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1  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / Re: [Intermediate] 50 Costume Code Implementation Guide on: February 27, 2019, 07:26:07 PM
A few other things to keep conscious about:

Both Brawl and PM packed the costume flag data tightly together. If not using BrawlEX, you'll need to find free memory space to move expanded characters to so that they don't fight. (If you've rearranged your common .pac files akin to how PM did, free space should be available around 80546000-80547000 for this kind of thing.)

Keep conscious that this does not avoid sc_selcharacter.pac filesize limitations. You either need to use a code to load RSPs on the CSS (which is not compatible with .pcs files and is unstable) or use colorsmash once you hit a certain size, though otherwise things are basically the same.

Likewise, this holds true for the PM-style stock icons in-game, too. Once you get to about beyond 200 additional of what LTE has (which itself is probably around 70 more than in PM), you'll start needing to either compromise UI resolution or use generic stock icons like with Brawl.

Similar stock icon issues plague the SSS in terms of compromising filesize, which is related to the lack of current support for SSS stocks.
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