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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Smash 4 help with “ui_character_db.bin” and “global_parameter_menu.bin”. on: July 03, 2016, 11:12:41 PM
I'm trying to increase the costume slots of Smash 4 characters with the CSS Fixer 1.1.1 tool, however I'm missing these two files. Uwizard won't decrypt the files for me, so I'm running out of options. I believe in order to accomplish what I'm trying to do, all I'll need are these two .bin files:


Is there a resource page I can use (like the Brawl data partition) where I can get these files?

Or is there another method to accomplish what I'm attempting? If so, please let me know.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Brawl 4 (build has been removed) on: October 05, 2014, 11:08:57 AM
Hello, this is Nebulon the project lead for:

  • Over 110 playable characters.
  • Over 220 stages.
  • Most characters have been edited, remade, or added to.
  • All characters have everything they need to fit in with the original brawl cast (including CSPs, SFX, etc...) with the exception of WIP characters.
  • Original Brawl cast remains untouched.
  • "Combo Characters" now allow for more than one character per icon, giving some movesets different variations, while others are completely different movesets.
  • Turbo Mode added from Project M(over Curry Mode)
  • All-Star Versus added from Project M(Over Angled Camera mode)
  • Several 1-Player modes are fully working with clone characters (still being worked on)
  • All stages have proper music.


Special thanks to rk12  Laugh

Characters are ALWAYS being added/edited. The characters on the bottom are combo characters, meaning they share an icon with another character.

Including Zelda/Sheik, Samus/ZSS, and the three Pokemon, there are currently 111 characters included in Brawl4All and counting.

**Any suggestions regarding movesets are welcome!**

Future Plans:

Currently the team is working on:

  • Adding more stages
  • Bug hunting
  • Reskinning Virus Zero as Megaman Zero
  • Looking for suitable alt costumes
  • Reviewing combination slot candidates

Things that will be worked on in the future (that I'll reveal for now Wink ):

  • 4th stage page

Team Members:

These are all of the people working on Brawl4All.

  • Nebulon  
  • Itman  
  • BrawlBoy  
  • rk12  
  • Alejandro MiddleCorn  
  • KWVance
  • frozenfire

The following things are miscellaneous desires I have for PSAs, levels, and other things. The items listed below are all wishlists in that I can not personally do these things with my current knowledge/resources. There is no commitment to doing these, I never hound anyone for anything, but if you'd like to help me achieve my vision and make this pack the best it can be then take a look through the listings and pm me or talk about it here.

PSA attacks:

-Sora's down B reflect needs a graphical indicator. I don't know what would work best as I don't have a list of the common gfx present to know, but if I had that I could do it myself. Or someone could do it. Either or.

-Pink Pikmin model. We need one for an Attack Louie will use in the combo character psa. It doesn't need to be perfect, or even from a game, just enough to know what it is. Here's a picture for reference:

[imghttp://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130602192359/pikmin/images/1/16/WingedPikminHD.png[/img]http://http://Essentially a white Pikmin colored Pink with a 3 times as wide a head as a white Pikmin, and purple/blue eyes with little wings on the back.

-Poly reduction. Certain models in the game are too high poly and will cause lag in some scenarios. If you can tri-strip, or know how to reduce file size of stages while maintaining some amount of quality, please message me. I have a list of stages and models for characters that are in need of help.

Credits (As of 7/15/2015)

And special thanks to BlackJax69

Update Logs

January 21, 2015

It's been a while.  Wink

I'm amazed that some of you thought I was done with the project... definitely not done. Not by a long shot. In fact, since I know how boring it's been on the thread, I'd like to share with you all what myself and Itman have been working on. I need to do this more as it's probably annoying that I occasionally release the latest build and then just sort of fall off the face of the Earth. So I'll try to show more pictures of what we've got going on in the future, and if I for whatever reason don't, reminding me won't be annoying. I sometimes forget that people actually care about the things we're working on as we're working on them.

But moving on... what's been going on?

I've fixed some more issues with characters, little balances here and there. I'm actually pretty happy with most of the characters (keyword "most") since I feel the edits that the team has done, along with the edits that people have sent me, have all around made for an awesome roster. Some things that come to mind are Knuckle Joe using a Ness module, which means he'll be able to charge his smashes properly, Spiderman's web can now can now be interrupted once the hitbox connects, etc etc little damage edits, speed frame modifiers here and there, that sort of thing Smiley

But the biggest things may just be:

Kirby/Fighter Kirby Combo character and Geno!

There they are Smiley in the game, on the CSS, making it a nice box!

Geno has been finished. He retains most of his moves from the PSA and is a joy to play Smiley I've played him so much recently, and I can tell you that he's definitely one of my favorites (Yes I have favorites among my selection of PSAs Smiley )

And here we have Fighter Kirby:

As with the previous combo characters, NONE of the original character's attacks, attributes, really ANYTHING has been changed. So both Kirbys exist on the same slot and can be switched through and through like costumes Smiley

He's also very fun to play, he's much more aggressive than Kirby, but easily punishable, so be careful out there.  Kirby Dance

I did say "But the biggest things may just be" Keyword "-things-"

That's because in addition to these new characters joining the roster, I've hard at work setting up these:

But how many levels? Using Don Jon's Dual roster code, we were able to basically duplicate the RSBE folder, so that now, because there's dual RSBEs, there are two sets of stages. Smiley There is more that can be done with the code, but I want the characters and the costumes on both RSBEs to be the same. But we're looking into other fun ways to do it, and I'll have a poll up in a few days asking a new question regarding the possibilities of the code.

The toughest part was making the stages organized on one Selmap and the other, since I'm trying to keep them in order, while also putting them over proper stages and portable stages, while also trying to put stages in places where they won't require too much track replacing, etc etc etc etc etc. This is the 95% mark for this. Right now the only 2 stages that don't have a proper replacement are Hanenbow (sp?) and Smashville, though I'm looking into it. That means 156 stages are selectable, with the first 2 pages being for Brawl, Melee, 64, and a few misc stages, and the last 2 pages being reserved for brand new stages submitted to the vault. All of them have been tested, the music was tested etc etc, basically this process was tough since the amount of things that can go wrong here is enormous... which is why it's been so long. Smiley In the future, if a level expansion from PW is available, then that will probably be used instead of this code, OR along with this code depending on the capabilities. And in the future is the code is modified for a 3rd set of stages, then I'll have to upgrade my card to a new one Smiley

I'll give instructions on how to use the code properly in the next release, but cards are a good segway into another topic...

Obviously, with the amount of stages and music I packed into this, this build will only be available on a 4 GB card I now not everyone is happy about that, but really there isn't a way for me to make this work on a 2 GB card unless I didn't use new music or cosmetics... so options are limited. I'm also reviewing the poll and I can see that there is a good lot of you that still use 2 GB cards.

Because of this, I will give the 2 GB version of the pack "life support". IT will have the levels is currently has now, but it will be updated with roster additions over time, just as the new 4 GB one will be.

I will keep the 2 GB card on life support for a while longer... but the meat of what I will work on will be utilizing the extra space in the 4 GB card, and perhaps in the future it'll even be a bigger card. Just keep that in mind.

Obviously by now I've updated the Clone Engine used in the build thanks to PhantomWings and his recent updates. Smiley

And other than that, that's about all I've got. Before the next release I'd like to:

Finish up a few more level related issues.
Get another character in.
Look into getting All-Star multiplayer to work.

And a few secret things here and there  Grin

We've also got a new member to the team, give a round of applause to BrawlBoy22 Smiley He's helping me out with a few things right now that shall remain secret (unless he'd rather talk about them Smiley ). He's been a great person to work with, so hopefully we'll have more interesting content coming in bigger loads now that the primary team has increased.

That's all folks!

Just know that it's coming. This update won't have as many characters, but it will have edits that make characters play more smoothly (I'll keep those secret) and it will start a foundation in which we have 156-8 levels to play on Smiley

So stay tuned, keep talking to me, pming me, whatever you gotta do.

Release date for all of this? N/A. Smiley It's safer that way. But it's coming. And it might be worth getting your hands dirty with a 4GB card and PM's loader. I'm just saying  Awesome Face

3  Help & Tutorials / Help / I use Gecko. I want to keep it, but another game is better with Riivolution... on: June 02, 2014, 08:09:32 PM
So I primarily mod Brawl, but I also wanted to try out the Mario Kart modding scene and discovered that there's a CTGP build with 216 tracks. This is awesome, but in the SD card it uses Riivolution.

My Brawl uses Gecko. I don't THINK they'd interfere in any way since they're separate but... I need to ask.

I have Homebrew
I have the discs for Brawl and Mario Kart.
I use Gecko for Brawl. I'd need to use Riivolution for Mario Kart.

Will they interfere in any way?
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / So my friend wants to modify his Wii... on: May 23, 2014, 08:11:19 PM
A friend of mine wants to modify his Wii. A separate friend of mine modded mine years ago, and has been fine since. But he's in the military, so I technically don't have him to help, or even the knowledge to do it myself.

He wants Brawl Ex and so he'll need Gecko... but that's about all I know. Is there an easier way now? I've heard that there are loader channels people can now install. Do they allow you to read mods on an SD card?

The guy isn't techno-savy and I've already explained the risks... I just need the easiest way for him to do it. Any answers or tutorials for ultra-noobs would be appreciated.
5  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / BRAWL EX EXTRA SLOTS FINDINGS AND HOW TO SET THEM UP! on: May 07, 2014, 09:12:41 AM
How to add, even more slots using random Data Take 1:

Hello again, this is Nebulon with another Tutorial on how to add even more slots into Brawl EX. Last time we covered boss slots. This time we’ll cover random data in the Fighter Chart that isn't associated with any fighter. Use this as a reference:


You see, the idea was that these random points of data could by synched to one another and read by the game altogether if the right values were put into them. And with some research and partnering up with Don Jon Bravo and Kagerou Imaizumi, some values were fleshed out and ultimately it was discovered that the data could be linked together to make another slot. I’m going to first share some findings, which will help people from making errors, and then we’ll continue.

Please observe the Fighter Chart:


As you can see, every line has data that isn’t being used or is used for non-playable fighters. As I reviewed in my last tutorial, there are plenty of Fighter spaces. No shortage on those really.

I haven’t Tried Giga and Warioman, so we have 16 Fighter spaces to work with, plus slot 58. Yes, we can use slot 58 again using the same method in the boss slot tutorial. I believe I mentioned it… but I’ll double check later…

ANYWAY, 16, plus 58 if I forgot to mentioned it so that’s 17 Fighter datas.
Let’s move onto slots…
Ice Climber singles CAN be used without messing with Ice Climbers. I tested the monkeys off of them and they were fine Smiley so that’s 2 slots… plus Giga Bowser, Warioman, and Mario Debug.

This leaves us with:
17 Fighter data pieces
5 Slot data pieces. "But Nebulon what about the 'none' slot"-


There is reason to believe it could cause PERMANENT damage….

Anyway, moving on, we can conclude that at this point in time, we have 5 more potential characters we can add since that's all the slots we have available. Make sense? The Fighter data pieces will also be used with the Bosses, which is why there are so many free ones. Really, if you’ve done bosses already, you should only have around 5 left anyway.

Now we’ll look at the other bit of data: we have 6 CSS slot data points left (DO NOT USE NONE. DO NOT USE RANDOM) and what appears to be 6 more cosmetic pieces of data…

To be specific here let’s just outline it like this:

Available Fighter IDs: 24, 26, 27, 28, 2A, 2B, 2D, 36, 37, 38, 39, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E.
Available Slot IDS: 11, 12, 2C, 2D, 32.
Available CSS Slot IDS: 2A, 2B, 2C, 3C, 3D, 3E.
Available Cosmetic IDs: 24, 2B, 2C, 3C, 3D, 3E.

One final note on cosmetics though: Anything after 3C will load Mario’s cosmetics, no matter what value you tell it to load. Anyway, with all of this, plus the Boss files, we can add Brawl Ex’s current maximum to the roster. Now we just need to go over how exactly we add them in and what values we change. For the sake of this explanation, I want people to view new slot creation like this:

What this is trying to show people is that the CSS Slot will actually be the primary file you edit, It needs to connect to everything. The Cosmetic file, just needs to connect to the Slot. And the slot doesn’t care for either, it’s stuck on the Fighter.

Let’s open it up and get started. For this tutorial, we will be using Fighter 2B, Cosmetic 2B, CSS Slot 3E, Slot 32.

So open up your CSSslot.dat.

Just as I showed you in the connections section, the CSSslot needs to be connected to everything. We do 3 things here:
00000010 by 00 needs to be the Slot ID. We’re using Slot 32, so put in 32.
00000010 by 03 needs to be the Cosmetic ID. We’re using Cosmetic 2B, so put in 2B.
00000000 by 0F needs to be changed from 00 into 01. 01 is what allows these changes to be read. Otherwise the game doesn’t quite recognize them.

So now our CSSslot is connected to our two files.

Let’s move onto Cosmetic:

We have 2 steps here.
00000010 by 02 needs to be the Slot ID. We’re using Slot 32, so put in 32.
And once again
00000000 by 0F needs to be changed from 00 into 01. 01 is what allows these changes to be read. Otherwise the game doesn’t quite recognize them.

The Green box is a reminder that the value here is still the value that loads your pictures. When assigning cosmetic data from your CSS like CSPs, as well as BPs, and RPs, that is the value you’ll need to change to load them. This is nothing new, it’s outlined in Sammi’s tutorial, it’s just a reminder.

Anyway, now our Cosmetic is hooked to our Slot:

Lastly, let’s look at slot data:

Only two values here to change:
00000010 by 03 needs to be the Fighter ID. We’re using Fighter 2B, so put in 2B.
And lastly
00000000 by 0F needs to be changed from 00 into 01. 01 is what allows these changes to be read. Otherwise the game doesn’t quite recognize them.

Now our Slot is connected to our Fighter.dat

So… now that these are all connected, proceed as normal. Edit your Fighter File, put the Fighter ID in the module. Put the CSSSlot ID in the CSSRoster file. And you're all set. Now go forth and put MUGEN to shame  Awesome Face

6  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / BRAWL EX BOSS SLOTS! HOW TO SET THEM UP! on: May 02, 2014, 07:23:56 PM
Okay. Excuse me for rushing this, but this'll be the THIRD time I've typed this up. Third time. And I'm honestly getting sick of it. I have a wedding to get ready for and blah blah irl stuff I know, so I'm trying VERY hard to get this out since I know I've been putting it off and brainstorming so I'm gonna cover Boss slots tonight only, not the random bits of data. I'll cover that another time. Again I'm sorry I'm just rushing through, but I'll include pictures to make it easier. I'm also not going to be as charming, this'll be a straight tutorial.


Hello. Today we're making boss slots. How do you make boss slots and what is a boss slot? Look in the image below:


The above image is the Fighter Chart. In the Fighter Chart, we can see that the game loads characters and bosses, though not always with their IDs aligned. Phantom Wings made the data beyond 3E aligned, but the game doesn't normally read the files like that, as we can see here.

So how do we use a boss slot? For this rushed example we'll use Petey Pirahna:

Notice how Petey, as well as the other bosses, are loaded differently then EX clones. IE, there are only 2 configs aligned, with a 3rd aligned differently, and no 4th.

First we start with what we have, in that we start taking out our config template for our new clone (Let's say we're cloning Mario).

So, for Boss slots, you need to name the files the same way the bosses are loaded. In Petey's case, Slot will be 33, and the Cosmetic and CSSslot files will be 2D. So name your Mario config files as shown:


The game will AUTOMATICALLY link these bits of data together, just as PW's Clone engine links config files 3F-63 together.

Also, REMEMBER use Mario's config files. You don't need to use anything that's Petey's. Just Mario's.

So if you named these files correctly, then you are 90% done. What's left? Fighter config.

First look here again

And pick your Fighter ID. For our example, we'll pick the first free one, 24. (Note that any empties, along with Forbidden Fighters, are fair game. I haven't tried Giga or Warioman).

So name Mario's Fighter.config: Fighter 24. So all together we have:


Now, the game can link 3 of the 4 files together automatically. But how do we get the game to associate Fighter24, with the rest of the files? Through the Slot file. Open Slot 33 (Note the picture I'm using has a different ID. This doesn't matter). You should see something like this:

These are the "guts" of the slot. In order to associate the Fighter config with the Slot (And in turn the Cosmetic and Cssslot) you need to look at the two places I highlighted. The value in 00000010 by 03 needs to be changed into the Fighter's ID. So in our case, 24. The value in 00000000 by 0F needs to be changed into 01. These will always be changed to 01, no matter what value you put in as the Fighter.

After you've forced the Slot to read that Fighter with the ID 24, you're done. Congratulations Smiley

This can also be applied to alloys, and getting Slot 58 to work. Smiley So there you have it! Boss slots are easy!

Next time we'll talk about random data pieces. Sorry this was so brief. I'll be busy for a few days, but I'll be on off and on to answer questions. Again sorry for rush. :/

If this was too rushed, I will edit it to make more sense. Again, I'm SO sorry. But I owe it to all of you to make this tut better if it's too confusing, and I will if requested. I promise.
7  Help & Tutorials / General Tutorials / Nebulon's GFX Porting Tutorial (Brawl EX Pack makers, this is essential for you) on: March 13, 2014, 10:12:43 PM

The following tutorial will cover porting External Models to an enemy/assist trophy’s Effect File (Abbreviated ef_file). By doing so, you can ensure that a created character will not have conflicting “GFX” files during play with the original character it’s based on. This is a useful skill to learn if you plan on making a character roster with at least one character who shares the same ef_file as another.

For this example we will be working on Sephiroth, made by: DivineOverlord, Tasty Pumpkin Clock, _Data_Drain_, Albafika, Aafyre, Hollow, Hackingstar, BigBadBooya, Tormod

Let’s have a look. Smiley

Section 1: Identifying

SO, we want to include Sephiroth in our roster, but we want to make sure that in doing so we keep his GFX (a general term for External Models and Textures) from conflicting with any other characters that may use the same ef_file as him. First we need to survey the .pac for Sephiroth. Let’s crack him open using the latest BrawlBox v.71.

(I personally keep all .pacs that I’m working on inside the BrawlBox folder that contain the Brawlbox program I’m using. So I’d put him in the BB v.71 folder. I don’t think this is always necessary, but I’ve been told it is for PSA)

Opening up the .pac file included with Sephiroth reveals that his ef_file is a modified version of Marth’s (See above image. We know it’s Marth because of the Marth name). It is common for created characters to use the same ef_file as the character they have been built on top of. So we now know that Sephiroth will potentially have issues with Marth while they’re both in play. (Note it is good practice to test it first as not all .pacs will conflict. I will explain why they do soon.) Let’s open up the ef_file by clicking the plus sign on the left of the tab (Or you can push the right key on your keyboard)

Opening the tab reveals several other tabs. These tabs could consist of:
“EFLS-Misc Data[0]”
“REFF-Marth (Or just the character’s name)”
“REFT-Marth (Or just the character’s name)”

But we’re only going to be focusing on the EFLS and our BRES for Textures and ModelData (As outlined in the image above).

Let’s go over what the purpose of each is=

A. BRES-ModelData[0-X] (X representing any number above 0) are the external graphics that your character loads for certain attacks. Examples include=Ike’s entry symbol, Link’s Tornado for his boomerang, etc. All of these are packed in here because they are character specific, as opposed to common graphics which can be shared by all and loadd from the disc. So Link’s external graphics will be in his ef_file, and only Link will be able to use them because of what his moveset tells him (We’ll get to that later). Each modeldata has a value in []s. This value is important and I’ll show you how to use it further down. As for TextureData, it essentially houses textures that color the external models. Without them, a model won’t show up correctly, or at all.

B. The EFLS could be viewed as the rerouting station for a character’s GFX. Within the character’s .pac are “external graphic tabs” that load the external graphics for every animation a character has. The ID they load is NOT the model ID in the ef_file, but rather it’s an EFLSEntryIndex number (And will be labeled as such in the Brawl Box 68b). This is important to understand as there is a misconception that the external graphic IDs are modeldata numbers like [ 0 ] or [1] and so forth, but they ARE NOT. When you open the EFLS in the ef_file (In our case ef_Marth) you will see entries (In our case five as depicted in the image below).

These entries are what the EFLSEntryIndex refers to. IMPORTANT: These entries are given a number as their ID (The EFLSEntryIndex) and are listed in the EFLS in the order of their ID. The first EFLS entry will ALWAYS be 0. DO NOT FORGET THAT Smiley And they will ascend in value the further you go down. So in this case, we have entries 0-4.

So now what do we do? Well we know that Sephiroth has 3 models (starting at 0) and several textures for those models. So now we need to take a few notes in order to prepare for exporting. First we’ll take a look at the EFLS IDs. These give us nearly all of our information. So open up the EFLS tab to reveal the entries (As depicted in the image above we have 5). Let’s talk about what we’re looking at when we have an entry highlighted.

According to the above image, there is a difference. Our “Use BRRES” now says “True”. So, we now know that this entry uses a model (BRRES. Yes, I know it’s strange that almost everything has two names. Just try to bear with me.) ANYWAY, this entry is important. So what do we do? Well, let’s jot down somewhere that EFLS Entry index 1 uses BRRES (Model) 0. This means that every animation in the .pac that uses and External Graphic with an EFLSEntryIndex of 1 as it’s value, will use Model 0. In our case, Model 0 is a black and purple sphere. We know this because when we scroll down to our models and open up Model 0 we’ll see it on the right.

At this point, repeat the process until you have jotted down ALL of the EFLS entries that use a BRRES (Model). In the case of Sephiroth, it’s 1,2, and 4, since these entries all have their BRRES set to true.

So with that in mind we can go to step two…

Section 2: Porting

So, we know what EFLS Entry IDS are tied to Models. So, now what do we do? We can port now Smiley Well sort of. For this part of the tutorial I’m going to pick another ef_file to port our GFX to. You can download ef_files in the Resource Pack on Brawl Vault. For this tutorial I downloaded ef_Deathpod.pac in the Effect/Enemy section. Let’s open it up and see what we have to work with:  

In order for GFX porting to work our ef_file NEEDS to have a tab for everything we’re putting in. So according to the above image we have an EFLS, BRRES Texture Data, and BRRES Model Data. If you download an enemy or assist ef_file and it doesn’t have these three things, then it will not work. Pick another until you find one like this.

Moving along, now comes the fun part… putting the models in. to do this, I recommend you export the models you’re using with BB V.71. (Despite what my images tell you lol). So let’s go back to Sephiroth:

What you need to do is highlight Models 0-X (In our case 2) and export them. Do NOT open them and export individual components, export the ENTIRE thing. After exporting Models 0-X (In our case 2) then open up the Textures tab and export every texture used for models. There are 6 for Sephirtoh. Take note of what Format each is in. For many textures, the format MUST stay the same when exported, or else the texture will appear differently then it was intended to appear in game.

So we now have 3 models and  textures exported somewhere safe (hopefully). Now let’s go back to ef_deathpod and start putting them in. How do we do this?

According to the above image, we right click our tab (In this case Texture) then scroll over Import, then select texture. It will then look for the texture. Guide it to wherever you saved the texture and when adding it in make sure the format is the same.

For models the process is different. Models are entire tabs, so rather than opening anything up you’ll need to Right click the top tab “ef_deathpod” and slide over “import” and then click “BRRESresource pack”.

Do this for all of your models (In the case of Sephiroth, it’s 3 models).

So now we’ve got 3 Misc Data[0] tabs inserted here… even though they were models in the previous ef_file. So now we’ll need to make sure the ef_file knows that these are models. So, let’s change a few things:

With a misc data highlighted, take a look at the table on the right. You’ll see a few lines. The first line should be “File type” and will read “Misc Data” further down the line. This is what dictates what the tab is. We’ll chance the File type from “Misc Data” to “Model Data” (Which will in turn change the tab’s name from Misc Data [ 0 ] to Model data [ 0 ]).

After this we go to the next line which reads “File Index”. File type changed the… file type, so the index will change the index, or the number that would be in the brackets. What I’m about to mention is important: Change the File Index to a number that isn’t already in use by any other Model Data. In my case, Models with the numbers 0-20 are in use. So, I’m going to pick a number not in use. Let’s go with 21 (I’m not positive, but you may be required to pick a number that follows the last number in sequential order). So, my first Model Data should read ModelData[21] after I change the 0 in the File Index line to 21. Repeat this process for the next models, and make sure the index number rises 1 in value each time.

If understood it should look like this:

MAKE SURE you open up your models to see if they were ported properly. Expand the Model Data tabs and  then expand the 3D models folder. If you see your model on the right then it was ported successfully. If it’s colored correctly, then you ported the textures successfully. If, you see a red X instead of your model, then it was corrupted. This can happen for a number of reasons, but I’ve found that BB v.71 does a good job at preventing that.

So now we have our textures and models in this enemy ef_file. But as we learned above, every BRRES(Model) needs an EFLS entry.

So let’s open our EFLS:

Yes, the amount of entries you’re seeing is normal. This part can REALLY mess you up so pay extra attention. Just like before, we need to have an EFLS entry for our models, and we need to know their sequential number. So, start with the first entry (In our case “<null>”) And start counting from 0. Recount if you’re not confident with the number you got. So, in our case we counted from 0-46. Since we have 3 BRRES (models) that means we’ll have 3 more EFLS entries to add. So let’s right click on EFLS MiscData[0] and hit Add new entry:

Do this for as many models as you’re adding. Then, go down to your first additional entry. We need to modify it.

Looking at the image above we can see that our new entry is named <null> and that according to it’s table, it’s “USE BRRES” is set to “true” but it’s “BRRES ID” is set to “0”.  The name <null> is fine, in fact, don’t change it. These entries will use BRRES so keep the first line at “true”. And finally, the BRRES ID needs to have the same value as the models we added. So your first new EFLS entry (entry 47 in my case) will load BRRES 21 (Since that’s the value my first ModelData has). So change the 0 to 21. Do this for the remaining new entries.

How do you feel? You just set up your ef_file! Smiley Great job! We have 3 new models all named as Model Data, with not repeated IDs in their brackets, along with imported textures to color them in, and we’ve got 3 EFLS entries to help out .pac load them. Hit save. Now we’ll move on to section 3.

Section 3: .pac modding.

Okay, so you’re super cool now and you’ve got the ef_file all squared away. So now what? Before you go insane, jot down what the new EFLS IDS are, next to your olds ones:

So in our case, we know that EFLS Entry index 1=47, 2=48, and 4=49. This is very important for this step. But first thing’s first: We need to replace the ef_file for out character’s .pac to the new one. So let’s open up our character (In my case Sephiroth’s) .pac:

And replace ef_Marth with our new one:

Okay, so now everything’s where it’s supposed to be. Be sure to check all of the models again since they’re now in a different spot. If there are any Red Xes than they’re corrupt.

Now save the .pac. We’re doing the final modification now, so don’t fall asleep on me just yet. You now need to open the .pac in the program it was made in. If you do not know what program it was made in, you can ask the developers of the character. Most of the time, winging it is okay. I’ve found PSA and BrawlBox v68b to be the most reliable. For this tutorial, we’ll use v68b. So save your .pac in v71 and reopen it in 68b:

You’ll notice that a previously white misc data has transformed into a MDef tab labeled MoveDef_Fit[Your character] (In our case Marth). These are our moves. Or at least part of them, and thankfully the only part we need to know for the tutorial.

So, we’re going to expand the tab revealing 3 folders. You’ll expand “sections” and then “data”. After expanding data you’ll be greeted with a long list of folders.

Look around until you see a folder with “Subaction Scripts” as it’s name, and expand that to reveal:

Yep, that’s right, a folder for every animation the character can perform. You see, sub actions are essentially the pizazz that comes with an animation. And by pizazz I mean, Offensive collisions, Sword Glows, SFX, etc, it’s all here. So, your next task will be the longest task you’ll have: You need to expand every folder, and then expand GFX (If the animation folder has a GFX folder to expand). And then, look for tabs that read “External Graphic Effect” since that’s what models are.

And then expand that tab too. You’ll see that the first entry it has should be “graphic” which will come with a table to look at on the right. See image below.

What we have in my example are two lines: a GFXFile line that reads “Marth” and EFLSEntryIndex that reads “4”. (Note that the GFXFile will normally be whatever the character is built over. So you could expect Viewtiful Joe to have “Captain Falcon” here, or for Vegeta to have “Wolf”).

Remember that notepad file we made?

It’s going to be our best friend. To put it bluntly, you’re going to spend the next 30-60 minutes going through this . pac’s moveset, finding every external Graphic effect tab and changing the GFXFile to Deathpod, and the EFLSEntry Index to the new number according to out notepad. So in our case I would do this:

Now you’re probably thinking “Okay, I get that in Nebulon’s case 4=49, but why was Marth changed to 162?” Well… let me explain. Marth needs to be changed to Deathpod, but enemy EF names aren’t found in the pull down next to Marth, and not even are al of the Assist Trophies. Instead you need to know their ID. To do that, use this link:


Find your enemy/assist name and get it’s ID (For me it was A2). Then open up calculator, hit view, and turn on the programming function. Then activate the “hex” option on the calculator, and input A2. Then activate the dec option instead and it will convert your hex ID into the decimal (or just normal) ID that BB 68b uses. And that’s how we get our number.

So, to make this clear, go through every animation, open up every GFX folder, look for External Graphic Effect, and change the GFXFile to the name of the ef_file you’re using and the EFLSEntryIndex to the new value that the model is associated with according to that handy notepad file that I really hope you made.

IF you know your character well enough, you don’t have to look inside every folder. For instance, if you’re using Viewtiful Joe, then you’ll know that his SpecialS (Special Side, or Forward/backward+B move in gameplay) will have him throw his Voomerang, which is an External Graphic. So you’ll look for every file that animation folder that has “SpecialS” on it and change look for the “External Graphic Effect” tab that way. You ALSO need to look out for “Terminate Graphic Effect”. When/ if you find them (They aren't always there) you’ll expand the tab like before, and you’ll replace the values just as you did in “External Graphic Effect”. These are important for removing the External graphics when they’re supposed to be removed from gameplay. Otherwise you’ll have meteors and Voomerangs just hanging around for lols.

When you feel you’ve gone through enough folders and fixed all of the tabs, then it’s time for you to hit save, and give it a test. If done correctly, you should find that your character loads their GFX correctly.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the tutorial. Here are a few things that could go horribly wrong:, but are still potentially fixable:

-If after completing everything you still have some GFX glitches no matter who is in play, then you didn’t set up everything correctly. In this case, you need to go back into these animation folders and check inside “Main” and “Other” for External Graphic Effect tabs, and “Terminate Graphic Effect” tabs. Creators sometimes like to hide them in here. Do the same as you did before.

-If your character freezes upon loading a stage then the .pac file size is too big. Big ef_files can cause a file to be too big to load. Make sure the ef_file you pick isn’t too big. To get an estimate as to how big you character may be once you export the ef_file, export all of the models and textures, and add up their files sizes, then temporarily replace your .pac’s ef_file with the new one and check it’s size. If it’s over 530 kB, then it’ll normally freeze. This is my standard, there are exceptions both good and bad. You’ve been warned.

-If your character just freezes at certain points that it didn’t before, then it’s corrupted. This means you’ll have to start over using a different BB or PSA.

Ask me how I know all of these… go ahead, ask… yep…

In closing, YES it’s tedious, and YES it’s frustrating, but it when it comes down to it, if it’s worth it, then this is nothing compared to the hours of enjoyment you could get out of the game once having done this. Smiley

One last disclaimer for people using my pack: I use enemy ef_files and assist ef_files on some of my characters. If you’re going to port your GFX to and enemy ef_file, then please pick one that I’m not using. If you pick one that I’m already using then it’ll be just as glitch as it would be if you had the original character and the replacement character fight.

And there you have it. I hope I helped at least one of you out there. DO NOT pm me on how to do REFFs, I don’t really know how to do those. Try to keep questions in the forum as much as possible for others to help, especially if it’s a general question like “what’s X in hexadecimal” or “what BB can get the MoveDef_FitXXXXX to show up?”

I’m not an expert, just a one trick pony with a well renowned pack. I hope you all survived this epic. Go forth and have fun Smiley

8  Help & Tutorials / Help / I need to take final smash files out of a character's .pac... Help! on: January 26, 2014, 09:23:14 AM
So, I'm using Brawlex clone engine, which requires that characters have a final.pac. Certain characters don't come with one, but can load a custom one up from their .pac file. I need to take it out abd bane it appropriately for it to work. Can anyone help me?
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I dont know what te proper thread is but i'm looking for a ninja psa over mario. Anyone?

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Rather, the ninja psa. If someone could pm me i'll close the thread.
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I use Gecko.

Is there?
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I've already looked around the vault because I know topics like this have to be frequent, but I can't find any that directly answer my question.

I'm using Gecko and file patch 3.5.3. I'm trying to edit sounds for the second roster.

There was recently something put out called Super Sawndz which had a code to make it work for Gecko users.

I've input the code, and I've made a sfx foler= pf/sfx as the tutorial says, although I'm also aware that I have an sfx folder in my sound folder (pf/sound/sfx) that I use for the my custom music, and I wasn't sure if that was an issue. So Which is it?

Anyway, I don't have enough room for an entire brsar, so is it possible for me to JUST use the .sawnd files, and if so where do I put them exactly? The pf/sound/sfx? or pf/sfx?

If not then can I remove other characters from the brsar for space? And if the game loads that, will it also load sfx for characters from the disc along side? (Like hypothetically if I just changed Ness' voice to Knuckles with a brsar that only had Knuckles voice for Ness' ID (to conserve space), but not my Super Mario over Mario who would be loading his sfx from the disc, would this actually be possible?

I need these 3 answered. I hope someone can figure out what I'm trying to say :/
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I'm unable to quote the message at the time, but I feel other people have run into this before. The skins for the psa have custom texture submissions, so I know there must be a way around this. Can anyone help me?
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Is it too much to process? Sometimes going to the item menu will slow down the game or cause a freeze, but that's not consistent.

I've found that 2 foxes in play with a Falco will be fine, even 3 foxes, 3 Falcos, 1 Fox and 2 Falcos, but 3 Foxes and a Falco will freeze consistently.

I also have a replay on my Wii that I can't get rid of because even going over it freezes the game. Ineed to figure out how to delete that...

If I could send someone my cart data for sorting out and fixing I would pay them.
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Default Match time is 8 minutes.
Team Damage is default on.

How can I fix this so that team damage is default off and there is no time limit.
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