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1  Help & Tutorials / Help / Donkey Kong freezes on Riivolution. on: November 10, 2012, 10:33:55 PM
I just took the time to make a sawnd file replacing all the voices for a character to use on Riivolution and it's also ported over a character I don't use. Whooo!
But then it came to my attention, now that I am using Riivolution, Donkey Kong ALWAYS freezes the game when he gets hit, if not before he gets hit. I tried removing a bunch of codes, characters, and it still kept freezing, but then I tried it on Gecko and there was no problem. So, he only freezes on Riivolution. Is this any kind of common issue? I just started using Riivolution with BeyonYou's "Riivolution for Gecko Users." Everything works great, but Donkey Kong screws things up. -.-
2  Help & Tutorials / Help / Question! I want to repair my hacked menu 4.2 Wii. on: February 25, 2011, 03:24:15 PM
So, my Wii doesn't read disks. It stopped reading Wii disks sometime when I was playing Brawl. Only Wii games wouldn't work. I was also told that it messing up might be something related to Brawl. I'd like to know what that's about.

I was informed from other hackers that the laser disk drive or something needed to be replaced. I was wondering what would happen if I sent it to Nintendo. Again, I was informed by hackers that one of two things would happen.

1) They would format it and update it to 4.3, eliminating my hacks.
2) They would send it back unrepaired and tell me to get a new one.

Nobody said anything about legal issues and pressing charges?

Anyway, I'd like any feedback from that being said. Should I send it in?

Another question: I've heard updating to 4.3 removes the hacks. So...if I were to update to 4.3 and send it in, would that remove traces of hacks, preventing them from saying "we will not repair a hacked Wii. Buy a new one?"

Oh, and my hacks being removed is NOT an issue for me. I expect them to be gone and I will not hack it again. I use my hacks on somebody else's hacked Wii.
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