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1  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / mvit's Photoshop Techniques on: February 09, 2015, 11:07:00 AM
Hey guys, I'll be posting some nice Photoshop techniques which you can use to quickly get nice results for your Brawl textures.
I'm going to post them all in this thread to keep it organized!

Baking from Normals Tutorial

The Theory
Smash 4 uses a more advanced light engine that Brawl's that instead of implementing normal coloring and pre-baked shadows uses normal maps for diffuse and normal coloring.

What this means for Brawl, however, is that when we import a Smash 4 model, we're going to get a plaster-like diffuse texture.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Captain Plaster
This means we'll get a washed out color texture that we can't really use.

So what then? We bake shadows!
Where are we going to get them from? Normal maps silly!

So, normal maps are a means to store shadow information so you no longer have to calculate it, it's smart stuff and makes your game look beautiful. It consists of three channels ( Red, Green, Blue) with a different directional light (X, Y, Z).

So if we split it...

Woaaaaaahhhh, three separate shadow maps!

We can bake these into out colors now!

The Guide
Let's open up the diffuse now... ugh, no wonder it looks like plaster...

Now, Brawl's texture favors a top-down light, this means, for the best results, apply the green channel to the diffuse and use an overlay or soft light filter, depends on you to choose which one.

Good! Now let's add a little bit of direction since you know the camera is going to show the side of the character. For this we apply the red layer!
Invert it and set it as a Multiply, since we're just changing the darkness value, not the brightness...
It will end up being a bit dark like so:

So let's use the level tool!

Now, we got directional lights!

But no self shadowing, some ambient occlusion might add to this effect, but I couldn't find it in the normal map at plain sight.... BUT, it turns out the developers at Namco decided to use the transparency channel from the textures as Ambient Occlusion ([censored] yea)

So let's grab that channel....

Multiply and level......

And boom, we've baked everything we need, lets go back to Captain Plaster now

DAMN, he's looking fine, look at him go!

All that is left now is just tweaking with the opacities and blend filters until you get the result you want, I've heard people say that some 3DS textures map well, try using those to compare to your texture's settings.

More tutorials coming soon!
2  Help & Tutorials / Texture and Portrait Tutorials / Official font for CSP Names on: May 28, 2014, 06:38:19 PM
So, after browsing through fontworks.co.jp, which is the site where nintendo gets their fonts from, I found out that the font used for CSP names is called Matisse, now, I haven't found a download for it, but at least I found a workaround!

The font page is available below

If you click on it and select that grey box, you can type in any name for your character and get a preview, now, because Brawl uses low-size names, it doesn't really matter in this case! All you have to do is copy it, invert it and insert it.

Here are some examples:

This should help whoever wants to port their characters with BrawlEx and want something official-ish. Cheers!
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