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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Re: File Patch Code 4.1 release on: September 04, 2016, 01:15:50 PM
I'm not clear on how this gives us the ability to give characters their own sounds. Can i use this code so that goku has his sfx without replacing pits sounds? Can we finaly add new sound banks or is this just an alternative to using sawnd files?
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Re: File Patch Code 4.1 release on: July 14, 2016, 07:08:51 PM
Might we get a changelog? What exactly does this new code provide? do we still need the replacment soundbank engine code? What codes are rendered obsolete and what is new compared to 3.5?
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: March 15, 2016, 10:34:40 PM
As things stand, you can currently only have one soundbank that would apply to all cloned characters so having a code that allows for more than one is actually a HUGE step forward. After all, if your using random, how often are two characters with the same bank going to be loaded? I don't suppose you could release version 1.0 of the code could you? 
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / Re: brawlEx announcer calls on: February 26, 2016, 03:14:31 AM
it's actualy easy to do if you have the Custom Sound Engine 2.5 code. name the brstm of the anouncer call 0000XXXX.brstm and then go to your clone's slot config file, open it in a hex editer and change offset 0x1A and 0x1B to XXXX.

this also works for victory themes and victory announcers:

victory theme: offset 0x22 and 0x23

victory announcer: I forget but if you look up sfx Id's here:


and then find the matching numbers in the slot config, you can find the offset yourself.
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: February 21, 2016, 11:51:49 PM
Any progress on that code?
6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: February 04, 2016, 05:48:26 PM
everything loading together is unfortunate. that means we have to have all our sounds repeated in the other folders. However, this at least means that we can have, as you say,  multiple of the same clone with different sfx so long as they aren't matched against one another.

so if I understand correctly, what you have so far is a character dependent sfx folder loader.
for example: luffy and naruto over ike. you select luffy as p1 and it loads sfx folder A. Naruto as p1 calls sfx folder 2. But if both are selected, the last to be selected overrides the first

What we now need is a soundbank dependent character loader that triggers after the  previous code and is triggered by detecting that a soundbank is already called (or a specific character). To take the above example, if p1 is luffy and p2 is naruto, when naruto is selected, it checks to see if the soundbank has already been called. it has (by luffy) so naruto gets his fighter config swapped. said config is the exact same except it calls a different soundbank (for example, pit)..................

oh geeez. such a thing would get REALLY complicated REALLY fast wouldn't it?    

I don't know if we can get this perfect but what you have already may just be good enough. (though keep up the good work on the config and psa swapping as those may be of use in other ways) meanwhile I'm going to test out a crazy idea I have. if it works, we can at least minimize how often two characters conflict.  

edit: my crazy plan failed, largely due to the current limitations of brawlbox. I was going to see if I could straight up delete useless soundbanks and then create clone banks with the freed up space (in other words, delete subspace soundbanks and put in a marth2 bank. unfortunately, brawlbox does not allow you to edit smashbros_sound.brsar to quite that degree.
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: February 02, 2016, 06:24:07 PM
what about instead of 4 different PSA's or config folders, what if we did 4 different sawnds folders? alternatively, simply 4 different sawnds (39_A.sawnd, 39_B. sawnd, 39_C.sawnd, etc.).

when are .sawnds called? if they are called individually, each character could pull from it's own folder.

for example:

IF character slot 3F, THEN load sawnds from pf/sfx/3F

we run into problems though if sawnds are called simultaneously.we would still have more options as we could have multiple characters use the same soundbank, but we would have problems when two characters with the same bank were loaded. (I am guessing and hoping this isn't the case though because of the wii's limited memory)

I would imagine that you would need to add to the Replacment SoundBank Engine to do this. after all, if the rsbe code can load sawnds from a defined folder, then it should be no problem to define a new folder. the trick is inserting a trigger. each user would probably have to add in custom lines of code the same way you have to for the custom stage select code.
8  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: January 25, 2016, 09:09:22 PM
any progress on that code?

actually, do we realy need to switch fighter configs? if there was a fighter dependent sawndz loader (in the same vein as oshtoby's stage dependent song loader) would that work? how are sounds loaded? are soundbanks called one at a time? if so, does caling it again unload the previous instance? For example, P1 is maro and bank and P2 is a clone using mario's bank. are the instances of the bank separate or would it only load the banks once?

if only once, could we force it to load multiple times by tricking it into thinking it is loading a separate bank? (loads mario then thinks it is loading a different bank but actually loads mario again with the sawnd.
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Re: The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: January 19, 2016, 02:25:13 AM
the only problem with your first idea is that we would still be limited with how many sounds we could replace. rather than any character above 3F, such a code should be more like ~ every 6 characters ( we have only so many boss banks). This of course means conflicts between clone "groups" though it does free the original characters up at least.

your second idea is probably the superior one in my opinion. the only issue I can see is how much space it uses up on the SD (though there IS an SDHC code for big sd cards, though I think it may be only for project M. could be wrong). the tricky bit would be making it work with the current codes. You need 4 sawnds...named the same. that means either an new naming convention for the custom sound engine or a new folder set up such that the code reads one folder or another for each character individually (if sounds are all loaded at once, this fails for the same reason as your first idea, but if not we have a character dependent sound loader much like we have a stage dependent song loader!

I can see the code acting like this:
check if character 3F is loaded. if no, end. if yes
check if Soundbank A is loaded. if no, inject sawndA from folder 3Fsounds and load soundbank A. if yes,
check if Soundbank B is loaded. if no, inject sawndB from folder 3Fsounds and  load soundbank B. if yes,
check if Soundbank C is loaded. if no, inject sawndC from folder 3Fsounds and  load soundbank C. if yes,
inject sawndD from folder 3Fsounds and load soundbank D

my idea is that if we could trick the game into thinking there are more sound IDs than there are, we could create virtual soundbanks. no need to actually use a sawnd to replace a bank. rather we get the game to look for a soundbank number that doesn't exist and instruct it to check the SD card first. problem here is currently sawnds are designed as a sort of "injection". I don't think they are read directly. if we could find some way to export soundbanks into there own file type...
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / The problem of SFX: a thread for brainstorming solutions on: January 16, 2016, 04:27:33 PM
as things stand, we have everything we could ever want for hacking. we have an expanded stage select with up to 78 stages, potentially more.  We have a roster up to 100 characters, and we have...sfx...

that is the one final hurdle to finally having complete customization power. as things stand, while we can add 100 characters, we can only add a few COMPLETE characters. why? because there are only so many boss slots to go around.

this thread is where we look for a solution. here are the tools we have so far:

file patch code 4.0: https://br4wlbreakers.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/new-filepatcher-code-4-0-beta/
               super buggy supposedly. if someone could work on this...

file patch 3.5.3: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=51912.0

                allows for multiple hack folders and switching, but can't load multiple at a time.

 - the replacement soundbank engine: http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=61460.0
               this code allows you to replace entire soundbanks using .sawnd files

-the custom sound engine: http://smashboards.com/threads/cse-custom-sound-engine-v2-5-works-with-geckoos-and-riivolution.300069/
               this code allows you to insert music without replacing any.

Oshtoby's music replacment codes (for use with th custom sound engine):
Stage Dependent Song Loader (oshtoby)
28708ceb 000000SS
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00MMMM
E0000000 80008000
SS is the stage. MMMM is the song ID. One song per stage.

Or (if you want more than one song for a custom stage):
Stage-Track Dependant Song Loader [Oshtoby]
28708ceb 000000SS
28708d2e 0000XXXX
4A000000 90180F06
14000076 FF00YYYY
E0000000 80008000
XXXX is the song you want to replace. YYYY is the new song.

01 - Battlefield
02 - Final Destination
03 - Delfino Plaza
04 - Luigi's Mansion
05 - Mushroomy Kingdom
06 - Mario Circuit
07 - 75m
08 - Rumble Falls
09 - Pirate Ship
0B - Norfair
0C - Frigate Orpheon
0D - Yoshi's Island
0E - Halberd
13 - Lylat Cruise
14 - Pokémon Stadium 2
15 - Spear Pillar
16 - Port Town Aero Dive
17 - Summit
18 - Flat Zone 2
19 - Castle Siege
1C - WarioWare, Inc.
1D - Distant Planet
1E - Skyworld
1F - Mario Bros.
20 - New Pork City
21 - Smashville
22 - Shadow Moses Island
23 - Green Hill Zone
24 - PictoChat
25 - Hanenbow
26 - Config Test
28 - Results Screen
29 - Temple
2A - Yoshi's Island (Melee)
2B - Jungle Japes
2C - Onett
2D - Green Greens
2E - Pokémon Stadium
2F - Rainbow Cruise
30 - Corneria
31 - Big Blue
32 - Brinstar
33 - Bridge of Eldin
34 - Home Run Contest
35 - "Edit" (CRASH)
36 - All-Star Waiting Room
37 - Wi-Fi Waiting Room
38 - Break the Targets

26F9 Menu 1
26FA Menu 1
26FB Menu 2
26FC Battlefield
26FD Final Destination
26FF Online Practice Stage
2700 Results Display Screen
2701 Tournament Registration
2702 Tournament Grid
2703 Tournament Match End
2705 Classic: Results Screen
2707 All-Star Rest Area
2708 Home-Run Contest
2709 Cruel Brawl
270A Boss Battle
270B Trophy Gallery
270C Sticker Album / Album / Chronicle
270D Coin Launcher
270F Stage Builder
2712 Target Smash!!
2713 Credits
2714 Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2715 Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2716 Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
2717 Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)
2718 Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
2719 Castle / Boss Fortress (Super Mario World / SMB 3)
271A Title / Ending (Super Mario World)
271B Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
271C Luigi's Mansion Theme
271D Gritzy Desert
271E MLRPG02 (Unused)
2720 Delfino Plaza
2721 Ricco Harbor
2722 Main Theme (Super Mario 64)
2723 Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
2724 Mario Bros.
2725 Mario Circuit
2726 Luigi Circuit
2727 Waluigi Pinball
2728 Rainbow Road
2729 Jungle Level Ver.2
272A The Map Page / Bonus Level
272B Opening (Donkey Kong)
272C Donkey Kong
272D King K.Rool / Ship Deck 2
272E Bramble Blast
272F Battle for Storm Hill
2730 Jungle Level
2731 25m BGM
2732 DK Jungle 1 Theme (Barrel Blast)
2733 Title (The Legend of Zelda)
2734 Main Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
2735 Great Temple / Temple
2736 The Dark World
2737 Hidden Mountain & Forest
2738 KAZENOSAKANA (Unused)
2739 Tal Tal Heights
273A Hyrule Field Theme
273B Ocarina of Time Medley
273C Song of Storms
273D Molgera Battle
273E Village of the Blue Maiden
273F Gerudo Valley
2740 Termina Field
2741 Dragon Roost Island
2742 The Great Sea
2743 Main Theme (Twilight Princess)
2744 The Hidden Village
2745 Midna's Lament
2746 Main Theme (Metroid)
2747 Norfair
2748 Ending (Metroid)
2749 Vs. Ridley
274A Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
274B Sector 1
274C Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime)
274D Vs. Parasite Queen
274E Vs. Meta Ridley
274F Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)
2750 Ending (Yoshi's Story)
2751 Obstacle Course
2752 Yoshi's Island
2753 [censored]IE (Unused)
2754 Flower Field
2755 Wildlands
2756 ATHLETIC2 (Unused)
2757 The Legendary Air Ride Machine
2758 King Dedede's Theme
2759 Boss Theme Medley
275A Butter Building
275B Gourmet Race
275C Meta Knight's Revenge
275D Vs. Marx
275E 0 Battle
275F Forest / Nature Area
2760 Checker Knights
2761 Frozen Hillside
2762 Squeak Squad Theme
2763 Main Theme (Star Fox)
2764 Corneria
2765 Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
2766 Area 6
2767 Star Wolf
2768 COMMAND (Unused)
2769 Space Battleground
276A Break Through the Ice
276B Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
276C Space Armada
276D Area 6 Ver. 2
276E Pokémon Main Theme
276F Pokémon Center
2770 Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town / Pewter City)
2771 Pokémon Gym / Evolution
2772 Wild Pokémon Battle! (Ruby / Sapphire)
2773 Victory Road
2774 Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl)
2775 Dialga / Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!
2776 Team Galactic Battle!
2777 Route 209
2778 Mute City
2779 White Land
277A Fire Field
277B Car Select
277C Dream Chaser
277D Devil's Call in Your Heart
277E Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
277F Brain Cleaner
2780 Shotgun Kiss
2781 Planet Colors
2783 Fire Emblem Theme
2784 Shadow Dragon Medley
2785 With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)
2787 Preparing to Advance
2788 Winning Road - Roy's Hope
2789 Attack
278A Against the Dark Knight
278B Crimean Army Sortie
278C Power-Hungry Fool
278D Victory Is Near
278E Ike's Theme
278F Snowman
2793 Humoresque of a Little Dog
2794 BECAUSE (Unused)
2795 Porky's Theme
2796 Mother 3 Love Theme
2797 Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise
2798 You Call This a Utopia?!
2799 World Map (Pikmin 2)
279A Forest of Hope
279B Environmental Noises
279C Ai no Uta
279D Tane no Uta
279E Main Theme (Pikmin)
279F Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin)
27A0 Ai no Uta (French Version)
27A1 WarioWare, Inc.
27A2 WarioWare, Inc. Medley
27A3 Mona Pizza's Song (Japanese Version)
27A4 Mona Pizza's Song (English Version)
27A5 Mike's Song (Japanese Version)
27A6 Mike's Song (English Version)
27A7 Ashley's Song (Japanese Version)
27A8 Ashley's Song (English Version)
27B3 Title (Animal Crossing)
27B4 Go K.K. Rider!
27B5 2:00 a.m.
27B6 RADIOTAISO (Unused)
27B7 The Roost
27B8 Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store
27B9 K.K. Crusin'
27BA K.K. Western
27BB K.K. Gumbo
27BC Rockin' K.K.
27BD DJ K.K.
27BE K.K. Condor
27BF Underworld
27C0 Title (Kid Icarus)
27C1 Skyworld
27C2 Kid Icarus Original Medley
27C3 Famicom Medley
27C4 Gyromite
27C6 Chill (Dr. Mario)
27C7 Clu Clu Land
27C8 Balloon Trip
27C9 Ice Climber
27CA Shin Onigashima
27CB Title (3D Hot Rally)
27CC Tetris: Type A
27CD Tetris: Type B
27CE Tunnel Scene (X)
27CF Power-Up Music
27D0 Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo)
27D1 WILDTRACKS (Unused)
27D2 PictoChat
27D4 Flat Zone 2
27D5 Mario Tennis / Mario Golf
27D6 Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)
27D7 Marionation Gear
27D8 Title (Big Brain Academy)
27D9 Golden Forest (1080Snowboarding)
27DA Mii Channel
27DB Wii Shop Channel
27DC Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun)
27DD Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
27DE Excite Truck
27DF Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
27E0 Opening Theme (Wii Sports)
27E1 Charge! (Wii Play)
27E2 MAINTHEME (Unused)
27E3 Encounter
27E4 Theme of Tara
27E5 Yell "Dead Cell"
27E6 Snake Eater (Instrumental)
27E7 MGS4 Theme of Love Smash Bros. Brawl Version
27E8 Cavern
27E9 Battle in the Base
27EB Theme of Solid Snake
27EC Calling to the Night
27ED Credits (Super Smash Bros.)
27EE Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
27EF Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
27F0 HOWTOPLAY (Unused)
27F1 DXTERMINAL (Unused)
27F2 Green Hill Zone
27F3 Scrap Brain Zone
27F4 Emerald Hill Zone
27F5 Angel Island Zone
27F7 Sonic Boom
27F8 Super Sonic Racing
27F9 Open Your Heart
27FA Live & Learn
27FB Sonic Heroes
27FC Right There, Ride On
27FD HIS WORLD (Instrumental)
27FE Seven Rings In Hand
27FF Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
2800 Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
2801 Jungle Japes (Melee)
2802 Brinstar Depths (Melee)
2803 Yoshi's Island (Melee)
2804 Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
2805 Green Greens (Melee)
2806 Corneria (Melee)
2807 Pokémon Stadium (Melee)
2808 Poké Floats (Melee)
2809 Big Blue (Melee)
280A Mother (Melee)
280B Icicle Mountain (Melee)
280C Flat Zone (Melee)
280D Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)
280E Battle Theme (Melee)
280F Fire Emblem (Melee)
2810 Mach Rider (Melee)
2811 Mother 2 (Melee)
2812 Dr. Mario (Melee)
2813 Battlefield (Melee)
2815 Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee)
2816 Temple (Melee)
2817 Final Destination (Melee)
2818 Kong Jungle (Melee)
2819 Brinstar (Melee)
281A Venom (Melee)
281B Mute City (Melee)
281C Menu (Melee)
281D Giga Bowser (Melee)
281F Adventure Map
2820 Step: The Plain
2821 Step: The Cave
2822 Step: Subspace
2823 Boss Battle Song 1
2824 SSE Results (Nameless)
2825 Boss Battle Song 2
2826 Save Point
2827 SSE DK Jungle (Nameless)
2828 SSE Luigi Mansion (Nameless)
2829 Halberd Interior (Nameless)
282A SSE Data Select (Nameless)
282B SSE Brinstar (Nameless)
282C Step: Subspace Ver.2
282D Step: Subspace Ver.3
282E Halberd Moving (Nameless)[/collapse]

the problem we seem to have is the limited number of boss soundbanks. one solution would to be to "create"
soundbanks. we wouldn't have to actually add more sounds to the brsar. Is there any way we can get a code so that characters read sawnd files directly? for example, Robo is soundbank 319. could we have a 319A.sawnd and a 319B.sawnd in our directory?

alternatively, what about a character-dependent brsar loader? when the game calls character A, it loads soundbank 319 (robo) from brsarA and when it loads character B it loads brsarB. just so long as the sounds are not called at the same time it should be fine.

please note, I am not a programmer. I'm intermediate at best. I'm only brainstorming concepts for others to jump off of here.
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / how do I add a premade .sawnd without messing up the original characters sfx on: August 20, 2014, 02:15:10 PM
here is what I have: I have luffy over an Ike clone, a luffy.sawnd file, internetexplorer6's replacment soundbank engine, and a burning desire to give luffy his own sfx without messing up Ike's sounds.

I can easily make the sounds work, but then Ike gets luffys sounds too. I know I have to replace a boss's soundbank (or the forbidden 7, but I don't know where their soundbanks are), but I can't get it to work.

what I have attempted:
1. named the sfx 319.sawnd in the sfx folder to replace metaridely
2. changed luffy's soundbank (using the clone tool) to 13F
12  Help & Tutorials / Help / Re: Brawl EX Help with CSS Expansion and SFX on: August 19, 2014, 12:47:37 AM
first things first. for any noobs reading the thread, I figured out that the soundbank number you put in the clone tool is the HEX version of the group number shown in Super Sawnds.

as for the Forbidden 7, I know what they are, but I don't know where they are. it was implied in SSBXReal's post above that one can use the 7's slots the same way you can use a boss slot. The problem is, unlike the bosses, the 7's sfx slots in Super Sawnds is not labled clearly. all I realy need now are the group ID numbers of the 7's sfx slots. Once I have that I SHOULD be good to go.

thanks BTW for all you guys help so far.

Post Merge: August 19, 2014, 03:03:05 PM
Ok. I tried to replace metaridely via the soundbank replacment engine. renamed the luffy.sawnds that I downloaded from the vault to 319.sawnd and put it in the sfx folder in pf. I then changed my clones soundbank to 13F. It is not working.

what have I done wrong? it works fine when I replace Ike this way, but when I replace metaridely and change the clone's soundbank to metaridley's, it fails.

Post Merge: August 20, 2014, 02:24:39 PM
made a new topic seeing how I basicly hijacked this old one:

13  Help & Tutorials / Help / Re: Brawl EX Help with CSS Expansion and SFX on: August 18, 2014, 01:56:25 AM
Unfortunately, you can't just add SFX stuff as of now (Hopefully it'll be possible at some point) so you'll have to replace other SFX stuff.

ouch. that means I'm limited on how many characters I can fix the sounds for. ok, let me fix my question so it is simplified.

I have a luffy clone and luffy.sawnds. I know that I must put the .sawnds in the fx folder and rename it the group number of the boss (as shown in super sawndz). the question here is what number do I need to change the clone's soundbank number so that it references the .sawnds rather than Ike. I know whatever the number is, I must convert it to hex and put it in the soundbank section of the clone tool.

so far I have three numbers I am guessing at.
1. the group number (aka the same one I use to rename the .sawnds)
2. infoindex number ( example: metaridely file 00 in brawlbox has 9792
3. the number next to "soundfile" that displayes the path (metaridly example: 734)

which of these, if any are correct.

also, what are these 7 forbiden slots I hear of?
14  Help & Tutorials / Help / Re: Brawl EX Help with CSS Expansion and SFX on: August 18, 2014, 12:29:01 AM
I don't wish to replace any sounds if possible. I want to add them. Just to get a feel of my situation, I have just put luffy in (my first ever character. I am a noob and my programing skill level is "script kiddie") over an Ike clone. I Have downloaded a .sawnd file for luffy. However, inserting said .sawnd file messes up Ike's sounds. my questions are basicly these:

1. Is there a way to add a new soundbank to the .brsar or, better yet, any way to get luffy to pull the luffy.sawnd directly from the SD card without messing up Ikes soundbank?

if #1 is impossible then:

2. how do I change the referenced soundbank of a clone? if I must ruin the bosses in order to fix other sounds, then I guess I have little choice (though wanted to eventualy add the bosses to the roster), but I need to know where to go to edit a clone's soundbank ( (I have internetexplorer's replacment soundbank engine 1.20 and I know to rename luffy.sawnd to the group number of the soundbank I have altered)

based on what you just said, I have to take a number from the bosses info, convert it to hex, and put it in the soundbank of the clone using the clone tool. I found the infoindex numbers but that looks like it's for an individual sound rather than a what the .sawnd file represents. am I looking at the right number (example, medaridley file 00 has id number 9792

I know there are tutorials on this, but said guide is a bit...not noob friendly. the guide was probobly writen before the replacment soundbank code was a thing and does not seem to reference the clone tool   
15  Help & Tutorials / Help / Re: Brawl EX Help with CSS Expansion and SFX on: August 17, 2014, 01:38:28 AM
I had the same problem but I solved it. I think it's a glitch with the clone tool. The roster editor in the clone tool only adds the slot temporarily but actualy running the game deletes the extra slot for some reason. Open your CSSroster.dat in the BrawlEX config utility and edit it from there. if you do that, then the new slot will stick.

As for the sound FX I too would realy like to see a guide for ADDING sounds for clone characters rather than replacing them. (I intend on keeping all of the original characters). So far, every guide seems to be about doing super complex hex editing of already existing character sounds. I have a premade .swnds file. I just need to know how to make my Luffy use those sounds instead of Ike's.
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