / Scout's Uploading Tips #3: Download Cards on: July 06, 2014, 06:16:12 PM
Fancy for some fancy cards? Its easy, however be sure you read my other two tutorials for an easier understanding! (link below)


1. Create albums, one for every stage you have and include all the pictures you wanna show of the stage: it makes thing tidy as well, pretty convenient as you see:

2. The album itself will have direct link for you already, all you gonna do is open it... and copy the url...

And paste it here:

It is really important to do this in the exact order, or else it will not work.

3. The picture will look empty, no worries, copy the direct link of this
and paste it on the thumbnail:

And done, that is how download cards like these are made:


Scout's Uploading Tips #1: Ingame Pictures
Scout's Uploading Tips #2: Broken Thumbnails
3  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / Scout's Uploading Tips #1: Ingame Pictures on: July 06, 2014, 06:10:21 PM
So I decided to write a tutorial on how to export pictures with “bin2JPG”! Almost everyone uses this method for its 4-step simplicity.

This progress works with geko and Riivo users for both USB and Disk methods of launching a modded brawl, however riivo takes another approach (read below).

A fair warning, this doesn’t work for mac.
Stuff you need:
  • Bin2JPG
  • Brawl (duh)
  • Sd card, any size

Step 1:
Download the Zip file and extract it to the folder. You'll have something like this:

Now leave it be, turn on brawl.

Step 2:
Take the pictures you want to take in brawl (pause + z button), be sure to save the pictures on the SD card.

Step 3:
Remove the SD card from the wii, and plug it on the computer. The pictures are in .bin format, they will be located as followed:

vBrawl: SD\private\wii\app\RSBE\al
Project: SD\projectm\AL
Riivo: Locate the “al” folder

Here’s an example, I took 12 pictures, therefore 12 .bin files are found.  I’ll show 4 of them since the rest are stuff I’m working on:

Copy them all and move to the next step.

Step 4:
After copying the .bin files, paste them all inside the extracted zip folder from step one. You have something like this:

You’re almost done, now double click here and give permission so the program can launch, and you get a command prompt showing you the conversion …

You’ll end up with this:

All of your .bin files had been copied to .jpeg They will all be sized perfectly, not too big and not too small. Once you are done, delete all the .bin files paying close attention in not deleting any program. And done! Simple as that! You will not get some annoying reports anymore.


Riivolution problems:
I don't know if this is just for me or not; I'm sure other people have the same problem:
Problem: When trying to save a snapshot onto the SD card, it will act as if there is no SD plugged in, not letting you click on the "Save to SD" button.
Fix: Save it the Wii, and then go into NORMAL Brawl(NOT hacked Brawl), and Move or Copy the files onto the SD from there.

Are you using Riivolution? Because afaik, it doesn't happen when I used Gecko, but all the time with Riivo. That's bebause, iirc, Riivo disables the sd slot or something like that.
I was just about to say that. Your SD card becomes one with the disc with Riivolution, so you can't use your SD card with Brawl when using Riivolution.

SD can't be read:
That only happens when your SD device is on lock.

Dolphin is special:
I use dolphin and the images come out as a scrambled mess.
For dolphin just press f9 and it will automatically put a png screenshot in your /dolphin emulator/screenshots/"game id" folder.

Scout's Uploading Tips #2: Broken Thumbnails
Scout's Uploading Tips #3: Download Cards
4  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / Scout's Uploading Tips #2: Broken Thumbnails on: July 06, 2014, 06:08:01 PM
Disclaimer: DrobBox does not work for previewing pictures, is a defect on their part, don't use it for that perticular function. Only way it would work if you use download cards..

Most of us use Igmur for our pictures. Once you registered upload a picture and then look at this:

Copy that link and:

Paste it here, and only here, the thumbnails are automatically activated once done correctly.
Do the same for the other two slots you have.

Thats it. Nothing else.

Scout's Uploading Tips #1: Ingame Pictures
Scout's Uploading Tips #3: Download Cards
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Project R: The BV revival project on: December 07, 2013, 03:02:27 PM
Welcome to the official Project R thread!

What is this?
Project R is a community project. Our goal lies in making old gold new again. By merely using the visual aids offered by texture hacks with broken downloads, they must recreated by adding a "modern" touch to it (such as fixing the hack, adding details, etc.) while still maintaining the idea of what the hack supposed to be, offering both a pac and a pcs files and giving a nice CPS and BP with it.

Can I join?
You CAN but the rules are a bit strict...

Rules in choosing/making:
  • Check the "Hacks in Need of Your Help" spoiler in the Brawl Vault Community Support, look for the character (or stage) with a broken download (preferably texture, no imports unless they are recolors) that dates from 2012 or less and has more than 100 downloads (or they are good looking) that you would like to recreate. (you can search for broken hacks from other websites too, but make sure they were made between years 2012 and 2010, the download count rule does not apply here)
  • Copy that link paste it here with a picture of it to "Claim" it. The link and your name will be posted in a "claimed section" so none else can do said hack as well.
  • Make the hacks as close as possible to the original, but if you find something wrong (commonly saturation, or lacks something) you may alter it, if a part of a hack's body is not shown in the pictures... go creative.

Rules in uploading:
  • Make sure you have a CPS and BP included in your download as well as the pac and pcs, if not, we would make them for you (I'm slow at it though), or I can teach you... it not hard to learn the process.
  • The third preview picture must have the insignia layered on it to identify it as one of the project.
  • Give credit to the maker of the previous version, plus give a link of the previous hack in your description box.

-You can now make custom poses for your character's menu assets, only rule is to make 'em nice!
-You can now use a "preview card" instead of the basic in game pictures to show off fanciness.

Usually, this makes lazy people run in the opposite direction.
Contents: Moved to second post

Hacks Claimed:*alphabetized*                                        
Blue Ninja Toon Link -Scout
BWG -RoboticCyborg
Mob Boss Ganon -Dio
Nebula Samus -AndIQuote
Punisher Snake -Dio
Purple Ganondorf -Dio
Tron Samus -ShadowLuigi

Total Hacks Revived: 40
Scout: 22
RoboticCyborg: 12
Dio: 7
Pici-Hime: 1
erickcire95: 1
chillj: 1
AquaGamingMinecraft: 1
Request Center:
6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Interface Misc. / Custom Geko backgrounds, strap menus and stages! on: July 30, 2013, 06:30:38 PM
--- Update 11-26-13 ---
Some pokemony stuff

Geko Backgrounds
To download all of each and to see other previews of them, click the link found in the bottom of each spoiler.

NEW! Pokemon

The very awesomely epic background collection by scout

Star Fox and Street fighter




Fate Series (Requested!)

Strap Menus
Note: Verify which country your Wii is from before using my Custom Strap. If you have an Europian Wii, depending of your country, use StrapFr, StrapEs or StrapEn. If you have a American Wii, depending of your country, use StrapEn or StrapEs.

Credit to AS1nk for these since I used his original strap menu as base:

New!Animated strap pack

Project M specific
These only work for project m

Download link found below each spoiler.

28 Zelda Strap Menus:

31 Mario Strap Menus:

33 Fate Series Strap Menus (Requested!):

Credit to the Project M team for the original strap menus and Geko backgrounds.

What I am going to do next?

Eat Smiley
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / Model website? on: July 20, 2013, 06:03:08 PM
Hello. I will try to be clear in this and I hope my English is not confusing...

Recently I been working with models and such. But lately my only model resource website,
model-resource.com, constantly faces problems with loading the webpage, it does restores itself in a day... but the problem repeats itself constantly.

In other words, this website is great and all, but it always has technical problems. And having an extra model website could be useful for searching certain models while my main one is in repairs.

What I am asking is for another model resource website, so I can work when the other is unavailable, and to have a wider selection of models available.

Thanks in advanced. I hope I asked this right  Embarrassed
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