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1  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Omni's Thread: Blaziken RELEASED ON THE VAULT on: April 11, 2012, 12:32:36 AM

Download Link: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=212400

Enter the Battlefield of the Gods

Ares, God of War

Video: some moves were not used (ie Neutral Special alternative Fireball, Phoenix Blitz dash attack, etc.)
SSBB Hacks: Ares Moveset V0.75.

Big thanks to MarioStar+ for making the moveset video!


Size: 8/10
He’s the same size as Ganondorf.

Weight: 6/10
Ares’ has Olympian anatomy and thus has a degree of superhuman density in his bones and muscles making him heavier than the average human, however in order to boost his agility in battle Ares made himself considerably lighter than he should be resulting in a weight slightly less than Mario.

Walk: 4/10
Ares is in no hurry.

Run: 6/10
Ares doesn’t run very fast, although keep in mind he can fly.

Power: 9/10
The God of War is a powerhouse his arsenal includes vast pyrokinetic powers, god level strength, instantaneous weapon generation and a variety of other abilities.

Attack Speed: 6/10
Ares’ attacks have ruthless amounts of power, but only decent attack speed.  This allows opponents time to anticipate and react to Ares’ attacks, although it should be noted that his attacks have above average startup speed and it’s the ending lag suffered from a majority of attacks that drags this stat down.

Range: 6/10
Ares’ range is only expanded by his Fireballs and Fire Blasts, but aside from those he is a purely close combat character.

Priority: 7/10
Ares’ habit of infusing his attacks with flame energy significantly boosts the damage of his moves, and as a result he wields considerable priority on the battlefield.

1st Jump: 4/10
A below average first jump.

2nd Jump: 6/10
A standard aerial jump.

Recovery: 7/10
Once Ares’ flight capabilities have been mastered he has a reliable recovery ability.

Fall Speed: 6/10
Above average fall speed.

Air Speed: 4/10
Ares’ is somewhat hindered in the air and his moves offer him far greater effectiveness on the ground.

Crouch: 3/10
Essentially useless, can’t duck projectiles.

Hover: No

Crawl: No

Wall Jump: No

Glide: No

Additional Attributes:

Forward/Backward Rolls: Ares, being the God of War, is essentially all offense and nearly no defense, so what he gains in attack power he loses in defensive capabilities.  The result is that his “rolls” no longer offer intangibility so he stays solid throughout the entire animation meaning he can’t pass through attacks or hitboxes.  The rolls have been altered though; in that they are now faster “slide dodges” which means Ares’ has to physically move out of the way of the hitbox/projectile.  Hopefully this will be a unique gameplay mechanic that players will thoroughly enjoy.



Neutral Special: Pyrokinesis, Ares has several uses for his ability to control the power of fire:
-Fireball, if the A-Button is pressed Ares will charge a large fireball in his palm and then throw it with considerable force, the range of the attack is about 4 stage builder blocks in length.  If the fireball hits anything it will explode in a large blast dealing only 7% fire damage but powerful forward knockback.
-Fire Blast, if nothing is pressed Ares will gather fire in his hands before unleashing a stream of fire that covers a 4 stage builder block range dealing 1% fire damage every frame spent in the stream with a maximum of 17% and medium forward knockback.  The attack suffers from considerable ending lag though.
-Fire Blast, Ares’ only option in the air, where he floats for a second and unleashes a blast of fire that covers the same area as the grounded version and also deals 5% fire damage and medium-strong knockback.

Side Special: Inferno Fist/Phoenix Assault, after significant windup Ares coats his fist in searing flames and punches the opponent dealing 14% fire damage and strong forward knockback.  This move has startup lag but has the benefit of one being one of Ares’ more powerful moves that does not suffer from punishable ending lag.  In the air Ares unleashes jets of flame from both his fists, propelling him forward while he’s enveloped in flames; the flame jets deal 7% fire damage and weak backward knockback while his body deals 10% fire damage and medium forward knockback.

Up Special: Flight, Ares possesses the ability to fly, albeit at a supersonic speed, which makes controlling the flight trajectory quite difficult.  Ares can stay aloft for a total of 2 seconds at a time, and precision with this ability is the key to mastering Ares but is difficult to do.

Down Special: Hells’ Gate, Ares opens a portal to a fiery dimension, directly in front of him, which unleashes several chains which bind enemies caught in their path and drag them close to the portal.  The portal negates all projectiles and deals

Standard Attacks:

Neutral Combo: Fatal Wound, Ares quickly jabs the opponent with his sword, which has considerable range, dealing 7% slash damage and weak forward knockback.

Upward Tilt: Wildfire Uppercut, Ares ignites his fist in a sphere of fire and delivers a powerful uppercut that deals 9% fire damage and medium upward knockback.

Forward Tilt: Same as Ganondorf’s (Spartan Kick)

Downward Tilt: Same as Ganondorf’s (Lowered Kick)

Dash Attack: Phoenix Blitz, a slower and less powerful version of Ares’ Aerial Side-Special, he unleashes jets of flame to propel him forward while he’s cloaked in flame.  Similar to its predecessor the jets deal 7% fire damage and weak forward knockback and his body deals 10% fire damage and medium set knockback.  Excellent attack for stopping projectiles and other attacks cold and then can be followed up with a neutral combo.


Aerial Attacks:

Neutral Aerial: Same as Ganondorf’s (may change).

Forward Aerial: Warlord Strike, Ares imbues his fist with flames before performing a powerful haymaker swing, where his flame-engulfed fist deals 9% fire damage and hefty forward knockback.

Backward Aerial: Back Slam, Ares punches behind him dealing 8% regular damage and strong backward knockback.

Upward Aerial: Flip Kick, Ares backflips and performs two kicks that deal 7% regular damage and medium upward knockback.

Downward Aerial: Destructive Descent, Ares plummets towards the ground at an incredible speed and meteor smashes anyone in his way with 5% regular damage.  Upon slamming into the ground the force of Ares’ fall releases a shockwave of air extending in a radius of 2 stage builder blocks that deals no damage but knocks everyone off their feet and away with decent knockback.

Smash Attacks:

Upward Smash: Meteor Slam, Ares quickly gathers his strength and leaps into the heavens before coming crashing back down to the ground releasing a shockwave of fiery energy that spreads about 2.5 stage builder blocks in every direction.  The shockwave deals 17% fire damage and deals strong forward/backward knockback as it knocks enemies away from Ares, while the War God himself deals 10% fire damage and a meteor smash on his descent.  This attack in unique in that, while you are in the air, you can move in either direction at a formidable speed allowing you to leap and land on enemies. Despite the advantageous aspects of the attack the downfall is that Ares is incredibly vulnerable after he lands leaving the enemies free to assault him.

Side Smash: Wildfire Slash, Ares draws his sword and envelopes it in flames before performing a vicious slash with it.  Good range and power the sword deals 19% fire damage and powerful forward knockback.

Downward Smash: Terra Destruction, Ares punches the ground with his fist after a short startup, his incredible strength shattering the material beneath him and uprooting volcanic rock in a shockwave that expands for 3 stage builder blocks in front of him.  The shockwave of earth deals 15% regular damage and strong forward and slightly upward knockback, however the attack can only hit grounded opponents.


Up Taunt: N/A

Side Taunt: N/A

Down Taunt: God Mode Activation, when Ares is past 120% he has access to his “god mode” where his regular attacks are augmented and become powerful elemental attacks.  These enhancements occur to:

-Up-Tilt: Flare Burst, Ares charges fire in his hand and unleashes a quick blast of flame above his head dealing 12% fire damage and strong upward knockback.
-Side-Tilt: Pyro Onslaught, Ares leaps forward and slams his fist into the ground, unleashing an explosion upon contact with the earth.  The haymaker in the air does 6% fire damage and strong forward knockback and the explosion does 10% fire damage and powerful forward knockback.
-Down-Tilt: Fire Wave, Ares quickly stomps the ground creating an instantaneous wave of fire that deals 5% fire damage and medium forward/backward knockback depending on the opponent’s current position with respect to Ares.

Down-Smash: Obliterate, Ares smashes his fist into the ground with his incredible strength causing massive shards of earth to protrude which deal 21% regular damage and powerful forward or backward knockback depending on which side of Ares the enemy is on but it always knocks them away from Ares.  Lots of ending lag on this one, you can think of it as Terra Destruction's (the normal down smash) big brother and it is a great move with high KO potential.

Final Smash: Fallen Army, Ares summons an army of dead Spartan soldiers who rush out in front of him hitting anything in their way and dealing 20% slash damage and strong forward knockback per hit!  The attack lasts a total of around 10 seconds, and is capable of dishing out considerable damage.

Enter Mount Olympus

Zeus, God of the Sky PSA


Size: 8/10
He’s roughly the same size as Ganondorf.
Weight: 7/10
Zeus possesses Olympian anatomy and thus has a degree of superhuman density in his bones and muscles making him heavier than the average human, once again comparable to Ganondorf.
Walk: 4/10
Zeus’s walk is rather slow.
Run: 6/10
The God of the Sky neglects to use his superhuman speed as locomotion and only uses his regular speed which is only slightly faster than that of Ganondorf’s dash speed.
Power: 9/10
Zeus as King of the Gods has immense power, being capable of electrokinesis meaning he can generate and control electricity and lightning, he also possesses enormous strength being able to shatter stone with his punches and kill other gods with single blows.  This strength is on par with some of Brawl’s bosses like Galleom and Zeus can further augment his physical prowess with electrical stimulation making the attacks faster and more powerful.
Attack Speed: 7/10
Zeus incorporates his superhuman speed into his attacks, making rushes and dash moves very fast, while his punch and melee speed are nothing too fancy.  His lightning based attacks are faster than normal ones and the projectile or bolt powers are fairly quick in covering distance.
Range: 6/10
Zeus’s power encompasses a wide range but only with a certain amount of attacks, usually lightning based, while the rest of his moves a purely physical.
Priority: 8/10
Zeus has tremendous priority in a large majority of his attacks as a factor of his vast strength and lightning based abilities.  His lightning-augmented physical moves possess far more priority than they’re normal counterparts.
1st Jump: 6/10
An above average first jump.
2nd Jump: 5/10
A standard aerial jump.
Recovery: 7/10
Zeus’s recovery simply depends on how much damage he’s taken, but for the most part it’s pretty decent.
Fall Speed: 8/10
Pretty fast fall speed, and then again he is a heavy character.
Air Speed: 7/10
Zeus is the God of the Sky, after all, and therefore possesses great aerial control as a result.
Crouch: 3/10
Sub-Par pretty much useless, can’t duck projectiles.
Hover: No
Crawl: No
Wall Jump: Yes
Glide: No


Fatigue of Olympus: Zeus starts the battle off, and each stock, at full power being able to use all his abilities to the fullest and deal out great damage and knockback, as well as being quiet durable and hard to kill.  However, as the King of the Gods takes damage he slowly loses power at around 25% damage it starts to become noticeable and some of his attacks weaken in power output by a couple percent in damage and about 5% in knockback decay but it isn’t until 50% where his durability takes a huge hit going from the knockback resistance of Ganondorf to that of Mario and at 100% he’s equivalent to Toon Link, at 150% his knockback resistance in extremely low even less so than Toon Link, making him quiet simple to kill.  His physical strength drops at a slower rate but it makes him a much easier opponent to fight as he takes damage.  Also his ability to use Flight is directly proportional to his damage and at 100% he can no longer use it at all.


Neutral Special: Lightning Blast, Zeus will charge lightning in his hands for 2 seconds the first time the attack is used, then he will stop.  Now the next time the attack is used he will discharge a number of lightning bolts from his hands that cover an area of about 3 stage builder blocks in front of him dealing 12% electrical damage and high forward knockback.  In the air Zeus will hover while performing the attack, but it cannot be charged in the air, and if you haven’t charged it yet then Zeus will do nothing.  

Note: There are old pictures up on the thread I'll upload new ones once the move is complete and polished off.

Side Special: Thunder Rush, Zeus rushes forward in a blur as he moves so fast he breaks the sound barrier releasing miniature sonic booms as he dashes forward a distance of 4 stage builder blocks and then releases a larger sonic boom at the end of the rush.  The sonic booms deal no damage but the smaller ones drag anyone caught in the dash with Zeus until the end when the larger one flings them away with strong forward knockback.
Grounded Version:

Aerial Version:

Up Special: Flight, Zeus can freely fly through the air for a certain amount of time and can either cancel the attack with X or Y, touch the ground and land, or cancel into his D-Air with the A button.  If his flight is canceled either purposely or by an enemy attack the timer will pause and Zeus can still go back into Flight, although only for as long as the time was that remained.  The time for Flight is dependent on Zeus’s damage:
-At 0%-25% Zeus can fly for 10 seconds
-At 25%-50% Zeus can fly for approximately 7 seconds
-At 50%-75% Zeus can fly for around 4 seconds
-At 75%-100% Zeus can fly for only 2 seconds
-At 100%+ Zeus cannot access Flight

Down Special: Godly Power, Zeus can use variety of abilities from his down special depending on the button pressed in combination.
-Thunder Quake, if nothing else is pressed on the ground Zeus will imbue his fists with electrical energy and pound the ground which creates a centralized earthquake that reaches about 2 stage builder blocks on each side of Zeus.  The quake will inflict 9% regular damage and medium upward knockback to any player touching the ground, but they must be on the ground, aerial opponents are immune to the quake.

-Kinetic Explosion, the only aerial move of Zeus’s Godly Powers, has Zeus briefly charge up electricity before releasing a large electromagnetic, spherical blast that does no damage but flings away enemies in the opposite direction with great knockback, although it is set knockback.

-Whirlwind Pulse, if the X or Y-buttons are pressed on the ground in conjunction with the D-Special, Zeus will project a swirling tornado from his outstretched palm, which deals no damage, that sucks opponents in that are farther away and pulls them into the base where they are flung away with strong, but set, forward knockback.

-Electric Judgment, if the A-Button is pressed, Zeus will call down a barrage of lightning that starts right next to him and moves forward for about 2 stage builder blocks before dissipating.  The lightning deals 7% electrical damage and medium forward knockback, but its real ability is in its transcendent priority which negates projectiles.

-Godly Might, if the L or R-Buttons are pressed Zeus will outstretch his arm and unleash a short range blast of blue telekinetic energy, covering about ½ a stage builder block in front of him, that does no damage but has tremendous forward knockback.  This move is far stronger than kinetic explosion, its knockback is not set, however Zeus can only use this move after he hits 100% as he becomes rather desperate and uses more of his power.

Standard Attacks:

Neutral Combo: Jolt Strike, same as Ganondorf’s but with 5% electrical damage and weak forward knockback, as an added bonus it can combo into any other tilt should it connect.

Upward Tilt: Olympian Uppercut, Zeus electrifies his fist and executes a rather fast uppercut where his fist deals 7% electrical damage and medium upward KB.

Forward Tilt: God Crusher, Zeus throws a ferocious punch, with some startup lag, that breaks the sound barrier and deals 9% regular damage and straight forward knockback that sends the opponent flying head over heels.  This is one of Zeus’s most straightforward super-strength moves, which clearly deals powerful knockback, though the punch is difficult to land due to the startup lag.  This punch actually is fairly quick but only Zeus’s fist has the hitbox and although that may sound like it doesn’t make a difference, the small hitbox makes it very difficult to connect with.

Downward Tilt: Lowered Kick, Zeus kicks from a crouched position dealing 5% regular damage and tripping opponents with weak forward knockback, not that strong but it knocks opponents down.

Dash Attack: Lightning Thrust, Zeus takes out his Master Bolt, activates it, and electrifies the dual bladed weapon before lunging into a sliding stab.  The blades of the Master Bolt do 8% electrical damage and medium forward knockback.  Note that both blades can do damage although getting hit by the back one causes backward knockback.


Note: Grabs and Throws remain the same, but all throws have increased knockback to compensate for Zeus’s godlike physical strength.

Aerial Attacks:

Neutral Aerial: Same as Ganondorf’s (may change).

Forward Aerial: Lightning Arc, Zeus charges his fist full of lightning and energy and swings it in an arc dealing 17% electrical damage and strong forward and downward KB (at a negative 45 degree angle).  If Zeus hits the ground during this attack his fist slams into the surface releasing an electrical shockwave that deals 7% electrical damage and briefly stuns enemies in the surrounding area.

Backward Aerial: Fist of Kronos, Zeus charges his fist with lightning before slamming it behind him dealing powerful backward knockback and 12% electrical damage.

Upward Aerial: Flip Kick, Zeus backflips and performs two kicks that deal 7% regular damage and medium upward knockback.

Downward Aerial: Crashing Sky, Zeus hurtles toward the ground at a terrifying pace, meteor smashing anyone in his way with high straight down knockback and 9% regular damage. When he reaches the ground he slams into the earth throwing up rocks while sending out a shockwave that knocks opponents down and away from Zeus with 13% regular damage and medium-high forward/backward knockback depending on which side of Zeus they’re on.  It takes Zeus a little while to remove himself from the ground because he hit it so hard.

Comes down fast:

Hits the ground harder:

Smash Attacks:

Upward Smash: Ionic Vortex, Zeus unsheathes his Master Bolt before plunging it into the earth which causes a tornado to erupt from the earth, reaching about 3-4 stage builder blocks into the air.  The vortex pulls enemies toward it at the base, while the mid section and center of the base send opponents skyward with tremendous force.  However, the very top of the swirling mass of wind simply keeps enemies and items entrapped within it; this is useful for catching attacking enemies off guard or stopping/redirecting thrown items.

Side Smash: Bolt Slash, Zeus takes out his Master Bolt and activates it, sending electricity coursing off of it and uses it to slash in front of him, with a brief blast of lightning accompanying the blades.  The blades of the Master Bolt do 19% electrical damage coupled with high forward knockback, while the wave covers only a short distance of one stage builder block and does 9% electrical damage and stuns enemies.

Downward Smash: Wrath of Atlas, Zeus bends down and rips up a section of earth, lifts it above his head and then heaves forward a couple stage builder blocks.  While Zeus is ripping up the ground there’s a dust blast as he removes the slab of earth that knocks opponents down and deals 9% regular damage, the slab itself deals no damage until it is thrown.  At which point it will deal moderate forward knockback and 26% regular damage if an opponent is hit by it in the air.  If the enemy is hit by it as it contacts the ground again it will inflict 15% damage and cause the enemy to be stuck in the ground.

Rips it up:

Throws it:

Its got some range:


Up Taunt: To be determined

Side Taunt: To be determined

Down Taunt: The Master Bolt, Zeus takes out his Master Bolt and activates it causing large bolts of lightning to course along its length; he sheathes it after about 2 seconds.  The blades of the Master Bolt inflict 12% electrical damage and high forward/backward knockback depending on which way the opponent runs into the weapon from.

Final Smash: Zeus’s Fury

Zeus draws an immense amount of lightning down from the heavens into his open palm, the lightning from the sky deals 15% electrical damage and medium forward knockback.  The God of the Sky then forms an immense Thunderbolt out of the coursing streams of energy which he then hurls across the stage, it has infinite horizontal range, and if it hits an enemy it explodes in a violent electrical explosion dealing 45% electrical damage and immense forward, usually one-hit knockout level, knockback to the opponent.
2  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Starkiller PSA-Moveset Complete Screenshots Coming Soon! on: August 01, 2011, 01:18:57 AM
Starting on Starkiller (the perfected evil clone of Galen Marek):

Size: 6/10
He’s the same size as Link was.

Weight: 5/10
Starkiller doesn’t wear any of Link’s armor and doesn’t carry so many weapons with him since his lightsaber and the Force provide with extremely powerful weapons. However, this leaves him very vulnerable to knockback and he’s easily knocked around especially by larger and stronger characters like Bowser or Donkey Kong.

Walk: 5/10
Kind of fast, very good for cautious approaches.

Run: 7/10
Starkiller is much more agile than Link ever could hope to be but he’s still not on par with like Sonic or Captain Falcon.

Power: 6/10
Starkiller lacks that raw physical strength, but can use the Force to augment his physical abilities to greater heights than any combatant could ever hope to be at (Force Fury) although it drains him a lot.  The Force powers he wields are very strong indeed as the telekinetic ones can blast opponents away and “grip” them with a lot of knockback regardless of size or weight.  The lightsaber deals very low KB unless it is imbued with raw Force energy which usually cuts attack speed down a lot.

Attack Speed: 7/10
Starkiller’s attack speed is once again quite a bit greater than Link’s but deals less KB in physical combat, his Force powers however make up the bulk of his moveset that lacks this attack speed.

Range: 8.5/10
His range is probably one of his strongest suits, in addition to wielding a melee weapon, the lightsaber, which he can throw at a whim he also uses a variety of Force powers with usually limited range except Force Blast which trades attack speed for infinite horizontal range.

Priority: 9/10
Due to Starkiller’s main weapon the lightsaber dealing such high damage, he wields incredibly priority in close range combat for instance his Side-Tilt can cancel with any of Ike’s moves short of a fully charged forward smash.  Force Lightning, Sith Scorcher and Force Blast also possess very high levels of priority able to negate many projectiles and cut through many attacks.  Force Wave, Force Catapult, and Force Repulse all have transcendent priority allowing them to bypass other attacks and go “through” them and move enemies away, they can still deflect projectiles though!

1st Jump: 5/10
An average first jump.

2nd Jump: 6/10
Nothing really special here just a slightly above average jump.

Recovery: 5/10
His recovery is simply average, that’s all there is to it he’s an acrobat but he can’t fly for all intents and purposes.

Fall Speed: 5/10
Starkiller possesses an average fall speed which helps him open up his air game to land and continue combos in the air!

Air Speed: 7/10
Good air speed and overall air game, to correspond with agility increase.

Crouch: 5/10
It’s ok although it can’t block projectiles like Link’s used to be able to.

Hover: No
Crawl: No
Wall Jump: Yes
Glide: No

Dodge: Has added speed and is increased to be on par with Starkiller’s agility in comparison to what Link’s was.
Neutral Special: Force Lightning, Starkiller’s forward smash is Sith Scorcher which is basically Force Lightning on steroids, this is the base ability which can be used to destroy approaches, rack up damage and deal medium KB.  On the ground Starkiller will hold out one hand and continuously fire bolts of Force Lightning that will cease once you release the B-Button. The bolts deal 5% damage with medium-high electrical KB that stuns the opponent for like a second before blasting them forwards allowing you do deal more damage.

From the air Starkiller uses his massive command of the Force to hover in midair before unleashing a barrage of powerful bolts of energy forward, this attack is a set attack that, unlike the grounded version, and cannot be held forever.  The bolts, however, do 9% damage and higher forward KB than that of their grounded counterparts.

Side Special: Force Wave, Starkiller quickly gathers Force energy in his palms and then shoves the energy forward, which manifests as a “wave” of telekinetic energy that pushes all that come in contact with it forward with strong knockback and it always trips knocking opponents into a “damaged” fall state.  This wave of energy is one of Starkiller’s most unique attributes it is in a sense Issac’s (the Assist Trophy) attack with a smaller “projectile”.  Starkiller must actively control the Force Wave thus if he is hit then the attack will come to an abrupt halt.

Up Special: Force Leap/Force Catapult, from the ground Starkiller uses the Force to augment his physical abilities and jumps a great height (comparable to Sonic’s Up-B the Spring Jump), while if he uses the technique in the air he uses a downward Force Wave to propel himself upwards about the height of Links Up-B.  The Force Wave does no damage or hitstun but its strong downward KB can set up for many combos and killing options.

Down Special: Force Blast, Starkiller unleashes a concentrated blast of raw dark side energies against his foes from his outstretched hand.  The attack has incredible horizontal range although the blast isn’t very wide; it is still a very effective move and can be used in a lot of situations.  The use of this power relies on the dark side “points” Starkiller has built up from using his down taunt.  Each use of this power requires at 1 dark side point but the Force Blast is quite powerful dealing 19% fire damage and strong forward KB that can begin KO’ing at around 80-100%.  This is without a doubt one of Starkiller’s greatest Force powers in his arsenal and should be employed often but with strategy.  This is akin to Suicune’s Aurora Beam move although this attack is slightly larger but much weaker.

Standard Attacks:

Natural Combo: Sith Striker, Starkiller ignites his lightsaber and attacks in a forward slash and then backwards slash both dealing 6% fire damage and weak forward KB, followed by a stab that does 8% fire damage and slightly better medium knockback, then if you press the attack button again Starkiller will throw his lightsaber in an arc before it returns to him and he shuts it off.  The thrown lightsaber does 5% fire damage and medium forward KB going out and backward KB coming back in.

Upward Tilt: Rising Slash, Starkiller ignites his lightsaber and slashes above him with it dealing 10% fire damage and weak upward KB to any unfortunate opponents caught in the path of his deadly weapon.

Side Tilt: Saber Sling, Starkiller slashes forward with his lightsaber doing 9% fire damage and weak forward KB.  Then if you press the A-Button again he will imbue his lightsaber with raw Force energy and do a backhand slash where the blade deals 10% fire damage and strong forward KB, and it’s trailed by powerful telekinetic energy that is it makes contact with the opponent will knock them off their feet and send them flying with no damage.  The kinetic energy only usually hits if the opponent dodges the 2nd slash.

Downward Tilt: Leg Slash, Starkiller ignites and slashes with his lightsaber dealing 7% fire damage and weak forward KB, which always trips opponents!  This attack is a staple move for setting up opponents for Force power combos or allowing you to catch them up in a Force Grip!

Aerial Attacks:

Z-Air: Saber Throw, Starkiller ignites and hurls his lightsaber forward as it arcs through the air like a projectile doing 10% fire damage and medium forward KB on the way out and medium backward KB while it’s returning to Starkiller’s hand.

Neutral Aerial: Overhand Destruction, Starkiller slashes with his lightsaber augmenting his strength via the Force, the blade does 12% fire damage and medium forward KB to anything caught in its path.

Upward Aerial: Force Shield, Starkiller creates a barrier of Force energy over him, creating an umbrella effect reflecting projectiles up into the sky and keeping enemies off of him, the “shield” of energy does no damage but strong upward KB, but this knockback is set as well.

Forward Aerial: Spiral Lightning, Starkiller ignites his lightsaber and swings with it horizontally dealing 8% fire damage and weak forward KB, the Sith Lord then continues into a spin charging the blade with Force Lightning and after pulling a full 360 degree turn and slashes again with his lightsaber.  The 2nd swing has better range and inflicts 13% electrical damage coupled with strong forward KB.

Backward Aerial: Force Hurl, Starkiller turns around in mid-air and launches a Force Push behind him which travels a short distance before dissipating.  The Force Push deals no damage but flings enemies away with strong KB, and this move is unique as it lets Starkiller turn around in the air and opens up his attack options.

Downward Aerial: Falling Thunder, Starkiller charges his lightsaber with intense amounts of Force Lightning and then performs a stall-then-fall with incredible fall speed.  The saber deals 7% electrical damage and a powerful meteor smash, while Starkiller’s body inflicts only 3% regular damage and a weak meteor smash.  However, the real power of this move is the landing where Starkiller plunges his blade into the ground releasing all the pent up energy into the ground generating a shockwave of raw Force energy that spreads in about a one stage builder block radius.  The shockwave deals 9% electrical damage and medium KB that always trips the opponents knocking them on their backs.  Starkiller quickly pulls his weapon out of the ground and extinguishes his lightsaber ready to follow up with another attack!  

Smash Attacks:

Forward Smash: Sith Scorcher, Starkiller briefly charges electricity in his hands before unleashing a barrage of high-intensity, blue Force Lightning.  The bolts do 12% electrical damage and high forward KB, Starkiller’s hands (while firing the lightning) deal 3% electrical damage and weak forward KB.  This is lightning like you’ve never seen in Brawl, not that [censored] attempt at lightning with blasts of electricity chained together; these are solid bolts of cyan lightning blasting forward from the Sith Lord’s fingertips.  This is arguably Starkiller’s most potent move that can kill at around 50-60% and is incredibly powerful and has great range, however a couple downsides is that it is an energy move and thus has nearly no effect on the likes of Ness or Lucas and it can be predicted easily all the opponent has to do is jump and Starkiller is vulnerable to punishment.  Use this attack wisely and make sure to not leave yourself open to a possible counter attack.

Upward Smash: Force Repulse, Starkiller hovers slightly above the ground charging the Force in a sphere of bluish energy that surrounds his body and then he unleashes the energy in a massive explosion of kinetic energy that manifests as a rapidly enlarging bluish sphere.  The sphere does no damage but throws everything away from it that it comes in contact with, enemies, items, everything that’s not rooted to the ground is a target.  The sphere expands about 2 stage builder blocks in every direction at a considerable pace.
Although this smash move cannot be “smash charged”, because it doesn’t have damage to increase and the KB is high enough already, it still makes for a formidable weapon as a get-off-me move and can be used to deflect thrown items.  This move can also neutralize energy projectiles due to the high priority of the windbox.

Downward Smash: Lightning Crush, Starkiller charges his lightsaber with concentrated Force Lightning and smashes it downward in an overhead strike that deals 15% electrical damage coupled with sizable hitstun and strong forward KB.


Grab: Force Grip, Starkiller’s grab works like a special move, creating a “grip” collision about 2 stage builder blocks from his outstretched hand that he can move around with the joystick, this collision will catch anything that it comes in contact with and allow Starkiller to grip things with the force.  These can range from characters, to items to even summons.  By tilting the joystick you can move the “grip” bubble around and by tapping the joystick you can hurl enemies in whatever direction you tap it!  This power gives Starkiller a lot of power except that it isn’t shield cancelable and can only be ended by using a “throw” by tapping the joystick.  This can leave Starkiller open to more agile opponents but the grip is also a powerful offensive tool.  The grip has good duration but the throws only do moderate knockback and its set so damage doesn’t affect the KB.

Pummel: Choke, Starkiller crushes the enemy’s throat dealing 2% regular damage.


Up Taunt: Telekinetic Chaos, this move is unlocked once Starkiller reaches 150% damage, after you use it the Sith Lord will use the Force to pick up every object in front of him for about 5 stage builder blocks, causing basically everything in the field to levitate (it’s a field of windboxes).  After 60 frames or one second Starkiller will hurl everything in that field away from him with considerable power, not enough to kill in most situations.  Starkiller can cancel this move at any point from the initial lift of objects in front of him.
Though this move may seem rather useless it’s in fact quite useful and unique first off you can deflect any thrown projectile, and cause approaches to become clumsy as enemies can still move in the air it’s just awkward and depending on their fall speed they may not make it to you before you fling them away.  Possibly one of the most unique attributes of this move lie in teamwork and team battles where friendly fire is turned on, you can hurl your partner at enemies, force enemies to battle your partner in the air, and the best one yet you can use this move with precise timing and spacing to “catch” your partner from falling off the stage and you can cancel to prevent them from being flung away from you!

Side Taunt: Force Burst, this technique is unlocked when Starkiller hits 100% and he can compress Force energy into a sphere similar to Force Destruction and then throw it with great speed.  The orb then flies a set distance and if it makes contact with anything with a “hurtbox” (enemies, characters, summons, items, etc.) then it explodes in a massive release of telekinetic energy.  The explosion of kinetic energy is about half the size of a full size smart bomb explosion and sends opponents flying with no damage or knockback (essentially a very powerful windbox like Force Wave and Repulse.).  This ability is a powerful offensive weapon but Starkiller cannot move while using this Force power and if he’s hit or interrupted in anyway the attack will dissipate.

Down Taunt: Channel Anger, by pressing the Down Taunt Starkiller will enter a meditative trance for about a second or 2 and if completed will give him 2 dark side “points” which are basically used as ammunition for Starkiller’s Down-B Force Blast and can be used to further augment your abilities.  This is a crucial aspect of Starkiller’s strategy and should be used on a regular basis usually following a Force Wave or Repulse.  Note that the points cap out at 15 meaning you can have no more than 15 at anytime except during the final smash, and Starkiller starts every match with 4 points.

Final Smash: Force Fury, Starkiller engulfs himself in the dark side augmenting his already incredibly prowess and granting him increased speed, strength and Force abilities.  This Final Smash uses Time Manipulation to give Starkiller “enhanced” speed so it’s only to a minor degree but it still has a dramatic effect on combat.  He is granted over 100 dark side “points” (although they revert back to 0 at the end of the Final Smash) so Starkiller can go around obliterating opponents with Force Blast left and right.  Starkiller has a weak super armor during the Final Smash that protects him from the “flinching” or knockback of weaker attacks but strong attacks can still send him flying.

Need to know what costumes the public wants I'll do the top 2 so here are the options:
Heavy Training Gear:
Industrial Explorer Oufit:
Jungle Combat Gear:
Sith Stalker Armor:
Sith Warrior Armor A,B & C (A is in the red, B is in the blue, and C is in the black)

Team for Starkiller:



The Team:
Vertexer-? I'd rather it not be me
Optimus's Stats:
Size: 10/10
He’s quiet a bit larger than all the other characters.

Weight: 9.5/10
Optimus is ridiculously heavy making him flinch very little, and making him KO-able only at high percentages (unless you have figured out his weakness Wink  ).  It does make aerial combat a pain and harder than it is with other characters as well as making recovery quite a challenge.

Walk: 2/10
Slow as molasses at least for his size.

Run: 7/10
Optimus’s long strides allow him to move quiet fast in a dash, though in comparison to his size he should be moving much faster.

Power: 9/10
Optimus’s size, weight, biology, and arsenal combine to give him an extremely high level of power, allowing him to toss around even powerhouses like Ganondorf and DK.

Attack Speed: 4/10
Not great especially with axe-attacks but he is still deadly due to his range and power.

Range: 6/10
In melee combat Optimus’s Energon Swords and Energon Axe give him great range in combination with his great range due to his large size, but both his projectiles only have decent mid-range range effectiveness making long-range combat difficult.

Priority: 9/10
Optimus’s Energon Axe/Swords run off of a quantum generator giving them cutting power akin to a laser beam giving them impressive priority allowing Optimus to slash through projectiles and keep on going!

1st Jump: 5/10
An average first jump.

2nd Jump: 4/10
Nothing really special here just a slightly below average jump.

Recovery: 5/10
His recovery can be inevitable (VERY VERY UNLIKELY), or it can be impossible depending on Optimus’s current level of fuel.

Fall Speed: 9/10
Optimus falls like, well metal, which makes aerial combat more difficult but makes Optimus move very little when attacked.

Air Speed: 8/10
Optimus plummets at an alarming pace making aerial combat tough, but he can still move great distances in the air.

Crouch: 2/10
Optimus’s size makes him crouch rather useless

Hover: No

Crawl: No

Wall Jump: No

Glide: No

Moveset Color Code:
Red=Animation not done
Green=Animation done PSA WIP
Blue=PSA and Animation done

Optimus's Moveset:

Neutral Special: Ion Blaster & Barrage Cannon, After a little startup lag Optimus will whip out his Ion Blaster and fire off a ray gun shot that deals around 8% damage and deals the same KB as your average ray gun shot.  This projectile can be reflected, absorbed, etc. but it is slightly more powerful than the shot from the item and should out prioritize any other shot it comes in contact with.  The twist to this special move is that you have a window of about 20 frames to press either L, R or the Z button to make Optimus draw his Barrage Cannon instead.  The Barrage Cannon fires a single bullet with a warhead that (if it contacts an enemy) produces a large explosion and 14% fire damage and strong forward KB!  The catch is that both weapons have their strengths and weaknesses, The Ion Blaster is fast to startup and a quick projectile but not real powerful, while the Barrage Cannon’s shot travels much slower, suffers from more startup lag but deals an intense amount of damage and sends enemies flying.

Side Special: Energon Axe, Optimus draws his greatest weapon in terms of straight on power: his mighty Energon Axe.  On the ground as Optimus draws the weapon you have a couple options:
•   You can continue to hold down B and Optimus will swing it in a horizontal arc at a considerable pace, where the axe head deals 15% slash damage coupled with strong forward KB and the long handle deals 8% regular damage and weak forward KB.
•   You can release B as Optimus draws the axe and he will perform a powerful uppercut swing with the axe dealing 11% slash damage on the axe head and strong upward KB while the handle deals 6% regular damage and weak upward KB.
•   You can press A and Optimus will perform a spin with the axe while the axe head does 9% slash damage and strong KB that knocks opponents down (a 100% tripping rate) while the handle will do 6% regular damage and hitstun.

In the air Optimus will draw the Energon Axe and swing it in a downward slash where the axe head deals 10% slash damage and delivers a powerful meteor smash, the handle inflicts 7% slash damage.

Up Special: Jet Boost
, Optimus Prime uses his afterburners and flight tech he acquired from Jetfire to blast off and achieve flight for a time based on his fuel variable.  Prime flys upward at a rather slow pace but moving from side to side and descending is quite a bit faster.  There’s a windbox on the “flames” coming from the jet engines that sends opponents downward without doing any damage.  This move really takes into account Optimus’s extreme weight and restricts his flight accordingly; unfortunately this makes Optimus vulnerable to edgehogging.  Optimus’s fuel is added +1 about every 3 frames in his idle animation and every single amount of fuel is worth a frame of flight time.  So if you stayed in idle for second you could fly for 20 frames or 1/3 of a second.  A better example is if you get to rest in idle for 21 seconds then Optimus has free flight for a maximum of 7 seconds he can attack out of Jet Boost and then activate it again but he still has the same amount of fuel as when he canceled Jet Boost.  However if he is Jet Boost and has no fuel he will go into a helpless fall making Self-Destructing an all too real possibility.  This is a very important part of Optimus’s playstyle.  Note: Optimus does not have an infinite fuel tank, fuel caps out at 1800 fuel points or 30 seconds of flight.

Down Special: Transform, Optimus goes into Truck form and can move quiet fast and the front of the truck has a hitbox that deals 15% regular damage and medium forward KB.  Optimus can go in reverse but he cannot turn around in truck form.  If you release the B button then you’ll transform back into robot form.  Although Optimus gains super armor frames during his transformation, in truck mode you can be knocked back into robot mode by a strong attack (essentially like Kirby’s Stone move without the invincibility).

Standard Attacks:

Natural Combo: Dancing Blades, Optimus draws both his Energon Swords and performs a left blade slash dealing 7% fire damage and weak forward KB, then a right blade slash inflicting 8% fire damage and weak forward KB, the combo is ended with a left arm stab dealing 9% fire damage and medium forward KB.

Side-Tilt: Switchblade Slash
, Optimus unsheathes his right Energon Sword and slashes in a frightening arc while the blade deals 13% fire damage and strong forward KB.  Downside is that the startup is recognizable but its still quick enough to beat most shield attempts.

Upward-Tilt: Primed Uppercut, Optimus does a quick uppercut dealing 10% regular damage and strong medium upward KB.  Has a tiny disjointed hitbox that is a sweetspot does the same amount of damage but slightly more knockback.

Downward-Tilt: Swordsweep
, Optimus unsheathes his left Energon Sword and uses it to slash the opponents feet out from under them dealing 8% regular damage and will always trip the opponent.

Dash Attack: Energon Sword Spin: Optimus draws both of his Energon Swords that are housed in each of his arms and swings the right one first before swinging his left one and then spinning and coming back around with the right blade again.  The swords deal 12% fire damage and strong forward KB (a bit weaker than his horizontal axe slash Side-B option) while Optimus’s arms deal 8% regular damage and weak forward KB.

Aerial Attacks:

Neutral-Aerial: Cybertronian Drop Kick
, Optimus kicks out his foot dealing 8% regular damage and medium forward KB on his foot, and 5% regular on his leg and weak forward KB.  Excellent approach move because the kick lasts for a full 25 frames.

Forward-Aerial: Slice-and-Dicer, Optimus retracts his left hand and draws one of his Energon Swords swinging it once in a slash before doing a full 360 and slashing again, the sword deals 12% fire damage and strong forward KB on both hits.

Upward Aerial: Energon Impalement, Optimus retracts his right hand and draws an Energon Sword and does a quick spin to gain momentum and then stabs it upward dealing 9% fire damage and strong upward KB.

Backward Aerial: Dual Smasher, Optimus does two strong kicks behind him, both of which inflict 7% regular damage and strong backward KB.

Downward Aerial: Boost Drop, Optimus curls up, extends his right Energon Sword and uses his jet engines to shoots downward spinning at a rapid pace, the blade deals 15% fire damage and a strong meteor smash.

Smash Attacks:

Upward Smash: ? Suggestions Welcome

Forward Smash: Forward Smash: Jet Rush, Optimus unsheathes his right Energon sword and dashes forward with a boost from his jet engines while slashing forward and dealing 22% fire damage and powerful forward knockback.  The slash only hits things after about ¼ of a stage builder block from Optimus, so it doesn’t hit right next to him.  Good range and speed for his size, however you must have accurate spacing to make it effective, which makes it a good technique to use in combination with the Barrage Cannon.  When an opponent rolls to avoid the missile you can punish them with the range and power of Jet Rush.

Downward Smash: Afterburner Pulse, Optimus uses his jet engines to unleash a burst of air and heat tossing opponents backward with great knockback but no damage.  Note that this hitbox essentially trips them so they will be in a “damaged fall” state in the air.  No this attack does no utilize any fuel its just a burst from the engines.

Final Smash: Matrix of Leadership, Optimus uses the power of the Matrix of Leadership to heal his wounds by 10% and give him unlimited fuel and invincibility for a short time, approximately 40-50 seconds depending on his current status in the match (losing or winning).

As you can see progress is going well I would just REALLY LIKE A VERTEXER TO JOIN THE TEAM!!!

I'll include Optimus's playstyle and playing against very soon!!  Trust me he's not OP'd by any means!!
3  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Vote: Optimus Prime or Thor on: July 27, 2011, 09:29:01 PM
Hey there Kitty Korp I'm not on here much but I'm very active over at Smashboards but to get to the point.  I'm (as you may have heard) doing a Thor hack over Ike but there's currently a vote on whether I should make my secret Optimus Prime (from the films) project public and make it my primary interest.  Anyway this is the poll thread so even though I already have the moveset mostly done for Optimus you can post here saying either Thor or Optimus and something you'd like to see in the PSA (although Thor's is already a beta for download at the BrawlVault).  Please vote and provide feedback/advice.

PS: a link to smashboards topic (http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=305019) on this matter, it doesn't matter where you vote they'll get added/tallied together
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