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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / how can I apply hacks to usb loaded games? on: July 17, 2011, 06:50:27 PM
You know the USB Loader that plays burned games off an sd card and stuff?\
How do I put hacks on it?
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Hollow's Temporary PSA Thread #1 - Son....I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy? on: July 14, 2011, 06:45:37 PM

I didn't feel like neroing the other one, so I made a new one. Temporary, of course.

First up, Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow.

I might need model rips. Specifically from PoTC At World's End models. More specifically Jack's sword, a bottle if one can be found, the Black Pearl, and a pistol. If that's not possible, I'll improvise.

Beta Moveset
Jumps: A jump, then a flip or a backflip

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUkRatOSxaI&feature=related" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUkRatOSxaI&feature=related</a>

AAA: Three sword swings. 3%, 4%, 7%







NAir: A kick. (Link NAir) 7%





NeutralB: Shoots his gun. Up to 6 shots. 8% Fire Effect, smoke when shot

SideB: Reload

UpB: A rope comes down and he rides it up for a little.


Pummel: He slaps then in the face. 3%

ThrowF: He puts them on the ground, stomps them three times, then kicks them away. 10%

ThrowB: He lifts them above his head, teaters on one foot, then falls over on his back and sends the opponent backwards, then he gets up. 8%

ThrowU: He throws then in the air, the shoots them with his gun. 8%

ThrowD: He smashes a bottle on their head, making them lay down. 9%

FS: A cannon, or the black pearl with ten shots. 20% each

UTaunt: Shakes a bottle upside down (why's the rum gone?)

STaunt: Eats a Peanut. +2%  Awesome Face

DTaunt: Falls backwards with arms above his head, then gets back up.

Win1: Chugs a bottle of rum. Forever.

3  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / How to make a moving graphic without using the throw bone on: June 05, 2011, 09:32:25 PM
Had this figured out a while ago actually, just now putting it up.

Float Variable Set: RA Float[<100]
Set Loop X Times
               Float Variable Add: RA Float[same as above] + blah
               Graphic Effect: Set any of the offsets to RA Float
               Synchronous Timer: Blah
Execute Loop

Done! You can have as many Variables as needed, and you can subtract them too.

Explanation: The Variable is being changed everytime a looped is completed, and because the offset is set as the variable, the value of the offset is changing as well, making it move.

I'll make another one with moving hitboxes, too. They can't be moved with Floats, so I'm trying other things out.
4  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / How to make a three-level charge attack in PSA on: April 07, 2011, 05:30:38 PM
First, this guide is for a special attack. (B, Side B, Down B, Up B)

With this, the attack will have three stages, and you will be able to roll dodge out of it, and shield out of it.

Go to the actions tab and find which action you want to change.

112- Neutral B
113- Side B
114- Up B
115- Down B

Now, find a different action that you will no longer be using. Do not use any of the above.
117 and up are able to be used

Once you decide which you will be replacing, go to your desired action tab. (the B's)

Delete everything in it, then put this code in.

If: On Ground
                Change Action: 0, requirment: Button Pressed: 3
                Additional Change Action Requirement: On Ground
                Change Action: E, requirment: In Air
                Change Subaction: (This is the charging subaction, not the attack)
                Change Action: (The unused action tab), requirement: In Air
End If

Subaction (the one you put in above)

Dissallow Certain movements: 0-2
Set/Add Momentum: 1-0, 1-0, 0-0, 0-1
Synchronous Timer: 4 (This timer is important, it tells when you are able to roll out of the charge)
Change Action: 1F, requirement: Compare: IC-Basic[1011] >= IC-Basic[3149]
Additional Change Action Requirement: Compare: IC-Basic[21001] < IC-Basic[23038]
Additional Change Action Requirement: On Ground
Change Action: 20, requirement: Compare: IC-Basic[1012] >= IC-Basic[3149]
Additional Change Action Requirement: Compare: IC-Basic[21001] < IC-Basic[23038]
Additional Change Action Requirement: On Ground
Change Action: (unused action), Requirement: Button Not Pressed: 1
(The IC-Basics are for rolling out of the charge, don't worry about not knowing what they are. Also, the values won't show up as those big numbers when you finish the code, but they are, so don't panic.)
Asynchronous Timer: (This is when the first charge is completed)
Bit Variable Set: LA-Bit[100]
[optional]If: Bit not set: LA-Bit[101]
                    Frame speed modifier: (less than 1)
End If [/optional]
Change Action: (unused action), Requirement: Button Not Pressed: 1
Asynchronous Timer: (This is when the second charge is completed)
Bit Variable Set: LA-Bit[101]
Change Action: (unused action), Requirement: Button Not Pressed: 1
[If you did the optional]
Frame speed modifier: x1[/optional]
Synchronous Timer: 2
Change Action Status: 0-0, 0-0, On Ground

Unused action

If: Bit is Set: LA-Bit[101]
             Change Subaction: Fully charged attack (strongest)
             If: Bit is Set: LA-Bit[100]
                          Change subaction: One charge attack (second strongest)
                          Change subaction: Non-charged attack (weakest)
             End If
End If
(This checks which LA-Bits were set, [101] being the full charge, which is set at the end of charging subaction, and goes to the designated strongest charge attack, [100] being the half charge, and it goes to that designated charge attack, and if no bits were set, then it goes to the non-charged attack, being the weakest. Since LA-Bits are set until they are cleared, you can cancel the charge and the Bit would stay set.)

Add these codes at the beginning of the respective attacks

Strongest charge attack

Bit Variable Clear: LA-Bit[101]
Bit Variable Clear: La-Bit[100]

Second Strongest Charge attack

Bit Variable Clear: La-Bit[100]

Don't add anything to the non-charged attack.


In both Entry Subactons

Bit Variable Set: LA-Bit[152]
Bit Variable Clear: LA-Bit[101]
Bit Variable Clear: La-Bit[100]
(Clear any other variables from other charge attacks as well)

Wait1 Subaction

If Not Bit is Set: LA-Bit[152]
             Bit Variable Clear: LA-Bit[101]
             Bit Variable Clear: La-Bit[100]    
             Bit Variable Set: La-Bit[152]
             (Clear any other variables from other charge attacks as well)
End If

Other information

Only use LA Bit[100+]. Anything less than 100 is unknown to what it does. You don't need to use the values that I used, just make sure you put them in the right place.
Don't use the same LA Bit twice.
You can make as many charge attacks as you like, as long as you have enough room.

If you have any questions, PM me.
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / DasDonkey Box has a worm on: April 07, 2011, 05:44:37 AM
Basically what it says.
My pc won't ket me run it becuase it detects a worm.
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Homebrew 4.3 on: December 25, 2010, 10:36:55 AM
Yeah. It updated. *burns Kirby's Epic Yarn*

just need the downloads and insteuctions for 4.3. Thanks.
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Hollow Ichigo Moveset Updates and Suggestions on: September 12, 2010, 08:19:43 AM
Right. Anyway, this is here to disucuss updates and suggestions for Hollow Ichigo. Tell me what else you want him to do.
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Twilight Princess Rip on: August 27, 2010, 06:12:13 PM
Can someone rip Ganondorf's animations from Twilight Princess? They would be very useful to me.
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Master of War Captain Falcon on: August 11, 2010, 03:32:44 PM
It's an idea inspired by the song "Indestructable" by Disturbia.

In the line he says "I am the indestructable Master of War"

That got me thinking.
A Master of War Captain Falcon.

Complete with bob-ombs, smart bombs, ray guns, superscopes, and every other explosive item you can think of.
My next epic idea. I think that Falcon could use his godly powers to become invincible. Final Smash will be the atomic bomb. Evil

A: fires a ray gun shot
AA: fires a bigger ray gun shot
AAA: fires an even bigger ray gun shot
A100: Machine gun ray gun shots (very fast)
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / Hexing question on: August 10, 2010, 05:46:41 PM
Kitty Corp's Personal Hollow needs some help. I'm continuing an idea that I had 4 months ago. One winged Marth(sephiroth)

I need to know if it's possible to hex off only one of Yoshi's wings, and if so, how.

Thank you.
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / PSA question on: July 11, 2010, 02:59:12 PM
How would I make a graphic into a collision bubble?

I want to have a long range fireball attack, how would I do that?
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Hollow's PSAs: Summer PSAs on page 86 on: July 10, 2010, 03:55:05 PM

My Brawlvault

PSA Lessions

Ultimate Ganon Download HERE


A: Volcano Punch: punches the ground, and two pillars of light erupt on both sides of him.

A>:  Exploding Sparta Kick

AV: Ganon hurls a fireball with his throw animation.

A^: He raises his hand, and a pillar of fire shoots up. A total of four hits.

Dash: His running anim, but he accelerates forward very fast, and hits whoever touches him while he's running. 10% Medium KB.


B: Unchanged

B>: Unchanged

BV: Ganon dissappears, then an oppenent in front of him is hit 35 times, each doing 1 damage with no KB, then he reappears, doing 2 damage, and a moderate KB.

B^: Unchanged


A: Unchanged

A>: Unchanged

AV: Ganon spins around and punches down, resulting a a huge fire explosion.

A^: Unchanged


B>: Unchanged

BV: Had to steal this from Barbadorf, because the original move didn't work.
B^: Unchanged


>: He generates a beamsword, slashes with his Swing4 anim, then the beamsword vanishes. Pretty cool.

V: He does a spin kick on his hands. (DownAttackU)  10%

^: Up taunt. The oppenent is hit 24 times, with 1 damage and no KB, then
Ganon explodes, doing 3 damage and high KB.


A: He electricutes the opponent while standing still.

>: Unchanged

<: Unchanged

V: Unchanged

^: Unchanged


>: His Lose anim. He claps, and darkness appears around his hands when he claps.

^: Unchanged

V: His Win3 laugh.

Final Smash:

Ultimate End
Ganon turns invisible and intangible and the screen is hit with fire, electricity, ice, then a big darkness blast. Obviously, it kills everyone.


Darth Vader Download HERE

Neutral B - Force Wave: Vader extends both arms out and pushes his opponents away from him. 12%

Side B - Force Push: Vader pushes his opponent in front of him away with high knockback. If the opponent is close enough, they also get stunned for a bit then pushed away. No Damage.

Up B - Force Jump: Vader does a big jump, and a shockwave shoots out from wherever he jumps. 5%

Down B - Force Pull: Vader draws whoever's in front of him towards him. With a 10% chance of making them dizzy. No Damage.

Standard Attacks:
A, A, A Combo - Two horizontal slashes (w/ electrical stun) and a final vertical slash with high horizontal knockback. 4%, 4%, 8% Damage

Side Tilt - A piercing stab like attack. Electric hit stun. 10% Damage

Up Tilt - Force Push. Kind of like GWs up air. He just sends the opponent flying back up. Good for juggling.

Down Tilt - A quick slash to the feet. 5% Damage

Side Smash - Vader swings his light saber up, knocking his opponent high into the air. 12% Damage

Up Smash - Force Lightning. Vader shoots lightning above him from his hand. Leaves the opponent stunned for a second then sends them flying up. 15% Damage. Also has a Sweet Spot with really high knockback.

Down Smash - Vader swings his saber around him at both sides. First in front, then in back. Both slashes do 10% damage.

In Air:
Neutral Air - Swings his saber around him in a big circle. 6% Damage

Side Air - Jabs his saber quickly forward.  8% Damage

Back Air - Force Push. Pushes the opponent away. No Damage.

Up Air -  Sends the opponent back up. If the opponent is close to Vaders hand, then they receive 4% damage.


Lord of the Dead Ganondorf Download HERE!!!!!

A: His ThrowF, a punch that stuns the opponent, making them dizzy. Good set up for combos.

AA: If A is held, he will swing a dark blade around.

Side A: Dark Slash: Basically, he slashes the opponent with darkness.

Up A: He raises his hand veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sllllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwly....... .....(394 frames, in fact)

...............then KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

Down A: Just a normal kick..........

.....followed up by a super high knockback kick!!!!

Dash: I call it Dark Dash, it's his SpecialS anim, with a blast of darkness around him.

Air A: He spins in a ball with darkness around him.

Air F: A very strong darkness punch

Air B: His ThrowB animation, he kicks behind him with fire.

Air Up: Just the same animation with darkness around his feet.

Air Down: A ounch of darkness downward, that spikes.

Up Smash: He raises his hand, and shoots a flamethrower, hitting 20 times..........

then a big explosion sends the opponent skyward.

Down Smash: He jumps up, then slams the ground with darkness.

Neutral B: He slashes ut in front of him at three levels. No charge is a regular slash, one change is a fireball blast, and full charge is a darkness blast.

Side B: He performs the volcano kick at three levels. No charge is a regular kick, one charge is an explosion kick, full charge is a darkness kick.

Down B: Darkness Wall. Probably the cheapest and funnest move ever made. Even the cpu spammed it.

Up B: Fly. Yep, he flies. Very fast.

Down Taunt: Custom Win1 animation, his sword is cloaked in darkness. Use it to put his sword away and take it out.

Other tidbits:

New run.

Teleports for all dodges.

He can float on top of water. (still working on how to stop him from drowning)

His grab has HUGE range. And it's badass. He's also intangible while grabbing.

New Grab Attack loops if you hold A.


Hollow Ichigo (Me) Download HERE

Well, we move on to the pinacle of my PSA skills.

AAA: Three slashes, first two have barely any KB, then the third sends them flying far.

Side A: A very quick slash that does decent damage and great KB.

Dash: He spins around multiple times, hitting anyone who comes near him.

Up A: To be changed later.
Down A: To be changed later.
Side Smash: A powerhouse upward slash, dealing great damage an KB.

Up Smash: Claws the air with darkness. Has bad range, but deals huge damage if it hits.

Down Smash: Great Move; He slams his sword into the ground, impaling only anyone who is on the ground. Guaranteed to hit anyone on the ground.

Neutral Air: A single powerful kick, with great damage and KB.

Forward Air: A quick, powerful slash.

Backward Air: To be changed later.
Up Air: He does a powerful slash above his head.

Down Air: He curls into a ball and shoots downward while spinning, with darkness around him.

B: Getsuga Tenshou: He charges the move up, then releases a red wave of energy that travels a great distance. When fully charged, he takes no damage.

Side B: Cero Blast: (Thanks to DivineOverlord for his help with this move) He charges up the cero up to three times, with a fireball growing in his hand...... then unleashes the Cero, with huge range. B warned, if it's not charged up very much, he attacks with a weak fireball.
Down B: Reiatsu Blast: He focuses his reiatsu, charging it up, then releases it all at one, throwing them backward far and doing lots of damage. Can be charged three times.

Up B: A third jump, except he is invincible while doing it. Has great recovery distance.

Final Smash: An enormous Cero Blast, killing anyoneit hits.


Neo Download HERE

(All of these moves are strong and very fast, being he is the One.)

AAA: Punch, punch, then kick. (Ike's punches, CF's side kick)

A>: Uppercut.  (CF's B side)

A^: Double kick up.  (CF's Up Smash)

AV: Sweeping Kick (ZSS's down A)

UpSmash: Thrusts hand into the air imbued with electricity. Hits multiple times. (ItemAssist)

FSmash: Thrusts hand out in front of him, and a lightning bolt shoots out.  (LightThrowF)

DownSmash: He smashes the ground and emits a shockwave, hitting anyone close to him. (LandingAirF)

NAir: Forward Kick with a sweet spot on the toe. (first kick of snake's NAir)

FAir: Forward punch. (Ganon's FAir)

BAir: Same

DAir: Punch downward with a heavy spike. (Link's LightThrowLw)

UAir: Upward Kick. (last kick of snake's Nair)

B: Machine gun. Takes out a super scope, but no super scope bullets. Loops if you hold B. You'll see what I mean. Evil

Side B: The Delete Attack. Snake conjures a delete program on him and explodes in a green ball of light. Sends opponents reeling. (ItemBig)

DownB: Wouldn't be complete without a time stop. Chargable three times, third charge is a very long time stop.

UpB: Couldn't pull off flying, so I gave him a third jump instead. Since he has no helpless fall, you can do it as many times as you need.


Omega Download HERE!!!

Finally, the god of destruction is awakened! Texture by me. Surprisingly, no animations swaps were used, this is all Link.

AAAAAAA: Yes, he has a seven slash A combo. Evil They all have a small hitstun effect, so the enemy can't escape.

He does this twice, and all his slashes are extremely fast. Then this is the final hit:

First six slashes do 2%, then he final hit does 8% Total of 20%

A Side: A strong horizonal slash. Not very much KB. 10%

A Up: I sharp vertical slash. Not very much KB. 8%

A Down: A very, very strong electric slash. Has huge knockback. 9%

Dash Attack: A rising slash that bringsyou upward. 2 hits total. 7%, 10%


Nair: A spinning slash. Low KB. 8%

Fair: A strong slash forward. Moderate-high KB. 9%

Bair: A strong kick backwards with fire effects. Moderate-high KB. 8%

Uair: A rising slash that brings you upwards. 2 hits total. Moderate KB. 7%, 11%

Dair: A downward slash with a heavy spike. high KB. 7%

Smashes-all charges are 2.5 times faster Evil

Up Smash: A strong rising slash with a fire effect hit two times max. Moderate KB 7%, 15%

Side Smash: One of his strongest moves, a powerful slash with an energy shock blast when the sword hits the ground. 2 Hits max. Big KB. 10%-slash 15%-shock blast

Down Smash: He jumps up, then slams the ground. High KB. 14%


B: His Blaster. Chargeable three times. You can roll out of it. Took this from Zero, then sped it waaaaaay up.
No charge fires three ray gun shots. Same in air.

One charge fires a single duon beam shot. Same in air. 11%

Full charge fires 2 duon beams in succession. Same in air. 11% per shot

B Side: A dash. Also taken from Zero, but you can use it infinitely in air instead of just once.

Up B: A third jump, also taken from Zero, but you can use it infinitely. Has a small fire hitbox by his feet. 3%

Down B: Rekkoha, when he punches the ground. Did NOT take this from Zero. Chargeable three times, and you can roll out of it. You can also charge it in air.
No charge, a ball of green energy appears. Moderate KB. 6%

One charge, and 5 balls of blue energy appear. Moderate-high KB. 8%

This one's my favorite. Full charge, and he generates 8 lasers around him and also heals 10 damage. 30 hits max, each do 2%


ThrowF: A strong forward slash. 7%

ThrowB: An electric kick backwards. 7%

ThrowU: I love his one. He burns he hell out of them, the rockets them upward. 11 hits total. 2%-first 10 hits 4-last hit

ThrowD: he impales them with his saber and flings them up. 8%

Final Smash: Ultimate Final Blaster: He charges up his blaster......

Then fires a giant laser that obliterates everything it hits. 51 hits total. 4%-first 50 hits  50%-last hit
If you look closely, you can see Zero getting fried. Evil


Up Taunt: He flips himself up off the ground.

Side Taunt: He yells and fully charges B and Down B.

Down Taunt: He yanks his saber out of the ground.


SEPHIROTH Download HERE!!!!!!

The One Winged Angel has arrived.

The sword can now hit anywhere on it, I extended the hitboxes.
He has one wing. Only comes out on his Up B and his Final Smash and his Entry. (No, I didn't use BigBadBooya's.)
Yes, he truely is in brawl now.

AAA: Just a simple three slash combo. 4%, 4%, 5%

A>: A moderately strong slash forward. 7%

A^: An upward slash that shoots a slow moving projectile. Slow, so you can't spam it. (except on the broken version Grin) Sword 6% projectile 8%

AV: A sweep of his sword on the ground. Covers a lot of distance, and it's pretty strong. 9%


Forward Smash: A great powerful slash, but is very slow to start up, making it less broken. (except in the broken version Grin) 16%

Up Smash: A strong slash over his head. Pretty fast, but faster in the broken version. 13%

Down Smash: Shadow Flare: Sephiroth conjures up three dark balls in front of him. Kinda slow, but strong. 15%


Nair: A simple slash forward. Slowed down so you can't gimp it. (not in the broken one) 8%

Fair: A strong slash forward. Very slow end lag. (not in broken one) 9%

Bair: For lack of a better animation, I'm keeping the original, but I increased the damage. 9%

Dair: Hell's Gate: He thrusts his sword downward, making for a huge fastfall, and if you land it, you perform Hell's Gate. Sword 8% Hell's Gate 14%

Uair: He rapidly gabs his sword upward. A lot of hits total. 12% total


B: Meteor: Sephiroth conjures the black materia, charging, them one you let go, he releases the Meteor, which has more range the longer you charge it. Very easy to dodge, so he has super armor while performing it. The no charge, first and second charge damages, respectively. 10% 20% 30%

B>: Blizzaga: Sephiroth charges, them freezes the opponent solid after a few hits. Three charges total. 8% 18% 25%

B^: Sephiroth takes out his wing and flies. Yes, he flies. You can move him with the control stick, but only for a little while, he goes in to a normal fall, but you can't use it again. You can interrupt the flying with aerial attacks.

BV: Sephiroth conjures a pillar of fire, while grows the longer you charge. 28% with each charge, but third charge has much more range.


Before I can show you throws, I have to show you his grab.

Grab Attack

UThrow: He hurls his opponent off his sword upward. 8%

FThrow: He kicks the opponent forward. 11%

BThrow: He kicks the opponent backward. 11%

DThrow: He swings his sword with the oponent still on it and smashes it into the ground. 9%

Final Smash

The great attack we all know and hate from FFVII versing Safer Sephiroth.

I'll let the pictures talk for me.

As you can see, nothing survives. Unless you do a rolling dodge exactly when it hits, which is pretty hard to tell.


He has a walljump and wallcling, but only for a little time.

If you hold the jump button on his second jump, he will glide forward  and gradually go down.


Up: He crosses his arms for a little while.

Side: He waves his hand behind him, as if to say "Leave me"

Down: A deep bow, mocking the opponent.


Just one. For some reason, if you have a smash ball and you do a wallcling, after you get down, the final smash disappears. No idea how to fix it.


New Sephiroth
This is the merging of PSAs of mine, DivineOverlord's, and BigBadBooya's.

This Sephiroth PSA is basically the integral of the Sephiroth's from Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy: Dissadia.



There are three versions this time in terms of pure power.

-Balanced version = Limited Sephiroth

-OverPowered Version = Unleashed Sephiroth

-OverGod Version = Godly Sephiroth

Use up taunt in the OP and OG versions for invinsibility

and remember:

Side Taunt = Release Sephiroth wings
Down Taunt = Puts away Sephiroth wings

4.30.2011 Updates applied to 2.9 BY DO

New 4-30-2011 @ 9:00AM updates by DivineOverlord
+some animations are Smoother
+New Entry
+New Down THrow
+New Back Throw
+Dont remember what else is edited.

+Fixed A+B+Walk Glitch
+Fixed Up B landing Glitch
+Fixed other minor issues
+new Side B in air animation
+fixed side tilt attack
+Fixed Up B landing glitch
+among other things
+Took out the jump glide.
+edited Attack Air Lw animation
+Improved AAA attack
+Improved Side B Special
+Improved Down B special
+Added more balance
+Adjusted attack 13 animation
+Play to find out!
- B Special In Air: Heartless Angel - Attacks the entire stage but only hits the ground. JUST JUMP TO EVADE IT.
-new wait animation
-new dash animation
-new run turn animation
-new guard on, off, N animations
-changed his side tilt
-new side taunt
-changed win animations
-new end animation for Down B special
-new entry animation
-added end lags to his smash attacks and side tilt.
-More accurate Side B specialand it works like Zelda's Side B special.
---- New Side B Cast animation in air and on ground.


This Sephiroth PSA is basically the integral of my KH Seperioth, BigBadBooya's Seperioth, and Hollow's Seperioth. We're still planning on working on this XD  

Run, Guard animations

Normal Attacks:

AAA - A miniature version of Octoslash
----Sephiroth performs a series of attacks with his sword combo. The last strike of this will be the only one with significant knockback.

Up Tilt :
Sephiroth swings his sword to shoot out some rather weak air blades diagonally up.

Down Tilt: Low Horizontal Slash

Side Tilt:Reaper (from Final Fantasy Dissida)
First he slashes you, if you get hit, he will preform another slash that unleashes a shockwave.

Smash Attacks:

Forward Smash : OctoSlash - Kingdom Hearts 2 model -  Preforms a series of slashes over a long distance.
                              It has a low killing Power since it reaches far.
here is one pic lol

Up Smash: Pretty much the same as Ike's except its slower and more deadly yet riskier to use.  Wink
Charge animation

Down Smash: Hells Gate Ground
Sephiroth holds his sword up and stabs it into the ground. Very similar to Ike's Neutral B, even the animation can be the same. But instead of fire, there can be that green lifestream stuff, with bits of earth/rocks cracking up, kind of like this:

AIR Attacks:




Special Attacks:

Neutral B in air: Heartless Angel

Then he unleashes his power


Neutral B on ground
Sephiroth summons a meteor that shoots diagonally down. The longer you charge, the greater distance the meteor travels. up to 3 charges, the more you charge the greater the meteor



Forward B: Shadow Flare


Down B on ground: FLARE
Sephiroth summons a giant pillar of fire around him. The longer you charge, the more pillars there will be, with a maximum of three (the second pillar will be in front of him, the third will be in back). These pillars pull the opponent toward them and keep the opponent trapped for a second or two while burning him (like Ness' PK Fire).

First charge: 1 pillar that lasts for 5 hits

Second Charge: 2 pillars

Third Charge: 6 Pillars

UP B: Flight by Hollow

Final Smash:
If Damage is less than 100% Summons a giant meteor by BigBadBooya

If Damage is greater than 100% Super Nova By Hollow

Download link:


BONUS Textures by Data_Drain and Wolfric
Aeon Sephy


here are pics of other textures in this zip file below:

13  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Project Hollow (Need an experienced animator and PSAer!) on: June 01, 2010, 07:41:10 PM
This is the thread for updating on your progress and talking about Project Hollow.
No leaking, which means no hack names are mentioned.
PM any questions or hacks to me or anyone involved.

14  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Hollow's Texture Request Thread! Post Texture requests Here! on: May 13, 2010, 05:21:42 PM
This is my texture request thread. Post any requests here.
Only 5 textures at one time.

1. Nightmare Captain Falcon
2. Sigfreid Marth
3. Kazooie falco
4. Doomguy Samus
5. Beast Ganon DK

1. Ganon Ike
2. Super Battle Droid Samus
3. Soap Ghost Captain Falcon

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