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61  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / General Hacking Discussion / Re: Brawlbox Modset 4 is here! Draggable bones, among other things on: November 19, 2010, 06:45:44 PM
I have an idea that MIGHT be possible (I posted this at smashboards too) for brawlbox, it would take some hard coding, and maybe adding a simple animation program to the works. (like a simple flash program or rather) But it might work.

What you do is preview your character in the model preview image like normal, but you only load two animations.
1: The characters wait1 animation
2: The character animation you want to port (Say ikes up B on sonic or something like that)

Once you have those open you would right click the animation you want to 'port' and an option window would come up. Asking you to load a wait animation from the character you want to port it over to.

After you hit 'okay" on the menu, since brawlbox itself knows how each individual character animates (including sonic) it would create a new animatioin from scratch (this could take a while depending on the character/animation, the other character that said animation is being ported to, and the length of animation.) and save it as a different file which you are asked to name uppon completion.

You open up the preview again after closing it then when you load the new animation created by brawlbox, it's exactly like the animation on the other character you took it from! Well besides the fact that it starts and ends with the other character (Sonic instead of ike) 's wait animations.

Soooo possible...yes...no....maybe??

Either that or you could make it where you could copy a frame from one animation, and starting from the other characters wait animation paste it and brawlbox would make the right adjustments automatically.
I think it's possible. But I'm tired now, so I'll do that in a month.
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