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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / [Official] Brawl DX Mod Thread (UPDATE)V.1.0.7 RELEASEED!! on: February 26, 2014, 09:06:40 AM
For the most up to date information visit here

Here is a mod that i've been working's on for a little over a year now, and for some who had been able to try out this mod in it's early creation may already know what this mod does, but for the many that don't i'll be going through that with you here.

-The new title screen reflects the colors of both major iterations of Smash (Melee Blue and Brawl Red) and paying homage to melee's japanese title

The goal of this mod is to provide players with a faster and more naturally flowing brawl experience, as a result changes have been made to the entire cast and an increase in the amount of hitstun was implemented which results in a much smoother combo based experience. Through keeping this mods restrictions tided to brawls mechanics, all ATs (advanced techniques) and such from brawl, such as glide tossing, DACUS and such remain intact, and for the most part characters feel similar to their vbrawl iterations. But as you play you'll begin to get a much better feel for what your character can do that was previously impossible.

Here are but a few of many changes given to the cast.
(I'll be posting a more comprehensive change list at a later date)

-Jigglypuffs Rest received a slight buff, putting it's power in between it's brawl and melee versions
-Luigi's air speed and run speed have been increased to be similar to mario's
-Snake's disjointed Utilt hitbox has been fixed his Dair spikes when the last hit connects
-Lucas air tether does damage
-Ness can jump cancel out of aerial PSI Magnet
-Lucario can Extreme Speed Cancel similar to Pikachu's QAC (quick attack cancel)
-Yoshi can shield/grab cancel his Egg Roll
-Link and Toon Link can shield cancel Arrows
-Pit and Rob both can air dodge out of their Up Specials
-Cypher gimps removed
-Chain Grabs and Infinite's removed
-Ice Climbers CPU automatically throws opponents up but is auto desynced using tilts

-The Menu Screen has also received a visual upgrade changing colors depending on which mode your in.

But along side these changes are also changes to the stages as well

Also included in this mod is the ability like in Project M to play as both
-Green Hill Zone has been redesigned with a swinging platform in the center of the slope and edges which remove walk offs
-Subspace and Midair Stadium were also added with Subspace's platforms alternating in formation from time to time
-Rumble Fall, Skyworld, Norfair, Pirate Ship, Wario ware, Shadow Moses and Spear Pillar were changed as well as the Super mario bros. stage being swapped for Fountain of Dreams

But probably the most exciting feature of this mod is the inclusion of new characters, just like in Project M  Roy and Mewtwo have been added to the roster both featuring unique traits different from their PM, or Melee versions.

-Roy is a bit slippery, but sports a different dash attack and Fair, and his Up Special while it travels a far greater distance than Marth's horizontally has poor vertical reach when used in the air but his side B also gives him a slightly better boost than marth's and also sports more familiar directional moves combing ones from his melee and PM double edge dances. His Dsmash also swirls the opponent around him instead of just a straight shot outward.

-Mewtwo feels very much like his melee incarnation aside from the fact that he is now similar in weight to his Project M versions. He also sports pretty decent grab range and his throws are his most powerful KO tool, Also when connecting with the tip of his tail you'll be notified with a nice electric shock sound indicating you've connected with the sweetspot. He can also wall cling similar to lucario though only out of his Up Special Teleport.

Also making his debut in Brawl DX is this little fellow

-Louie Crash lands in with Rock Pikmin replacing olimar's purple pikmin.
He isn't just a olimar reskin, he unlike olimar cannot reorder his pikmin lineup and is more floaty and slippery than olimar.

-He also comes with a new Down Special, Pikmin Dismiss,
this move Louie blows his whistle and all pikmin under his command lunge out and disband, latching onto any opponents in range. This move is really useful when you have rock pikmin disband your pikmin and send them all flying towards your foe as a way to edgeguard or simply throw them away to pluck new ones, although it isn't as effective in the air as it is on the ground.

Louie also throws his pikmin slightly farther than olimar and they all have twice as much health as olimars pikmin. Although they also can be hit from a closer distance and stray farther away from louie (seems they aren't as attached to him as opposed to olimar...) His pikmin pluck also givens him a slight increase in height when used in the air (watch as he flails his arms endlessly in hopes of returning to the ground),

-Now the cast looks a bit more fleshed out!

-The Stage Select Menu Also wasn't left out of the new background treatment.

Overall this mod aims to combine a lot of elements from mods you may have played, but tune them to better feel like the brawl experience a lot of players are used to while also throwing in some nice elements that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Heres the Download link


Just copy all of that on your SD card and you'll be all set hopefully you all enjoy it. (Note that it's still not 100% finished and that i will be making very small adjustments here and there to fix any bugs or balance tweaks, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated).

Also for those interested in running side events heres the basic gist of how matches are done

3 Stocks 8 minutes
3 Bans
First 4 rows plus FoD and PS1 are legal
Top Row is Neutrals
3 rows under are CPs alongside fountain of dreams and PS1


(I'd also like to give credit and a shout out to the great people who created a lot of the material that's been available that made, making this mod possible. While this mod was a solo project, i couldn't ever have created it without the materials for characters models, codes, and such being available so thanks to anyone who's assets, or models i used in advance, you have my sincerest gratitude for your awesome work!)
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / Project Kid craft: KC kirby and KC sonic UNITE!!! on: August 09, 2009, 01:55:52 PM
My first 4 textures are finally ready i might update them in the future but for now i will just continue my project.
Introducing Kid Craft Kirby and Kid Craft sonic!http

The first set of my project is based off him

First up
KC kirby

KC kirby snake hat

KC sonic

KC super sonic(Note this one is still in developement i have to figure out how to get that orange color to change)

I've been having a bit of trouble with super sonic so if anyone knows why he changed too that color r how i can get the right color plz let me know. He was suppose to be a Magenta type color but a bit lighter.

Here is the link to all my textures that list will increase over time so be sure to check back from time to time. When i get a chance i will upload the CSP for KC kirby and KC sonic
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