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Author Topic: Krystedez - Texture Journeys - (Rave'nbow Pit / Star Wario) 9/5/2010  (Read 2259 times)
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« on: September 05, 2010, 01:43:10 PM »

Hi! This is my own texture topic, I will put any work I do here as far as textures or vertex hacks (if any . . .) when I make them. I usually aim for my mains and favorites, so be aware of that if you decide to request something from me personally (like that will happen anyways)

All textures are by me. Any representative materials or other hacks actually related to the texture that appear in photos that do not belong to me will be signaled out and said as such. (i.e., I did not do the red arrow/slash texture on Pit)


  • September 5th, 2010: Star Wario and Rave'nbow Pit

The Textures

Rave'nbow Pit
Download link

Pit in his hippest and most rave'nest form yet.
This is my first texture hack so far that I've uploaded (along with Star Wario)

I made this for myself mainly, I really like colorful and bright textures, but I also like dark and mysterious ones. Why not dark and colorful? Did this in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy. May or may not make character select portraits or busts unless people really like it or I get a better version (This is just 1.0.) Red arrow/weapon slash effects were used in these pics and do not belong to me, nor are they included in the file. Smiley

Star Wario
Download link
A special texture made for myself, I may make this better later, but I thought it'd be neat to have little dark stars on his gloves and hat for detail.

Wanted a dark-ish grey jacket with blue details and light blue jeans. May make a new version later with faded jeans or something, but right now this is fine. Oh, btw, there's a wolf on his belt buckle!!

Any requests for CSPs or such can be PM'd to me, but otherwise I may not make them. I also probably won't make them unless I specifically say I'm not working on the texture anymore (as in, no more updates). I may update textures periodically if I have time.

Anyways, enjoy my small, new selection for now. Please, any constructive criticism, comments, or even just complements are nice. At least say if you downloaded them and liked them!


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