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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Stages / dRage's one and only Stage Hack: Feedback for revamp needed! on: January 01, 2011, 11:16:39 PM
Great Desert

I'm currently planning to revamp the stage. I already added some sand effects, right now I have two different versions:

1. Sandstorm close behind the chars

2. Sandstorm farther in the background

Which one do you prefer? (see poll)

I'm also thinking of adding some platforms for people who don't like to play on flat stages. What kind of platform layout would you want to see?

You're welcome to give more suggestions, just keep in mind that adding hazzards and sound effects is beyond my capabillities.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Soul Brawl (Machinima) looking for hackers on: December 09, 2009, 06:24:02 AM
I'm not sure where to post this but seeing how texture hacking teams can post their recruitment threads here I might as well throw mine in as well.

If you don't feel like reading the wall of text below you can watch this video:

First off this is no texture hacking team. I'm looking for hackers who are willing to help out with my machinima series Soul Brawl. Debuting about 10 months ago there are now over 1300 fans awaiting the release of new episodes.
The only problem is production of the series has been going fairly slow, due to it using alot of custom stuff (hacks, textures, etc) and me doing almost all of the textures myself. Seeing how I never was really good at texture hacking it took me ages to whip up something decent. So I decided to leave texture/moveset hacking to people who are actually good at it while I focus on video editing.

What I'm looking for right now are mostly texture and moveset hackers, also custom animations would be nice for future use.

For textures I'm not going to tell you exactly what the finished product is supposed to look like, I'll rather give you a theme and some pointers. The rest will be up to your creativity unless you actually want an exact description, that is.

As for movesets, I know these take a while to make but what I need aren't even full movesets. On top of that I don't care if they are balanced or if the moves work well together, heck even the exact damage and knockback values don't matter. I only really need new specials and maybe one or two animation swapped standart attacks. And those will be more about visiuals anyway.

As for condotions, you're not having to work exclusively for me. If you feel like it you can release whatever I asked you to do. You can also quit at any time, just drop me a message if you can't/don't want/whatever help out anymore .
You'll recieve a spot in the credits right under the developement team and if you have any website/youtube channel you want me to promote for you, I'll link to it in the video description.

If you're interested you can either apply via email at thesmashteam@googlemail.com/write me a pm or just simply post it here.
Please state what part(s) you're applying for and post an example of your work.

You can find my channel, with all the machinima related stuff I've done in the past year here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSmashTeam

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSmashTeam#p/c/973F3BCBD40CA1C5/2/j5w2jztzZ8Q (Link to playlist containing both released episodes)
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / dRage's new project revealed: Ichigo (v0.4 released!) on: August 04, 2009, 07:54:41 AM
Current Project

Kurosaki Ichigo (Bankai)

If you've visited this thread recently you may have noticed me going all emo about the limitations of PSA (which all came down to no frame speed changes) well we can change frame speed now so let's get back to kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.

Why I chose Ichigo for my next project you ask? Well the Flame Wave was just a test I don't know if I ever add more stuff to that moveset and VILE has started a community project similar to what Fire/Thunder Link was going to be. So the two choices left were Crono and Ichigo, well looking at the downloads for both textures it's obvious which one I should make (Ichigo won by ridicolous 1,3k downloads over Crono)

Let's start with the basics Ichigo uses Ike as the base character but in the end will play nothing like him. He should be a quick damage racker with few kill moves. I want him to be as balanced as possible. (sorry now ololol r0xx0r broken bankai for you =P) His moveset will be based off the anime (obvious) and his moveset from the DS games. The attributes are just starting points and will be tweaked constantly.


Ichigo v0.4


Video of v0.1

Video of current version comming soon!


Speed: about the same as ZSS (Run initial velocity: 1,92)

Jumps: First jump is slightly higher than Fox' and using both jumps he gains a little less distance than Falco. He falls slightly slower than Fox but it's still fast. (Jump V velocity: 3,5; Gravity: 0,172: Terminal velocity: 1,81)

Weight: 85 (5 more than Fox and 5 less than Peach)


Goal: kinda like MK's just a bit slower, deals 2 damage per hit with low knockback
Animation: the three angled ftilt animations sped up
Status: three hit combo of quick slashes that can go back to the first one if A is pressed at the right time (need to find out how to make an auto jab or how to increase the input window)

Goal: GTFO move with decent knockback but little growth; has quick startup to be used defensively but too much endlag to be followed up
Animation: stays the same but with altered start- and endlag
Status: done for now

Goal: setup move with medicore knockback and growth that launches the opponent in the air at 60° to allow for aerial followups
Animation: second hit of jab (for some reason he kicks downwards when used on dtilt); beginning slowed down and sped up again after hitboxes end
Status: done for now

Goal: juggle/setup move; quick move with almost 90° angle
Animation: FS initial hit grounded [Thanks .Fade =P]
Status: done for now

Goal: horizontal kill move at higher percents ; technically a faster but weaker version of Ike's fsmash; will decrease the hitbox size compared to Ike's
Animation: Fsmash; sped up in the beginning similar to the speed of Fox' fsmash
Status: Done for now

Goal: GTFO with low kill power and high endlag
Animation: Neutral B
Status: only tested animatons

Goal: vertical kill move; should kill a little earlier than fsmash but with more startup
Animation: looking for an uppercut type of animation (if you've played one of the DS games: his strong crouch attack)
Status: nothing

Goal: combo move with little knockback and landing lag
Animation: first hit of jab
Status: done for now

Goal: spike with decent knockback but high endlag and decent startup
Animation: Fair, slightly sped up beginning and shortend the time the hitboxes are out
Status: done for now

Goal: roughly the same as Ike's; slightly faster but less damage and knockback
Animation: Bair
Status: done for now

Goal: somewhat of a juggle move
Animation: aerial item up throw
Status: needs some fine tuning but mostly done

Goal: quick downward slash good for gimping (think of it as a toned down version of MK's Dair)
Animation: Nair; heavily sped up
Status: Done for now

Neutral B: Getsuga Tenshou
Goal: Shock Wave with medium range; 2 charge levels (1: press B once 2: after 2 seconds of charging); low knockback on inital charge; medium/high knockback on fully charged
Animation: Side B Swing; Wave Hit GFX
Status: first draft done: charging and unleashing works but both versions deal 10 damage even though one should do 6 and the other 15

Side B: Flash Step
Goal: Ichigo vanishes and reappears in another place; distance will be set and go only go straight left/right
Versinon 1: goal is for the move to not go into freefall but let it only be used once in the air (like Snake/Sonic's UpB); should have a decent amount of ending lag to prevent stalling
Version 2: freefall with a lot of endlag but a powerful attack at reapperance that kills at very high percentages
Status: went with version 1 but freefall since I cannot find what prevents an attack from being used twice in the air

Down B
Goal: not yet decied

Up B
Goal: not yet decided

Requesting help:

I need suggestions on what to do with the leftover moves and once a beta is released, feedback on that. The next one isn't nessecarily needed but I'm not satisfied with the shading of my Ichigo texture. Seeing how shading was one of the reasons why I gave up texture hacking I wouldn't mind if someone could improve my texture. That person would obviously recieve credit for it.

Old Stuff

Flame Wave (Discontinued for now)


- aerial Flamewave now has IASA frames that start after at frame 60 to make the move safer offstage
- new Nair added: a quick burning spin, hits multiple times and deals between 3-5% damage (could be capable of more but that's what I got in tests)

- removed freefall on aerial flamewave

- Flamewave mapped to B instead of SideB, Quick Draw restored
- Flamewave now has an aerial version using Ike's Nair animation
- aerial version has a landing animation if the ground is hit before the move's animation ends
- aerial version will go into freefall if the animation ends
- the initial Slash does 5% damage with low knockback
- Flamewave spawns 5 flames in front of Ike each doing 2 damage
- broken D-Taunt removed
- added more voice clips to taunts
- added flaming sword and fire hiteffect to all aerials

And obviously you'll get no sympathy from him.

Flame Wave (Neutral B)

New Nair

Watch the vid! Flame Wave looks a lot cooler in motion. (The vid shows 1.0)

Flame Wave 1.2

Fire/Thunder Cycle Link (Discontinued for now)
Just finished the first draft of my newest Link moveset hack, that's something I wanted to do since the app came out but couldn't get working until today.

For starters all swordmoves deal fire damage. His neutral B is replaced with a move that switches between electric and fire.
So if you use it once all your moves will change  to electric damage and if you use it again they will change back to fire.
For now only the hittype changes but I plan to make most moves behave completly different depending if you're on electric or fire. Basic idea right now is making electric moves have less knockback and damage for better comboing and fire have more knockback for killing.

4  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Music & SFX / dRage music replacement (updated August 26th : Pokemon stuff) on: July 14, 2009, 04:27:22 PM
I did some music hacks for my personal use back in the day when androu's tool didn't even support stereo. I never really bothered releasing them as they were good enough for me but not good enough to be realesed to the public.
With the release of PW's new code I found the motivation to redo my old work. (stereo, fixed volume, better looping)

Most of my songs have custom looping, I might redo 'Never gonna give you up' and 'The Meaning of Truth' with custom looping some day, 'Dreams of an Absolution' and 'Through the Fire and Flames' are better off without it in my opinion.

Micheal JacksonBeat it (1982 Album version)download
Micheal JacksonThrillerdownload
DragonforceThrough the Fire and Flamesdownload
Rick AstleyNever gonna give you updownload
F-Zero GP LegendThe Meaning of Truthdownload
Sonic 06Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs JS Remix)download
Mystical Ninja starring GoemonSummon Impact (Anime version)download
Mystical Ninja starring GoemonRescue the feudal Lord! (Oedo Castle)download
Chrono TriggerDevil Castle of Confusion (Magus Battle Remix)download
Secret of ManaThe color of the Summer Skydownload
New!!PokémonGSC Rival Battle Remixdownload
New!!PokémonTheme Songdownload
5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Character Vertexes and Textures / dRage's Hacks (Back from the dead, 11th July: Great Desert Video added!) on: July 14, 2009, 04:11:58 PM
dRage's Hacks

It's been almost a year since I said I'd quit texture hacking. In fact I never thought I would bump that thread ever again. But with all those new hacking methods I'm back in business!

All of the all downloadlinks redirect to BrawlVault now (aside from those that are not in BV). If you find any DL that isn't working, let me know.

Top to bottom = New to old

Added 10. July 2010

Hailing from Monster Hunter 3 I bring you the location of my favorite encounter so far: The Great Desert. But what would the Great Desert be without its most fearsome inhabitant, the giant Elder Dragon Jhen Moran?

Jhen Moran is fully animated and moves in the background while you're fighting on a plattform in front of the ship!


Added 10. August 2009

All the details are finished, there's even an effect file to make this swings glow bluish and make his arrows the same color as Ishida's. What he's lacking is proper shading and non deformed glasses. (if that's even possible)

If anyone wants to fix that cursed shading, go ahead you have my blessing.

Anyways here's the last Quincy: Ishida Uryu. He bears his outfit from the arrancar arc and is equipped with two Seele Schneider (lol@Bleach for using german words) as his melee weapons.


This texture was finished a long time ago, for my needs that is. I'm only playing Brawl+ so when I play PS2 it's frozen. The stadium part itself is done just the transformations are unchanged, which is something I originally wanted to fix for a public release.

The stage is named Pokemon Stadium2 and when we think back PS2 for the N64 was the stadium game for the second generation aka G/S/C. Going by that logic PS2 in Brawl should be G/S/C themed and here is what I think it should have looked like: Jotho Stadium


Added 5. June 2009

Ever since I've started playing team battles more frequently, PT's lack of distinctive team colors annoyed me. I tried gathering textures for the three pokemon in red, blue and green that would blend in well with each other but to me surprise there were none that did.

Long story short I made more fitting team colors for the trainer's pokemon.

Team Blue

Team Green

Team Red



Added 16. May 2009

It's been done by ]EE[ yes, but apperantly the person who requested me to do this texture didn't like theirs. And I tend to agree with him, they did a great job on most of their textures but Phazon Suit Samus always seemed unfinished to me.

Anyway this is my take on the final suit of Metroid Prime.




Added 7. April 2009

What's the difference between a king and his horse? I don't mean kiddy [censored] like "One's a person and one's an animal" or "One has two legs and the other has four." If their form, abillity and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle, while the other becomes the horse and carries the king?!
There's only one anwser



Added 1. April 2009

Yes it is possible to texture Game&Watch but it's not really useful. Spunit found a way to do it, but you'll replace all of his customes with one texture. Anyway I'll quickly made one to show you that it actually is possible.


Blablabla I know stack smash made this texture already but their's isn't up for download. Someone on the brawl+ boards needed it for his Boswer Giga project so I made a quick recolor.


Added 24. March 2009

I know he was requested a few times but as far as I know no one ever made him. Here's my version of Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach.



After playing Street Fighter 4 at a friend's house I realisied just how similar C.Falcon and M.Bison are. Said friend asked me to make a Bison texture for Falcon so I decided to give it a shot.


Since me and my friends love playing Falcon dittos in Brawl+ I started to think about how I could make the captain even more manly. Yes golden nipples aren't enough so here is Golden Falcon.


The only thing I ever liked about Yugi-oh were the dragons, namely the red-eyed black dragon and the blue-eyed white dragon. The last texture for today is inspired by the Redeye.


Added 18. February 2009

If a Jaffa can join SG1 why shouldn't space animals be allowed?



Added 15. February 2009

I can now finally present the fixed version of Crono. I reduced the contrast on his clothes and brought it more in line with crono resurrection's model.


Added 26. January 2009

I did a few fixes to my latest texture which I hadn't posted any screenshots of cause my wii broke. But now I present you 'The Blood Knight', wielding the ruby blade Crimson Dawn. Well his actual name will be different but I have to come up with one first. I tried focusing a little more on details this time.


Added 13. January 2009

This was just something I needed to do. It's a fix for the captain's white outfit, too make him look less ... gay.


Added 9. January 2009

My newest texture is Crimson Zelda. Manly recolored the dress and changed the saphires to rubies, but I also made a few adjustments to the dress. Well, see for yourself.


Added 8. January 2009

I started off with Falco, it's a simple recolor so don't expect anything uber special. I never liked the the way their overalls looked, so I colored top and bottom differently to make it look more like pants.


Next one would be Fox. Nothing really to say here.

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