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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Does anyone have a Default BrawlEx pack??? on: June 06, 2019, 09:01:43 PM

Does anyone have a BrawlEx pack thats just regular Brawl, but with the newest BrawlEx CSSRoster files stuff???

I'm working on a modpack, but so far all I have is Brawl Minus to work with (I tried multiple other mods as a base, brawl minus is the only one that has brawlex without Project M, project m is too hard to work with, and the play style is annoying so yeah). Brawl Minus also doesn't have the newest versions of BrawlEx.  Undecided

If anyone has one, or knows of one, it'd be nice. Or if someone can help me add then new stuff to my mod, that'd be great.  Grin

(Also, I'm using the hackless method, so only 2gb max, and no homebrew or dolphin stuff).
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / New Special Brawl Mode: Bomb Blitz (concept) on: March 12, 2019, 11:07:28 AM
I just had a crazy idea. A new special brawl mode, Bomb Blitz.

Basically it works like this. The only items that spawn are bombs. If your attack lands, it summons a bob-omb, leading to maximum chaos and maximum epic fight scenes.

But I don't know how to program, so I can't really do it myself. It's just a crazy idea I just had.
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Project Concepts / Super Smash Bros. CLRS (RWBY Mod) Official Thread [Help Wanted] on: January 07, 2019, 11:41:54 AM
Introducing: Super Smash Bros. CLRS!

Super Smash Bros. CLRS is a modpack I've been working on based on RWBY (by rooster teeth). I'm aiming at making it big, like project m big. But I'm just one guy, and I have lots of ideas that I could really use help with! I want it to have high combo gameplay, but NOT based around melee style gameplay! (I hate melee style!) I want it to be more like a slightly more combo-ey Smash Ultimate style gameplay. But so far, It's just brawl. (I'm using Brawl Minus as a base.) I really want the battles to be intense and fun, fast paced, like the battle scenes in RWBY.

I want to change subspace as well, but Pokemon Trainer doesn't really work right.
(Edit: Pokemon Trainer Works now, with the exception of a small bug that it puts your marker on a different character after the battle in the character select screen).

I would seriously appreciate some help though...  Embarrassed

You can find all of my characters here if you don't recognize any of the fighters: https://www.deviantart.com/lasercraft32/gallery/

Kirby Dance If you would like to help, either comment, or PM me! Kirby Dance

What I have so Far:
P.S. The cosmetics are incomplete, so some palette swaps are not what they seem. Stages are not what they seem. Some palette swaps may crash. Some movesets, such as Weiss, Ivysaur, and Ruby may crash.

SSB CLRS Beta 0.1:http://www.mediafire.com/file/80bpuoajcxb8o5l/SSB_CLRS.zip/file


Suggestions are Welcome, all characters are a work in progress.

Mario - Has Smash Ultimate Stats. More like Mafia Mario. Sword Trail: Orange.
Small Changes:
Wait 3 - Gains super armor when he puts his hands up.
Wait 2 - Reaches into hat and pulls out a Ray Gun. (Changed into the Mafia Gun).
Up Taunt -Takes off hat, when he puts his hat back on, he turns metal. (Brawl Minus)
Side Taunt - Turns giant, and then stomps, grounding any nearby opponents.
Down Taunt - Changes between Cappy Taunt and Thumbs Up depending on if you tap or hold the button.
Footstool - Spikes / Grounds opponents. Like Mario's stomps should be. (Brawl Minus)
Fireball - Moves slightly faster, but does 1 less damage, and doesn't last as long.

Big Changes:
All Attacks - 1.1 times faster. All attacks have a slight damage nerf.
Neutral Attack - Chains better. Transitions into next part sooner.
Dash Attack - Press A to cancel into a Dash Hop attack that allows for better combos. (Brawl Minus)
Forward Air - Much faster. Has a sweetspot that sends opponents straight down and deals fire damage.
Up Tilt - Deals fire damage, has a fire particle effect.
Down Air - If A is pressed while he's spinning, it will stop all his momentum and speed up the rest of the attack by 2x speed. (Only has single hit hitbox if you do this.)
Grabs - Can cancel missed grab sooner, grab pummel is 1.5x faster, but does only 1 damage.
Nuetral Special - Hold down B to use a special Fire Brand attack (you can cancel the attack if the hitbox lands. In the air, it does a single powerful hit). Shoots 2 fireballs when in the air. (Brawl Minus)
Side Special - Cape is faster, mario can keep more horizontal momentum when used in the air, doesn't make him float upwards.
Down Special - Changed to a Cappy Hat throw. Hold down B to go into a Cappy Hat Jump. Has a hitbox when humping, allowing for better combos.

Palette Swaps - 01 Mario, 06 Fire Mario, 02 Luigi Mario, 03 Red/Blue, 04 Builder Mario, 05 Tuxedo Mario, 06 Mafia Mario

Luigi - Has Smash Ultimate Stats. More like Mr. L. Sword Trail: Green.
Small Changes:
Up Taunt - Does a Dab at the end, has a stunning hitbox and makes the screen shake.
Side Taunt - Bang! Bang! Shoots two fireballs. (Brawl Minus)
Down Taunt - Gains short invincibility, and sweetspot is stronger. (Brawl Minus)
Footstool - Spikes / Grounds opponents. Like Luigi's stomps should be. (Brawl Minus)
Fireball - Moves slightly faster, deals electric damage, and doesn't last as long.
Tumble - When Luigi trips, he spins into a defensive stance. You can also cancel the trip with a down tilt/smash. (Brawl Minus)
Entry - Lightning strikes and luigi appears.

Big Changes:
All Attacks - 1.1 times faster. All attacks have a slight damage nerf.
Neutral Attack - Chains better. Ends with an overhead kick (that resembles Captain Falcon's up tilt in Ultimate) that has a slight spiking hitbox.
Dash Attack - Press the Shield button to cancel into a Tumble. (Brawl Minus)
Down Tilt - Hold down A to go into a sweeping kick similar to mario's.
Side Smash - Has an electric sweetspot on the tip of his fingers.
Forward Air - Has an electric sweetspot on the tip of his fingers.
Down Air - Spikes better, is faster.
Nuetral Special - Hold down B for a Thunder Hand attack. (Brawl Minus)
Up Special - Can cancel in an attack if the hitbox lands.
Down Special - Deals Electric Damage. On the ground it combos into itself better, in air it's faster, only hits once, and gives luigi a slight upwards boost.

Palette Swaps - 00 Luigi, 01 Pink, 03 Blue, 04 Mario Luigi, 05 Fire Luigi, 06 Waluigi, 07 Mr.L, 08 White Mr.L, 09 Batman Mr. L, 10 Casino Luigi

TimeRiftette (Over Peach) - Has Smash Ultimate Stats. Tons of changes to make her more like TimeRiftette (see my deviantart). Sword Trail: Purple.
Small Changes:
Side Taunt - Can cancel into a dodge.
All Taunts - Changes depending on if you tap or hold the button.
Radishes - Have more adorable faces.
Float - Has darkness particles.

Big Changes:
All Attacks - 1.15 times faster. Most attacks have a slight damage nerf.
Neutral Attack - Chains better. Has a third hit, a dark magic attack.
Dash Attack - Dashes forward with dark magic surrounding her hands. Deals darkness damage.
Up Tilt - Deals darkness damage.
Side Smash - Levin Sword: Most Damage, electric. (Orange Sword Trail). Daimond Sword: Most range, straight forward knockback. (Blue Sword Trail). Keyblade: Launches them upwards. (Green Sword Trail).
Down Smash - Starts slightly later. A plume of fire explodes around her as she spins. High knockback.
Up Smash - Spins around in a swirl of Dark Magic, dealing darkness damage.
Forward Air - Starts slightly slower, then speeds up for the swing, then goes normal speed. If the hitbox lands, then TimeRiftette will take 5% damage, a darkness explosion will appear, and the screen will shake. It has increased damage and knockback. (The crown is the source of TimeRiftette's power, she will die if she takes it off for too long).
Back Air - Has a sweetspot that works similar to the knee of justice. If you hold down A, she will gain momentum in the direction of the attack.
Down Air - last hit spikes opponents
Nuetral Air - Spins around in the air with dark magic swirling around her. Faster than Peach's N-Air.
Nuetral Special - Toad does not appear. Dark Magic surrounds her hands. If she's hit, a small darkness explosion appears, and slows down time for your opponent.
Side Special - Can cancel into any aerial, deals darkness damage.
Up Special - Has a sweetspot when she opens her umbrella that deals darkness damage. She bounces up slightly when she opens, so you can stay in the air indefinitely if you open and close it in rapid succession.
Down Special - Radish (not a turnip).
Grabs - Pummel is 2x as fast, deals 1 darkness damage. Back throw flowers opponents, up throw deals electric damage, down throw grounds opponents.

Palette Swaps - 00 TimeRiftette, 01 Fire TimeRiftette, 05 Halloween TimeRiftette, 03 Snow TimeRiftette, 02 Springtime TimeRiftette 04 Valentines Day TimeRiftette, 06 Neo TimeRiftette, 07 Bowsette based TimeRiftette.

Bowser - Using project M Bowser as a base, he uses his Strikers claws and newfound speed to overpower his opponents. Unfinished, but hopefully will turn out amazing. I wish I had some of the Smash 4 animations though...
Palette Swaps - 00 Bowser, 01 Red, 03 Blue, 04 Yellow, 05 Grey, 06 Brown, 07 Dark Bowser, 08 Dreamy Bowser, 09 Wedding Bowser, 10 Dry Bowser

Yoshi - Yoshi definitely needs buffs. I'm don't have much on him, but I want his eggs to explode when he throws them.
Palette Swaps - 00 Green, 01 Red, 03 Blue, 04 Yellow, 05 Pink, 06 Light Blue, 07 Yarn Yoshi

Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong will be way faster, and I want to give him cool metal gauntlets that he uses to punch his enemies.
Palette Swaps - 00 DK, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 White (blue tie), 04 Funky Kong, 05 Iron Golem.

Weiss Schnee (Replaces Diddy) - Uses Legacy Xp's Lucina as a base, replaces Diddy Kong with Weiss (From RWBY). She's fast, and has several elemental abilties.
Would really like a better model though. I can't import.
Palette Swaps - 00 Weiss, 01 Red, 02 Yellow, 03 Black, 04 Thunder, 05 White Fang Thunder.

Wario - Want to make him a bit more like the scary biker that he is. Still up for discussion.
Palette Swaps - Biker: 00 Wario, 01 Red/Black, 05 Mulch Diggums, 02 Green, 04 Purple, 03 Blue. Classic: 06 Wario, 07 Mario, 08 Warrenton Wario, 09 Luigi, 10 Fire Wario, 11 Waluigi.

Waluigi (Finally!!!) - Waluigi is all about getting your opponents into the air and taking them down with powerful aerials. His down special has different effects depending which button you press. I'm going to buff his speed, and make him a bit more Ultra Instinct...
Palette Swaps - 00 Waluigi, 01 Mario, 02 Luigi, 03 Blue, 04 Wario, 05 Fire Waluigi, 06 Biker Waluigi, 07 Jack Skelington Waluigi, 08 Papyrus, 09 Enderman

Link - I want to make him more like Ultimate link. But I don't know how to do the bombs, tether grab, and sword beam.
Palette Swaps - 00 Link (BOTW), 01 Linky (Red), 03 Orion, 04 Ravio, 05 Jaun Arc, 06 Undecided, 07 Rainbowcraft2, 08 Lasercraft32, 09 Endercraft2, 10 Minecraft Skeleton.

Zelda - I want her to be more like Ultimate Zelda. Want to remove Switching between Zelda and Sheik.
Palette Swaps - 00 Zelda, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 White, 05 Dark, 06 Lusamine, 07 Lusamine (Mother Beast), 08 Inferno (Minecraft), 09 Twilight Sparkle (Hopefully)

Sheik - Want to remove the switching between Sheik and Zelda.
Palette Swaps - 00 Sheik, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 White, 05 Dark, 06 Yiga Footsoldier, 07 Greninja, 08 Pandaboss576 (Minecraft), 10 Undecided.

Ganondorf - I want to make him more like Ultimate ganon. Want to make him faster.
Palette Swaps - 00 Ganon, 04 Old Manondorf, 03 Trumpindorf, 02 Mr. Vullner (Minecraft), 01 Guzma, 05 Plague Doctor.

Toon Link - Undecided.
Palette Swaps - 00 Green, 01 Toon Linky, 03 Toon Orion (No Hat), 04 Toon Ravio, 05 Dark Link, 06 Toon Juan Arc.

Lasercraft32 (Over Samus) - Lasercraft is my original character. He's from Minecraft. He uses Project M Samus as a base. He can switch movesets with his side taunt. He switches between melee and ranged. His speed based and has higher gravity than Samus. He has 4 jumps. Still a work in progress, and because of Project M, I had to change his nuetral special because he couldn't charge his energy blast. (Filesize is super big, Samus palette swaps may crash the game).
Palette Swaps - 00 Lasercraft32, 01 Halloween LC, 02 Wynncraft LC, 03 Christmas LC, 04 Titanium_Lord, 05 Dark Titanium_Lord, 06 Samus, 07 Dark Samus, 08 Light Samus, 09 Cyberman.

Blake Belladonna (Over Zerosuit Samus) -Blake Belladonna (From RWBY) Has a Smash 4-ish moveset. Will eventually make it more like Blake. I want to change the energy whip into a normal whip, and make the energy blast a normal bullet. And remove the paralyzing effects.
Palette Swaps - 00 Blake, 01 Red, 03 White, 04 Yellow, 05 PENNY, 02 Juliet (Female Lasercraft).

Ness - Undecided. I'm not a fan of Earthbound.
Palette Swaps - Undecided.

Violet (Over Lucas) - A close combat fighter, is a lot faster, and mains in combos. Has really fast aerial mobility and lots of aerials will bounce you into the air if they land. Unfinished, doesn't look super great right now, and I can't get the facial expressions to work.  Sad
Palette Swaps - Undecided.

Pikachu - I want to make the moveset more fitting for Pikachu Libre, but plays more like Pichu in smash ultimate.
Palette Swaps - 00 Pikachu, 01 Pikachu Libre, 02 Cap Pikachu, 03 Female Pikachu

Jigglypuff - Jiggly needs to be the COMBO MASTER!!!!
Palette Swaps - 00 Jiggly, 01 Red Rose, 03 White Crown, 04 Black Bow, 02 Yellow Headband.

TimeRift (Over Mewtwo) -TimeRift, the master of Time has ARRIVED! His side taunt switches his moveset, and he specializes in chaotic abilities, such as slowing down time, and INFINITE TELEPORTS! Might need help making his animations better, and some of the hitboxes are a bit wonky.
Palette Swaps - 00 TimeRift, 01 Wynncraft TR, 02 Sans TR, 04 Darth Vader TR, 03 Lasercraft TR, 05 Endercraft2, 06-11 undecided.

Doctor Mario (Replaces Pichu) - He's slower than Mario, but deals more damage. He has elemental attacks, and has an ice attack when nuetral special is held down. His pills fly at an arc, and bounce higher. His cape is a combo starter. His up special on the ground is the "Ol' One N' Two". I want to make his down air like smash Ultimate, but have no animation for it.

Squirtle - Undecided, More like Project M Squirtle. (Might consider replacing him, still up for discussion.)
Palette Swaps - Undecided

Ivysaur - Undecided, More like Project M Ivysaur. (Might consider replacing him, still up for discussion.)
Palette Swaps - Undecided

Charizard - Like Smash 4 Charizard. I also want to change it to fit more like Flameweaver, my charizard in Pokemon X. (Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, Roost, Sword Stance).
Palette Swaps - 00 Charizard, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 White, 05 Black (Shiny) 06 Mega Charizard X, 07 Shiny Mega Charizard X, 08 Mega Charizard Y, 09 Shiny Mega Charizard Y.

Lucario - I've ALWAYS hated how smash Lucario is nothing like how actual lucario is like. He's supposed to be a fighting type! I want him to be faster, and less floaty. More physical attacks, and more like my Lucario in pokemon X, Aurastorm (Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Iron Tail, Sword Stance). More like Project M lucario.
Palette Swaps - 00 Lucario, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 Black, 05 Shiny, 06 Mega Lucario, 07 Shiny Mega Lucario, 08 Paradox Evolution Aurastorm, 09 undecided.

Kirby - I'm using the Fighter Kirby PSA as a base. It's cooler, and also saves on file space because it doesn't use the kirby hats.
Palette Swaps - 00 Pink, 04 Yellow, 03 Blue, 04 Green, 01 Red, 05 White, 06 Meta-Kirby, 07 Shadow Kirby, 08 Dark Kirby, 09 Undecided.

King Dedede - He needs to Clobba Dat Der Kirbeh. I want him to be all anime-style, with the rocket hammer used for every smash attack!
Palette Swaps - 00 Dedede, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 Pink (Based on Nora), 05 Old Fashioned Dedede, 06 Snorlax (Galaxy Eater)

Metaknight - Honestly, I don't know yet...
Palette Swaps - 00 Metaknight, 04 White, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 White Fang, 05 Pink, 06 Dark Metaknight, 07 Galacta Knight, 08 Morpho Knight, 09 Bandana Waddle Dee.

Fox - Undecided.
Palette Swaps - 00 Fox, 01 Fire Fox, 03 Blue, 02 Epic Wolfy (Minecraft), 04 Eternal Wolfy (Minecraft), 05 Inkling (Purple)

Falco - More like Smash 4 Falco.
Palette Swaps - Undecided.

Yang Xaiu Long (Replaces Wolf) - Uses the Ryu over Wolf moveset as a base. Shes faster, and uses recoil from her Amber Celica to launch herself at her opponents. When she reaches 60% or higher, she can taunt to transform into her angry state. Where she gets powered up.
Need better Model, and better SFX.
Palette Swaps - 00 Yang, 01 Red, 02 Yellow, 03 White, 04 Raven, 05 Master Cef (Minecraft).

Marth - Undecided.
Palette Swaps - Undecided.

Roy - Uses Lilith's Smash 4 Roy as a base. Needs some changes to be more balanced with the other characters.
Palette Swaps - 00 Roy, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 Jaun Arc, 05 Black, 06 Rainbowcraft2 (Minecraft), 07 Endercraft2, 08 Jjarclas, 09 Stermy27

Ike - More like Smash Ultimate Ike. Faster, more offensive. (It would be cool if he had blue fire too...)
Palette Swaps - 00 Ike, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 Gold, 05 Nora (RWBY) 06 Rainbowcraft2, 07 ThatTurtle237, 08 Honest Abe, 09 Gladion.

Captain Falcon - I want him to be more stylish, like in Ultimate, but I can't do much with the animations. I want him to be faster, and better at combos.
Palette Swaps - 00 Cap. Falcon, 01 Captain America Falcon, 02 Captain Clever, 03 Batman Falcon, 04 Doctor Clever, 05 Mr. Porter.

Sans (Replaces Game&Watch) - All his attacks do one damage. But flowers opponents. He has super armor on all his attacks, because he literally gets one shot. His attacks are fast, and can be cancelled sooner. Uses the Dark Mario PSA as a base. I want to make his down special the "Gaster Blaster," but have no way of doing it because I can't figure out how to do articles and stuff.
Palette Swaps - 00 Sans (Can't figure out how to give G&W more palette swaps, even with BrawlEx configuration files.)

Buttercup and Charlie (Over Ice Climbers) - I wanted to make ice climbers into the awesome duo, but so far, it's not working out so well...
Palette Swaps - Undecided

Geno (Over ROB) - Finally. I'm using a Geno ROB moveset I found on Brawl Vault, but if I could get the Legacy Xp Geno to work for normal Brawl, I would definitely use that instead.
Palette Swaps - Undecided

RUBY ROSE!!!  Grin (Over Pit) - YES. I need a better model, and better SFX, but using Lilith's Dark Pit animations (with slight modifications...) I WILL turn Pit into Ruby Rose!
Palette Swaps - 00 Ruby, 03 White, 04 Black, 02 Yellow, 01 Ruby's Mom, 05 Angel Violet, 06 Pit, 07 Dark Pit, 08 Decidueye, 09 Shiny Decidueye.

Olimar - I want him to be COOLER. And to make Snake noises!  Tongue
Palette Swaps - 00 Olimar, 03 Louie, 05 President, 04 Alph, 01 Brittany, 02 Charlie, 06 Yellow Pikmin, 07 Blue Pikmin, 08 Red Pikmin, 09 Darth Olimar.

Snake - Undecided
Palette Swaps - 00 Snake, 01 Red, 02 Green, 03 Blue, 04 Black, 05 Cheetah, 06 Trainer Red, 07 Prof. Oak, 08 Lysandre, 09 Batman.

Sonic - Project M Sonic as a base. He's faster, and much more combo-ey.
Palette Swaps - 00 Sonic, 01 Shadow, 02 Aurum (Sonic OC), 04 Silver, 05 Super Sonic, 06 Knuckles, 07 Excalibur Sonic, 08 Excalibur Shadow, 09 Excalibur Silver, 10 Excalibur Aurum.

Another Slot - But I don't know how to add another slot for BrawlEx. Unfortunately...  Sad
Possible Ideas - Papyrus, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pichu, Corrin?, Cloud.


Battlefield - Smash Ultimate style.

Final Destination - Smash 4 Style.

Meta Crystal -

Final Frustration - To be changed.

Delfino Plaza -

Luigi's Mansion -

Mario Galaxy - Omega

Bowser's Castle- Project M

Doctor Mario Stage -

New Donk City - Mafia Style

Gloam Valley -

Mario Maker -

Super Mario World -

Yoshi's Island (Brawl) -

Wario's Throne Room - Project M

Waluigi Pinball -

Jungle Hijinx - Smash 4

Bridge of Eldin - Rainy Version

Hyrule Temple -

Pirate Ship -

Skyloft - Project M

Hyrule Christmas -

Norfair - To be changed.

TimeRift's Battlefield -

Green Biome Zone -

Onett - To be changed.

Shaden Mosses Island - Better version of Shadow Moses Island.

The Gamecube's Dynamo -

Pokemon Stadium -

Kalos Pokemon League -

Arceus Spear Pillar -

Ultra Space -

Halberd -

Fountain of Dreams -

Cookie Country -

Lylat Cruise -

Corneria -

New Pork City - To be changed

Castle Seige -

Dracula's Castle -

Temple of the Golden Sun - To be changed

Port Town Aero Drive -

Hanenbow - To be changed

Pictochat -

Smashville - To be changed

Ruby Dive To Heart -

Weiss Dive To Heart -

Blake Dive To Heart -

Yang Dive To Heart -

Forever Fall -

Sweet Apple Acres -

Palutena's Temple - Omega

Distant Planet - Project M

What I need Help With:

-Model imports. (Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, etc, I can't rig my own models).

-Custom SFX. (Ruby, Yang, Blake, Weiss, maybe overall hit sound effect changes?)

-Cosmetics (CSS Portraits).

-Custom Animations (I'm bad at it).
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Subspace Emissary Slot changing? on: November 20, 2018, 04:16:41 PM
I'm making a mod, called Super Smash Bros. CLRS. I used Brawl Minus as a base, but I wanted to change Subspace Emissary into it's own story, but the character select doesn't show half the characters, and the levels with Ivysaur and Charizard don't work right. Does anyone know how to fix it? Is there a way to change which characters appear in each level?

Thanks if anyone can help me.  Tongue
5  Help & Tutorials / Help / Mario over ROB rel???? on: November 08, 2018, 11:20:43 AM
Apparantly, rel files are super compliated, does anyone have a rel file that replaces rob with mario???
6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Does anyone have a download for this mod??? on: November 06, 2018, 08:33:24 AM
I really want this creeper mod, but the download is broken, can anybody help me????

7  Help & Tutorials / Help / Character select freezes the game on: June 13, 2018, 08:59:21 AM
I'm tryin to redo my mod, SSB CLRS, and I'm using Brawl Plus as a base, but when I start it, the screen stays black when it's supposed to start the intro.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?  Undecided
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