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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: HELP!!! Brawlbox Animations on: September 29, 2015, 07:20:18 PM
This topic has been moved to A/A Help.

2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / MOVED: How do I Replace Special Brawl Modes with Custom Ones? on: March 13, 2015, 11:19:21 AM
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3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Pay me to program for you (Expired) on: September 19, 2014, 11:12:25 PM
I'm not doing this anymore, thanks to everyone who bought a feature! Hope you enjoy them.
4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / bb71 10k dl thx on: June 10, 2014, 04:10:23 PM
Thanks u all for 10k downloads!

as a celebration cool game is coming soon! give or take a few years

5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Ikarus Development... Nah it's dead on: May 31, 2013, 09:17:34 PM
Ikarus Unfinished Beta
Download Compiled Version
Download BrawlTools2 Source
Download .NET Framework 4
Google Code SVN

Don't expect this program to work! It's UNFINISHED.

This is the program I was working on to modify Brawl movesets and animations. Unfortunately I decided to retire before I finished it, so here's the compiled version of all that I have done.

There are bugs, like buttons that don't work and menus that go nowhere. You can't save any moveset edits, although I'm pretty sure you can save animation edits. Some animation features, like the interpolation and keyframe editors, are missing. Sometimes scripts may not run properly in the viewer or display improperly in the text editor.

However, I was sure to include the GIF animation exporter for those of you who want to capture scripts in action.

Articles are only read for a few characters: Pit, Link, Mario, Peach, and ZSS. It's really easy to support articles for different characters; I added a summary on how to do it in Ikarus/Structs/ExtraDataOffsets.cs.

Ikarus can read the scripts of any character.


6  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / BlackJax Quality™ BRSTMz on: October 25, 2012, 09:02:07 PM
Hey. This is my thread for all the BRSTMz I've created. The Brawlvault doesn't show audio hacks on the front page so I decided to make a thread for them all. I'll update this thread if/when I make new ones.

I generally make brstms of a wide variety of songs so there should be at least something for everyone, go ahead and take a look. They're all looped great, cuz if they weren't, I wouldn't have uploaded them. So enjoi

Most recent is first, oldest is last.

Brawl Theme (w/ Miku & IA)
Angel Eyes (Vagabond Remix) - Brisk & Ham
My Way - Ran-D
Reflections Of Your Darkside (Black Anthem 2012) - The Prophet
Club Bizarre - Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Remix - Brooklyn Bounce
Mozaik Role Neko and Snowbell Eng Dub - DECO*27
Mozaik Role Instrumental - DECO*27
Get Hit - Crypsis
Self vs. Self Ft. In Flames - Pendulum
Touhou: JACKs - AILE & Tatsh
Faint Demo - Linkin Park
In the End over Butterfly - JCentavo
The Last Firstborn - Celldweller
Heian Alien (Daifuku Kagura Arrange) - Touhou
Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country - Touhou
Blue Metal Cover - Eiffel 65 and metalrr5 on Youtube
Battle Menu - Shadow the Hedgehog
Butterfly Mega Remix - Dance Dance Revolution
Never Gonna Give You Up (Blend) - JCentavo
For True Sailor Fuku (Mashup - Sonic vs. Shadow & Lucky Star) - JCentavo
Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
I Am... All Of Me (Remix) - Crush 40 / DJ PARANOiD
Rogueport - Paper Mario: TTYD
Scardonia - Celldweller
Paper Mario: TTYD Final Battle
Airplanes Ft. Eminem & Haley Williams - B.o.B.
Fukkireta - Lamaze-P / Ron
Flying High - DJ Splash
Night of Fire - Max Coveri
Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Ride - The Vines
Metal Slug 4 Final Boss
Numb - Linkin Park
In The End - Linkin Park
Deep Inside Of... (Cannon's Core - Sonic) - SA2B
Won't Stop, Just Go! (Green Forest) - SA2B
Escape From The City - SA2B
Because Of You - Nickelback
Un-Gravitify - Crush 40
Never Turn Back - Crush 40
All Hail Shadow - Crush 40
Sand Ruins - Sonic Riders
New Divide (Rock Remix) - Blixx on Youtube
Halloween Theme (Metal Version)  - Jariswolf on Youtube
Beggin' - Madcon
7  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / The Ikaros [censored] on: July 06, 2012, 12:39:22 PM
So SmashClash and I are working on importing
Ikaros from Sora No Otoshimono / Heaven's Lost Property.

She will be rigged to ZSS' bone tree and ported over Pit for a PSA. We already have a moveset and a model to work with.

This is technically a project but projects usually fail and aren't finished so we called it some [censored] instead. AWESOME 2.0!

To-do list:
- Get Ikaros base model
- Model new face
- Model new hair: 50%
- Model attack wings
- Model a watermelon! For Win and/or Appeal
- Model Uranus ship: 50%
- Model bow & arrow
- Model large wings: 10%
- Model extra costumes (not a main priority)
- Make final touches to models before rigging

- Rig Ikaros over ZSS
- Rig Uranus ship to convert between Travel and Battle Modes
- Import model & set up materials/shaders
- Port model over Pit and insert Uranus ship as an article
- Animate & make PSA

Planned costumes:
Normal, hoodie, bikini, wedding dress, school clothes, strapless dress, & Japanese kimono.
Pit only has 6 slots so you can choose your own costumes to use ;O

Balanced Moveset (Still being revised):

Her eyes will turn red during the final smash and when she charges a smash attack or uses a special.


Air/Ground Side B: Glide

A regular glide that lasts 3 seconds.
May or may not change this to only work in air.

Ground/Air Down B: Aegis + Pandora

Ikaros will spawn a translucent green shield around her to completely defend herself from attacks and grabs. (this part is Aegis)
You must continue to hold B to use it.
Start up time is 1 second, ending time is 1 second. 1 second that you will be unable to move and vulnerable.
You will regain 3% health every 5 seconds while using it. (this part is Pandora)
It will break when hit a certain number of times (like the smashball, somewhat).
You won't be able to use this move for another 50 seconds if it breaks.
If you turn it off normally, it will take 30 seconds before you can use it again.
Ikaros will flash/blink green once when it's available again.
If used in air, Ikaros will descend slowly to the ground.

Air/Ground Neutral B: Apollon

Same as Pit's Neutral B; bow and arrow. With a custom bow and arrow model, of course. The arrow will be flaming dark purple/black on the tip at all times. When it hits either the ground or an opponent, the flame will create a medium-sized explosion. Can be controlled a bit easier than Pit's bow as well.

Air/Ground Up B:

She will be able to shoot forward in any direction at a speed of Mach 24.
She won't literally move that fast, but will teleport in a way similar to Fox's Side B with some surrounding wind as well. Damage will be dealt if hit head on, otherwise the wind will push opponents away.


Side Smash:

Ikaros will charge a ball of light and then force it forward upon the opponent.
It will explode upon impact and will not leave her hands.

She'll use the move she used when she shot herself in the arm in this video:


Up Smash:

A charged uppercut.

Down Smash:
Charges with one hand up and then does a SMACKDOWN.
DOWN [censored]

Dash Attack:

She'll grab the foe's head with her hand (similar Ganondorf's Side B) and will squeeze her opponent's head like she did with Chaos.

May or may not use this since it involves a special grab and might be a bit abrupt while dashing.

Up Air:

A backflip kick upward.

Forward Air:

Ikaros spins around to the right and hits the opponent with her wings.

Back Air:
Undecided. Backward kick, flips back around?

Down Air:

Ikaros will rotate 45deg sideways and spin with her arms and wings out, hitting any enemies nearby.

Final Smash: Uranus System
Called while in air: Uranus System - Travel Mode

The ship can fly around the stage in any direction.
It takes 1.5 seconds to turn properly.
Will work like super sonic.

The nose of the galactic battleship will have a suction point in the front, so enemies can get attached to
the battleship.
When enemies are attached to it, they will receive 1% damage every second.
The opponent can attempt to get out by button mashing/moving away.

Depending on how possible this is to do, only the battle mode FS may be used.

Called while on ground: Uranus System - Battle Mode

The Uranus System will rise up from the ground in Travel Mode and then transform into Battle Mode once in the air. Controller(s) will rumble.


Side B:
Mini Rockets are released that spread wildly around the stage.
They may not be random depending on if it is possible to do so.

Neutral B: Ceceis
A myriad of explosive projectiles similar to Artemis is released across the stage.

Up Smash:
Robotic arms sweep up across the stage.

Down Smash:
Robotic arms rise up and then do a smack down on dat stage.

Side Smash: Hephaestus (Can be charged up to 5 seconds)
The Uranus System charges up energy then fires an enormous blast of heat energy. Will be similar to Lucario's FS and will be movable up and down about as quickly as it.

The FS lasts 15 seconds for the amount of time you have to attack.
Ikaros will have an Aegis around her and will have her wings attached to the front of the ship.

Down Taunt:
Ikaros will bend down and pull out a watermelon. She will crouch down and hold/stroke it for a few seconds while looking around. Then she will put it away and stand back up.

Up Taunt:
Floats off the ground with arms crossed and [censored]s head to the side, almost as if bored/mocking.

Side Taunt:
Undecided. Something like Peach's wink taunt, but with a peace sign? ☮

Walks in holding a watermelon, stops, then looks at the camera.
Win1 Wait:
Stares at the screen and strokes dat watermelon.

Win2 Wait:
Isn't smiling anymore and looks to the side with her hands behind her back and her left leg crossed in front of the left leg.

Undecided. Simple hand motion, says she hopes she pleased master?
Win3 Wait:

Damages, trajectories, etc for each attack and Ikaros' speed will be decided once we begin the PSA.

Updated previews:

8  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Model Imports / BlackJax Quality™ Model Imports on: November 07, 2011, 07:34:00 PM
9  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / BlackJax96's Random Thread of Modz N Stuff on: February 06, 2011, 01:30:00 PM
Hey guys, welcome to my thread! So here you'll find any random ideas I've come up with and started. I do just about everything except stages. I'll take ideas but not requests. I'm an uncontrollably ambitious perfectionist (say that 5x fast lol), so I like to have multiple projects going at once Grin If you want to help with anything, just ask, I don't mind collabs.

Nel Tu v0.5
[Import/Animation/PSA - Bowser]
Here's the original project thread:

A Chao v0.2
[Import/Animation/PSA - Olimar]
Still need to fix a couple more glitches/animations and I'll release.
Let's just say that this is the only neutral chao that managed to get lvl 99 on every stat and advanced farther than super chao karate, lol.
I may put more chaos over the pikmin to make a chao army Wink

Snake: "WTF is that cute little monster!?"

Random stuff I have yet to continue working on
Powerpuff Girls Z
[Import/Vertex/Animation/PSA - Pokemon Trainer]
This is probably by far one of the craziest ideas I've had so far. The girls are over the 3 pokemon, the professor is over the trainer, and I'm going to animate/psa the switching animations to make the character fly off the screen and have the other fly in. This will only work with Riivolution (due to filesize), but I think I can pull it off Awesome Face No pictures yet. *Note to self: use sword glow for feet; change color to R,G,B

- Successfully Port Peach over Charizard, Squirtle AND Ivysaur.
- Port Peach's animations over.
- Tabuu and model glitch fixing
- CSPs.

Working on:
- Changing some animations
- Minor PSA edits

To do:
- Vertex Buttercup, Bom and Bubbles over each Peach, and vertex Professor Utonium over the Trainer
- Fix any remaining glitches
- Make a quick PSA for each character.
- Release Grin


Ideas and/or Future Projects:
- Tsukasa and Kagami
- Flandre Scarlet (MMD Model)
- Master Chief (Halo 3 model rip)
- Hitomi (DOA4 & DOAX2 model rip)
- Yoko Littner over ROB (MMD Model)
- The Vocaloids (MMD Models)

Music Hacks (All perfectly looped)
Touhou: JACKs - AILE & Tatsh
Faint Demo - Linkin Park
In the End over Butterfly - JCentavo
The Last Firstborn - Celldweller
Heian Alien (Daifuku Kagura Arrange) - Touhou
Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country - Touhou
Blue Metal Cover - Eiffel 65 and metalrr5 on Youtube
Battle Menu - Shadow the Hedgehog
Butterfly Mega Remix - Dance Dance Revolution
Never Gonna Give You Up (Blend) - JCentavo
For True Sailor Fuku (Mashup - Sonic vs. Shadow & Lucky Star) - JCentavo
Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
I Am... All Of Me (Remix) - Crush 40 / DJ PARANOiD
Rogueport - Paper Mario: TTYD
Scardonia - Celldweller
Paper Mario: TTYD Final Battle
Airplanes Ft. Eminem & Haley Williams - B.o.B.
Fukkireta - Lamaze-P / Ron
Flying High - DJ Splash
Night of Fire - Max Coveri
Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Ride - The Vines
Metal Slug 4 Final Boss
Numb - Linkin Park
In The End - Linkin Park
Deep Inside Of... (Cannon's Core - Sonic) - SA2B
Won't Stop, Just Go! (Green Forest) - SA2B
Escape From The City - SA2B
Because Of You - Nickelback
Un-Gravitify - Crush 40
Never Turn Back - Crush 40
All Hail Shadow - Crush 40
Sand Ruins - Sonic Riders
New Divide (Rock Remix) - Blixx on Youtube
Halloween Theme (Metal Version)  - Jariswolf on Youtube
Beggin' - Madcon

Completed Hacks
Konata Izumi
Bleach Vs Crusade Character Pack
Nel - With a smile Smiley
Zelda (No jewels at all)
DD, F & G Peach

Phew, I think that's it.
Feedback is greatly appreciated Awesome Face
10  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Programming / Brawlbox Resources & History on: December 13, 2010, 08:39:11 PM
NOTE: This thread is no longer updated as of 1/1/2014!
You can follow and discuss new BrawlBox updates here:

Download (all versions made before 1/1/2014):
v0.65b Beta
v0.64 Modset 1

Legacy versions (very old)
BrawlBox v0.63d Modset 4.2
BrawlBox v0.63d
SmashBox v0.57

Google Code Source
Latest Source (RAR Download)
Download .NET Framework 4
Instructions for Mac users

Change Log:

 - v0.71- (12/25/2013) - BrawlLib v0.18
   . Added a tristripper and integrated it into Brawllib. This allows for mesh optimization for smaller filesize and less in-game lag.
   . Added several new options to the model importer settings dialog, including tristripper algorithm options
   . Added "Optimize" option to MDL0/object right click menus. This will allow you to re-optimize meshes that have already been encoded.
   . Added support for writing string type user data properly
   . Added toggles for texture matrices in model object properties
   . Fixed a bug where exported Collada models would have _ID added to the end of all bone and object names.

 - v0.70- (12/7/2013) - BrawlLib v0.17
   . Fixed header and alignment in module rebuilder
   . Fixed problem adding a new word to a static module
   . Fixed the right click menu on a static module
   . Fixed bug where only the command list with the same module id would be applied
   . Added option to change a relocation command's target module
   . Removed the Imports folder from REL tree, as its generation is now fully automatic

 - v0.69b- (11/19/13) - BrawlLib v0.16b
   . Fixed problem painting the GUI when closing the model viewer
   . Fixed bug where when opening a TXT in the code manager, any spaces after hex lines would cause reading problems
   . Fixed bug where if codes where recognized in a GCT, they would be displayed as recognized and unrecognized
   . Fixed bug where hex lines in a GCT would be read incorrectly
   . Finished, fixed and added PMD importer
   . Fixed error in collision viewer with displaying and selecting plans/links anchored to bones
   . Fixed display error of SHP0 framecount in its editor
   . Fixed display error of CLR0 primary color in its editor
   . Fixed error when trying to view an SCN0 camera entry
   . Fixed error reading float values with commas in anim parser
   . Fixed problem where the bounding box would not be generated for imported models
   . Added option to code manager to display all remembered codes
   . Updated Collada model exporter to Collada 1.5
   . Updated Collada model importer to support Collada 1.5
   . Updated GCT editor to have checkboxes next to codes

 - v0.69- (10/18/13) - BrawlLib v0.16
   . Started to add Maya .anim animation importing and exporting. This feature is still a work in progress and does not work properly yet.
   . Added interpolation editor located under Tools in the model viewer
   . Added DOL & REL section editor
   . Finished DOL & REL rebuilders
   . Added option to sync first and last keyframes (useful for looping animations)
   . Added option to generate animation tangents automatically or not
   . Added "Recent Files" under File in the main menu strip
   . Added full support for RunLength and Extended LZ77 compression
   . Added a code manager for GCT files. Can read/write to TXT, save GCT with text info, and open GCTs using a database of saved codes if it contains no text info.
   . Added support for adding REFF entries
   . Added option to move the model viewer panel into a new window and back - useful for dual monitors
   . Added option to create a link directly on a plane in the collision editor
   . Added a help window to the collision editor
   . Added a texture resize function to the Texture Converter dialog
   . Added a Re-Encode option to the right click menus of TEX0, REFT, and TPL textures
   . Fixed saving RSAR files (RWSD, RBNK, RSEQ) when they are outside of the RSAR
   . Fixed U8 parser/rebuilder
   . Fixed bug where the model previewer would lock itself if you closed it while playing an animation
   . Fixed "Replace All" button on ARC right click menu
   . Fixed MDL0 object importer
   . Updated the keyframe panel in the model viewer
   . Made animation frames able to be copied and pasted in different instances of Brawlbox
   . Updated model viewer to internally retain all changes to settings; no more external settings file.
   . Model viewer settings can be exported, imported, and reset to default.
   . Updated the display of TPL entries
   . Updated the Collada model import settings dialog

 - v0.68d- (6/22/2013) - BrawlLib v0.15d
   . Fixed BRSTM encoder issue
   . Fixed issue with mini model viewer when first loaded
   . Fixed bug where the frame count and loop animation properties were gone
   . Fixed animation framerate in model viewer (defaults to 60) - changing the FPS (Frames Per Second) value now works accurately
   . Fixed issue when opening collision viewer for the first time
   . Fixed collision plane culling (was inside-out) and removed 2D selection overlay from collision viewer
   . Fixed problem where texture matrices would be removed but leave empty bytes in the object
   . Moved collision editor and model viewer code out of Brawllib and into Brawlbox
   . Removed wireframe mode from the polygons button and moved it to a seperate menu button
   . Added support for viewing THPs (video and audio may desync though)

 - v0.68c- (5/27/2013) - BrawlLib v0.15c
   . Added bones panel to the keyframes panel in the model previewer
   . Removed buttons to toggle playback and bones panels
   . Removed moveset editor (Moveset editing moved to Ikarus)
   . Fixed shortcut text for the button to toggle bones
   . Fixed crash when saving a PCS with compression already set to LZ77
   . Fixed bug opening a model with objects that have incorrect vertex format flags
   . Fixed problem with PAT0 animations and different palettes
   . Fixed importing a model with no materials
   . Fixed model import problem where all normals and unweighted objects would be rotated forward 90 degrees
   . Added ability to drag and drop tree nodes. Hold shift to add node as a child
   . Added drop down color picker for any RGBA pixel property

 - v0.68b- (5/5/2013) - BrawlLib v0.15b
   . Fixed loop points when importing an RSAR sound
   . Fixed problem where edited models would explode in-game
   . Fixed REFT image importer. Works just as good as the TEX0 image importer now
   . Fixed when vertices are moved when modified by a SHP0
   . Fixed background image to load immediately
   . Fixed random green/blue/yellow color overlays when clicking bones
   . Fixed when the last frame of an animation is deleted when clicking "."
   . Fixed bone translation tool
   . Fixed duplicated objects to be independent from the original
   . Changed shortcut to delete the current frame to Shift + Backspace
   . Changed shortcut when zooming to increase/decrease camera zoom/translate/rotate speeds from Control to Alt
   . Added support to compress U8 Archives to YAZ0 format with RunLength compression
   . Added support for v1.9 REFF
   . Finished REFT and REFF rebuilders
   . Finished TPL rebuilder
   . Set point/line smooth to off by default and added a button to toggle it on
   . Set text overlays to not display by default and added a button to toggle them on
- v0.68- (4/28/2013) - BrawlLib v0.15
   . Fixed "Null weights" MDL0 error
   . "Export as Single Matrix" 3ds Max export setting for DAE models is not necessary to check anymore
   . Added support for editing REFF files
   . Updated UserData handling
   . Updated MDL0 Material Properties
   . MDL0 Objects updated: now support both an OPA and XLU material, added "DrawPriority" value and added the ability to change linked vertex/normal/color/uv nodes.
   . Updated BRRES "Edit All" dialog
   . Added TPL support
   . Added SCN0 & CLR0 editors to the model viewer (however, their effects cannot be literally displayed yet)
   . SCN0 rebuilder bugfixes
   . Finished SCN0 Editor
   . Added various model viewer buttons: take screenshot, save camera, model viewer help, load background image
   . Revised and added new options to model viewer settings window
   . Began working on rendering materials & shaders using GLSL; all OpenGL coded has been modified to use OpenTK. This feature is not yet available.
   . Added "Original Path" string value for all NW4R nodes.
   . Edited animation editors in model viewer to be a bit more compact
   . Finished RSAR rebuilder
   . Added RSAR sound importer
   . Added RSAR file viewer
   . Made RSAR file list sortable by columns
   . Fixed loop point retrieval for RSAR sounds
   . Added support for stereo RSAR sounds
   . Added support for modifying RWSD, RBNK, and RSEQ files. RSEQ MML code is not yet editable yet.
   . Added support for all RSAR versions
   . Added support for RWAR and RWAV formats, located in other versions of RWSD and RBNK
   . Updated Stage Model Converter
   . Fixed when an offset parameter is pasted back into moveset code
   . Finished bone translation and scale controls in the model previewer
   . Implemented vertex editor
   . Made bones, vertices and the bone scale/rotation/translation controls highlight when you move the mouse over them
   . Added left and right buttons to texture previewer to view the different mipmaps
   . Fixed problem with importing mono audio files
   . Multi-Channel BRSTMs are now previewable
   . Undo and Redo buttons re-coded
   . Added buttons to display model and object bounding boxes and to render normals
   . Fixed .wav file exporter
   . Corrected SHP0 morphing between multiple destinations
   . Added a donate button to the About menu dropdown (yay!)

 - v0.67b- (7/23/2012) - BrawlLib v0.14b
   . Move up/down for events doesn't randomly throw an error
   . SubActions can have same names
   . Model Visibility works perfectly in viewer
   . Article Data3 now read correctly, will not freeze entry article
   . Auto removal of FADEF00D and FADE0D8A events created by PSA
   . External subroutine removal doesn't corrupt save file
   . Setting an offset doesn't require the value to already have an offset
   . Offset editor fixed up, had some problems before and did not work.
   . Culture Invariant Float.Parse on most parse uses
   . Loads animations from U8 files correctly
   . WAV files now parse correctly when there is text info in the header
   . InsertChild now adds node in right location on node tree
   . Event changes in viewer updates on the selected frame right after being modified
   . Model visibility switch nodes sync in number between references
   . Added REL stage converter coded by libertyernie to REL right click menu
   . Added new parameter node handling for events
   . Added new parameter node for external GFX using new text file "GFXFiles.txt" for the gfx file names. Names originally written down by Eternal Yoshi.
   . CLR0 parsing/rebuilding remade. Full editing support and v4 support
   . Removed all unknowns from all formats found in BRRES files. All flags are fully known as well.
   . Fixed CHR0/SRT0 manual editors
   . Fixed SRT0 flag handling
   . Better lighting in model viewer
   . SCN0 fully editable and rebuildable
   . "Part2" entries updated to UserData entries with full support

 - v0.67- (7/7/2012) - BrawlLib v0.14
   . New moveset editor & rebuilder
   . SCN0 rebuilder revised
   . PAT0 rebuilder revised
   . New text animation importer for use with a specific maxscript for 3ds Max
   . Various bug fixes

 - v0.66b- (4/17/2012) - BrawlLib v0.13b
   . Various bug fixes
   . Edited viewer based on feedback
   . Previewer now allows saving viewer settings

 - v0.66- (4/10/2012) - BrawlLib v0.13
   . New SRT0 editor & rebuilder
   . New SHP0 editor & rebuilder
   . New PAT0 editor & revised rebuilder
   . New Model Previewer - now supports different animation editors
   . All animation types & versions supported

 - v0.65c- (2/4/2012) - BrawlLib v0.12c
   . Made MDL0 nodes modulate their values and each other more closely
   . Finished Wavefront OBJ exporter (Right click an MDL0 object and export it as OBJ)
   . Fixed up the DAE exporter again
   . Undo and Redo buttons have been fixed for the model viewer and added to the collision viewer (All coded by Xiggah)
   . Texture matrices can now be used without any problems in-game (moving textures)
   . Added stage default support for DAE importer

 - v0.65b- (1/28/2012) - BrawlLib v0.12b
   . Changed GX enums to be easier to understand
   . Updated MDL0 Shader display
   . Added an MDL0 object importer and duplicator
   . Added SCN0, SRT0 and STPM rebuilding
   . Fixed tons of bugs!
   . Added REFT image importer and rebuilder
   . Added new node icons
   . Changed around material values

 - v0.65- (11/8/2011) - BrawlLib v0.12
   . Finished the DAE model importer!
   . Finished the model rebuilder completely (everything is now editable).
   . Finalized shader editing.
   . Fixed the v5 CHR0 saving bug.
   . Added support for v8 MDL0s.
   . Added minor REFF support.
   . Added a new menu to the model previewer
   . Many bugfixes

 - v0.64d- (08/31/2011) - BrawlLib v0.11d (BlackJax96 takes over development from here on)
   . Fixed "Clean" button and the keyframe viewer.
   . Added animation porter
   . Added "Rename All" and "Edit All" buttons to BRRES nodes.
   . Added support for viewing multiple models in the model previewer (CTRL+H opens model switcher).
   . Finished model rebuilder, for the most part.
   . Finished DAE parser.
   . Added support for editing most MDL0 shader values.
   . Added undo and redo functions in the model previewer.
   . Changed the way models are rendered.
   . Added support for v5 CHR0s and v10 and v11 MDL0s.
   . Added the ability to drag files into the model previewer to view all the models in the file.
   . Added bone tree editing functions.
   . Added support for editing/saving MRG files.
   . Added right click menus to the Trans, Rot and Scale labels for editing keyframes in the model previewer.
   . Many bugfixes and small additions/changes to things

- v0.63d- (02/08/2010) - BrawlLib v0.10d
   . Fixed animation encoder bug.
   . Fixed bug dealing with single CLR entries saving improperly.
- v0.63c- (01/31/2010) - BrawlLib v0.10c
   . Various bugfixes
   . Added VIS editor
   . Animation frames now interpolate properly.
- v0.63b- (01/19/2010) - BrawlLib v0.10b
   . Fixed image encoding bug related to image format on older systems.
   . Fixed save dialog extension bug. Also, numbered extensions will now have real extension added.
   . Fixed rendering bug related to materials without textures.
   . Added various features to collision editor.
- v0.63 - (01/18/2010) - BrawlLib v0.10
   . Fixed a bug that was causing decal textures to link improperly in MDL files.
   . Added minor support for EFLS resources.
   . Added support for stage collision files.
   . Added editor for stage collision files.
   . Fixed minor bug that was affecting the way non-textured polygons are rendered (alloy models).
   . Increased maximum frame delay for animation playback.
   . Fixed bug in OpenGL rendering dealing with depth buffer precision.

- v0.62b- (01/06/2010) - BrawlLib v0.09b
   . Added minor support for single-color CLR0 entries. Fixes many crashing problems.
   . Fixed bug in CI4 encoder that was corrupting image blocks.
   . Added floor option to model viewer.
   . CopyAll/PasteAll in model viewer now saves the animation state globally.
   . Color lists now have two color columns, one with transparency and one without.
   . Added gradient generator to color list.

- v0.62 - (01/05/2010) - BrawlLib v0.09
   . Added support for CLR0 nodes.
   . Added color dialog for CLR0 and PLT0 editing.
   . New Median Cut quantizer using method from GIMP library.
   . Added features to BRSTM converter dialog.
   . Fixed CHR bug that was causing long animations to cut short.
   . Fixed bug in MSBin parser/decoder dealing with empty strings.

- v0.61 - (12/24/2009) - BrawlLib v0.08
   . Added audio playback controls.
   . Added brstm converter.
   . Added CopyAll/PasteAll/Clean/Clear controls to animation editor.
   . Added support for RWSD/RBNK/RSEQ files.
   . Added RSAR file list.

- v0.60c- (12/01/2009) - BrawlLib v0.07c
   . Fixed various bugs with the CHR0 encoder.
   . Fixed a bug in the MSBin encoder for border entries.

- v0.60b- (11/30/2009) - BrawlLib v0.07b
   . Fixed various bugs with the CHR0 encoder.
   . Fixed a bug in the MSBin encoder for border entries.
   . Various improvements to the model editor:
      Added option panel.
      Added cut/copy/paste/insert/delete buttons to animation panel.
      Animation length can be set from the playback panel.
      Added context menu for animation list, which allows for faster import/export.
      Fixed issue with texture layers. Now all textures are rendered until it can be fixed.
      Adjusted keyboard controls.
   . Fixed bug with GLPanel not closing properly.

- v0.60 - (11/24/2009) - BrawlLib v0.07
   . Added tons of features to model editor, including:
      Animation previewer/editor.
      Improved model editor features/controls.
      Improved OpenGL initialization/support.
   . Fixed a bug that was causing PAC files to export uncompressed regardless of setting.
   . Fixed a bug in the CHR0 decoder.
   . Most new features are library improvements. Please see BrawlLib.txt for more details.

- v0.59 - (11/08/2009) - BrawlLib v0.06
   . Re-added settings dialog.
   . Various menu improvements/features.
   . CHR0 entries can now be manipulated.
   . Added editor for CHR0 keyframes.
   . Added editor for MSBin messages.
   . Re-added RSAR support with new organization. (No audio features yet)
   . Improved CMPR algorithm using modified code from the NVidia Texture Tools.
   . Lowered OpenGL version to 1.1, and changed the way mipmaps are generated.
   . Added FileAssociation and FileType classes.
   . Added CHR0 encoder/decoder, with KeyframeCollection class.
   . Added MSBinEditor for editing MSBin messages.

- v0.58b- (10/24/2009) - BrawlLib v0.05
   . Re-integration with BrawlLib is nearly complete. Audio support still isn't finished.
   . Added support for the following new controls from BrawlLib:
   . New menu system.
   . Due to new rebuild enhancements, nodes can now be created, renamed, and deleted.
   . Various improvements to node stability.
   . Certain resources now automatically convert with the Export/Replace(string) command. Mainly TEX0Node.
   . Support for binary string trees has been added. (Use ResourceEntry.Build)
   . More BRES entries now link to the string table. This allows other resources to change size.
   . BRES entries now do post-processing, and link groups/nodes to the binary tree.

- BrawlLib v0.04 - (10/11/2009)
   . FileMaps now hold on to a FileStream object until the map is closed.
   . Added OpenGL support with basic functions.
   . Added GLPanel/ModelPanel controls
   . Moved MDL0 node classes to separate folder for organization.
   . MDL0 support has been improved.
   . GLModel objects can now be created from MDL0Node.
   . GLModel can be attached to ModelPanel for rendering.

- BrawlLib v0.03 - (10/02/2009)
   . Fixed many bugs dealing with node memory:
      BRES entries properly adjust offsets in OnRebuild.
      BRESGroup addresses change on rebuild.
      Parent nodes (ARC/BRES) don't release sources until rebuild is complete.
      Initialization flag is set so nodes know when to initialize from a raw source.
   . Began support for OpenGL/Models with OGL natives and GLPanel.
   . Added minor speed tweak to LZ77 decompression.

- v0.58 - (09/29/2009) - BrawlLib v0.02
   . Name has changed to BrawlBox (previously SmashBox)
   . Program has been separated, allowing for the creation of BrawlLib.
   . Now has minor Linux support.
   . Audio nodes/controls have been temporarily disabled until BrawlLib can be updated.
   . You can now use SaveAs on the current working file, so long as changes have been made.
   . Added the ability to construct a resource tree from scratch.
   . Various properties from ResourceTreeNode, TEX0Node and PLT0Node can now be written to.

- BrawlLib v0.01 - (09/28/2009)
   . Initial release

- v.057 - (08/23/2009)
   . Added support for brstm files.
   . Increased support for brsar audio packages.
   . Added audio playback control for use with brsar and brstm files.
   . Added the ability to export audio to .wav format.

- v0.56 - (08/09/2009)
   . Added support for TGA images.
   . Re-wrote the LZ77 algorithm for increased speed.
   . Due to compatibility problems with paletted images and transparent colors. All images are now exported in 32-bit format.

- v0.55b - (08/04/2009)
   . Fixed a bug that was causing unknown files to disappear entirely. (Thanks lavamage)
   . Fixed a bug with pre-paletted textures that was causing them to recreate the palette improperly. (Thanks kid craft 24/sonic master)
   . Added a progress bar for those long compression jobs.
   . Discovered another portion of model files that needs an entry in the BRES string table.
   . The texture replacer will now default to the original texture/palette/mip settings.

- v0.55 - (08/03/2009)
   . Fixed various issues with Common pac files.
   . Fixed an issue with certain compressed files. Character selection portraits are now supported.
   . Added support for more image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, still waiting on TGA)
   . Started incorporating change tracking which offers improvements such as:
      a. Active discovery; Nodes will only be interpreted as they are browsed. Helps with large/embedded files.
      b. Only portions of the tree that have changed will be re-built.
      c. Unchanged nodes will be copied back as-is. This helps with speed and compatibility.
   . Removed Managed DirectX 9 dependency. Was causing assembly problems.
   . Added child-only properties

- v0.54 - (08/01/2009)
   . Fixed a bug during texture replacing that was causing problems in some files (common pacs).
   . Added various improvements to MDL0 file browsing.
   . Confirmed successful rebuilding of 'common' files.

- v0.53b - (07/29/2009)
   . Fixed a bug dealing with vertex/color data types by removing vertex parsing.

- v0.53 - (07/25/2009)
   . Added minor support for the following brres resources (fixes some texture replacing issues):
      a. AnmVis (VIS0)
      b. AnmScn (SCN0)
      c. AnmTexShp (SHP0)
      d. AnmTexSrt (SRT0)
      e. AnmTexPat (PAT0)
   . Confirmed successful rebuilding of stage files.

- v0.52c - (07/23/2009)
   . Added some support for CHR0 and CLR0 animations.
   . A bit more support for MDL0 files (can browse data info)
   . Fixed an issue with character files with transformations.

- v0.52b - (07/17/2009)
   . Fixed a few small bugs with brres generation.
   . Confirmed texture replacement works, so long as the same texture format is used.

- v0.52 - (07/16/2009)
   . All texture formats are now supported for replacing.
   . Texture replacer has been updated to allow indexed textures.
   . Nodes can now be inserted/deleted/moved.
   . Added some support for MDL0 and brsar files. (Entry viewing only)
   . Remade node structure (again). Archives are rebuilt entirely when they are saved.
   . PCS files compress a little faster.
   . Added About window.

- v0.51 - (06/28/2009)
   . Texture replacing works fairly well, still doesn't support indexed textures.
   . Program can display/generate mipmaps. (Use the arrows on the preview panel to change mip level)
   . Node move/resize functions, allows for better data replacement
   . PCS entries are now re-packed before saving
   . Embedded PCS nodes are better supported
- v0.50 - (06/23/2009)
   . Original release
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Polygons explode during animations on: November 19, 2010, 04:54:07 PM
Edit: I don't want to bump an old topic, but I fixed it.

For future reference:
The problem was event 18000100 in PSA, set to a value of 6. I removed it completely and the polygons don't explode anymore Smiley
12  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Nel Tu Model Imports - v0.5 Released! No freezes, Final Smash works! on: November 09, 2010, 10:38:15 PM
Nel didn't get enough camera time on Bleach, so... She joined the Brawl with her released form!

- Smash ball lights are not attached to the model and the respawn point is huge
- Need to fix hitboxes for attacks
- Polygons explode on only a couple animations now
- Roll dodge and side smash teleports, but only on some stages

Currently working on:
- Porting ZSS's animations over and getting rid of the T-pose completely.
- The PSA

Here's what the specials will be:
Down-B: Charges Cero (PSA GFX ID #84 placed at the mouth and #51 at the end of charge)
Neutral-B: Shoots Bala, or Cero if it's charged (PSA GFX ID #70 and maybe the death shoopdawhoop lol)
Side-B: Charge dash
Up-B: Throws sword up, jumps up, catches it, and dashes forward. (L formation)

Moved to Bowser
Fixed PSA - removed rumble and fixed attributes
Added the specials to the PSA. Just as it says above... they're still not done though
Released v0.3
Imported Released form over Giga Bowser
Animated more stuff
Fixed glitches on released form
Animated some more stuff
Released v0.5
Fixed all bone tree issues and renamed bones to match Brawl characters'

She's over Bowser Grin
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